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36 Best Star Wars Gifts for Him that'll Get His Force Awaken

Star Wars fans must remember the glory days with beloved characters. Hence, there are a lot of themed gifts from this epic space film to be born to satisfy its fans. Are you searching for the perfect Star Wars gifts for men? Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show your appreciation, Star Wars gifts for him are a fantastic choice. From iconic merchandise to unique collectibles, there's something for every fan. So, why not surprise him with a gift that will transport him to a galaxy far, far away?

Finding the ideal gift can be challenging in a galaxy with countless Star Wars characters and stories. But worry not! We've curated a list of the best Star Wars gifts for men. From lightsabers that ignite the imagination to replica helmets that bring favorite characters to life, our selection caters to all types of fans. With these gifts, you can get the excitement of the Star Wars universe into his hands.

Whether he's a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord at heart, our expert recommendations will help you find the perfect gift for him. So, get ready to embark on a journey through the stars and discover the ultimate Star Wars gifts for him!

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Awaken the force of music with the Star Wars Light Sabre Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is more than just a means to listen to your favourite tunes—it's also your ticket to exciting experiences in a galaxy far, far away. With its Aux-In connector and Bluetooth connectivity, you can plug into the Star Wars universe like never before.


✔️ Connects wirelessly to all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and tablets

✔️ Features a sleek design inspired by the iconic lightsaber

✔️ Delivers high-quality audio for an immersive and captivating sound experience

✔️ Perfect star wars gifts for men who want to enhance their audio setup

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with MONOPOLY: Star Wars Edition. This unique twist on the classic board game transports Star Wars enthusiasts to a galaxy far, far away, allowing them to immerse themselves in the epic saga spanning all 9 movie episodes. With cards, dice, game boards, collectible miniatures, stickers, and a bonus playmat, this special edition offers endless hours of fun and strategic gameplay.


✔️ Special edition of MONOPOLY tailored for Star Wars fans

✔️ Relive the entire Star Wars movie series across 9 epic episodes

✔️ Bonus "Star Wars" playmat adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion

✔️ Perfect gift for board game enthusiasts and Star Wars aficionados

Bring the Force to your music with the Star Wars Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker. This sleek and powerful speaker can go anywhere with you and still provide high-quality sound. It is equally at home indoors or out because of its resistance to water and general wear and tear. This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for when he wants to listen to music or view films with friends.


✔️ Compact and portable design with powerful sound output

✔️ Waterproof and durable construction for long-lasting use

✔️ Compatible with phones and MP3 players for versatile connectivity

✔️ Turns any room into a party with its impressive sound performance

Illuminate your dining experience with our Saber Chop Sticks, the ultimate accessory for Star Wars enthusiasts. These BPA-free plastic chopsticks feature LED lights that mimic the iconic lightsabers from the beloved franchise. With two pairs in each set, they can be used as both functional utensils and eye-catching decorations for your home or office. Whether you're hosting a Star Wars-themed dinner party or simply want to add a touch of galactic flair to your meals, these saber chopsticks are a must-have.


✔️ BPA-free plastic chopsticks with LED lights inspired by lightsabers

✔️ Can be used as decorative items for your house or office

✔️ Each set includes two pairs of saber chopsticks

✔️ Ideal gift for Star Wars fans and collectors

Unlock the power of the Dark Side with our Replica Star Wars Sith Holocron, an exquisite piece for any avid collector. With its sleek black finish and intricate detailing, this Red Holocron is a standout addition to your Star Wars memorabilia. It not only serves as a visually striking display item but also comes with a few extra surprises we've included. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gift this exceptional Star Wars present for him.


✔️ Perfect addition to any collector's Star Wars memorabilia

✔️ Comes with additional bonus items for added value

✔️ Ideal gift for Star Wars enthusiasts and collectors

Looking for star wars gifts for boyfriend? The LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett helmet will let him channel his inner power. The legendary Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett's distinctive helmet is brought to life in this spectacular limited-edition LEGO kit. This helmet, made with painstaking accuracy, perfectly captures the spirit of the character and transports him into the Star Wars narrative. It's an essential present that will spark his interest in the Star Wars universe.


