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39 Best Unusual Christmas Gifts for Adults that'll Surprise Them

Are you tired of the same old predictable Christmas gifts? Wouldn't it be wonderful to surprise your loved ones with something truly extraordinary this holiday season? Well, look no further because we have a delightful collection of unusual Christmas gifts that will bring joy and excitement to your festivities. Say goodbye to mundane presents and get ready to explore a world of unique and captivating Christmas gift ideas that will leave everyone in awe!

In a nutshell, our article unveils a handpicked selection of the most extraordinary Christmas gifts you can ever imagine. From funny chrismas gifts that defy convention to personalized treasures (personalized blankets, photo frame, jewelry,..We got them all!) that speak straight to the heart, we've scoured far and wide to curate a list that promises to make this Christmas truly unforgettable. Get ready to explore a myriad of options that cater to all ages and interests, ensuring you find the perfect gift for every special person in your life.

But these unique Christmas gifts are not just random novelties; they are carefully chosen to bring happiness and cherished memories to your loved ones. As we delve into each unique gift idea, you'll discover the inspiration behind them and why they are the perfect fit for the people you care about. So, without further ado, let's embark on this exciting journey of uncommon presents that will make this holiday season one to remember!

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This popcorn sampler variety pack includes five flavors. All-natural ingredients, certified Kosher, and non-GMO, make this delicious popcorn fused with ingredients such as cashews, chocolate, and pretzels that you won’t be able to get enough of. Available in snack-size bags and canisters.

It is the perfect sweet and salty snack for kids and adults. Handcrafted in small batches in the mid-west, these sweet, salty treats are perfect for snack lovers. The popcorn pack is great for Christmas gatherings.


✔️ Movie night essential, the sampler pack adds joy to your film marathons

✔️ Gourmet indulgence, savor a delightful array of popcorn flavors

✔️ Perfect gift, share the popcorn goodness with friends and family

The Old Lives Matter vintage and upscale whiskey glass is a wonderful Christmas present. The 11 oz. of crystal premium quality glassware is designed with a heavy base in the volcano style.

The whiskey tumbler has diamond-like detailing for texture and brilliant refraction. It sparkles beautifully in the light. A unique appearance with an elegant gift box will be a perfect men's dad gift or old drinker to add to his living room decor or collection for his home bar and man cave.


✔️ Elegance in hand, the glass adds a touch of refinement to your drink

✔️ Sophisticated indulgence, savor your favorite whiskey in style

✔️ Relaxing moments, enjoy a moment of tranquility with every sip

Are you seeking a unique holiday present for your loved ones? Here is a nice suggestion for you: a personalized snowman throw pillow.

You can add your family members’ names to this option, making this gift extra special to surprise your little ones. Your kid can cuddle this pillow on the sofa while rewatching the masterpiece movie, snowman, with family.

This memorial gift is a heartfelt and touching tribute that brings comfort and love to your family, especially during anniversaries or when remembering an angel in heaven. It is designed to capture the essence of love, family, and remembrance. Its personalized design features a beautiful message that resonates with the hearts of those who have lost a loved one.

The print quality is exceptional, ensuring that the artwork is vibrant and captivating. The choice of durable materials, whether it's the high-quality poster or the sturdy canvas, ensures that the tribute will last for years to come.


✔️ Great to share the Christmas spirit

✔️ Printed on a durable and water-resistant canvas

✔️ Stand the test of the time

This unique 3D lead night lamp is an exquisite Christmas gift for you to give to your coworkers. With a personalized photo, this lamp is enough to impress your loved ones as he/she receives it. Specifically, it has many colors available in the setting for changing to ignite their creativity at work. Functionally, this night lamp can decorate his/her room prettier while helping your beloved get a good sleep every day.

Make picking out Christmas presents enjoyable and simple. This unique key holder hanger will meet all of your needs for the ideal gift. Personalized Home letters featuring a location and a picture of the family. On MDF material, the recipient's family name and address will be painstakingly printed.

The retro map design is expertly printed, capturing the intricate details of your chosen location. The key hooks provide a convenient and secure place to hang your keys, keeping them easily accessible.


