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Feeling Lost in the SEO Jungle? We've Got You Covered!
Embark on your SEO journey with Avada SEO Suite, you have the compass guiding you to SEO success without the hassle.
Image Optimization
Supercharge your site's speed with auto-optimized images — better performance, better SEO.
Site speed up
Improving your site speed automatically by optimizing Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability
Instant page
Tailor-made tools to make pages instant and improve conversion rate.
Lazy loading
Removes unnecessary information from the source code, such as white spaces, line breaks, and comments, to help your pages load faster.
Streamline your site's code with our Minification feature. Reduce load times and enhance user experience
Script manager
Optimize loading and execute scripts efficiently to boost site speed and performance

Search Appearance Optimization

Harness the power of SEO tailored for results and simplicity
Meta Tags, Simplified
Seamless Social Network Integration
Smart Google structured data
Quick Google Indexing
Show me how
Flexible pricing plan for your startup
Pricing that scales with your business immediately.
All the basics for starting a new business
Optimize 50 products/monthly
Instant speed up
Free SEO checklist
HTML sitemap
Pro Plan
Ideal for rapidly growing businesses, offering advanced loyalty programs.
$34.95 / Month
$29 / Month
$348 / Year
Unlimited Page Speed Up
Auto fixed SEO issues
Unlimited Images & Alt
Meta tags
Lazy loading
FREE Trial 14 days
$99 / Month
$82.50 / Month
$990 / Year
One-on-one consulting
Script manager
Advanced speed up
SEO Academy
Expert support 24/7
30-day refund
It has written in the stars
I highly recomend this app! wow, theammount of features and time you canis also the Chat feature isperfect, they dc what you want how youwant when you want all for no extra costor fees. how often does that happen!
Covenant Coffee
United State
Avada SEO is a must-have for optimizing your website basics and more. Compression, convert, edit, audit, seo and speed optimization, a multi-use tool and a considerable time saver.
This app is amazing. It's easy to use and makes SEO a step-by-step solution for people who don't understand the ever-changing world of SEO while keeping the website fast. their support is always happy to help as well.
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