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Take a Hike: 35 Perfect National Park Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nature is the most treasure lord gave to humans. Do you love nature like plants, landscapes, or national parks? Or do your friends, parents, or lover are natural lovers? There are many gifts related to nature and themed nature you can give them or get back for yourself to honor this interest. Give you a surprise that, right here, there is a listing of many national park gifts. Each gift has its own context and beauty to give you a view of the natural beauty of your country's landscape.

The natural park is an interesting destination for each trip and vacation. But if you don't have a chance or have been there and are addicted to this beauty, some gifts here will be a keepsake, decor, or a thing to express your sentiment. Let's buy a gift and use it to inspire a love for the environment in particular and the country in general in your loved one.

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You and your loved one will absolutely have an exciting and interesting experience with the scratch-off map here. The gift will keep secrets to the end to surprise you or your lover. If you love the natural park, love nature, this gift will be a thing that you cannot miss.

The map is 12x16 inches in size. The gift is made of quality paper with good ink to give you an authentic view of some natural landscapes in your country. Each square is a wonderful view, a destination for hikers or adventurers to explore on the upcoming trip. You also give it to your loved one if he/she is a natural lover.


✔️ Easy to scratch off without worry paper will tear

✔️ Professional printing to deliver a vibrant color

✔️ Have decorative value to set on the tabletop or hang on

Making an impression on anyone at first sight, is the feature of the natural park blanket. The gift is perfect for hikers, nature lovers, and those who work in the environmental field or love to discover nature. It will give you an overall view of many beautiful natural parks in the world.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester. It is super soft and a touching gift for a nature lover. Advanced printing contributes a significant role in this gift to evoke its beauty for it and attract people through each stunning natural park square. There are 3 sizes for you to choose from, and of which has a size for the baby.


✔️ Warm to use in any season

✔️ Give you a good nap on the sofa or couch

✔️ Inspire a passion for traveling for anyone

The HD photo with music and videos may be a great gift for your lover or yourself as well. The gift will automatically show all the natural parks in your country and create an impressive spot at your house. You can buy it to your loved one if he/she is adventurous to honor his/her hobby.

The gift will turn your TV into a window to view all 63 United States natural parks with 600 fascinating scenes. Besides that, there will have 4 videos plus all the full photos. To connect, you simply plug into a USB port, DVD USB, or other media player. The showcase can conduct when off wifi, so you can view it anytime.


✔️ Give you an eye-catching and vivid presentation on natural parks

✔️ Compatible with any line of large-screen televisions

✔️ Each photo will display for 3 minutes

Do you remember how many natural parks you have visited? Let's check your memory with the water bottle here. The gift is a checklist for you to set traveling goals and give you a chance to look back at what you have been experiencing on the adventure trips.

The water bottle is made of stainless steel, and this material is safe to load liquid. There are 2 options for you to purchase, one is 16oz, and the other is 32oz. The twist-on lid is easy to open and close tightly. One of the most favorable features of this gift lies in the double-wall construction. It can keep frozen drinks for 24 hours and hot ones for 12 hours.


✔️ Perfect size to keep in a car, bag, or carry anywhere

✔️ Supply water to keep your body from being dehydrated

✔️ Quench your thirst after working out

If you are finding a fun and educational game for your family to enjoy and play whenever having gatherings or free time, the trivial questions here would be amazing for you. The gift will give you some fun facts related to natural parks and build up a passion for nature in your children and loved ones.

The gift will be 600 questions and answers, which features national park topic. The game is specially designed to celebrate the 100th US natural park anniversary. The question cards are classified as natural wonders, battlefields & historical sites, cultural heritage, science & nature, wildlife, and wild.


✔️ Broaden your knowledge in the environmental field

✔️ Light up your desire to discover the natural landscapes

✔️ Give you a fun way to enjoy when feeling boring

Viewing the socks to admire the beauty of the natural park. The gift is constructed for women, and it is printed with a stunning landscape of mountains, sky, and forest. If you want to give your loved one this gift, she definitely will fall in love with this view at first sight.

The socks are mainly made of 52% Cotton, 46% Polyester, and 2% Elastane. There are many sizes to fit women's shoe sizes from 5 to 10. The pattern on a pair of shoes lies on the collection of Grand Prismatic, Monument Valley, Delicate Arch, and Glacier National Park. That's why you can choose different ones if you prefer.


