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33 Gifts for Smokers To Help Upgrade Their Evening Routine

If you have a special someone in your life who enjoys smoking, you might be searching for the ideal gift to make their routine even more enjoyable. Although smoking can have negative health effects, it's not always easy to quit a habit. Rather than pushing your loved one to give up smoking entirely, consider giving them a thoughtful gift that shows you care about their well-being.

With so many different reasons why people smoke, it's important to acknowledge that it can be a stress reliever or simply a pleasurable pastime. That's why a gift for smokers can be a thoughtful way to show your love and support. Whether it's a high-quality ashtray, a stylish lighter, or a set of premium cigars, your loved one is sure to appreciate the gesture.

By taking the time to choose a thoughtful gift, you're demonstrating your care for their health while also respecting their personal choices. So go ahead and explore the options - your loved one is sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Get ready to elevate your BBQ game and impress your guests with some smoky, succulent chicken drumsticks. And what better way to do it than with the ultimate tool for the job - the leg wing rack!

The leg wing rack is a handy contraption designed to hold chicken drumsticks upright while cooking, ensuring even heat distribution and perfectly crispy skin. It comes with a handy pan that catches any drips or juices, making it a breeze to clean up afterward.


✔️ Safe and easy to clean

✔️ Can hold any size of chicken drumstick

✔️ Doubles as a pan for cooking vegetables

Keep your smokes safe and sound with this odor-proof bag that's so secure, even a bloodhound couldn't sniff it out.

The smell-proof bag is crafted from sturdy fabric and is lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric. Its activated carbon fiber lining helps to trap scent, keeping your accessories odor-free. The bag comes equipped with a combination lock for added security, and it's weatherproof, so you can take it anywhere without worrying about the elements.


✔️ Can withstand daily use for years to come

✔️ Two inside pockets provide organization for accessories

✔️ Odor-proof technology ensures your goods stay fresh

For those looking for a gift for people who smoke, this handmade gemstone pipe is sure to impress.

Made from high-quality gemstones and crystal, these pipes are designed for tobacco use only and are a must-have for any discerning smoker. With a compact 4.3-inch size, they are perfect for on-the-go use and come complete with two replacement filters and a cleaner to ensure a clean smoking experience every time.


✔️ Exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials

✔️ Easy to use and maintain

✔️ Ensure a fresh smoking experience every time

✔️ Beautifully packaged in a gift box

No need to step outside in the cold or rain to enjoy a smoky flavor - the digital electric smoker allows your loved one to cook their favorite BBQ dishes indoors, no matter the weather.

This state-of-the-art smoker machine is designed to deliver mouth-watering smoked dishes that taste like they were cooked in a traditional outdoor smoker. With its easy-to-use digital interface, your favorite smoker can now prepare their favorite foods in the comfort of their own home.


✔️ No need to open the door and let the heat escape!

✔️ Easy to adjust the temperature and cooking time

✔️ Show that you care about their health

As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is," but for travel smokers, their heart lies in their trusty smoking kit. Give the gift of comfort to your favorite smoker on the go with this stash box kit.

This Stash Box Kit includes a varnished wooden finished box that is not only stylish but also smell-proof. It creates an airtight vacuum seal that will keep any odor or humidity at bay. With dimensions of 17x12x10cm, this kit has ample storage capacity for all of its smoking essentials.


✔️ Smell-proof

✔️ Great storage capacity

✔️ Can easily fit in their backpack or luggage

Show your love and appreciation for the smoker in your life with this antique vintage pipe necklace.

Crafted with care, this beautiful pendant features an antique silver plated finish and is made from a high-quality zinc alloy metal that is completely lead and nickel-free. It comes in a lovely gift box, ready to be presented to the lucky recipient.


✔️ A unique and simplistic piece of jewelry

✔️ Symbolic of the rich history of tobacco consumption

✔️ Made from high-quality, lead and nickel-free zinc alloy metal

Want to give your favorite smoker the gift of a sophisticated smoking experience? Look no further than this engraved smoking cloche set!

This set includes a glass cloche, smoking gun, cigar holder, and engraved cigar glasses - everything a smoker needs to enjoy their favorite liquor with a touch of smoky flavor. Simply light some wood chips or herbs, and voila! Unique, infused drinks await.


