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36 Sentimental Gifts for Men To Show How Much You Love Him

Finding the perfect sentimental gift for your man can be a tough mission. He is not just anybody; he is a precious guy to you.

If you are seeking a sentimental gift for men, it can’t be something that you choose without much thought as well as consideration. There would be a particular reason behind what you’re getting him. Maybe the gift can be his favorite sports team, a childhood memory, or something else that brings him joyfulness. With this gift that you choose for him, make sure that it means sentimental; because buying a gift with the purpose of it being thoughtful and meaningful means, you need to really tailor it to his personality.

With our list of several generic gifts, you can pick up a pretty and suitable gift to make him feel special. Choosing a practical item to give as a special gift is not an easy task to delight your man. However, this list will help you out, finding out the sentimental present that you are looking for. After receiving your gift, your man will be touched and appreciative of how sweet you are. Now it is time to confess your love to him by referencing happy memories through this excellent sentimental present.

Here are Sentimental Gifts for Men To Show How Much You Love Him

  • Commemorate a memorable copper anniversary event by giving your beloved ones/lover this classic heart mug set.

  • This order can come with a set, but you can personally choose either of them to give your wife or husband!

  • It is very sturdy and thick which can hold up to extreme cold or hot beverages. Get this mug to enjoy drinking a sip of coffee or tea every morning while thinking about you!

Price: $24.95

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This "Drive safe handsome, I need you here with me" customized ornament is highly recommended for all men, and if you choose it, he will love your choice. Regardless of the occasion, the ornament will become a sweet keepsake between you two as it is personalized and it can carry your love to him.


✔️ Personalize faces

✔️ Easy to hang

✔️ Durable

Price: $21.95

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Give him something to smile about when he opens this heart-shaped luxury watch. With a stylish metal finish, a durable quartz movement, and a scratch-resistant glass, this personal watch will add a little extra sparkle to his day.


✔️ Make him deeply impressed

✔️ Use high-quality craftsmanship and materials

✔️ Provide high-precision movement

Price: $99.95

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Congratulations on your first anniversary as a married couple! A unique gift that will last for a long time to support your marriage journey is undoubtedly the best option. You will always see your names integrated in the form of a heart and an infinity sign when you look up at this metal sign.


✔️ Make a statement with the infinity sign

✔️ Materials have a long lifespan.

✔️ Display sincere affection

Price: $49.99

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You're not the only one who is having trouble coming up with a gift for your first anniversary. We're prepared to assist. It's not a bad idea to give your first-anniversary gift some extra thought and symbolism. Your loved one will be content with this I Promise To Always By Your Side Blanket.


✔️ Perfect choice for curling up on the couch

✔️ Good quality for skin

✔️ Feature a double-sided design

Price: $49.95

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  • On every anniversary year, that is a wonderful celebration where you spend time with your beloved one. Give your soulmate this custom plaque decor as a keepsake to cherish for years to come!

  • It can be used as a decoration to decorate your bedroom, living room, wine cabinet, etc. This decor includes an acrylic stand as shown which allows you to either use the plaque freestanding. If you want to change/swap the song or picture, personalize it!

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For couples, the first anniversary is a significant milestone that allows them to reflect on their journey together, recall joyful moments, and look forward to a more distant future together. Meaningful presents for your loved one are essential on this occasion. Give him/ her this 1st Anniversary Personalized Blanket to strengthen and deepen your bond!


✔️ Three sizes for freely choosing

✔️ Beautiful color, and vibrant printing

✔️ Mark a significant milestone

Price: $69.95

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Are you trying to find the ideal Christmas present for a couple? You can help them remember their favorite holiday by giving them this Customized Wooden Key Holder Hanger. This will make them happy all day long.


✔️ A great housewarming gift

✔️ A beautiful rustic look

✔️ Don’t misplace your keys anymore

Price: $44.95

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Any couple that has celebrated 50 years of happiness together deserves heartfelt congratulations and an especially thoughtful 50th-anniversary gift. We have a lovely Personalized Custom Wooden Plaque for everyone on your list, whether you're searching for a sentimental and romantic gift for your spouse or want to wish your parents or friends a happy anniversary.


