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45+ 40th Birthday Decoration Ideas That Make Your Celebration Special

Let’s figure out a curated collection of 45+ exquisite and creative 40th birthday decorations that will transform your milestone celebration into an unforgettable event. Turning 40 is a momentous occasion, deserving of an equally remarkable celebration. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand soirée, these decoration ideas are designed to add a touch of elegance, nostalgia, and excitement to your festivities. 

From glamorous themes to personalized touches, we’ve gathered an array of suggestions to help you create an ambiance that truly captures the spirit of this significant milestone.

45+ 40th Birthday Decorations That Make Your Celebration Special

Number 40 Foil Balloon

40th birthday decorations

Experience the effortless charm of rose gold birthday decorations, simplifying and enhancing the planning of your 40-year-old birthday celebration. Elevate your party preparations with this distinctive and lavish set of 40th birthday decorations, illuminating the night with elegance and ensuring that the milestone event remains etched in memory.

Crown/Tiara, Sash, Cake Topper and Candles

40th birthday decorations

Crafting exquisite and elegant decorations for your delightful 40th decor celebration, this collection of birthday gifts for women adds a touch of sophistication. The rose gold theme infuses your 40th birthday party with a unique charm, resulting in a truly exceptional and unforgettable gathering that will linger fondly in the hearts of both you and your cherished guests.

40th Birthday Banner Set

40th birthday decorations

Within this assortment, you’ll discover an array of party supplies and decor that align with the enchanting rose gold theme. Tailor your 40th birthday celebration to your exact preferences, ensuring a flawlessly orchestrated and joyous event. Everything you require for adorning your milestone 40th birthday festivities is encompassed in these offerings.

40th Birthday Cupcake Toppers

40th birthday decorations

Crafted from shimmering cardboard and toothpicks, the cupcake toppers prioritize safety for food contact with their non-toxic composition. Their robust and enduring build ensures longevity. With a set of 24 dazzling cupcake toppers, these serve as the ideal embellishments to warmly welcome your friends to the splendid occasion of your 40th birthday festivity.

40th Birthday Photo Banner

40th birthday decorations

Instill an elegant ambiance and capture unforgettable instances with the addition of the 40th Birthday Photo Banner. Prepare to astonish your guests as they find delight in this charming adornment. The ribbon and cards are provided individually, requiring a simple three-minute assembly – a straightforward task to thread them together for a seamless display.

40th Birthday Napkins

40th birthday decorations

Intended for a 2023 birthday celebration, these napkins carry a vintage charm from 1983. The cocktail napkins, sized at 5×5 inches and crafted with premium 3-ply quality, expand to 10×10 inches when unfolded. Serving as excellent adornments, they add a special touch to the 40th birthday festivities for him or her.

40th Birthday Centerpieces

40th birthday decorations

Made from sturdy cardstock, this centerpiece stands supported by wooden dowels. The cardstock design features one-sided detailing and boasts dimensions of approximately 4×4 inches, with slight variations possible based on the name’s length.

40th Birthday Metallic Gold Party Straws

40th birthday decorations

These straws add a burst of color to beverage enjoyment, ensuring enduring recollections at your birthday celebration. Designed for sturdiness and reusability, they introduce a jubilant touch to every drink, elevating your birthday toasts with an extra dose of significance. Raise your glass and commemorate four decades of cherished moments with these straws tailored for your 40th birthday revelry!

40th Party Banner 40 Birthday Party Banner 80s

40th birthday decorations

Presented here is a Happy 40th Birthday Banner available for purchase. This banner serves as an ideal embellishment for diverse occasions like a 40th Birthday Party, a celebration of the year 1983, and more. Constructed from a solitary sheet of robust 110 lb cardstock paper, along with printed banner elements, the banner is threaded together using white string for cohesion.

40th Birthday Centerpiece Sticks

40th birthday decorations

The 40th birthday party centerpiece stick is an excellent fit for both birthdays and anniversaries. These sticks lend an exquisite appearance when nestled within a bouquet or showcased individually in a vase. Each stick measures 3 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, adorned with captivating gold glitter on the front and a pristine white on the reverse side.