✔️ High-quality product with the original source from South Korea

✔️ Comfortable design for outdoor activities like hiking, running, and walking

✔️ No skin irritation to wear day to day

Have you come to Joshua Tree natural park? If not, the personalized necklace is a great gift for you to remind yourself of a beautiful place you have to visit one time. Or you also buy it to give your loved one as a souvenir after a trip to Joshua tree natural park.

The necklace is made of stainless steel and finished with 18K gold. The gift is durable and the pendant captures an exceptional landscape at Ioshua tree national park. The chain is able to adjust from 18'' to 22''. The pendant is round with a size of 24mmx24 mm.


✔️ Personalize with your own message

✔️ Never tarnish and change color

✔️ A wonderful keepsake to remind of an experience

If you are planning to hold your wedding in the national park, the sign would be an exquisite addition to make a day more special. The gift is beautiful and creates a highlight for your guest when coming to your wedding. You also get it to give a nature lover.

The sign is made of high-quality wood and there are 4 sizes available for you to purchase. The smallest one is 15.5" x 10". The gift features the NPS logo in green, white, and stain colors, but you also offer no colors. The product is durable to hang indoors or outdoors.


✔️ Customize to a date, name, or your desired design

✔️ Gorgeous in mixing colors to highlight the context inside

✔️ Easy to hang on the wall or place on a tabletop

The baseball cap is great preparation for you or your loved one for the upcoming Yellowstone National Park adventure. The design is rustic with a nice emblem of the natural park. Buying this one for yourself and your beloved to feel the spirit and atmosphere of an adventure.

The cap used denim and cotton to make. The product is one size and it fits both men and women. The gift is endurable and thick to well protect you in some extreme conditions like natural parks with many insects and wet atmospheres. There are many colors for you to choose from.


✔️ Breathable to limit head skin-related diseases

✔️ Thick fabric to protect your head from unexpected accidents on an adventure

✔️ Enable washing in a machine or by hand

The enamel pin set is used to mark the national park you have visited or will visit. Each one is a different landscape and it will create a special feeling for you and your loved one on each adventure. Let's buy this set and set it on the map to have a better experience.

The enamel pin set is raised Gold Metal and finished with hard enamel. The triangle measures 1.12 x 1.04 (wxh) inches. The gold butterfly clasp on the back will lock the pin in place. Each pin will be painted with a signature view of a particular national park.


✔️ Cute and pretty pin to mark a special memory

✔️ Offer bulk orders of up to 15 pins

✔️ Personalize to the name of your favorite natural park

Carry the tote bag on the upcoming trip to your favorite national park. The gift is beautiful and engaging with multi-natural landscapes. The nature-themed bag will make a day special and evoke a vibe and feeling in you or your loved one to enjoy the trip better.

The tote bag is made of spun polyester. The size is 24" x13" and it is a big size to hold many things. The rope handles are sustainable and firm to lift heavy weights. The national park printing is durable and never disappears over time. The product features a wide mouth so you can put things and take them out easily.


✔️ Easy to clean with the mixing of warm water and laundry detergent

✔️ Quick to dry by the air

✔️ Large bag and compact size for a short-term trip

The T-shirt is a gift from your adventure to Zion national park for your loved ones like friends, parents, siblings, or coworkers. The design is simple with mountains, trees, and other nature-themed signs. Giving your loved one a souvenir to connect with him/her and tighten up your relationship.

The T-shirt is mainly made of cotton and polyester. The product is stylish and homely to match men, women, and youth's tastes. There are many basic colors for you to choose from and get a favorite one for your beloved. You can mix and match this shirt with different clothes to create your own style.


✔️ Lightweight to feel comfortable

✔️ Double-needle stitching to be durable for a while

✔️ Breathable shirt to put on a scorching days

Have you come to Yosemite national park? It is one of the most beautiful and fascinating natural attractions for visitors and locals to explore nature. The wooden sign is lovely to evoke a picturesque landscape in that park. Let's purchase this one to have a thing to admire.

The sign is well-cut by the laser and it is finished with the colors according to your preference. The artworks describe the natural beauty and touch of anyone's heart. There are many sizes for you to get and fit your room sizes. You can add personalization if you want to give your loved one.


✔️ Easy to install on the wall

✔️ Honor the natural beauty

✔️ A keepsake to show your interest in Yosemite park

In 63 national parks in the US, how many places you have been there? If you want to discover nature, a national park is always a great destination to get started. And get the throw pillow here to instruct you if you are a beginner and remind you of memories if you are a professional adventurer.

