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33 Best Virtual Valentines Gifts for Long Distance Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day draws near, don't let distance dampen the flames of love. Embrace the power of technology and celebrate your connection with heartfelt virtual Valentine's day gifts. Our handpicked collection offers a variety of personalized treasures, ensuring your love transcends any physical barriers.

With a personalized photo, you can preserve the memories that are most important to you and give someone a physical reminder of how much you care. Set the scene for a romantic virtual date night that will result in long-lasting memories by lighting up their environment with fragrant candles. A comfortable blanket embroidered with your names will envelop them in the warmth of your affection and serve as a reassuring reminder that you are always near to them. Send a sincere card to someone special to express your emotions. Your handwritten message will be remembered forever. Give them a stylish T-shirt that loudly declares your affection for them for an added touch of flair. Make every online exchange an opportunity to deepen your friendship and make lifelong memories.

This Valentine's Day, embrace the emotional connection that technology affords, and let your virtual Valentines gifts be a poignant reminder of the love that knows no boundaries. With each gesture, let your hearts speak the language of love, reaffirming that no matter where you are, you are forever entwined in the sweet symphony of each other's hearts.

Do you want to have something to record your love story? How about writing it on the paper creatively?

You can personalize your book to get up to 100 pages, telling how you met your other half and how your love blossomed. This idea will help you share your thoughts adorably through emojis and animated figures.

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day apart from your special someone, this candle can make him/her feel warmth even from a distance.

Candles provide a sensory experience, and this virtual hug candle takes it further. The soft glow and comforting scent create an ambiance that mimics the soothing feeling of closeness to a loved one!

Going to a luxury private restaurant to watch the chef cook for you? Instead, let's book a virtual cooking cake in this wonderful class with your beloved.

You can book in advance for the class to learn dishes all over the globe, from Asia to Europe and Africa. You will have a video call with the chef to make it easier. And soon, your cooking level will be better by the time you practice!

Are you in a long-distance love relationship with someone? You should come here to join the virtual workshop to appease your loneliness.

Through a 90-minute audio recording taught by Lola Jean, you will be taken through self-pleasure sexual meditation to satisfy your sentiment on that day. This workshop is also ideal for singles to focus on themselves.

You just put on a relationship with someone. Then, you should download the paired app to your phone to try it.

The app will ask you questions, relationship quizzes, and even informative advice to help you figure out whether both of you are a perfect match or not. If you feel well with him/her, you can share this app with them to get a deeper understanding.

Scanning the QR code for a sweet message is a creative gift to send your love to your partner virtually.

This gift is special because you can design it yourself with pictures, videos, and loving words. All the beautiful memories will be fully displayed and saved forever!

Why have to admire others and great love when you can tell your romantic realm with this mapmaking?

You will be shipped a mapmaking kit in advance. In the class, you - with your lover, can recall to map out locations linked to your love milestones, like where you first met. Plus, you can show off your love story to people, doubling your happiness.

You don't find your missing piece in your life. No matter what, let's take this Valentine's Day to concentrate on your self-care development with the DIY workshop.

Under the guidance of mother-daughter duo Chris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban, you will learn how to make various love potions like ginger love liqueur. This class will promote your wellness and enhance your self-confidence as well!

Your lover is into the enjoyable flavor of bath bombs. We know how to help you surprise them on the upcoming Valentine's Day. The DIY workshop will virtually teach you how to make a bath bomb.

You can customize their favorite flavor in the ingredient list, creating a present to make them smile. Try it if you want a new experience!

Is there any more virtual item than a couple's shirt to give to long-distance couples this Valentine's? Well, the adorable design of this shirt will warm your lover's heart when they see it. Even if you're not close to each other, wearing matching shirts together and video-calling each other is not a bad idea!

Valentine's Day is approaching, and you still don't know what to give your loved one. Fear not! You will always go right with this meaningful couple mug!

With this mug, you can send them loving messages or photos of you. In particular, it also represents the connection between the two of you by depicting a map linking two people from two different lands.