✔️ Made of environmentally-friendly fiber

✔️ Perfect Quality and Durability

✔️ A sweet home decoration

Price: $34.95

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What is your man personality like? What are his interests, and what present will delight him on his anniversary? Check out the scented candle, a thoughtful and funny gift for couples. The text "so many positions to go. You and Me" is certain to make him giggle right away.


✔️ Various scents to choose from

✔️ Use a glass candle cup

✔️ Candle wicks made of 100% cotton

✔️ Soy wax is chemical free.

Price: $34.95

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Looking for some ideas for a first-anniversary gift? Not to worry! With this 1st Anniversary Heart Shape Wooden Plaque, one of the most well-liked and original presents for both men and women, we've got you covered!


✔️ Amaze your cherished one

✔️ Show how happy you found your partner

✔️ Choose the heart color

Price: $34.95

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Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, this is the first milestone on your marriage journey. In everyday life there is always sweetness and excitement like dating, and understanding and building a family together. To mark this important occasion, a personalized photo puzzle would be the perfect choice.


✔️ Heart shaped gift

✔️ Personalize the couple's picture and name

✔️ Have the effect of relieving pressure

Price: $39.95

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A beautiful way to personalize your phone or tablet, your favorite tablet dock is a useful and fashionable accessory that is essential for anyone who wants to keep their devices charged and ready to go.


✔️ A perfect gift to give to any man at any time

✔️ Adds a professional touch to any occasion

✔️ Custom monogramming makes a great gift

Price: $49.95

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It can be tough to find an ideal present for your grandfather, father, or simply the guy who replaces your tires. And it doesn't help that every time you press him for information, he insists he "doesn't need anything." Fortunately, a Personalized Luxury Men's Watch will impress or delight any father.


✔️ Express your sincere love

✔️ An Alternative for Jewelry

✔️ Timeless fashion

Price: $99.95

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Are you searching for a suitable Valentine's Day love gift for your husband or boyfriend? This pocket knife can solve this problem.

Knife, pliers, can opener, bottle opener, and 9-in 1 screwdriver bit set is sure to provide a multi-purpose use. Whether hiking and camping with his family and friends, he will need this tool, which will bring him enough convenience.With ergonomic design, it is more comfortable to hold and widely used, suitable for carrying out daily life.

Price: $21.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 2.030 reviews

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  • What can make a man smile? A watch. All males should own and wear this item anytime they leave the house or go out. Giving your men this sports watch for their birthdays is a sweet way to show them how much you care.
  • This watch has strengthened mineral glass for increased durability and a genuine leather band that is splash-resistant. You can peer straight into the watch's inner workings thanks to our inventive skeleton dial design. This beautifully designed automated watch is powered by movement rather than batteries. No winding is necessary; your man will keep the correct time just by wearing it.

Price: $99.95

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Give your man this sentimental wallet insert card on his birthday. When opening this wallet, he will be surprised by this pretty present.

The machinery is top quality, giving you a precision finish on your engraving. Your engraving is permanent, and unlike other methods of personalizing will not fade or wear away. Your engraving is guaranteed for the life of the product. They offer a full 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Price: $7.12 Rating 4.9/5 based on 16121 reviews

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  • Everyone, even your guy, needs water. Water is essential. So instead of giving him a tumbler, why not allow him to carry water with him?
  • Each of our tumblers is meticulously constructed with a SUS 304 body and premium material covers. A robust coating of color won't fade, peel, or crack over time in the field, improving grip. The double-wall vacuum-insulated tumbler can keep your beverage at the right temperature for three to four hours.
  • This "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" tumbler can be given to your man for any reason or none at all. He can feel your love, and your relationship is closer.

Price: $34.95

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  • It might be challenging to find the ideal heartfelt present for your boyfriend. This necklace would be the ideal option if you're looking for an emotional present for guys.
  • The front and back of this stainless steel necklace are individually etched to his specifications, and it is meant to last over time. The meaningful necklace, a charming twist on the contemporary necklace, will keep your special someone near to your heart.
  • It's time to declare your love for him by bringing up pleasant memories while wearing this wonderful sentimental necklace.