The pillow has a polyester case and the filling is also polyester. 2 sizes of 16x16 inches and 20x20 inches are ideal for you to match your purpose. The printing is applied for both sides with picturesque scenes. The zipper is smooth and durable to open and close daily.


✔️ Decorate your couch or sofa with a pillow

✔️ Colorful Pillow to use daily

✔️ Give you a relaxing time to relax

Reminding yourself or your loved one to live every day meaningfully and fabulously with the national park calendar. Each month is a stunning landscape of nature. It inspires people a desire to explore and live to not leave regrets in life.

The calendar is designed in a retro-poster style. The size of 10x13” when being closed and 10x26” when being opened gives you a better experience in viewing the natural scene of your country. The product will surprise you for whole years with breathtaking landscapes. Don't miss this one to have special decor for your home.


✔️ Convenient for people to check the time every day

✔️ Remind you to appreciate and respect nature around

✔️ Enhance you and your loved one to protect the environment

Let's indulge in playing cards in the box here to discover how wonderful a world you are living in and how important the national park plays in our lives. The playing card will make you feel touched and teach you to appreciate nature. Join one hand to together protect nature with this gift.

The collector box is made of pine wood and it is durable and embossed on each side with a stunning natural scene. The playing card is 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size and it is made of a blue core board. There are 55 cards in total and each card will show the unique beauty of your country's national park.


✔️ Provide you a fun game to enjoy

✔️ Enhance people's awareness of protecting the national parks

✔️ Carefully packed in a durable box to play again and again

The Jigsaw puzzle is an excellent idea to cram people an awareness of protecting the environment and appreciating natural beauty. The gift will give you an overall view of 63 picturesque national parks in the US and open your mind to understanding more about nature.

Each piece of the puzzle is cut from high-quality cardboard. It is thick and technically printed to evoke a fantastic beauty. The total size after fishing is 26.62 x 19.25 x 0.08 inches. There are options for 100, 500, and 1000 pieces. The gift is suitable for both kids and adults to enjoy.


✔️ Give you a view of mountains, plants, tropical forests, rivers, and other scenes

✔️ Intricate game to improve people's concentration

✔️ Beneficial for kids and elders to train memorization ability

Opening a day with a surprise and kicking off you with positive energy is the function of the scratch-off map print here. The gift provides you a vision of many breathtaking national parks. Enjoying it and scratching every day to love life much more.

The map print is framed by the wood with a size of 12"x18". The illustration is colorful and stunning to cultivate people to carry backpacks and get out of their homes immediately to explore nature. The scratch-off tool is available in the package for you to enjoy the gift better.


✔️ Have a leather hanger to hang it on easily

✔️ Recharge yourself with a breathtaking view to feel motivated

✔️ Give you a fantastic experience

Everyone only has one life, so live with whole your enthusiasm to create more memories and valuable experiences. To help you one hand, the national park travel map will give you an idea and inspire you to love nature. You also send this gift to your lover if he/she is a nature lover.

The map is framed by wood and coated with Polycrylic Water-Based Polyurethane. The printing is professionally and technically conducted to give you an obvious vision of all the national parks in your country. The map is precise and authentic to use. The color is hard to fade when decorating in a room condition.


✔️ Encourage you to take on the adventure

✔️ Light up your passion for exploring the environment surrounding

✔️ Make your feel proud and love your country much more

✔️ Allow to personalize to have an extra special

Life is an adventure, so never stop to discover yourself and break your limit. The bracelet is a thing for you to send your loved one this message. With a breathtaking sentence of national parks like a rocky mountain, the gift will make him/her feel there are many things waiting for him/her to explore in the future.

The bracelet cuff is made of aluminum and the length is 6 inches. Each picture is stamped on at a time to describe the beauty of the Denver skyline and mountain. The product is non-toxic and never changes colors. The accessory can use daily or dress up on a special day.


✔️ Surprise you with a magnificent view of nature

✔️ Suitable for both men and women to put on

✔️ Delicate design to make you feel comfortable

Never forget to record your experience and emotion whenever you take on ad adventure. The journal, It features fascinating national park landscapes, you can use this journal to note what you think of a trip. Each adventure is a precious lesson, so note it to have a thing to look back on when you get older.

The journal has more than 175 pages. Each sheet will have thought-provoking questions to cultivate your thoughts and sentiment. The beautiful natural image is paired to fill your mind with more emotions. The journal also includes a checklist of 63 national parks in the US. Therefore, you can enjoy traveling better.


