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AVADA SEO Suite Background
AVADA SEO Suite Background

SEO your store effectively - what to begin?

SEO directly affects your website ranking, your traffic and hence conversion rate. But what exactly do you have to do with SEO?

In the simplest words, SEO can be broken down into two tasks:

  • On-page SEO: optimizing all elements on your websites such as content, web structures, images, loading speed, etc.
  • Off-page SEO: building backlinks and references from reputable websites to yours

Which one is more important?

There is no exact answer because you need both to be ranked better on Google search. But being smart merchants, we usually start with on-page SEO first. It is easier and takes less time than building off-page SEO.

What can Shopify SEO Suite do?

SEO Suite app helps you to build parts of on-page SEO effortlessly. It is designed to optimize website images and structure to be most matching to the Google Search algorithm.

High-quality images on your stores are so attractive to shoppers, but if not being well optimized, they can slow down your website’s speed and lead to a higher bounce rate. Fortunately, SEO Suite helps to reduce your image size, and still, keep its high quality for great shopping experiences.

The key success in on-page SEO is creating a good website structure that meets Google’s best practices. SEO Suite follows standard Google structured data (rich snippets) and adds them to your website automatically.

Are you a non-technical Shopify owner? This app is for you since it does not require any coding skills to run. All needed configurations are set up already and your work is enabling them with a few clicks.

Highlight features of
Avada SEO Suite

Image optimization

Optimize ALT Tag

ALT is an important tag that helps label your images, which enables Google Search to find your pictures easily. SEO Suite app auto-inserts ALT tags to your images using selected variables (eg. product name and store name).

Image size and quality

To improve the loading speed of your website, SEO Suite allows compressing image size without lowering its quality.

There are two methods supported:

  • Automatic optimization: compress image size and keep its quality unchanged

  • Custom optimization: eliminate unnecessary data of images, keeping its size and quality at a certain degree.

Auto-insert ALT tag to images

Auto-add Google structure data (rich snippets)

Google uses structured data (LD-JSON data) to understand the content on your website and display your site with interesting search appearance results.

Using SEO Suite, standard Google structured data will be added to your website automatically only via a few clicks:

  • Structured data on important pages: Product page, Collection page, Blog listing, Single Blog

  • Business structured data

  • Review structured data

  • Item list structured data

Optimize image size and quality

Meta tags optimization

Meta tags (include meta title, meta description, social meta) are the most outstanding info on every Google search result. And they significantly decide whether customers want to click on you.

To make sure Google shows the correct and informative meta tags for your Shopify website, SEO Suite provides:

  • Ready-to-use formats for adding these tags automatically.

  • Set up meta tag rules as you want (Priority, What to show, Where to show)

Greatly, this function is supported in three pages: Product page, Collection page, Blog post.

Auto-add Google structure data (rich snippets)

Redirect 404 pages

A 404 page, or error page, is the content that users see when they try to reach a non-existent page on your website. Accessing those pages will disappoint shoppers and create a non-professional feeling for your business.

SEO Suite enables you to redirect 404 pages and broken links to a specific URL that you want. Keeping your customers stick with you is the only way to convert them further.

Meta tags optimization

HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemaps are majorly created for website users. They help your visitors to get an overview of the structure of your site and to navigate through all the subpages quickly.

This amazing app supports adding HTML Sitemap for almost of your website elements:

  • Products

  • Collections

  • Blog list

  • Blog posts

  • Pages

Greatly, this function is supported in three pages: Product page, Collection page, Blog post.

Auto-add Google structure data (rich snippets)

Extra Features of SEO Suite

Prevent duplicate content

Stop duplicate content on your site by adding canonical tags automatically.

SEO issue checklist

Find out and list all SEO issues on your store in real-time

Estimated savings

Show the amount of time and cost saved using the app in all SEO activities

Override existing ALT

Record all ALT/Image optimization actions (original URL, optimized URL, time, page and action)

Meta tags preview

Allow admins to preview meta title, URL, meta description shown on search result page

Site verification

Verify your store ownership with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Pinterest, and more


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