Sparkling 40 Hanging Swirls Kit

40th birthday decorations

Made from top-notch environmentally friendly paper, these 40th birthday decorations boast durability and reusability. The banner’s dimensions showcase each letter at 8” x 6”, the sparkling swirls measure 31″ when suspended, and each pom-pom spans 10″. Tailored for your unique “only one” 40th birthday party or wedding anniversary, these additions infuse an air of sophistication, warmly inviting your guests to partake in the festivities.

Cheers & Beers to 40 Years Gold Glitter Banner

40th birthday decorations

With minimal balloons, pom-poms, and swirls, this design elegantly showcases the phrase “cheers and beers to 40 years” in gold glitter script. The simplicity of the arrangement doesn’t compromise its stunning effect, providing just the right amount of sparkle to elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

40th Birthday Candles

40th birthday decorations

Enhance your celebratory ambiance with the “40th Birthday Candles,” accompanied by a captivating “Gold Number 40” cake topper. These additions are perfect for enriching your 40th birthday decorations and party setting, creating an atmosphere of joy and festivity. The gold-themed number 40 exudes elegance, commemorating the milestone in style.

1983 Birthday Poster Table Sign

40th birthday decorations

Present a considerate and individualized present that honors a significant birthday by gifting a distinctive Back in 1983 acrylic sign. You will elevate your party decorations with a vintage 1983 black and gold acrylic sign, infusing an air of refinement and class to your event ambiance.

Pink Rose Gold 40th Birthday Decorations for Women

40th birthday decorations

Tailored perfectly for your 40th birthday table adornments, these pink and gold decorations offer versatility. Whether positioned at the table’s center or suspended using clips to infuse the desired locale with celebratory ambiance, they’re an ideal choice. The simple assembly involves removing the honeycomb ball’s sticker and attaching it to the designated area on the card, ensuring a hassle-free setup that saves you valuable time.

40th Birthday Confetti

40th birthday decorations

Each piece stands at approximately 1.5 inches in height. Embrace festivity with a set containing 50 beautifully designed confetti pieces. Crafted from glitter cardstock, these pieces offer a radiant gleam, enhancing your event with a touch of glamour. The one-sided design ensures a seamless display that adds a touch of sparkle to your festivities.

40th Photo Booth Props

40th birthday decorations

Arriving fully assembled and primed for use, this collection of 30 photo booth props for your 40th birthday guarantees effortless enjoyment. Each prop is firmly affixed to a durable wooden stick, ensuring countless hours of photo amusement alongside your loved ones.

Customizable Photo Collage Board

40th birthday decorations

This photo collage poster template is ideal for commemorating your loved one’s 40th birthday, and offers full editability, allowing you to infuse it with personal photos and customize the content. This versatile design serves as an excellent gift for family members as well.

40th Birthday Face Banner

40th birthday decorations

Let’s elevate your party with a touch of humor using our personalized birthday banner featuring face cutouts. With 10 face cutouts included, each measuring approximately 9 inches in height and 4 inches in width, this banner adds a whimsical flair to your celebration. For more funny ideas, please check out 40th funny gag gifts.

Shit, Im 40 40th Balloon Banner

40th birthday decorations

The Forty balloon banner showcases each letter at a generous 16″, available in elegant gold or rose gold. Shipped deflated for convenience, the balloons feature pre-attached loops for effortless hanging using a string.

Gold and Black Party 40th Birthday Decorations

40th birthday decorations

These gold and black balloons are adorned with the phrase “40 Happy Birthday,” making them perfect for a 40th birthday celebration or any black and gold-themed party. They serve as fantastic backdrops for photo props, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for these occasions.

Decorations Cheers to 40th Honeycomb Centerpieces

40th birthday decorations

This set of 40th birthday decorations consists of 9 patterned cardboard pieces and 18 paper honeycombs. These decorations feature captivating birthday elements in their exquisite designs.

40th Birthday Plates and Napkins Set

40th birthday decorations

Draw notice to the convenience of bundling all the essentials for a memorable 40th birthday celebration. It’s an excellent means of saving both time and money.

Vintage 22oz Stemmed Wine Glass

40th birthday decorations

This specially crafted stemmed wine glass is tailored as an ideal 40th birthday gift, carefully delivered to you in a secure box packaging that instantly captivates everyone. The robust gift box ensures the product’s protection during transit, enabling you to present it with absolute confidence.