✔️ Give you a keepsake to reminisce

✔️ Record your thoughts, experience, and observation on each journey

✔️ Nice gift to send to an adventurer on his/her upcoming trip

T-Rex Ranch Park Ranger is the dreamy destination you or your loved one want to come there one time in your life, right? If it is correct, the night light is an excellent gift to light up this dream. It is beautiful and colorful to encourage you quickly carry on your backpack and discover this national park.

The light panel is acrylic and it is durable to print your own personalization. The light features a nice emblem and it is customized to nem. The pinewood base is equipped with CNC technology to make sure the durability of this stand. There is a touch button to exchange colors for this light.


✔️ Have 16 colors available and 4 flashing modes

✔️ Safe to touch when the light works

✔️ Long usage time to use for a long time

✔️ No flicker to protect your eyes

There are many national parks you might not come to here, so never forget to remind yourself to go there one time. And there is a wonderful reminder that the coasters are set here. The set will cultivate you to conduct a journey. You can send it to your beloved if he/she is also into nature.

The coaster set is 3.5 x 3.5" square. Each one is sealed with a glossy. It features posters and images of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Yosemite national parks. The product resists water and heat to protect your furniture like dining tables.


✔️ Beautiful coaster to make your meal more appealing

✔️ Easy to clean with a damp cloth

✔️ The printing is hard to peel or fade

This is the third edition featuring the national park topic. The gift is perfect for those who love adventures and traveling to natural places. The edition will guide and instruct you to come to breathtaking and picturesque tourist attractions that have mountains, valleys, trails, seashores, and so on.

The edition is a collection of more than 400 national parks, monuments, historic sites, recreation areas, and so on. The total edition is more than 544 pages so make sure that you will have an endless intricating time to enjoy and admire these scenes.


✔️ Guide you to some famous and wonderful tourist attractions

✔️ Boost your excitement to travel to a nature destination

✔️ Light up your love for the nature and environment

The bucket list board is an amazing gift for an adventurer. The board will help him/her check the national parks they have and haven't visited. If you want to checklist to prepare for the upcoming travel plan, here is what you are finding.

The board is made of quality wood and it has 4 designs for you to choose from. The dimension measures 18" x 11". There will have 63 pieces and each piece is a national park. The board is durable and you assemble and remove the pieces on the board quickly and firmly.


✔️ Beautiful decor for your house

✔️ Diverse styles to meet your taste

✔️ Well-cut and polished to keep for a long time

The hiking boot tags are an excellent gift for hiking lovers. It creates a special design to boost his/her spirit whenever hiking. You can send the tag on a special day like a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary to cherish his/her interest.

The tag is made from aluminum and the size is 40-50mm long and 15mm wide. The product fits any trainers, boots, and shoes for hikers, runners, and walkers. The gift is engraved with the national park's scene and a message to convey your thoughts.


✔️ Personalize with your own message and landscape

✔️ Thoughtful package to express your love

✔️ Useful items for adventurers and traveler

Do you love national parks in your country? And you want to inspire this passion in your family members. The coasters set here are a good medium to do that mission. Each coaster will show a beauty of a particular national park and from that make your loved one have an interest in nature.

The coaster is made of pine wood and it is thick to protect your furniture and your kitchen tools. Each one is engraved with a beautiful and unique national park scene by the laser so it will never fade. The detail is eye-catching to give you an authentic view.


✔️ Great size to fit most of your kitchen pan or pot

✔️ Finish with wood oil preservative to increase the durability

✔️ Special addition to your kitchen make this space more pretty

Enjoying each far-away journey with the national park lovey. The gift is printed with famous tourist attractions in your country. The product will make you feel comfortable when sitting for a long time in a car or simply for you to have a nap safely.

The Minky lovey is approximately 17 inches in width and 17 inches in length. It is ideal for car seats, strollers, cribs, and wherever your baby like. The good material gives a warm and soft feeling to a baby on a trip. You can wash this blanket but remember to use cold water and mild detergent.


✔️ Illustrate images of some famous national park

✔️ Great size to fit any car seat

✔️ Enhance the comfort for the baby when sitting on a car or stroller

If you are planning to take on a long-term journey to visit whole the 63 national parks in the US. The checklist journal may be a pretty thing for you to carry on that adventure. With 63 images representing 63 national parks, the journal will help you know how long you need to finish this goal.