✔️ LEGO's limited-edition Boba Fett helmet set

✔️ LEGO brick-shaped and light grey-colored

✔️ The famous headpiece is meticulously designed and detailed

✔️ Clear plastic visor fits any LEGO Star Wars figure

Bring the enchanting world of Baby Yoda to life with The Child Chia Pet Floating Edition. This delightful and functional floating bassinet will capture the imagination of any Star Wars fan. Fill it with plants, seed packets, and additional Chia Pet figures to create a lush and green display that will provide fresh greens throughout the day. It's the perfect gift for those who can't get enough of the new movie.


✔️ Adorable and functional floating bassinet inspired by Baby Yoda's charm

✔️ Allows you to grow plants and fresh greens in a unique and playful way

✔️ Perfect for Star Wars enthusiasts who appreciate novelty and creativity

✔️ Ideal gift for fans of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

Quench your thirst with the force of a Lightsaber! Introducing our Lightsaber Water Bottle, a must-have gift for any Star Wars enthusiast or collector. This Darth Vader-themed, double-walled insulated stainless steel bottle will keep his favorite beverage refreshingly cold for days.

Its durable construction and spacious 32oz capacity make it an ideal companion for travel or everyday use, fitting perfectly in backpacks or cooler bags. Whether he's a fan or collector, this Lightsaber Water Bottle is a stellar choice.


✔️ Darth Vader-themed Lightsaber Water Bottle

✔️ Double-walled insulated stainless steel construction

✔️ Keeps beverages cold for extended periods

✔️ Travel-friendly design, fits in backpacks and cooler bags

Use our Star Wars Lightsaber Rings to unleash the full might of the Force! These rings are more than just a present; they make a proclamation. These rings are part of a larger collection that is sure to include something perfect for every fan's own taste.

Whether you're looking for a sparkling diamond ring to wear every day or a delicate engagement ring to wear on special occasions, our collection offers what you need. Finding the right ring will be simple with the wide variety of fan-favorite alternatives offered. For the die-hard Star Wars fan, the entire series is a must.


✔️ Wide selection of Star Wars Lightsaber Rings

✔️ Variety of styles and designs to suit individual preferences

✔️ Make a bold statement or add a touch of charm

✔️ Options available for favorite characters

The Storm Trooper Planter is an eye-catching example of how form and function can harmoniously coexist. This work of art was painstakingly hand-cast in bronze by our team of talented artisans. This planter, with its hand-polished and sandblasted finish, is more than simply a decorative accent; it serves as the showpiece in any environment. It's unlike anything else on the market, and would be appreciated by Star Wars lovers for its high quality and attention to detail.


✔️ Meticulously crafted by highly skilled craftsmen

✔️ Hand-polished and sandblasted finish for a refined look

✔️ Captivating centerpiece for any room

✔️ Unique and intricate design sets it apart

Star Wars Socks are the pinnacle of fandom and comfort; release the force of your personal style. These Luke Skywalker-themed brown socks have the beloved hero himself emblazoned on the front. Their allure is heightened by the fact that they are striped in support of the Rebel Alliance. These socks are made from a high-quality cotton and polyester blend, so they'll last a long time and keep your feet warm. These spacey socks come in packs of two and would make a wonderful surprise for the man you love.


✔️ Everyday socks infused with Star Wars charm

✔️ Light brown tone featuring Luke Skywalker

✔️ Striped pattern symbolizing the Rebel Alliance

✔️ Comfortable and durable 100% cotton-polyester mix

Raise a glass to personalized Star Wars bliss with these customizable tumblers. These versatile vessels are not just for keeping your favorite beverages cold or hot—they effortlessly elevate any occasion, from cozy winter cocoa sessions to refreshing poolside sips.