Price: $49.95

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This pocket penguin is a cute sentimental gift for your loved one to keep in their pocket at all times.

Individually handmade by fusing tiny pieces of glass together, so each penguin is unique and may differ slightly from the photo. This cute little animal makes a very special keepsake. It is a delicate way to post your man a letterbox hug to show you care especially at this difficult time.

Price: $11.95 Rating 5.0/5 based on 1302 reviews

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Confess your love in a unique way by giving your beloved man this leather keychain.

All products are handcrafted from genuine leather. No two of them are alike and each one is unique. There may be a slight variation in shade of leather and engraving (lighter or darker) from photos. Make the gift much more special by personalizing the name engraved on the leather. Beautiful colors and sturdy enough to hold all his keys.

Price: $6.90 Rating 4.9/5 based on 12596 reviews

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Are you looking for a great sentimental gift for your man? Then you can come with this bar necklace as a special gift to celebrate his birthday.

The vertical stick necklace is custom engraved to your liking on the front and back, and you’ll have a choice between 18k gold finish or polished stainless steel. A delightful take on the modern bar necklace, the vertical stick necklace will keep your favorite person close to your heart.

Price: $44.95 Rating 4.7/5 based on 4524 reviews

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Give your special someone the most thoughtful gift: 50 reasons why you love them! This adorable jar of love is perfect gift for your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s day.

Each jar comes with 50 message capsules. A rolled piece of paper with a gold ring is put inside a gelatin pill capsule. Inside each paper, it has a lovely message that he can open everyday to read. Choose the color of paper that you want to have.

Price: $16.95 Rating 4.7/5 based on 793 reviews

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Are you looking for a unique sentimental gift to give your husband/boyfriend to show your love? This lego keychain is a perfect gift for your choice.

About its look, two keyrings are included which join together to make a heart. They symbolize the long lasting loving relationship between you and him. Giving him this sentimental present, he will be touched a lot by how sweet you are. Ao, there is no reason not to give him this unique gift.

Price: $8.36 Rating 4.9/5 based on 552 reviews

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Tell your man the reason why you love him by giving this sentimental wooden box.

Made to a very high quality using only the best products and best laser machines to engrave. Inside the box, there are several wooden hearts with a lovely and sentimental message that are engraved. Your engraving is permanent, and unlike other methods of personalizing will not fade or wear away. Hurry and get this pretty ornament to your beloved man now!

Price: $15.53 Rating 4.9/5 based on 16123 reviews

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A sentimental gift to give your beloved man on a special occasion? Nowhere to find but you should come with this pretty deer ring.

Just look at how pretty and detailed this ring is! Its look will capture his eyes at the first sight. After ordering, your ring will be nicely packaged in elegant jewelry boxes with a pouch and blank greeting card. If you need us to hand write a card for your loved ones, let us know and they are happy to help.

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This retro mixtape is the real deal and is manufactured in the UK so premium quality is assured. Exactly the premium quality and original retro design that you would wish to give your man as a sentimental gift.

You won’t be disappointed with the quality of this mixtape. You can share photos, videos and memories, with this perfect gift in a classic retro style. As a personal, thoughtful gift that proved the giver had put in a huge amount of effort, was it not the perfect present for a loved one?

Price: $21.51 Rating 4.9/5 based on 1063 reviews

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Capture the precious memories with your beloved man with this sentimental gift - a mini notebook to carry around anytime, anywhere.

Fill it up with all the reasons you love him! This notebook can be used as journals, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, guest books, and more! Moreover, choose your choice of fabric that you would like tied to the ring in the listing. He will surely treasure this gift as the way you sincerely give him a gift.

Price: $12.75 Rating 5.0/5 based on 989 reviews

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Play romantic music to celebrate the dating anniversary of you and your man. This glass music art will be a special gift to take your lover taken aback, impressed by how pretty it is!

Add value to this product with a personalization unique to you. Memorize your special moments with a song or photo acrylic, send a private message! Whether you want to give it a classic flair or customize it with mid century modern art. It all depends on you!

Price: $10.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 5862 reviews

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Do you make promises with your precious man? If so, then share this key chain with him, as a reminder of your promise!

