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30 Best Gifts For Working From Home That'll Up More Productive

The pandemic has forced many to switch their workplace to remote locations. To some, it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a working environment where they were surrounded by the comforts of their home. However, for many, it also proved to be quite a troublesome experience. On the bright side, working from home meant that there was less of an incentive to move around, saving precious time from having to participate in traffic. But on the flip side, some were clearly troubled by their less professional family members. That is the reason why we're going to provide our list of the top gifts for working-from-home people.

How frequently have you participated in Zoom meetings? Zoom meeting where your colleagues just have their kids running amok and shouting all over the place? If there are more than two options, our list of gifts that will prevent the head-scratching from continuing will surely make your co-workers love you even more. Another scenario is when your co-worker just has a mess on their desk with all the electronic devices required to run a project or to participate in a meeting, which we also have the perfect solution for.

Gifts for working from home come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter who is receiving your present, there will always be something that suits them. Without further ado, let’s begin our adventure!

Here are Best Gifts For Working From Home That’ll Up More Productive

  • Are the mousepads in your house becoming monotonous to look at? Get our Persian Round Mouse Pad! A really attractive, handcrafted mouse pad or decorative table mat in the shape of a Persian rug is composed of a non-slip rubber base, actual fabric on top, and decorative tassel edges.

  • These mats are 24 cm in width, including the tassels, and have a 21 cm by 3 mm useable surface. As a mouse mat or to garnish a coffee table or side table, this item is quite attractive. A present lovely idea or accent to any space.

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This rectangular wooden sign is made from sustainable, environmentally friendly wood that will beautify your home and remind you of blessings. The rectangle sign has a classic feel with a modern twist. Perfect home décor gift for the significant one in your life.


✔️ Help to spread good vibes

✔️ Bring good luck to the home

✔️ Great durability

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  • Give our Employee of the Month Mug to your remote employee as a reward! Given how much fun they are, these mugs make wonderful gifts.

  • The words "Work From Home Employee Of The Month" are printed on our mug in highly vibrant, easy-to-read type.

  • These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe since they are constructed of the finest ceramic. Our mugs are made to last for years to come.

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  • With our bamboo lap desk, you may move your workstation wherever in the house. Cool your laptop with a smooth, heat-dissipating surface on a rigid, non-deformable custom bamboo board.

  • Height-adjustable, folding legs with a built-in ruler that are 17.2" x 13.3" in size make it simple to set up for various sitting and standing positions. (Includes silicone leg coverings for added grip and furniture protection.)

  • Large and accurate built-in mouse pad in an ergonomic position for prolonged, pleasant, and productive gaming sessions.

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  • When working from home with a footrest, be cautious of the health of your feet. It keeps your feet and legs high, which helps with posture. When working at your workplace or returning home from a hard day, stretch your legs.

  • Height may be manually adjusted at three different positions at 4.3", 5.5", and 6.7" (11, 14, and 17 centimeters). It will be really simple for you to locate the ideal spot for your requirements.

  • It tilts from -30 to +30 degrees to support your legs at the ideal angle. Leg mobility is encouraged by the angle's inability to be fixed as it bounces back and forth.

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  • Working from home may seriously disorganize your desk; use our Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stand to arrange it. Vertically position an iPad, two computers, and a phone. This vertical laptop holder is excellent for creating a desk area that is tidy and well-organized while saving space.

  • Adjustable width for laptops with a thickness range of 0.63 inches (16 mm) to 2.36 inches (60 mm). You might adjust the screw at the bottom of the case to tighten it down to fit your laptop using the free Allen wrench that is included.

  • High-quality ABS plastic was used to make this laptop stand, which is light in weight but stable enough to successfully stop your laptop from toppling over.

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  • Give your feet a break after a lengthy period of work at home. Simply hang this portable footrest from the tray table bracket and place your foot on it to use.

  • A sturdy and strong traveling footrest is used. A triangle formed by three nails and two straps is sturdy and long-lasting. In response to customer feedback, we added an additional 25.6 inches to the strap's length and strengthened the strap by adding a lock.

  • Lightweight and compact: 0.24 lb, folded dimensions: 822, flat dimensions: 13.2*7.8.

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  • With our Home Office Wall Decor, you can liven up your at-home workspace. Since your health is our first priority, the artwork is professionally printed on superior acid-free smooth finish paper.

  • Whatever the size of your wall or the amount of space you have, we have a print for it. Resealable cellophane sleeves with white cardboard backing are used for packaging prints that are 4x6, 8x10, 8.5x11, 11x17, 13x19, 16x20, 18x24, and 36x24 inches.

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  • With a little something like our Work From Home sticker, honor your remote worker of the month! This adorable sticker is ideal for a variety of items, including your laptop, water bottle, notepad, and planner.

  • It is composed of the excellent, high-quality matte vinyl, which is waterproof and incredibly durable under all circumstances.

  • At its longest length, it measures around 3". It's a sweet little present that you may attach wherever.