✔️ Infuse whiskey, bourbon, and scotch with unique flavors

✔️ Easy to use with wood chips or herbs

✔️ Includes cigar holder for the ultimate smoke setup

✔️ Engraved cigar glasses add a personal touch

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for people who smoke, these stickers are a fantastic choice.

Crafted from durable vinyl and coated with a sealant, these stickers are built to last, keeping their vibrant hues and crisp designs even after extended use. Once applied, they'll cling tightly to the lighter, ensuring that your gift recipient never loses their newly upgraded accessory.


✔️ Adds a pop of color and personality to any lighter

✔️ Will definitely please any smoker

✔️ Cute and whimsical designs

Searching for a gift for people who smoke can be quite a task, but fear not, for we have found a unique present that will leave a lasting impression!

Behold the stash locking box! This set comes complete with a herb grinder and rolling tray, making it a flawless gift for smokers who want to upgrade their evening routine. But what really sets this gift apart is its vintage spiritual pattern, featuring all-seeing eyes that add a touch of mystique to the smoker's collection.


✔️ Add a unique touch to the smoker's collection

✔️ The stash locking box ensures the contents protected

✔️ Make smoking even more convenient and enjoyable

For a gift that shows you care about your loved one's smoking habit and health, this leather cigar case is a flawless choice.

This gorgeous cigar case is made from high-quality leather and can hold up to three cigars at a time, depending on their size. It comes in black, blue, and rustic options, and features elegant silver engraving on those colors, while all other colors are engraved in classic black.


✔️ Crafted from premium leather for a luxurious look and feel

✔️ Perfect for an evening smoke session

✔️ Engraved with your choice of eight stylish designs

✔️ Keeps cigars safe and secure

Give the gift of organization and style with this personalized cigar box - a thoughtful and practical gift for people who smoke. Show the loved one you care about their health and their hobby with this unique gift.

With a sleek glass window, this desktop humidor allows your loved one to show off their cigar collection and impress their smoking buddies. With the ability to hold up to 75 cigars at a time, this cigar box is perfect for the occasional smoker.


✔️ Keep items organized

✔️ Just the right size

✔️ Will look great and be a valuable keepsake for years.

Elevate your smoker's evening routine with a fragrance that's both stylish and effective - the Ganja Candle! Because who says smoking smells have to be a mood killer?"

The Ganja Candle is a high-quality soy wax candle that's perfect for eliminating pesky smoke smells. What sets it apart is the eye-catching label, which features the message "SMOKING IN PROGRESS" - a fun way to let guests know what's going on.


✔️ Stylish and functional home fragrance

✔️ Made from high-quality soy wax for a clean burn

✔️ Can be personalized to make it extra special

✔️ Helps eliminate unwanted smoke smells

Make your father's day with the gift of love and care that he truly deserves. Upgrade his smoking experience with the Personalized Leather Smoking Pipes Rolling TrayMat - the ultimate smoking accessory that will leave him in awe.

It features a personalized touch that will make your father feel truly special and loved. The mat is designed to hold all of his smoking essentials, from his tobacco pipe to his rolling papers, keeping everything neatly organized and in one place.


✔️ Handcrafted from premium full-grain leather

✔️ Beautifully designed with a sleek and stylish look

✔️ Helps keep the smoking area tidy and organized

Let's face it, smokers have a hard time finding stylish and functional ashtrays. But fear not, because this Personalized Solid Walnut Cigar Ashtray is here to upgrade their evening routine!

This elegant ashtray is made of high-quality solid walnut wood and measures approximately 5.25" x 5.25" with a thickness of 1.75". The chamfered edges not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also make it easy to use.


✔️ Personalization options are available

✔️ A keepsake that can be used and treasured for years

✔️ The compact size makes it easy to carry

Seeking a stylish solution to upgrade your smoking experience? Look no further than this dreamy full set for smokers on the go!

Crafted from luxurious, 1.7mm stiff leather that only gets softer with use, this large-sized handmade leather pipe pouch is the ultimate upgrade for any smoker's evening routine. Featuring three pipe loops, a lighter pocket, a tamper pocket, and a tobacco pouch loop, this set has everything a smoker needs for their daily or travel use.


✔️ Large size, perfect for daily or travel use

✔️ Crafted with care

✔️ Elevate the smoker's experience to the next level

Crush your gift-giving game with this grinder made from 100% Canadian maple skateboard wood. Your smoker friend will be grinding with gratitude!

