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34 Best Valentine Gifts For Children They're Sure To Love

Are you ready to make this Valentine's Day truly special for the little ones in your life? Finding the perfect gift for children can be both exciting and challenging. You want something that captures their imagination and brings smiles to their faces. So, how do you choose the ideal Valentine's gift that will light up their world?

In a nutshell, when it comes to Valentine gifts for children, creativity and thoughtfulness are key. Whether it's a plush cuddly toy, an enchanting storybook, or a hands-on DIY craft kit, there are endless possibilities to express your love. Let's explore some heartwarming gift ideas that are sure to make their eyes sparkle with joy!

So, tell us, what kind of gifts have brought the biggest smiles to the faces of the children in your life? Don't you think the right gift can create magical moments they'll cherish forever? Let's embark on this wonderful journey together, discovering the most heartwarming Valentine's gifts that will make their hearts skip a beat!

Do you want to bring warm to your kid? Your kid will be on cloud night when receiving this Custom Style And Name 3D Led Light.

The light will create a cozy atmosphere in their room, bringing them amazing dreams at night. There will be 5 different styles for this item but regardless of your choice, the item will be adorable and of the best quality.


✔️ Customizable with a name to make the gift more unique and fabulous

✔️ Adorable design, suitable for kids

✔️ 7 light colors are available

This dinosaur Happy Valentine's day red raglan can fit all, so it is also recommended for the family uniform. The design is basic, but the dinosaur print makes the item more adorable and special. High-quality materials are used so you can be ensured to have the most comfortable feeling when wearing it.


✔️ High-quality print

✔️ Vary in size

✔️ Adorable gift for kids or adults

With the ability to change 7 colors, this personalized 3D LED light might be one of the most special Valentine's gifts for children you have ever seen. The kids always need a secure feeling at night, and this item can do that for you. The design is so adorable with a unicorn and a custom name, so now your kid can totally relax at bedtime.


✔️ Personalized with a name

✔️ Well-made with 3D effect

✔️Safe for kids

Kids love creative art through their drawings, and you can use their work to make this meaningful, personalized handprint art. Just by sending a custom name(s), you will receive one of the most stunning wall art that is made from your love for your child.


✔️ Personalized handprint, nicknames, and names

✔️ High-quality print

✔️ Easy to hang

Your kid will be surprised by this custom-name fleece blanket because it can be made whole based on a custom name. There is no such unique blanket out there, so take this chance to make your kid excited and comfortable with this super soft blanket now!


✔️ Customized name

✔️ Soft and comfort

✔️ Machine or hand washable

These little girls' clothes will make all girls become more adorable with their bright colors and cute design. The two pieces of the outfit are made with 100% cotton, allowing the wearer to have the most comfortable feeling when doing daily activities.


✔️ Made of 100% cotton

✔️ 4 styles available

✔️ Vary in size

All kids will be thrilled to be gifted this personalized home decor, as it is so unique and beautiful. The item will be in a star shape, with one side for custom text and the other side for a custom photo. A strap will be included for your to hang this ornament easily in your house, making it so special for Valentine's day.


✔️ Customized text and photo

✔️ High-quality with wood

✔️ Unique home decor item

This karaoke microphone machine for kids will allow your kids to have funny and relaxing moments. It can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth, and it is easy to record any songs from popular apps (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), so your kid can perform whatever songs they like.


✔️ Vividly sound effect

✔️ Durable in use

✔️ Safe for kids

Valentine's day is an expecting occasion, and you can make it more unique with this countdown calendar. This is a canvas calendar with 14 days embroidered and a read heart for marking, so your kid can enjoy waiting moments without getting bored. A daily card is also made for each day, so your family can play games together during these 14 days to celebrate the occasion.


✔️ High-quality fabric

✔️ 14 activity cards included

✔️ Lovely design

This rainbow puzzle ball will keep your kid excited for hours because it is so attractive. There will be 11 balls to be pushed into different holes to find the match, so your kids will need to use their intelligence to find the solution for this game. The item is considered useful to help kids develop their monitoring skills through playing.


✔️ Helpful in developing monitoring skill

✔️ Entertaining gift for Valentine's day for kids

✔️ Easy to use

This storybook for kids is around the story of Harvey, who is characterized as having too many farts. You will find not only happy and hilarious moments in this book but also a meaningful story about friendship that comes from Harvey's friends.