✔️ Unique gift suggestion

✔️ Display your love and concern

✔️ Details of personalization can be adjustable

✔️ Last for many years

Are you tired of receiving generic Christmas gifts? In addition, why not provide a one-of-a-kind gift that will live in their memory if one of your hip friends, family members, or lovers deserves an unusual gift? You can choose this scented candle which is decorated with a Christmas theme to make your receivers over the moon.

Watch as the flickering flame casts a warm glow, creating a cozy ambiance that wraps you in a blanket of comfort. It's the perfect companion for chilly winter evenings, a gentle reminder that the best moments are found in the simplest of joys.


✔️ Beautiful design

✔️ Great smell to heal your soul

✔️ Add Christmas festive vibe

The 36-inch deep-tune wind chime has unique, beautiful, and soothing sounds. Outill’s wind chimes are delightful thanks to expert tuning. The enjoyable deep tone they produce makes you feel like you are in the embrace of nature.

This wonderful wind chime is made of high quality aluminum alloy tubes, durable nylon braided cord, and a strong beech wood top, resisting extreme weather. It's such a reasonable price for such good quality. It is an excellent gift for your loved one.


✔️ Melodic whispers, the chimes carry soothing tunes on the breeze

✔️ Tranquil serenade, they bring harmony and peace to your surroundings

✔️ Heartfelt nostalgia, the wind chimes evoke cherished memories and emotions

The piece barbecue tool set in the style of a rock guitar is the ideal Christmas gift for any music-loving BBQ enthusiast. It is a durable, rust-resistant, stainless steel construction.

The width of the spatula end makes it easy to flip any burger or BBQ ribs. The long handle keeps hands safely away from the grill. smooth wooden handle. An ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip. Food wipes off of the stainless steel easily, leaving you with the same shiny tools you started with.


✔️ Bonding moments, it brings family and friends together around the grill

✔️ Culinary delight, the tool set unlocks the magic of outdoor cooking

✔️ Master of the flames, the set becomes a symbol of your grilling expertise

Give your body the perfect cup of tea that nourishes and tastes amazing. All of these tea drops are fair trade, organic, and kosher certified, with 15% less waste than traditional tea bags. 

The premium Tea Drops take loose leaf tea to a whole new level. Finally, you can get premium quality black or herbal tea without the hassle of seeingping or needing to deal with a drippy tea bag.


✔️ Flavors of delight, savor the delicious tea drops and create cherished memories

✔️ Joyful gatherings, the party pack sparks laughter and warmth among friends

✔️ Heartwarming moments, the pack becomes a symbol of shared happiness and togetherness

This encased face mask is 100% cotton. Stay SANTAastically safe and get your mask beard on with the merriest mask ever made. One-up your friends wearing boring printed holiday masks with the real royal deal.

The mask is constructed of comfortable cotton with no synthetic glue or adhesives. From holiday shopping to family gatherings, celebrate these holidays responsibly while upping the octane on your HO-HO-HO Holiday Cheer. It makes a wonderful festival with this one size fits all Christmas gifts during these most unusual times.


✔️ Safety and care, the face mask becomes a shield of protection and comfort

✔️ Thoughtful gesture, wear it as a symbol of consideration for others' well-being

✔️ Collective strength, the face mask unites us in the fight against adversity

This exclusive set of 6 wine themed glass charms by Emmie & Us are designed as a special and thoughtful gift to compliment any wine glass set, creating a unique and personalised wine glass.

Or you can use them to create a personalized gin glass gift, a unique prosecco gift set, or to add that extra bit of style and elegance to unique Christmas gifts for adults. These premium-quality glass charms are beautifully presented in a stylish gift box and have been lovingly crafted by hand in the United Kingdom.


✔️ Elegant markers, identifying glasses with grace and charm

✔️ Sip with delight, adding a personal touch to wine gatherings

✔️ Toast to friendship, a delightful conversation starter

Relax and unclench with this poo pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray set. It includes tropical hibiscus 1.4 ounces, lavender vanilla 1.4 ounces, and the original 1.4 ounces. With your new 1.4 oz bottles, you won't be stuck.