This grinder is a versatile tool that can crush herbs, spices, and tobacco with ease. It's also ideal for rolling your own paper cigarette. With a center magnet that holds two parts of the grinder together, you won't have to worry about losing any pieces. And the wooden teeth with metal parts inside provide extra durability and strength.


✔️ Environmentally-friendly

✔️ Smooth and easy to use

✔️ Portable and compact for on-the-go grinding

Surprise your favorite smoker with this amazing gift set, and watch as they upgrade their routine to a whole new level!

The gift set includes an assortment of smoking essentials, ranging from rolling papers to a grinder, all packaged together in a charming pink color scheme. With this gift set, your smoker friend will have everything they need to elevate their routine.


✔️ An All-in-One set

✔️ Packaged in a beautiful pink color scheme

✔️ Encourage your smoker friend to switch to rolling their cigarettes

✔️ Show your love and care for your smoker friend

Perhaps, the best part of giving your beloved smokers a gift is the way it shows your loved ones that you care about their health and well-being.

By providing them with high-quality smoking accessories and a fun treat like bubblegum, you're helping them upgrade their health in a way that's both enjoyable and responsible. What sets this gift apart is the inclusion of bubblegum - a sweet and nostalgic touch that's sure to delight any pink-loving smoker.


✔️ Includes all the smoker care essentials

✔️ Your loved one can enjoy their smoking routine with ease

✔️ Sure to steal hearts at first sight

Help your beloved smoker upgrade their evening routine with this game-changing smokey treat blend! Say goodbye to boring old cigarettes and hello to a more enjoyable and sustainable smoking experience.

This 100% natural remedy is made with fresh essential oils that are specifically designed to help manage and reduce smoking cravings. By holding it like a cigarette, the essential oils help satisfy the urge without the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes.


✔️ Sustainable and durable for long-term use

✔️ Provides a more enjoyable smoking experience

✔️ Perfect gift for smokers who care about their health

Why settle for a boring old ashtray when you can give the gift of the PolyPlus leaf ashtray? It's sure to leave a lasting impression on any smoker and show them that you care about their health and well-being.

The deep design ensures that ash stays inside, while the windproof feature keeps it from blowing away. Plus, it helps keep their table and floor clean, making it a gift that's both practical and stylish.


✔️ Fashionable and functional

✔️ Made from durable resin

✔️ Built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use

✔️ Lightweight and easy to carry

Elevate your favorite smoker's evening routine with the ultimate accessory set to take their smoking game to new heights!

This Smoking Gun Accessory Set comes complete with 11 PCS, including a Disk Lid and Cocktail Ball Glass with Straw for Drink Smoker, Dome for Cold Smoke, Cloche Lid for Drinks, and 7 Flavors of Wood Chips with a cleaning brush.


✔️ Expand their smoking horizons

✔️ Create delicious, smoky cocktails

✔️ Easy maintenance and hassle-free cleaning with a brush

Featuring the hilarious message "Inhale the good shit / Exhale the bullshit" printed on each side, these socks are the ultimate gift for smokers who love a good laugh.

These funny socks are sure to spark joy and laughter while also providing a gentle nudge toward healthier habits. Not only will they add some fun to their routine, but they'll also serve as a playful reminder to cut back on smoking and prioritize self-care.


✔️ Made with high-quality materials

✔️ Comes in a variety of sizes

✔️ Makes a unique and thoughtful gift for smokers

Give the gift of precision cooking with the ThermorPro thermometer - because no one likes overcooked or undercooked meat!

Whether they're smoking ribs, brisket, or any other meat, this handy tool will help them achieve that mouth-watering, perfectly cooked result every time. Say goodbye to guessing the temperature and hello to juicy, flavorful meat with the help of the ThermorPro, because when it comes to smoking, precision is key.


✔️ Count up and countdown settings for long-time smoking sessions

✔️ Easy-to-read display for stress-free monitoring

✔️ Wire probe for accurate temperature readings

This bully dog design ashtray is sure to upgrade your smoker friend's evening routine in a delightful way!

The playful design of the bulldog adds a touch of whimsy to any room. And, as someone who cares about the health of their smoker friend or loved one, you can rest assured knowing that this ashtray is a safer and healthier option than traditional ashtrays.