The key chain is made from bolivian rosewood, and will include a silver key ring as shown in the photos. Each key chain is sanded smooth and finished with our mixture of organic jojoba oil and beeswax. If you'd like a design, different than shown in the listing photo, just leave the details either in the "Add your personalization" box. The shop can engrave just about anything!

Price: $8.00 Rating 4.9/5 based on 11792 reviews

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Capture your precious moments with your husband or boyfriend into this mini photo book keychain. Handy and portable, he can carry these memories around with him anywhere, anytime.

Leather is a beautiful, natural product, please note color and grain may vary from the pictures shown. Your photos are printed on photo paper, which is hidden in a leather case. Thanks to that, it is an elegant and sincere gift that you can take with you wherever you go.

Price: $44.29 Rating 4.8/5 based on 5255 reviews

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Say “I love you” on Valentine's day with this sentimental star print. He will love you more after receiving this special gift with lots of appreciation.

The product is a digital product and there is no return. It is sent to your e-mail address in pdf and jpg formats in maximum 2-3 days with very high quality. Print it yourself and frame this beautiful picture to give him. That would be a pretty home decor to hang on the wall.

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This couples name pallet sign makes a great gift for your man as a pretty home decor.

The raised lettering creates an appealing 3D effect that adds depth and character to the piece. Please note that the lettering is a natural wood color. Each piece of wood is unique. The wood grain will be different and the stain may vary slightly but you are sure to get a beautiful one of a kind piece.

Price: $45.00 Rating 4.9/5 based on 15558 reviews

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These simple and elegant morse bracelets will make a perfect gift for your loved one to wear. It is a direct way to prove the loving relationship between you and your husband/boyfriend.

Morse code bracelet comes with a hidden message. With one word per bracelet, it limits max 10 letters. It is possible to touch liquids (water, perfumes, lotions) thread can stretch and beads can change color. A simple but meaningful pendant, it fits his style for sure.

Price: $25.61 Rating 4.9/5 based on 1948 reviews

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This high quality personalized 'The Day We Had Our First Date' unisub plastic keyring is a pretty gift. A sentimental gift will remind him of the first date when you and he started a loving relationship.

This lovely sentimental keyring is ultra-glossy white. It comes personalized with the 'Love name' and the date/year. To make this extra special they include it's very own organza gift bag. Choose from the drop down menu to advise us which color organza gift bag you would like.

Price: $7.16 Rating 4.9/5 based on 11043 reviews

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Give this sentimental lyric wood sign to your man as a way to confess your love.

The wood grain is always different panel to panel. Lighter colors in your artwork will be more transparent and show more grain through the ink than darker colors. Darker colors will be less opaque and show less grain. There will be a warm look in his room when he hangs it on the wall.

Price: $29.00 Rating 4.7/5 based on 1061 reviews

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Give your man this custom bracelet as a sentimental gift! He will be surprised and touched by how romantic and sweet you are to him.

With high quality materials and attention to detail, its quality won’t let you down. The default dimension is 16 - 25 cm long, the shop also can tailor any size for you upon request. The order is nicely packaged in elegant jewelry boxes with pouches and blank greeting cards.

Price: $19.95 Rating 4.8/5 based on 13814 reviews

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Are you looking for a sentimental gift to give your boyfriend or husband? Do you want to impress him with your gift, come with this personalized compass.

Compasses are made out of soft brass metal and may have some imperfections, minor scratches that impart each compass with character. This compass is such a unique artifact that you can personalize it to reflect your adventurer soul. You have many choices to personalize, such as initials, name, phrase, text, logo, symbols, etc.

Price: $58.00 Rating 4.9/5 based on 4324 reviews

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Unlike chocolate or flowers, this cute decision coin will be a great sentimental gift to give your lover on special occasions like Valentine’s day.

Because of the wood, engraving depth and wood grain may vary slightly. Laser cutting can cause some charring to the edges, but this can be removed if desired with some light sanding. With the humor message engraved on the wood, you can make him do the thing told in the coin after flipping. That would be so much fun to play, get it now!