The journal is 7.99 inches in height, 5.98 inches in length, and 0.59 inches in depth. The product has one size and the cover is printed with an overall view of 63 national parks. There are more than 118 lined pages for you to record your thoughts and observation on each journey.


✔️ Have a black back cover to protect the journal better

✔️ Spiral binding to open and close easily

✔️ Thick paper to be suitable for any kind of pens

If you are a collector and nature lover, the magnets set is the thing you cannot miss to perfect your national park collection. The magnets feature their own beauty of a particular national park. The gift is an ideal choice to get yourself or give to your loved one on a special day.

The magnets are pretty with good material and eye-catching artwork. The art is created by the in-house art team and each one is creative and full of colors to make anyone feel surprised by the majestic landscape in the country.


✔️ Fascinating artwork to show the breathtaking views of national parks

✔️ Cultivate people to be closer to the nature

✔️ Remind yourself of preserving beautiful natural resources

If you are struggling to choose a gift for your loved one who is serving in the national park service, the beanie is a fantastic suggestion for you. The beanie is eye-catching with the NPS emblem and the design is rustic to meet anyone's taste.

The hat is made of Hypoallergenic Acrylic and it is soft and warm to wear. The gift will keep warm in the winter especially when he/she works in harsh weather conditions like the national parks. The emblem is professionally made to show off pride. The garment item also fits anyone's head.


✔️ Available in various colors to buy

✔️ Good material to put on daily

✔️ Make him/her look more professional when working

Get a simple and pretty gift like the national park stickers here to give to your loved one or use for yourself. The stickers can stick to many things and show off your interest. If you really fall in love with the natural landscape, these stickers must have on your shopping cart.

The stickers are only 2.36 inches for each one and there are 50 pieces in the set. The stickers are made of PVC material and it is no sticky residue left when you peel them off. The printing features breathtaking scenes at the national parks. Moreover, the gift can stick to many things like bottles, cars, bikes, luggage, and so on.


✔️ Extra special for your personal items

✔️ Show off your passion for nature

✔️ Help you to distinguish your items from others

The national parks edition is a compliment to your collection. The gift is tokens and playing cards with different nature-themed shapes and illustrations. You can decorate these tokens in your room, desk, or working space at the office. If your loved one is into nature, you also send it to her/him.

There are 6 tokens, including a ranger hat, tent, canoe, bison, hiking boot, and camera. The product is professionally made to give you pretty decors. Besides that, you will receive a game set with cards, dice, and rule to play while exploring more national parks.


✔️ Interesting games for play with friends or alone

✔️ Give you more information about national parks

✔️ Keep yourself from boring times

If you love adventure and get to indulge in something mysterious and dramatic, the scratch-off poster is an amazing enjoyment for you. It will stimulate your curiosity to desire to scratch off all the posters, but you cannot do it to keep the excitement for this gift and experience it day to day.

The poster is durable and hard to tear when you scratch it off. The national parks are illustrated in vivid colors, and it is eye-catching. The size is 16.5 inches wide and 23.4 inches in length. Instead of carrying a map, you can bring this one to have a much more fantastic experience. You can scratch off a spot to decide the next location you go. It is very promising, right?


✔️ Boost up your excitement and spirit on a long journey

✔️ Use as a checklist to track your travel plan

✔️ Make your trip to be more interested

Feeling happy because you are living close to nature. The national park map is to commemorate your grand adventure. Each spot on this map represents a national park in your country. So, it is very meaningful when you can fill each one with your own memories with your loved one.

The map is professionally handcrafted, and each cutout tree is made of good wood to preserve forever. The gift measures 10 inches in height and 16.5 inches wide. You can add your own customization, like the family's name or message. The product is also perfect for indoor and outdoor displays.


✔️ A checklist to accomplish with your loved one

✔️ Remind you to conduct a journey with your beloved

✔️ Fill up each spot with amazing memories


As you wrap up your exploration of our carefully curated selection of national park gifts, we hope you've discovered the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors. These thoughtfully chosen gifts are more than just items; they're a way to capture the spirit of nature and share it with those who love walking around or riding a bike through the serene landscapes of national parks. Whether it's a practical accessory for their outdoor adventures or a keepsake that reminds them of the wonders they've witnessed, each gift carries the essence of the wild. So, as you consider the options we've presented, remember that these gestures are a way to connect with the hearts of nature enthusiasts and to celebrate the joy of exploring national parks on foot or by bike.

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