Vintage 1983 Hanging Swirls

40th birthday decorations

Your package includes 36 hanging swirl card decorations with a vintage 1983 theme, featuring 16 distinct patterns. This assortment comprises 16 exquisite cards and 20 black and gold foil swirl decorations. With this generous quantity, you’ll have more than enough to adorn your party and infuse it with a lively and celebratory ambiance.

40th Birthday Headband

40th birthday decorations

The headband is made of elegant satin black material and measures 6 feet in width. The height of the lettering varies depending on the specific design, and each crown is meticulously crafted with high-quality glitter paper. These crowns are versatile and can fit adults and children, making them suitable for anyone.

Purple Banner and Silver Balloons

40th birthday decorations

Why conform to the notion of growing up? There’s no better way to commemorate your 40th birthday than with our meticulously handcrafted, top-tier 40 & FABULOUS banner, balloon, and swirl pack. This assemblage serves as the ideal ornamentation, infusing your celebration with a tasteful ambiance and warmly inviting your guests to partake in the festivities.

1983 Birthday 80’s Party Cups

40th birthday decorations

These cups are not just your ordinary party cups; they can be utilized in various ways to enhance your celebration. Use them as party favors, or treat cups, or showcase them on your dessert table for an eye-catching display. The possibilities are endless with these multi-purpose cups!

Cheers to 40 Years Birthday Decoration Set Whiskey Balloon

40th birthday decorations

Let’s celebrate 40 years in style with our Cheers to 40 Years Birthday Decoration Set. Includes a bold 40″ Black 40 centerpiece, 7 elegant Copper Balloons, 7 classic Black Balloons, a shimmering Silver Curtain backdrop, a Cheers to 40 Years Banner, and playful Whiskey Balloons.

Awesome Since 1983 Banner

40th birthday decorations

It measures 4.5 ft long, with 3 ft of extra string on each side for easy hanging. The banner letters stand tall at 5.5 inches, elegantly showcasing the message. Crafted with low-shed, premium glitter cardstock in a white-backed design, and featuring white baker’s twine for hanging. Please note that the listing includes the banner only.

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Adult 40th Birthday Photo Booth Props

40th birthday decorations

With a whopping 41PCS of props included, these extraordinary Photo Booth Props are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser at the birthday party! Prepare for endless fun and laughter at the 40th birthday celebration, making it an unforgettable experience for both men and women alike.

Tiara, Sash, Glasses, Candles and Cake Topper Gift Set

40th birthday decorations

The complete 40th birthday party set comprises a fabulous birthday sash, a crown tiara, and crystal frame glasses, making it a truly exquisite gift for a lady’s 40th birthday. This tiara and sash set is an excellent choice for presenting to your partner and women in general.

Card 40th Birthday Party Supplies Gift Sign

40th birthday decorations

The unfolded size measures 18.1 x 12.2 inches, while the combined size is 12 x 9 inches. With its meticulously crafted inner pages and elegant rose gold shell surface, this guest book will ensure unforgettable memories at your 40th birthday party.

Extra Large Fabric Black Gold Sign Poster

40th birthday decorations

The 40th-anniversary backdrop measures 185 x 110 cm/ 72.8 x 43.3 inches, providing ample size for decorating and photographing your 40th birthday party. It effortlessly enhances the theme of the celebration, adding an extra touch of charm.

Fortylicious Gold Glitter Banner

40th birthday decorations

Congratulations on reaching 40 years of excellence! Celebrate this remarkable milestone with our exquisite gold glitter banner, which adds a touch of sophistication to your event and warmly welcomes your guests.

Cheers to 40 Years Banner

40th birthday decorations

The banner, crafted from premium thick and sturdy REAL glitter paperboard, provides a high-quality decoration option. It comes either pre-strung for convenience or as a DIY kit for a personalized touch.

40th Birthday Rose Gold Confetti Balloon Bouquet

40th birthday decorations

This stunning balloon arrangement is perfect for celebrating her special day. The bouquet includes a single 40 forty balloon, adorned with the words “40 & Fabulous,” creating a stylish and celebratory atmosphere.