✔️ Made from 100% high-quality raw coarse pottery

✔️ Able to hold more ash and cigarette butts

✔️ Perfectly sized for both indoor and outdoor use

Attention gift-givers! This Bolt lighter will definitely light up your beloved smoker's world.

It is a practical and versatile device designed specifically for smokers. This sleek lighter is safe and easy to use, with a coil that heats up when the cover is opened. It also has a USB rechargeable feature, so you won't need to worry about refilling it with butane.


✔️ A must-have gift for smokers

✔️ The Bolt lighter doesn't produce any flame

✔️ Save your smoker time and money in the long run

Searching for a gift for people who smoke, but don't want to contribute to their habit? Add this Bradley food smoker to your cart now!

Crafted with high-quality insulated double-wall carbon steel and a durable powder epoxy exterior, the Bradley smoker will open up a whole new world of delicious food smoking. With a focus on health and wellness, this gift for smokers will encourage your loved one to explore healthier smoking alternatives to traditional cigarettes.


✔️ Multi-rack design

✔️ The smoke flows smoothly

✔️ Can smoke a variety of foods at the same time

Looking for a gift for someone who's always on fire? This sleek and stylish lighter is an exquisite gift for smokers to upgrade their evening routine!

This gift for people who smoke comes with a velvet-lined insert inside a tin, ensuring that your smoker will feel like a king or queen while lighting up their smoke. The lighter has a smooth matte black coating that effortlessly slips into their pocket, and is professionally laser engraved, making it a long-lasting keepsake.


✔️ Elegant design

✔️ Easy for your smoker to carry around

✔️ The design will never fade away

Keep the smoky smell at bay with a fresh twist. Introduce your smoking loved one to Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste.

The refreshing peppermint flavor is a gateway to a whole new level of long-lasting freshness. Its regular use helps to remove plaque and tartar, ensuring a sparkling smile.


✔️ Can instantly ease the odor of smoking

✔️ Upgrade their evening routine

✔️ Give your loved one's teeth a break

✔️ Bring a touch of luxury to daily oral hygiene routine

Say goodbye to stained nails with this cigarette holder ring! It keeps your loved one's hands smelling fresh and prevents yellowing from the smoke.

With this vintage Hollywood glam vibe accessory, your loved one will surely stand out from the crowd. And who knows, maybe it will even inspire them to smoke in style!


✔️ Add a touch of class

✔️ Make a cool prop for photos

✔️ Enhance their smoking experience

Check out this "High on Design" - a book that will take your smoking friend on a journey through the fascinating and evolving world of cannabis culture.

It is a must-read for any self-respecting smoker who also happens to be a nerd. This book is a comprehensive guide to the latest trends, designs, and brands in the cannabis industry. From addiction and crime to the marketing of weed as a medical aid and creativity booster, "High on Design" covers it all.


✔️ Gain insights into the smoking industry

✔️ Explore the use of hemp in clothing

✔️ Learn about the marketing of weed as a medical aid

Smoking is a habit that can be tough to break, but it doesn't mean we can't remind our loved ones to take care of their health in a subtle and stylish way.

Introducing the "Healthcare" shirt, made from 100% cotton, ideal for smokers who need a comfortable and breathable shirt during their outdoor workouts or simply relax at home.


✔️ Ensure maximum comfort for the wearer

✔️ Perfect for outdoor workouts or sweaty activities

✔️ Stylishly printed with the word "Healthcare"

✔️ Serve as a reminder for the wearer to prioritize their health

Don't let the stench of smoke ruin your loved one's evening routine. Give them the gift of a smoke-free environment with this powerful smoke eliminator.

This smoke eater spray is specially designed to eliminate the odor of smoke from any surface, whether it's in the car or the living room. With the help of tea tree oil, it breaks down the unwanted aroma at a molecular level, leaving behind a refreshing and clean scent.


✔️ Works like magic to get rid of smoke odor

✔️ Helps create a healthier environment

✔️ Convenient and easy to use

With this gift for people who smoke, your loved one will be able to enjoy their smoking ritual without worrying about any unwanted odors.

Made from high-quality PU leather, the bag is lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric, providing superior odor protection. The bag is both moisture and tear-resistant, ensuring that your contents stay safe and dry, no matter what.


✔️ Sturdy and stylish PU leather construction

✔️ Velcro closure ensures a complete smell-proof enclosure

✔️ Moisture and tear-resistant to protect your goods

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