Take it along with you and leave the bathroom smelling better than when you found it. Ideal for just about anyone. Use it discreetly on the plane, at work or anywhere else. The Before-You-Go Toilet Spray stops bathroom odors before they ever begin. No more trying to mask odors already in the air.


✔️ Uplifts mood with refreshing citrus scent, banishes bathroom worries

✔️ Freshens air instantly, relieves embarrassing bathroom moments

✔️ Fearlessly flaunt your bathroom visits, leave a fragrant trail

The moon lamp is produced by 3D technology based on a real NASA moon topographic map. With the optimized 3D technology, the details of the moon's appearance are clearly printed out.

When the lamp is turned on, you can see the mountains, craters, and basins of the moon appearing on the shell. A built-in rechargeable battery inside means it can last around 8 hours after 2 hours of fully charging.


✔️ Discover cosmic calm, feel the universe's embrace tonight

✔️ Bask in enchanting moonlight, dream amidst celestial glow

✔️ Ignite childhood wonder, a magical gift for all ages

The outer container is made of eco-friendly Zinc Alloy, while the inner container is made of Food-Grade Safe PP material, which is safe and non-toxic and hand stamped with gorgeous 3D embossed flowers and a peacock or castle pattern, and can hold up to 40 toothpicks.

Easily hand-press up or down to open or close the lid. To keep toothpicks from dust and insects, make them dustproof and clean. The nice weight of the table is 310g, making it easy to carry out and convenient for your life.


✔️ Your oral hero, rescue from pesky food particles discreetly

✔️ Be confidently prepared, conquer any foodie adventure ahead

✔️ Elevate your dining experience, never let discomfort linger

Are you still hesitating about what gift to give your dad/husband/grandpa/boyfriend? If he likes camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, climbing, and other outdoorsy sports, the multi-functional tool is a perfect gift idea.

At Christmas, these personalized gifts will bring happiness to the person you give them to. Heavy duty, ergonomic and lightweight stainless steel construction multitool hammer is a must-have addition to anyone's camping gear and equipment, feels great in your hands without the heavy weight of more expensive tools.


✔️ The ultimate toolbox compacted, be ready for anything

✔️ Unleash your inner DIY hero, conquer tasks with confidence

✔️ Feel empowered, a handy companion through thick and thin

The 2 starfish ornament set is a festive addition to the Christmas tree. It’s designed to be a beach-themed holiday decoration. Each tree accessory features a detailed beach design with swimsuits, sunglasses, binoculars, lifebuoy, and fancy drinks.

Lightweight plastic ornaments with a durable design won't shatter when dropped. It also includes a twine rope on each ornament to easily hang. Spread the holiday cheer by adding a beach theme to your festive decorations.


✔️ Beachy bliss, a reminder of sun-kissed memories

✔️ Symbolize love's journey, two souls forever entwined

✔️ Home décor with heart, a testament to eternal love

Arm your handyman with this magnetic wrist tool holder by Magnelex. Screws, nuts, bolts, nails, and drill bits are right at his fingertips for DIY projects, auto repairs, and construction work.

The magnetic tool wristband is an essential addition to the toolbox for men who love to build and renovate. Nine powerful magnets positioned strategically throughout the magnelex wrist tool magnet hold hardware, sockets, and small multitools within easy reach.


✔️ Sentimental Value

✔️ Empowering Convenience

✔️ Time-Saving Efficiency

Scented candles are one of the fastest ways to create an ambiance. Choose between six specific scents that meet your needs. Different from those unhealthy paraffin wax candles, these soy candles are made of 100% natural soy wax.

They burn clean and evenly. The lead-free wick cotton will not produce black smoke and is harmless to the environment and humans. The appealing gift packaging and the unique geometric shape of the candles for home scent make them a luxurious gift for your loved one.