Furthermore, these tumblers double as stylish servingware for appetizers or cocktails. For an extra touch of galactic charm, you can proudly display your chosen Star Wars character alongside your own name on the front of the glass!


✔️ Versatile tumblers for both hot and cold drinks

✔️ Ideal for winter cocoa or summer refreshments

✔️ Doubles as stylish servingware for appetizers or cocktails

Wrap yourself in the intergalactic style of the Han Solo Collection Hoodie—a must-have for die-hard Star Wars enthusiasts. This extraordinary hoodie boasts a unique blend of comfort and fandom, crafted with the softest micro-fleece material that's perfect for cozying up. Its premium, 100% cotton fleece interior takes snuggling to another galaxy! Equipped with multiple pockets, this hoodie ensures convenience for fans on the move.


✔️ Unparalleled comfort with the softest micro-fleece material

✔️ Stylish design inspired by the iconic Han Solo

✔️ Multiple pockets for convenient storage on the go

Send your guy's geekiness into hyperspace with the Star Wars Shadowbox, and feel the might of the Force! This 3D print was made with great care, and it shows in the many little details that give the impression of actual metal. It is, however, made of sturdy plastic, so it will survive for years. It will transport the nerdy man in your life to a world of action and adventure, making this the perfect present. When he opens this incredible present, you can expect him to beam with joy.


✔️ Remarkably detailed 3D print resembling real metal

✔️ Constructed with solid, durable plastic for longevity

✔️ Ignites a sense of adventure and heroism

✔️ Perfect for the man who embraces his geekiness

Prepare to join the ranks of the legendary bounty hunter with the Boba Fett Army Helmet, the ultimate accessory for cosplayers and collectors alike. This meticulously crafted helmet exudes serious style and authenticity, elevating any costume to the next level.

Meticulously constructed from top-quality materials, it guarantees durability, comfort, and years of enjoyment. Our passion for this product is contagious, and we're certain it will capture your heart too. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gift this remarkable Star Wars treasure to your beloved ones.


✔️ Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials

✔️ Ensures durability, style, and comfort for long-term use

✔️ Perfect for cosplayers and collectors alike

The Darth Vader Pen Holder is an essential piece of merchandise for every self-respecting Star Wars fan. Displaying this intimidating statuette of the Sith Lord himself on your desk or in your office will attract attention and serve as a continuous reminder of your devotion to the dark side. This Sith-inspired pen holder is a great addition to any desk and would make a great present for any Star Wars enthusiast.


✔️ Enhances your desk or office with a powerful and imposing presence

✔️ Showcases your love for Star Wars and the dark side

✔️ Keeps your pens, pencils, and other writing instruments organized

✔️ Ideal for Star Wars enthusiasts and collectors

Make your Star Wars party an unforgettable event with the Kotobukiya Star Wars Silicone Trays. These versatile trays allow you to create custom-shaped ice cubes, chocolates, or even jellies in the iconic form of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite from "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi." Let your imagination run wild as you bring this beloved Star Wars character to life in delicious and unique ways. This Kotobukiya product is sure to add a touch of excitement and creativity to your family table.


✔️ Create Han Solo in Carbonite-shaped ice cubes, chocolates, or jellies

✔️ Perfect for Star Wars-themed parties and gatherings

✔️ Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone for safe and easy use

✔️ Adds a fun and unique element to your culinary creations

The official Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge cookbook will take you on a gastronomic adventure to the Black Spire Outpost and beyond. Explore the cuisine and culture of the famed Star Wars zone at Disneyland and Walt Disney World with this enticing cookbook. You'll be whisked away to a galaxy far, far away as you delve into the more than 300 pages of breathtaking photographs, riveting stories, interesting information, and an abundance of recipes.