If sending a love card will make your loved one's feelings closer, why don't you do the same? This invitation design will help you complete it!

The virtual invitation gives you a template that you can edit based on what you like. What a fun and easy way to create a Valentine's experience that you two will enjoy!

Want to surprise your long-distance lover with unforgettable memories? Consider this an interesting gift box. It will bring an enjoyable experience for a romantic date. Exploring the items in this box together stimulates curiosity and excitement for both of you.

Run out of ideas to make a surprise for your beloved? I highly recommend this custom wooden plaque - a touching keepsake of your love story and the special place where it all began!

The visual representation of the map on a wooden plaque transforms the gift into meaningful art. More than a map, it's a symbol of the couple's connection and the journey they've embarked on together.

How about hosting a Valentine's party and playing it with your partner or kids? You don't need a fancy party; just creating a fun game to unite everyone is all it takes. It's an easy way to have a good time and make lasting memories!

Couples in long-distance relationships will want small keepsakes containing their partner's love to carry with them. Here is this beautiful card for you!

It is not fancy and expensive, but this keepsake card fully represents your love and nostalgia for your loved one. Without a doubt, she/he will keep this love card close to her/him.

Check out this headset – it's like a portal to a whole new world with its fancy virtual reality tech. Perfect for your tech-savvy and science-loving Valentine! Don't be shy about splurging a bit on a gift that's out of this world for your loved one. Trust me, it's worth it for the giggles and wows!

What's better than a hug from your loved one on Valentine's Day? If you are distant from her/him and want to send her/him a virtual hug, this charm is for you!

As a way to express your love, your partner will be touched when receiving this meaningful gift. She/he will love attaching it to a necklace to wear with her/him wherever she goes.

Are you considering adding a virtual touch to your Valentine's gift? It's a clever idea, especially if you're planning a surprise party.

This video idea will preserve the precious, beautiful memories you two have together. Choosing your best photos and videos will be difficult, but in return, your lover will receive a gift that goes beyond expectations!

This Pataleon workshop will make your bouquet much more personal when gifting to your lover on Cupid Day!

The workshop offers your 45-minute live workshop over Zoom, and you can select the kind of flowers you or your lover would love to arrange. If you are busy, you can buy the flower kit from their page, helping you pick up a beautiful one within your ideal budget.

Technology can make impossible things to be possible things. And the valentine's video is obvious evidence. Instead of a paper card, the virtual card will make him/her fall in love at first watching. This Valentine's Day will be much more special than ever!

Sometimes, photos capturing wonderful moments are priceless for a lover in a long-distance relationship. So why hesitate any longer and give your significant other the most beautiful pictures of the two of you with this frame? Believe me, she/he will be very touched when she sees this gift. Its design is luxurious enough to display and recall beautiful memories together.

Long-distance relationships thrive on finding creative ways to stay connected. This game is a charming tool for building a sense of togetherness and creating shared memories!

The game provides an easy and enjoyable way to connect virtually and share moments of laughter. It introduces an element of surprise with candy pairings, adding an extra layer of excitement as couples discover which sweet treats are associated with each dice roll.

The painting of Gogh's kit is an amazing example to experience on Valentine's Day. When you order online, you will receive a box with all the essentials within five days.

This virtual tutorial can be watched easily via a laptop or smartphone. This idea will bring you and your lover a fun time and surprise each other with your masterpiece.

Let's take a virtual trip to Portugal through your electronic device with João Batalha chef. This baking workshop will connect both of you to work and create love interactions.

Within 2 hours over Zoom, you will meet the funny chef to customize your favorite ingredient in the custard tart. The experience doesn't stop here; you can taste the tart with him/her and feel the delicious taste melt in your mouth, leaving a remarkable memory on Valentine's Day.

Final words

Love knows no bounds! Embrace the digital age with virtual Valentines gifts that redefine romance. Shower your special someone with virtual adventures, personalized videos, and virtual date nights that transcend physical distance. From heartwarming messages to virtual concerts serenading your love, let technology ignite the sparks of passion.

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