✔️ Unwind and rejuvenate, let the aromas transport you away

✔️ Embrace relaxation, a symphony of scents to soothe the soul

✔️ Warmth and comfort, a gift of serenity and peace

The butt tape dispenser will be the most fun office accessory for your loved one to blend into the background. Known to turn heads, it will add character to your desk.

If you're looking for cool office gadgets for the desk or fun gifts for adults, friends, or family members, then look no further. The gift is not only a great conversation starter, but it is also a great gift for the boss or funny desk decor. The toilet bowl stores paper clips and hidden messages.


✔️ Quirky and functional, a fun addition to your desk

✔️ A cheeky delight, laughter with every tape strip

✔️ Bringing smiles, a conversation starter for the office

You can check the weather at any time. This stormy glass jewelry is full of uniquely shaped crystals that change with weather and temperature.

Note that storm glass may take one to two weeks of crystal stabilization time to adapt to the environment. If you want to see the test results, you can freeze them in the refrigerator for half an hour to an hour to see the effect of the changes. 


✔️ Nature's magic, a unique piece of art and science combined

✔️ A mesmerizing display, anticipating weather changes with wonder

✔️ Captivating crystals, predicting nature's atmospheric dance

Everything you need to bring the joy of growing bonsai into your or a loved one's life-in one sleek box: It contains 4 types of seeds stored in seed-safe packets for better germination, 4 burlap growing pots, 1 expanding-soil disc, 4 bamboo plant markers, 1 bonsai clipper, and a beautiful, comprehensive, and simple instruction booklet.

See the excitement in their eyes as they experience growing indoor bonsai trees. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions, and you're good to go!


✔️ Green thumb dreams, sowing seeds of patience and growth

✔️ Nurture life's beauty, cultivate your tiny living masterpiece

✔️ Zen in nature, finding peace and tranquility through bonsai

The Father Christmas pot buddy is made from a durable polyresin and crushed stone-based material.

It is frost proof, UVA resistant and hand-painted using lead-free products, meaning you can leave it outside all year round and the paintwork will not fade or flake in extreme temperatures and the product will not be adversely affected by frost. The Santa Claus pot buddy is an ideal gift for garden lovers and will add a little pizzazz and fun to your pots or as a hanging Christmas ornament elsewhere in your home.


✔️ Adorable companions, spreading joy in the garden

✔️ Cute holiday charm, bringing festive cheer to your plants

✔️ Christmas spirit, a delightful addition to your plant pots

The Jemsideas novelty Christmas survival kit in a can is an ideal fun gift for a friend or loved one this Christmas.

Each can is jam packed with cute souvenirs that we're sure will bring a smile to anyone's face. A perfectly compact gift and card that will be an amusing reminder of the holiday season. It comes complete with a cute little red envelope card which explains the witty sentiment behind each of the items included.


✔️ Compact security, essential tools for any adventure

✔️ Preparedness in a can, a lifeline in times of need

✔️ Peace of mind, knowing you're ready for anything

Pure Nature lux spa shower steamers feature authentic essential oils to relax, invigorate, and awaken the senses. Besides six unique scents, it's also included a sweet orange and peppermint blend, a lavender and vanilla combination, as well as a pure lavender shower steamer.

Simply place one of the aromatherapy shower tablets in the corner of your shower and let the steam work its magic. The shower bombs gradually release their aroma and envelop your whole body with an enchanting scent.


✔️ Blissful relaxation, melting away stress with soothing scents

✔️ Sensory indulgence, a spa-like escape in your shower

✔️ Revive and renew, a rejuvenating experience at home

What do you think about a cool gift like hatchet? This listing is for 1 engraved Silver Blade Axe or Hatchet with a nylon sheath.

This unique Axe is sharp and also comes with cut out wrench holes in the Axe head and a Gut Hook on the back. It's perfect for Any man who would be grateful to open this on Christmas. You can engrave anything on the Handle of the Axe.


✔️ Forged with love, a unique gift of craftsmanship

✔️ A tool of distinction, engraved with a name to cherish

✔️ Adventure awaits, a trusty companion for outdoor explorations

A stained glass sweet cat suncatcher can be a lovely Christmas present. This window decoration is made of white, deep red, or blue glass, hand painted.