Enjoy the chance to make sweets and other foods that pay homage to the beautiful Galaxy's Edge locations. This cookbook is a must-have Star Wars collectible and would make the perfect present for any Star Wars lovers in your life.


✔️ Dive into the culinary world of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

✔️ Discover a wealth of recipes, stories, and trivia spanning over 300 pages

✔️ Create unforgettable dinners and desserts inspired by Galaxy's Edge

✔️ Perfect for Star Wars enthusiasts, food lovers, and aspiring chefs

Step into the realm of fashion and fandom with the Boba Fett Argyle Socks. These stylish socks are a perfect blend of sophistication and Star Wars flair. Crafted from soft cotton, they showcase the iconic Boba Fett design in a captivating argyle pattern. With their stretchy and comfortable fit, these 100% cotton socks are a must-have accessory for any Star Wars enthusiast. Don't miss the opportunity to surprise your male friends with this fabulous Star Wars gift for him.


✔️ Soft and comfortable cotton fabric for everyday wear

✔️ Iconic Boba Fett design showcased in a captivating argyle pattern

✔️ Stretchy socks that ensure a perfect fit

✔️ Ideal gift for male Star Wars fans and fashion enthusiasts

Transport yourself to the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina with the Mos Eisley Cantina Tatooine T-Shirt. This stellar Star Wars-themed tee is a must-have for anyone seeking a unique and stylish addition to their wardrobe. With its range of captivating designs inspired by the Star Wars universe, this men's graphic t-shirt is the ideal gift for fans of the franchise. Surprise your friends or family members with this exceptional piece of apparel.


✔️ Captivating designs inspired by the Star Wars universe

✔️ High-quality graphic tee for men who are fans of The Star Wars franchise

✔️ Offers a variety of designs to choose from, ensuring a personalized gift

✔️ Perfect for expressing love for Star Wars in a stylish and unique way

Brighten his recovery journey with the Amazing Journey Ride Watch, a luxurious and stylish timepiece that will add a tasteful element to his wardrobe.

This remarkable watch features a genuine leather strap, ensuring both comfort and durability. Its splash-resistant design and hardened mineral glass provide increased protection, making it a reliable companion even during challenging times.


✔️ Genuine leather strap

✔️ Unique skeleton dial feature

✔️ Automatic movement

Spice up your culinary adventures with our Star Wars Burned Wooden Spoons collection. These kitchen accessories are not just utensils, they're a force to be reckoned with! From the Clone Trooper Knife to the Rebel Gunship Spice Cup, each item is crafted with the same attention to detail as the original props and costumes from Star Wars. With their antique gold finish and black enamel colors, these high-quality products will ignite the cooking skills of any Star Wars fan or cooking enthusiast. It's time to embrace the power of the culinary Force!


✔️ Unleash your inner Jedi chef with the Burned Wooden Spoons

✔️ Authentic designs inspired by iconic Star Wars characters and vehicles

✔️ Replicating authentic objects and costumes with accuracy

✔️ Kitchens look elegant with antique gold and black enamel finishes

Travel through time and space with our "Words of Wisdom" T-Shirt, a nostalgic tribute to the legendary Star Wars saga. This graphic tee showcases a collection of everyone's favorite and most iconic characters, immortalizing their wisdom and wit. With this t-shirt, you'll become the talk of your social circle, the Jedi Master of style! Treat yourself or surprise a fellow Star Wars aficionado with this stellar gift that encapsulates the true essence of galactic power.


✔️ The narrative comes alive on your chest with iconic characters and lines

✔️ Stand out from the crowd and showcase your love for the galactic saga

✔️ Premium quality fabric ensures comfort and durability

✔️ Ideal gift for Star Wars fans who appreciate nostalgia and style

Experience the ultimate Star Wars journey with "STAR WARS: The Complete Saga" box set, the perfect gift that will transport your fan to a galaxy far, far away. This extraordinary collection includes all six episodes (Episodes IV-IX) in DVD format, ensuring an immersive cinematic experience like no other.