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  • With the help of our scented candles, you can bring the aroma of the shore into your living or working place. The musky water fragrance that permeates them is well known if you've ever gone on one of the park's dark water rides. Although we are unable to use bromine in our candles, we were able to replicate the beloved musky maritime and pirate ship scent!

  • With the right care, each candle is lovingly hand-poured and has a burn duration of around 50 hours. Mort & Co.'s products combine the best of both worlds thanks to a combination of soy and paraffin waxes. The Soy and Paraffin mix maintains the creamy appearance and environmentally sustainable use of soy wax while offering an outstanding scent throw.

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  • Want a chilled beverage on your table while working from home but are concerned it could sweat? The Custom WFH coaster is ideal for the task.

  • Our coaster is produced from environmentally responsible MDF with the addition of cork below to prevent spills.

  • Due to its 9 cm by 9 cm dimensions, even the largest cups will fit comfortably. So that you may give it right away, it is packaged in a cardboard C6 letter box and wrapped in cellophane.

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  • Give someone something to help them stay connected to nature while they are working in their room! The plant pot is a product of the future since it was entirely created by hand using 3D printing technology.

  • It is composed of PLA filament, one of the most well-liked and essential items for 3D printing. A plant with a 5.5 cm diameter can fit within. The recipient of this present will never forget their efforts since the design of anything sitting in front of the computer will serve as a constant reminder.

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  • Give your employee of the month who works from home something to celebrate! Our home-working shirts are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, including Unisex, Woman V-Neck, and Woman Tank Top.

  • A crew neck, short sleeves, and superior airlume combed and ring-spun cotton was used to create a unisex t-shirt that fits like a well-loved favorite and serves as the greatest blank canvas for printing.

  • Due to its side seams, retail fit, unisex size, and shoulder tape, our shirt is distinctive.

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  • This iced coffee glass is the way to go if you're searching for a present to express your gratitude or a straightforward thank-you gift for an employee or team member who works from home. These expertly engraved glasses are a great present to show your thanks to your staff. Order a single item for a staff member or place a large order for your entire team. Additionally, each of our glasses comes in its own box, making them the perfect present.

  • Each of our glasses is composed of high-quality glass that resists chipping for a longer lifespan. Glasses have deep, clearer engravings since they are permanently laser engraved using commercial engraving equipment.

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  • For individuals who have set up a new office space or are presently working from home, our Home Office sign is the ideal present! Ideal as a desk item or as a door hanger to create the ideal entry to your workspace.

  • You can also add a name to the choice above to further customize this sign. We will use our top-notch laser engraver to do this for you.

  • The base is constructed from our birch ply, which has been smoothed down, and is embellished with our opulent wood 3D effect characters.

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  • Are you a home office user? With the help of this helpful doorknob hanging, everyone in the home will know if you want privacy! You may check the necessary boxes with a dry-erase marker because it is constructed of a robust whiteboard with a blackboard back (not included). Because they are etched, the words won't fade.

  • The front of the doorknob hanger says, "Hi! I'm at my job, "with the subsequent choices: Do Not Disturb, Knock First, or Come On In. A time for the conclusion of your workday might be entered in the corresponding field. It is excellent for students as well.

  • The door hanger, which has dimensions of 8.25" by 3.25", will look great on any doorknob.

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  • With this Working from Home Ornament, you may honor a loved one who works from home. Our ornaments are entirely handcrafted, ensuring that each and every piece is given the utmost attention to detail.

  • It is made from hand-painted resin, an organic material that is more environmentally friendly and is also safer to the touch, so you can wear this on you without having to worry about getting a reaction.

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  • It could occasionally get strangely cold, even in the warmth of your house, which is why it's crucial to keep your feet warm. These delightful, cozy socks are so much fun! Why not add some color and comfort to your home office while working from it, as many of us can now do so?

  • It is also ideal for relaxing or going out on the town. It adds a lot of value to anyone's sock drawer. Washable in a machine. It's one size fits everyone.

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  • While working from home, do you need something to fight off family members or neighbors? Choosing our Round Door Hanger is the right move.

  • Our signs are more durable than cheap plastic ones since they are constructed of aluminum. Additionally, free personalization is available; you may modify the text on most signs as you choose.

  • The mock-up image is simply an example of how these signs may be used; hanging rope is not included with this item. Use them for front doors, wreaths, etc., because there are many different methods to hang them.

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  • Organize your home desk while working with our twin laptop stands! You may keep two of your favorite gadgets on a dual vertical laptop stand made of genuine walnut or oak wood.

  • You may customize the slot for your device to guarantee a secure hold by adding the extra layer of felt that comes with each set. Tablets, eReaders, and laptops of varied sizes and weights may be stored thanks to the steel foundation that holds the wooden components together.

  • With the other Oakywood accessories, such as the charging docks, succulent planters, and monitor stands, the distinctive geometric design blends in beautifully.

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  • While working from home, give your legs a break. This wood laptop table is made to make it simple to use your laptop anywhere, whether in bed, on a chair, or when traveling. Children's activity tables, breakfast trays in bed or on computer stands, and meal trays while crafting or on the couch are just a few examples. The wood laptop table comes in two sizes, so you may pick one that best suits your needs. This adaptable laptop tray will be necessary at all times!