There are three color options for the cat. The cat suncatcher is 15.8 cm high with a tail. Your loved one will be beyond thrilled with these gorgeous earrings! They are constructed so well with lovely packaging. Decorate your home or buy it as a gift for bee or honeycat lovers!


✔️ Colors dance, capturing sunlight in vibrant display

✔️ Whimsical delight, a playful feline masterpiece

✔️ Art with humor, a touch of joy in stained glass form

This cute penis mug featuring sexuality in a very unique and funny way. This white, ceramic mug holds all your favorite beverages and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Perfect for inappropriate gifts.

The mug is made of ceramic with 2 different size: 11oz mug dimensions and 15oz mug dimensions. Don’t worry! It is dishwasher and microwave safe! They are very well-made, look even better than the picture. The mug will be perfect for a Xmas gift.


✔️ Embrace the laughs, adding cheer to your morning coffee

✔️ Festive humor, sipping joy with a quirky Christmas mug

✔️ Unique charm, standing out with holiday spirit in hand

A bright and original pillow that will become an accent element in any place, whether it is a house, a cafe, or an office.

A pillow with personalization is a wonderful gift that will make your important person smile and have pleasant memories. The high-quality pillows made of velvet velour and hollow fiber will look great and will be functional. This product has a great variety of styles and sizes. Let’s add your craziest unusual Xmas gifts to make it a memorable day!


✔️ Rest and motivation, a reminder of your fitness goals

✔️ Playful fitness, a pillow that adds a fun touch to your space

✔️ Fitness enthusiast's comfort, a unique cushion for workouts

Regardless of whether you buy this wooden box for yourself or as a gift, it will be a cherished addition to your collection of board games.

Those boxes are an excellent gaming accessory, a perfect gift for your beloved friend, brother, or father, and a gift that brings joy to a loved one. Also, you can order personalization, engraving, or a small logo. If you want it personalized, you need to select one of the fonts or logos and, after that, write the text for engraving.


✔️ Nature's treasure, keeping your precious belongings secure

✔️ Rustic elegance, a wooden box with timeless charm

✔️ Artisan craftsmanship, a unique piece of functional art

Looking for a special gift that you can customize all on your own? Definitely this funny greeting card. A fun made-to-order greeting card with a little bag and a cola bottle in a practical joke reference to drugs.

Obviously, no drugs are supplied. The bag is separate from the card, ready for fixing so the card is not damaged during shipping. It is supplied with a coloured envelope of your choice in a protective cellophane bag. It can be personalised on request.


✔️ Humor with heart, sharing smiles with your loved ones

✔️ Laughter guaranteed, a card that tickles the funny bone

✔️ Words that warm, a card that spreads joy and cheer

The personalised Gratitude Hammer includes up to 50 characters on the front. You can also add up to 35 characters on the back. The hammer is hand-engraved with a unique freehand calligraphy font using traditional methods that will never fade.

The Hickory hardwood shaft provides maximum leverage. A hardened and tempered curved claw to withstand the most heavy nail pulling. A cotton gift bag with a cord tie is available. Quality hardworking tools which should never be treated as toys.


✔️ Crafted with love, a unique gift for someone special

✔️ Grateful hearts, expressing appreciation with every strike

✔️ Personal touch, a hammer that holds sentimental value

The movement cufflinks used are from vintage mechanical wristwatches. Each movement is cleaned and polished before being set inside a silver or black cufflink.

A protective epoxy layer is then added to the top of the movement to protect the delicate watch parts and ensure the cufflinks remain beautiful for years to come. The cufflinks are posted out in a small gift bag. The movements are available in round, small rectangular, or large rectangular, and the cufflink backs are available in silver or black.


✔️ Gentleman's style, elegance crafted from timekeeping artistry

✔️ Timeless sophistication, cufflinks with intricate watch movements

✔️ A touch of craftsmanship, elevating your formal attire

The unbreakable premium drinking glass is 100% made in Japan, Tritan, which is much better and more expensive than acrylic plastic.