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure alongside beloved characters and iconic moments that have captivated audiences for generations. With our commitment to authenticity, you can trust that you're receiving genuine Star Wars content straight from the official source.


✔️ Unleash the full force with "STAR WARS: The Complete Saga" box set

✔️ Officially released discs with no bootleg copies or counterfeit DVDs

✔️ Guaranteed authenticity and quality from a trusted source

Unleash your inner geek and showcase your love for Star Wars with this eye-catching Graphic T-Shirt. Inspired by the iconic Periodic Table Poster, this T-Shirt features a high-quality 100% cotton fabric with the periodic table design boldly printed on the front. It's a fantastic addition to any Star Wars lovers wardrobe and makes for a standout gift.

Whether they're attending fan conventions, hanging out with fellow Star Wars fans, or simply expressing their love for the franchise, this T-Shirt is sure to impress and delight. Give them a gift that combines their love for science and Star Wars in one stylish package.


✔️ Geek out in style with the Periodic Table T-Shirt

✔️ High-quality 100% cotton fabric for comfort and durability

✔️ Ideal gift choice for male friends who are Star Wars enthusiasts

Ignite your child's imagination and embark on an epic adventure with the LEGO Star Wars Rey Model. This incredible model brings their favorite character, Rey, to life with a soft polyester body, posable arms and legs, a removable helmet, and a fierce full-sized face.

The LEGO Rey Model is the perfect gift for young Star Wars fans who are eager to bring their favorite characters to life. Designed with soft and safe materials, it's suitable for children to cuddle, play, and recreate their own adventures.


✔️ Soft polyester body for a huggable and durable playtime companion

✔️ Posable arms and legs allow for dynamic and interactive play

✔️ Removable helmet adds an extra layer of authenticity to the character

✔️ Full-sized face captures Rey's determination and strength

Our Mandalorian Concrete Planter will help you bring the might of the Force into your landscape. You can show off your enthusiasm for Star Wars while also taking care of your favourite plants with this one-of-a-kind planter that will look great in any outdoor setting.


✔️ Handcrafted concrete planters, pots, or troughs to enhance your garden

✔️ Variety of colors available to suit your personal style

✔️ Customizable size, colour, and design for a unique artwork

✔️ Made to order with a production time of 5-7 days

Feel the Force of time with our Star Wars Wall Clock. This epic clock is a must-have for any die-hard fan of the saga, adding a touch of galactic charm to their living space. With its Death Star design and Star Wars theme, it's more than just a timepiece—it's a statement of fandom.


✔️ Set the time and unleash your inner Jedi or Sith

✔️ Perfect for Star Wars enthusiasts who appreciate both style and function

✔️ Adds a unique and eye-catching element to any room decor

✔️ Makes a thoughtful and impressive star wars gifts for men

With the Art of Colouring Star Wars, you may let your imagination run wild. Anyone interested in art or Star Wars will find this book fascinating. Put yourself in the shoes of famous characters and re-create riveting scenes from a galaxy far, far away.


✔️ Explore 11 unique pen drawings that embody the renowned series

✔️ Limited edition prints make each artwork unique and collectable

✔️ Perfect for fans who enjoy coloring, drawing, and expressing their creativity

Take a chance and roll the dice with the Solo Smuggler's Dice with Box, an exquisite piece that exudes elegance and fandom. Crafted from solid metal and luxuriously plated with gold, these dice are more than just a game accessory – they are a statement of your love for Star Wars.


✔️ Solid metal construction with a stunning gold-plated finish

✔️ Adding a touch of sophistication to their collection

✔️ Comes in a stylish box for safekeeping and easy gifting

Get ready to pop with excitement as you add some Star Wars charm to your collection with Funko Pop! Star Wars figures. These adorable vinyl figures bring your favorite characters to life with their screen-accurate likeness and captivating designs. Each figure comes in an exclusive window display box, making it a delightful addition to any fan's showcase.