  • The folding portable laptop desk is made of aluminum. In this manner, you may conveniently and compactly store it while not in use. At the same time, the product's edges are curled by design to protect you.

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  • With our Work From Home Shirt, you can remain confident in your own skin while working from home. Our shirts are made from 32 singles, 4.2 oz, 100% airlume combed, and ringspun cotton. Cotton and polyester that is 90/10 airlume combed and ringspun makeup Athletic Heather and Black Heather.

  • There are several sizes available, including unisex, adult, and infant sizes. A wide variety of materials and colors are available.

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  • A little humor to add to your daily home working routine! Look at our gorgeous, hand-made ceramic mugs, available in sizes 11 oz, 15 oz, and 15 oz with a black handle or rim. The Zoom Meeting: A fantastic cup with the best hand-illustrated tarot card design is now available!

  • The design of the mug is printed on both sides, making it stylish on either hand. Mugs are safe for the top rack of the dishwasher. When you discover it in the microwave, it is microwave-safe and may be used to reheat your beverage indefinitely till the following day.

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  • With this Working From Home Christmas Ornament, you can appreciate your favorite remote worker in style.

  • Austin, Texas design center handles all aspects of creating, printing, pressing, and shipping your ceramic ornaments.

  • To assure the highest level of attention to detail in each and every one of our products, this 3" round ceramic ornament is hand-made. Sent with ribbon (color may vary from image) and gift box so you can give the recipient this right now.

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  • Do family members keep walking in on you in the middle of a meeting while you're working from home? By posting this notice on your door and letting people know that you are in "do not disturb" mode, you may finally put an end to the embarrassment.

  • There is no need to worry about our sign breaking anytime soon because it is constructed of wood, has a total thickness of just about half an inch, and is about 5 inches in diameter.

  • There is also plenty of potential for modification because there are four different font types available, and you can add your own text to them.

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  • Using a home office? Do you need some amusement during the day? You and your coworkers may have a lot of fun with this hilarious bingo sticky pad!

  • Bring out this entertaining bingo pad and start filling it in when your employer has you and your coworkers locked in lengthy online Zoom sessions! You may be guaranteed to win a game using frequent phrases like "You're on mute," awkward silences, and video call diversions (such as pets and kids showing up on screen).

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  • Our smart mug is the ideal cup for a delicious cup of coffee when working from home. Your temperature control mug's extended battery life keeps your beverage ideally heated for up to 80 minutes on a full charge or all day on the recently updated charging coaster. Identify your preferred temperature (between 120 °F and 145 °F).

  • You can control the Ember smart mug with your smartphone. To change your temperature, personalize settings, get notifications, and more, pair your device with the Ember app.

  • Ember's heated mug has an intelligent on/off switch. When it is empty or after two hours of inactivity, the mug switches to sleep mode. When it detects movement or fluids, Ember awakens.

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  • Sarcasm and self-deprecating humor are always appropriate. Use our Guajolote Prints Funny Novelty Memo Pads Bundle to spruce up your home office (4 items).

  • 50 sheets of printed paper, measuring 4 x 5.25 inches, are included in each pad. Every pad's color is imprinted and adhered to on top.

  • Long-lasting chipboard back. Our pads are made in the USA by Guajolote Prints, so there are no concerns regarding quality control or provenance.

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  • In your lap, experience the convenience of working from home! Up to 15.6" laptops and the majority of tablets can fit on a home office lap desk: Dimensions of surface: 21.1" x 12"

  • It includes a vertical phone slot that can hold any cell phone (slot dimensions: 5" x 0.75").

  • Innovative, Dual-Bolster Cushion Shapes To Your Lap, Maintaining Your Comfort And Coolness. The mouse pad for the right hand: A 5" x 9" mouse pad is integrated into the work surface.

  • Enhanced Airflow: As advised by laptop makers, adequate laptop ventilation is possible on a smooth, flat surface.

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  • This is a fantastic activity book for staying active while working from home!

  • This puzzle book we bought has adult word searches in it (Missing Donuts, Distractions, Snacks, and more); Video Conference Bingo sheets; Fun Trivia questions; Find the Difference (coffee, mobile phones, watering the plants, and more); Double Puzzles; Funny Quote Cryptograms; Plus Mazes, and Sudoku are all available to keep you occupied during meetings. It makes the ideal present for remote workers!

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  • With our wearable blanket, you can remain cozy while working from home! blanket with wearable sleeves that may be worn backward. The Catalonia Deluxe Micro Fleece Blanket was created in the United States and has built-in foot compartments to keep feet toasty. Sleeves keep hands free, cover the shoulders and arms, and they won't slide down.
  • While reading, playing, or watching TV on a bed, sofa, etc. throughout the winter, a really soft fleece wearable blanket can keep you warm from head to toe. To carry your phone or remote, use the front pouch.
  • 100% ultra-soft micro-plush polyester keeps warmth in while providing a pleasant touch. Use it year-round.
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