This product ensures no plastic smell, is unbreakable, and reassuringly heavy with the look and feel of glass. The innovative dappled interior design prevents tumblers from sticking together when stacked. It was tested in a lab in Japan over 1000 wash cycles with no cracks or hazing. Let’s select it as a Christmas gift.


✔️ Sip with confidence, durable glasses for carefree gatherings

✔️ Elegance without worry, unbreakable yet stylish drinkware

✔️ Toast to memories, raising glasses that stand the test of time

How to make Christmas a day full of laughter? This item will make your holiday more interesting! As seen on ABC's "Shark Tank", this gift sends a clear message to the recipient. 

A unique and functional sand timer that runs for approximately 5 minutes. No more 40-minute bathroom breaks. It’s time to go or get off the pot before your legs fall asleep. Rotate 360 degrees to set it. This unique mechanism resets instantly without needing to be held upside down.


✔️ Time well spent, managing breaks with a playful touch

✔️ Humorous reminder, a timer to keep bathroom visits efficient

✔️ Bathroom humor, turning moments into laughter

Add some wintertime skiing fun to your tree with Woodstock when you hang this Christmas ornament featuring Snoopy's feathered friend geared up to hit the slopes. 

This Hallmark ornament is made of resin and measures 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.13 inches. The ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree with a hanger attachment. A great Christmas gift idea for fans of Peanuts comic strips is the classic holiday special "A Charlie Brown Christmas," featuring Snoopy and Woodstock.


✔️ Merry memories, decorating the tree with cherished ornaments

✔️ Festive delight, an ornament that sparkles with holiday joy

✔️ Christmas magic, a symbol of love and togetherness

Surprise your friends, family, or lover with one of Japan's best-selling portable synthesizer musical instruments. They can create different tones and pitches by pressing down on the middle part of the Otamatone.

By sliding their fingers up and down, they can create higher and lower tones. Otamatone's face is made out of rubber, and by pushing his cheeks and making his mouth move around, the volume and bass of the sound change.


✔️ Digital symphony, creating music with modern technology

✔️ Melodic versatility, an electronic instrument for musical exploration

✔️ Harmonious innovation, blending creativity with electronic sounds

The "That’s Bullshit" button is the preferred method of calling someone out when they start spewing ridiculous lies. It talks the talk, lights up, flashes and even includes multiple outrageously funny background sound effects. 

Batteries are included with the Bullshit sound effects button. A funny gag gift that features five "hit the floor with laughter bullshit" phrases. The Bullshit meter has detected major BS. It will be a hilarious Christmas gift for someone you care for.


✔️ Imaginative adventures, sparking creativity through interactive play

✔️ Playful companions, toys that talk and captivate young mind

✔️ Childhood joy, bringing smiles with every talkie toy

Let's start the list with a cool, fun toy for kids. Material and product technology have improved. The cotton fabric used is lighter, more breathable, and more stretchable.

A high quality 10mm light guide ensures the lights are more uniform. In addition, the built-in battery box replaced the exposed circuit board, so no more hurting for kids. It is an unusual gift for Christmas and also practical. It can be used as a camping flashlight to illuminate your surroundings in the dark.


✔️ Endless entertainment, toys that spark imaginations

✔️ Playtime magic, bringing joy and laughter to kids of all ages

✔️ Fun-filled moments, a collection of cool toys for everyone

Bottom Line

Surprise and delight your loved ones this Christmas with the best unusual Christmas gifts for adults that they won't see coming. From quirky gadgets to heartfelt personalized keepsakes, this carefully curated list offers a diverse range of unique and captivating gift ideas. Show your thoughtfulness and make this holiday season truly unforgettable by gifting these extraordinary treasures, ensuring joy and cherished memories for everyone on your list. Happy gifting and may your celebrations be filled with love and happiness!

Benjamin Collins

I'm Benjamin Collins, a gift ideas creator at Loveable. We specialize in unique and personalized gifts for any occasion. With my honed skills, I recommend gifts tailored to the recipient's personality and interests, whether it's Halloween, Christmas, or any other celebration.

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