✔️ Funny and meaningful at the same time

✔️ High-quality paper

✔️ Premium print

✔️ Adorable gift for children on Valentine's day

Your girl will say "Wow!" when receiving this set of kid's jewelry rings on Valentine's day, believe us! A total of 36 rings will be included, and all are adjustable to bring the most comfortable feeling for the wearer. Also, those are different designs, so your girl will have a great collection to match her outfit changes every day.


✔️ Adjustable based on the finger's thickness

✔️ Different designs

✔️ Safe for kids

This magical unicorn mini garden will bring your child a new experience with planting. Everything necessary for an adorable terrarium is included, and the remaining job is just to water it to keep the seeds growing. Your kid will have not only funny planting moments but also a magical small garden with this kit.


✔️ Easy growing seeds included

✔️ Completed kit

✔️ Adorable and interesting gift for children

These adorable popsicle holders the best solution for your kids to keep their hands from freezing. There will be 6 different designs for those holders, so you can freely choose the one that is suitable for your kid before personalizing it with a custom name.


✔️ Customized name

✔️ Vary in colors and designs

✔️ High-quality materials

Valentine's day will become more adorable when your kid is gifted with this plush unicorn. Different colors are available for this item, and personalization can be added with a custom name to turn this item into a cute friend for your child.


✔️ Customized with name

✔️ 4 colors available

✔️ Super soft

It will be amazing if you kids can see the lovely message on this personalized kid's cereal bowl every morning. The bowl can serve different dishes, and it can be customized with a name to make it more special. Do not hesitate to order this bowl; your kid will surely love the design.


✔️ Customized name

✔️ Vary in front color

✔️ High-quality materials, so durable

You can make your kid an adorable chef by gifting him or her this personalized kid's apron. The item will be embroidered with a custom name, so it is absolutely a unique gift that all kids want to receive. Not only cooking experience, but this apron can also be useful in art time when kids have to deal with colors.


✔️ Personalized embroidered name

✔️ Vary in color

✔️ Adorable design for kids

Kids love all items with their names, and this personalized color book can create the same effect. Not only with different stunning pictures included for coloring, but this book can also be customized with a custom name, making it a unique Valentine's day gift for children.


✔️ Customized name

✔️ Beautiful pictures included

✔️ High-quality papers

This personalized Valentine's day gift with pencil included is an affordable and cute gift, and above all, it can be personalized with a name. Sometimes, small gifts are valued at more than a thousand words, and with this item, the receiver can surely feel your love and care.


✔️ Personalized with signature

✔️ High-quality printed paper

✔️ Meaningful gift for Valentine's day

By ordering this item, you can create a totally customized kid's owl placemat for Valentine's gifts for children. There will be 10 available saying options for you to choose from, or you can personalize the mat with custom text to make it more unique. The item looks nice with its bright colors, and even more interesting with personalization added.


✔️ Personalized with the text

✔️ Adorable design and bright color

✔️ Multiple usages

This Valentine's bath bomb can make a different experience when bathing for your girl, so do not hesitate to buy it. The bath bomb is pink in colour with a white heart in the middle, so adorable for gifting. The item also has pleasant scents to make bathing a relaxing moment.


✔️ Organic materials

✔️ Pleasant scents

✔️ Adorable gift for Valentine's day

This box of 7 ice cream crayons is so adorable and unique for kids. Those crayons will make art time less boring with their fantastic design of ice cream and make your kid find artwork more interesting than ever. The box is not only a recommended Valentine's day gift but also suitable for all events, especially when they are back to school.


✔️ Unique design

✔️ 7 basic colors included

✔️ Suggested for preschoolers or primary school kids

This hearts suncatcher kit will help your kid have relaxing and exciting moments when doing crafts. There will be 4 suncatchers included, and it can easily be done with just simple steps. Your kid can hang their work on the window as a unique piece of home decor, really beautiful and creative.


✔️ Simple to use

✔️ Nice home decor item

✔️ Directions included

If your child loves colorful things, this flat clay beads for jewelry bracelet-making kit will be a nice gift for her on Valentine's day. There will be different beads with multiple colors and pendants to be shipped when you order this kit, and all will be extremely useful for your kid to design her own unique bracelet.