Each balloon measures 12″ and is available in your choice of rose gold or gold confetti. The shimmering confetti adds an extra touch of glamour to the decorations, making the occasion truly memorable. Cheers to 40 years of joy, laughter, and fabulousness!

40 Table Decor

40th birthday decorations

Elevate your 40th birthday celebration with our stunning 40th birthday decorations. This centerpiece serves as the perfect table decor, adding a touch of elegance to your event. The set includes one 40 centerpiece, available in the color of your choice.

Assembly is easy, as the two flat pieces effortlessly come together to create a freestanding decoration. Place it on your tabletop and watch it become a focal point of the celebration. Whether it’s a forties-themed anniversary party or a milestone birthday bash, our 40th Birthday Decorations are the ideal choice for adding a stylish flair to your special occasion.

40th Birthday Party Garland/ Glitter Banners

40th birthday decorations

The banner comes with twine for easy hanging. You have various color options to choose from, as shown in the second photo. The letters are approximately 5.50 inches tall, ensuring they stand out at your party. This banner is guaranteed to bring a touch of glamour to your celebration.

Glitter Paper 40 Confetti

40th birthday decorations

This set includes 25 glitter paper confetti cutouts shaped like the number 40, each measuring 1 inch wide.

The confetti features a sparkling glitter finish on one side, while the back is elegantly white. It adds a touch of glamour and festivity to your party decorations. Perfect for both men and women, these decorations are available in gold or rose gold, making them suitable for any anniversary celebration as well.

Paper Eyeglasses Decoration

40th birthday decorations

Inside the package, you will find a generous assortment of 36 40th birthday party paper eyeglasses, featuring 9 unique styles with 4 pieces of each style. This abundant quantity ensures that your decorative needs will be met flawlessly.

These delightful 40th birthday paper eyeglasses decorations perfectly complement your 40th birthday theme party, infusing it with excitement and amusement. Prepare for a delightful array of surprises and fun as these eyeglasses become a highlight of your 40th birthday celebration.

Black and Gold for Him Her 40 Birthday Party Supplies

40th birthday decorations

This comprehensive birthday party kit is suitable for both men and women, ensuring a joyous celebration.

Crafted from safe and eco-friendly premium materials, the 40th birthday kits feature a recyclable birthday banner, durable thick balloons, a shimmering gold curtain as a backdrop, and a sash to proudly announce your upcoming 40th birthday. These high-quality decorations are designed to bring an extra dose of joy and excitement to your party.

40th Birthday Sash and Tiara for Women

40th birthday decorations

Included in this kit is a combination of fabulous birthday accessories for the birthday girl/woman. It features a 40 & Fabulous sash, a 40th Rhinestone Tiara, a pearl pin, and a Happy Birthday cupcake topper. These delightful birthday items are thoughtfully packed in a box, making it a wonderful birthday gift.

Back in 1983 Banner

40th birthday decorations

The Back in 1983 theme banner is meticulously crafted, featuring captivating elements that reflect the essence of the birthday theme. It showcases clear historical text, complemented by intricate patterns, all presented in a vibrant combination of bright black and gold. The eye-catching fonts further enhance the visual appeal, providing a delightful visual experience.

Happy 40th Birthday Party Yard Sign Set

40th birthday decorations

Made from durable plastic cardboard, these birthday yard signs are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them waterproof and weatherproof. Their high quality ensures longevity, allowing for reuse on future occasions.

The birthday yard signs decor set is incredibly user-friendly. Installation is a breeze – simply insert two stakes into each birthday badge and press it firmly into the ground. This convenient setup saves time, whether you’re rushing back to the party or capturing memorable photos.

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Final Thoughts

Your 40th birthday is more than just a number – it’s a testament to the journey you’ve traversed and the adventures that lie ahead. With these 45+ 40th birthday decorations, you have the inspiration to craft a celebration that mirrors your unique personality and accomplishments. 

Remember, it’s not just about the decorations themselves, but the emotions and memories they evoke. As you embark on this new chapter of life, may your celebration be a reflection of the joy, wisdom, and vitality that define you. Here’s to 40 and the brilliance that it brings!

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