✔️ Screen-accurate likeness and intriguing Star Wars characters

✔️ Window display box for Funko Pop! figure

✔️ There's a character for every fan with a wide selection

✔️ Funko Pop! figurines bring value to Star Wars collections

With these amazing STAR WARS Slippers, made for your young Jedi, enter the realm! These slippers, featuring Star Wars and Marvel characters, are both cosy and fashionable. They're great for casual use because to their nonslip sole and breathable material, and they'd look great with your gear. Don't pass up the chance to express your lover how much you appreciate his passion for Star Wars in a cosy and stylish way by passing up this one-of-a-kind present idea.


✔️ Comfortable, non-slip sole for safe and easy movement

✔️ Lightweight and breathable fabric for all-day comfort

✔️ Stylish design featuring iconic Star Wars characters

✔️ Versatile slipper that complements any outfit

Light up your loved one's world with the mesmerizing 3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light. This lamp is not just any ordinary gift; it's an extraordinary piece of decor that will add a touch of magic to any space, be it your home or office.

The R2-D2 Light features 12 built-in LED lights that beautifully illuminate the surroundings, creating a captivating atmosphere. With its innovative light guide plate, the lamp projects lights at various angles without causing any discomfort, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting light show day or night. Enhance your living space with this high-quality, unique Star Wars star wars gifts for him.


✔️ Captivating 3D illusion design that adds a touch of magic to any room

✔️ Equipped with 12 built-in LED lights for brilliant illumination

✔️ Light guide plate technology ensures comfortable viewing from any angle

✔️ Suitable for any time of the day, creating a mesmerizing light show

Wearing a pair of Yoda Men's Crew Socks is a great way to get into the Star Wars spirit without sacrificing comfort. These holiday-themed socks are a great way to celebrate the season or any other special event while also showing off your devotion to the series. The socks include the classic Rebel Alliance emblem on the foot and are decorated with white Star Wars logos on a light blue backdrop. These beanies, made from a cotton and polyester combination, are an essential item for every fan's wardrobe.


✔️ Show off your Star Wars fandom with these themed crew socks

✔️ Features the iconic Rebel Alliance insignia on the foot

✔️ Made of cotton and polyester for comfort and durability

Turn their love for Star Wars into a timeless piece of decor with these Vinyl Record Wall Clocks. It's more than just a clock, it's a unique and personalized gift that combines the nostalgia of vinyl records with the iconic imagery of the Star Wars universe. Crafted with a real record embedded in the glass, this custom clock will be a standout addition to any bedroom or den, delighting true Star Wars lovers. It's the perfect opportunity to unleash their creativity as it comes with all the necessary pieces to assemble and customize their very own clock.


✔️ Unique and personalized star wars gifts for men

✔️ Real record embedded in the glass for an authentic touch

✔️ Adds a touch of nostalgia and style to any room

✔️ Provides an opportunity for creativity and customization

These Disney Fleece Jogger Sweatpants are part of Amazon's 'Essentials' line, so you can feel like a true Disney fan while you lounge around. These new and exciting patterns are the perfect way to spice up your closet. Amazon Essentials makes it simple to buy the foundational items you need to put together a stylish new look. Your child may have their own Disney-inspired style with these jogging sweatpants that feature bright and whimsical Disney patterns.


✔️ Vibrant and fresh designs from Disney's "Essentials" collection

✔️ Comfortable jogger style for easy movement and everyday wear

✔️ Made with cozy fleece material for warmth and softness

✔️ Features fun and playful Disney prints for a touch of magic

Final Thoughts

With the Force as your guide, you're now equipped to find the perfect Star Wars gift for him. The options are as vast as the galaxy itself, from lightsabers that ignite the imagination to collectibles that commemorate the saga. So whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because, may the Force be with you as you choose the ideal Star Wars gift for the special man in your life.

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