✔️ Packed with different beads and pendants

✔️ Able to make unique bracelets

✔️ Recommended gift for girls

Your kids can learn many necessary skills with this mini cub puzzle party toy, so get it for them on the upcoming Valentine's day now. By twisting and arranging, they can have the first concept of intellectual and product development, which is so beneficial in the later stage.


✔️ Encourage brain development

✔️ Eco-friendly materials

✔️ Entertaining gift for children

This musical light-up unicorn can melt any children's heart with its adorable design. Not only a soft stuffed animal, but this unicorn can also glow just by pressing a switch. Your child can now turn this unicorn into a best friend and hold it at bedtime to have happy and warm moments.


✔️ Adorable design

✔️ Soft and comfort

✔️ Able to glow ten nursery songs

This mushroom garden serves best for toodles who are from 1 to 3 years old. The toy is so interesting when it lights up, and it is also useful for your child to learn numbers, colours, and music through playing. Get it for your child now; you will save much time afterwards as your child finds a way to entertain now.


✔️ Educational toy

✔️ Helpful in developing basic skills: hand-eye coordination, monitoring, and collaborative skills

✔️ Easy to use

Your girl will definitely love this retro-style jelly bag, as it can be personalized with her name. The bag looks nice with its design, and the name will be put on the front said as a way to mark her possession. It will be so useful for girls to put their stuff or toys when going for outside activities or saving space.


✔️ Personalized with a custom name

✔️ Multiple purposes

✔️ Recommended Valentine's gift for girls

This LED multifunctional waterproof watch is so fashionable and is a recommended gift for both boys and girls on Valentine's day. The item is designed to meet basic daily demands with the time display, and really easy to change between modes.


✔️ Waterproof

✔️ Eye-catching design

✔️ Suitable for both boys and girls

These cards with 12 different toy bugs will be a meaningful and interesting gift for preschool or primary school kids on Valentine s day. There will be 36 insect toys and six butterfly toys included, together with 50 twist ties for the kids to do the work, and they can just send their "masterpiece" to their beloved friends after completing it.


✔️ Well-made

✔️ Unique with insect and butterfly toys

✔️ Adorable gift for children on Valentine's day

This sensory toy for children can help your kids to develop necessary skills by playing. There will be a unicorn-themed canvas and a tool included for them to easily add or remove playfoam, so they can totally enjoy this game in their free time.


✔️ Useful for developing basic skills

✔️ Adorable design

✔️ Safe for children above 3 years old

This kid's cat scarf is so adorable for girls, especially with its red color. The item is made from high-quality wool to make sure the children always feel comfortable when wearing it. 2 small cats will be a cute addition to make the whole scarf more attractive.


✔️ Soft and comfortable

✔️ Adorable design

✔️ Best to keep warm in the winter

There will be no physical products delivered but digital downloads when you order these printable cat Valentine's day cards. 6 cards will be sent if you choose the quantity of 1, and all are so cute with the cat images and available messages.


✔️ Convenient with digital download

✔️ Suggested gift for cat lovers

✔️ Blank space to write wishes or private notes

This Valentine's day craft box will be of favorite of many children, especially girls. The box includes many small details with heart patterns to make it more adorable, and your kids can use it to make a wonderful piece of craft for decoration.


✔️ Suitable for kids from 4 years old

✔️ Able to make different designs

✔️ Basic instruction included

Let's help your children learn about the beauty of the world with this ready flower seed grow kid; they will find it exciting. The kid comes with different flower seeds inside a paper heart, a pot, and instruction, so your children can do it by themselves to grow their own small flower garden.


✔️ Recommended gift for flower lovers

✔️ Adorable gift for children

✔️ Instruction included

Bottom Line

With our carefully curated list of 34 best Valentine gifts for children, you're bound to find the perfect token of affection that will bring immense joy to the little ones in your life. From enchanting toys that spark their imagination to educational games that foster their growth, these gifts are sure to make this Valentine's Day truly memorable. Remember, it's not just about the gift itself but the love and thoughtfulness behind it that matters the most. Whether you're celebrating with your own children, nieces, nephews, or little friends, each present has the potential to create magical moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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