Price: $6.88 Rating 4.9/5 based on 2032 reviews

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Spice up your home or cheer up a loved one with these humor candles that are saying what we're all thinking! Humor candles are the perfect addition to your home or as a gift to loved ones and are the perfect addition to any decor!

Candles are made with high quality natural waxes, and also burn 30-50% longer than paraffin candles. Please keep this in mind when looking at the candle sizes! Of course, don’t forget to select the scent as well.

Price: $13.50 Rating 4.9/5 based on 1520 reviews

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Play with your partner with this naughty gift - a scratch card. No more usual gifts like jewelry or accessories to give, this gift will bring a smile to his face.

Choose from four naughty surprises that the lucky recipient could receive and they now offer a no win option too. All scratch cards come supplied with a plain white premium gummed envelope which you can write your own personal message.

Price: $3.34 Rating 4.9/5 based on 6469 reviews

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A sentimental gift that you want to give to your husband or boyfriend on the anniversary? Don’t worry, you will be happy when getting this music record decor - a meaningful gift to affirm your relationship with him.

This one-of-a-kind record will be a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. A music that brings to mind a significant event, person, or memorable time that he spent being with you. The melody would bring back beautiful memories every time he looks at this unique gift.

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Capture memories forever in a timeless design with this memory film roll keychain! You can put your photos into the camera roll and turn your "Precious Memories " into the most stunning keepsakes for your lover.

High quality ensured as they will be printed with a 6-color HD printer so that photos are vibrant and clear. It is a great way to remember your favorite times and bring back the memories of a special occasion.

Price: $9.45 Rating 4.5/5 based on 2.204 reviews

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Keep a beautiful memory with your boyfriend or husband by getting this love picture frame. This will be a pretty desk decor to be put in his room.

This Love photo frame is 8" x 10" and holds a 4" x 6" photo. It features a clear protective acrylic sheet to protect the photo. You can stand the frame with an easel or hang it on the wall. He will smile happily whenever seeing this picture. This sentimental gift will make him think of the sweet memories he had with you.

Price: $15.87 Rating 4.7/5 based on 374 reviews

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This personalized gift box makes an elegant and sentimental gift for your boyfriend or husband, the inspirational message will leave him with a deep impression about that day.

The set includes a tumbler, a multitool hammer and a keychain as well. All of them are made with high-quality material and they also put lots of love and effort into creating these awesome gift items. With a luxurious and timeless design, it looks like a very expensive gift even though the price is not that high.

Price: $39.92 Rating 4.8/5 based on 954 reviews

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A cool gift for your husband or boyfriend who has everything. This Elechobby keychain will be a great sentimental gift for him.

This personalized keychain will be a unique gift to express your love. The inspirational message will remind your lover to keep safe while he is driving. If you are not satisfied with this keychain, contact the shop any time, they will get you back within 24 hours and try their best to make things right.

Price: $7.97 Rating 4.7/5 based on 3.224 reviews

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Show how much you love your beloved man by giving him this initial letter necklace! This will be his sentimental gift so far!

This initial letter necklace is made of stainless steel materials, never fade or turn your skin green, never rust or tarnish. Simple, elegant and stylish uppercase initial letter figaro chain pendant necklace is great to wear for special occasions or even everyday. The pendant will be shipped in an elegant gift box, making a perfect gift to give him.

Price: $12.97 Rating 4.5/5 based on 1.378 reviews

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Secretly put this wallet insert card into your lover’s wallet to make a surprise. The wallet card makes amazing gifts for husband and boyfriend.

This cute wallet insert is made of the highest quality stainless steel, sturdy and lightweight. Of course, it will not bend! Each measure is approximately credit card sized. With a sentimental message engraved on the metal card, he will be touched by how sweet and thoughtful you are!

Price: $13.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 1.257 reviews

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Are you looking for a sentimental gift for your boyfriend on a special occasion? Just have a look at this book prompt.

This special book prompts you to fill in your sincere and heartfelt feelings for the number one person in your life! The phrases in this book are inspired by couples psychologists and designed to accelerate intimacy. Not only does this small gift help you express your love, it includes a sticker sheet full of popular emojis to bring an extra smile as they read with joy.

Price: $12.99 Rating 4.5/5 based on 1.357 reviews

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