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35 Best Funny Christmas Gifts for Men that'll Make Him Laugh

Merry Christmas! Do you have any special plans for your strong man this holiday season? How about adding an extra dose of laughter to the festivities? Recently, a friend shared some hilarious photos from her last holiday with her husband. What caught my attention were the unique and humorous gifts she had prepared for him. Intrigued by the idea, I've curated a collection of funny Christmas gifts for men that will bring joy to your celebrations.

The presents range from different designs to prices to match your needs but still have a practical function. In the list, you will find some ideas to prank him and some keepsakes to sway his heart, making him laugh in happiness.

Therefore, don't miss any items by scrolling down all of our suggested gifts. Let's join this Xmas gift hunt to create unforgettable memories like my friend did!

If you are searching for Christmas gifts for men to make them smile, the funny ornament is the thing you cannot miss.

The ornament combined a prank with a holiday spirit to bring him joy. Your man will chuckle all day as he sees this present hanging on the Christmas tree.

Do you want to see the happy smile on your man’s face? Let’s grab this custom blanket now to make this dream come true.

The blanket is customized with all your memorable moments with him in the year. Moreover, the red will ignite the festive holiday spirit to tell him the last holiday is coming.

With a special occasion like Christmas, your husband should have a unique whiskey glass to toast up, right? Let’s grab this glasses gift set for him now!

The set includes 8 natural granite whisky stones and 2 glasses. These items will support and give him an incredible whiskey experience. When he receives it on Christmas Eve, he will love it very much and can’t wait to use it immediately.

Your beloved man would look very handsome in the office outfit when wearing this strip tie.

In the set, he will find a necktie, a handkerchief, and a cufflink, which is stunning in a classic color and pattern. The set will enhance your man’s appearance and make him look more professional and formal at events.

If your husband is a big fan of golf, you can’t skip this golf ball set. Each set will have 12 balls which are adored with different Christmas motifs like Santa Claus, reindeer, elf, snowman, and so on. Your man can hold a simple golf game at home to enjoy on Christmas Eve with family and friends. Then, your gift will make this competition more exciting.

Looking for a funny gift to bring an unforgettable Christmas to your man? It is never difficult with this unusual candle.

With this option, you can select the outside design as his favorite drink, and there are also many scents for you to choose from. This fragrant smell will relax his mind and promote his well-being so he can enjoy his holiday to the fullest.

Home is a place for people to come back and recharge. So, we recommend this Christmas doormat to help you raise your husband’s mood right at the front door.

In this gift, we have many different messages for you to customize. Therefore, remember to choose what you like most to delight him. No matter how bad a day he goes through, he will forget everything and enter the home with a smile on his face when he sees it.

Are you laughing when you see this item? This funny ornament is sure to impress your loved man as the first sign.

The ornament features a handcuff and a hilarious quote to smile at him. You should wrap this present immediately and hang it on the Christmas tree to spread this mock to everyone.

Christmas is waving for days of gathering and laughing. But stop to wonder what funny present you might grab to surprise your man. How about this Santa-scented candle?

The candle offers many styles with different humorous quotes to light up his mood. As this one lit, he will be intrigued by the enchanting scent and giggle with the message outside.

Let’s pick up this Christmas wine tumbler to surprise your man/woman! This tumbler is attractive with a vibrant and funny message. There would be a wonderful experience for your loved one when using this one to toast up on Christmas gatherings.

Look at this Christmas towel! Do you see the Santa look like your cool man? Completely different from the gentle Santa you still see, this towel showcases a naughty one to impress him greatly. As soon as he sits at the table and sees this towel, it will amuse him and cultivate his appetite to use tastier dishes.

We believe your man will laugh out loud as soon as he looks at this holiday candle. With the eye-catching design outside, this gift will amuse him and make him feel relaxed. Not stop here, when this candle lit up, he will smell the scent of freshly baked cookies, whetting his appetite.

Christmas will be more exciting and fun as you grab these playful socks and give them to your man.

The socks stand out with a humorous quote and Christmas-inspired patterns to make him laugh. This accessory will turn your always-strict man into a tricky person to heat the holiday night.

We are sure this ornament will entirely depict your man’s attractiveness and manliness. The witty decor will bring a comfortable atmosphere to your family and prank your man until his face turns red. You should hang it where he can easily get attention to make him smile instantly.

This holiday, do you want to make your loved one smile? If so, never forget to wrap this sweatshirt as a gift to give them.

With a hilarious design, this sweatshirt will impress him/her to stay energized during the holiday season. The fabric is thick to keep your beloved comfortable and cozy to engage in outdoor and indoor Christmas activities.

The Christmas socks not only warm up his feet but it will heat the atmosphere with jokes. The pair of socks is beautiful in the red festive color, and it is printed with a viral playword to delight your man. This stocking stuffer will help you spark conversation on Xmas night and leave both of you an unforgettable holiday.

Your breadwinner has everything, so you don’t know if you should give him something. You can consider the ped could.

This gift is cute and funny to fill his heart with laughter and sweetness. This addition will make his room look more adorable and bring a smile to his face as he reads the messages in the box.

The trophy husband socks will dispel the gloomy weather on the upcoming holiday and brighten his day.

This pair promotes comfort and coziness to keep his feet warm. The basic design combined with the Christmas-themed image will tell him that he is the king in your heart, leaving a fulfilling holiday.

Your husband certainly cannot hide his smile as he receives this humorous mug. This drinking holder features a hilarious phase to impress him. Also, the mug is portable and lightweight, with a lid to ensure the drinks won’t leak out. He can bring this one in his bag to carry to work and travel.

Instead of purchasing a lovely ornament, a funny one like this choice might bring more interest to your family.

This ornament takes advantage of words having the same sounds to amuse him. His emotion will come from his curiosity about the meaning of the text to be in the mood as he knows the packed content.

This Christmas, Let him enjoy a hot cup of coffee and watch a movie with this funny mug. The item offers a wonderful text customization for you to add your message to it. That’s why this item can make a difference. He will remind you every time he holds this cup and brightly smiles.

The 3D LED night lamp is an excellent holiday present to light up the love flame in your boyfriend’s heart.

The lamp can change many colors to reflect the beautiful color effect. The top is personalized with your emotional pictures to delight and cultivate a sense of nostalgia in him.

Don’t look for some expensive present when you can grab a sentimental and practical Xmas gift for him. Like this cum rag towel, an option that will force your loved man to laugh to ear.

The towel is made of soft fabric to bring him a comfortable experience as he uses it. The funny element is hidden in your customization. It is embroidered, and you can choose the color for the thread, making your gift truly exquisite.

Are you looking for interesting activities to do with your lover this Christmas? How about coloring the people of Walmart's adult book?

This book has 39 humorous single-sided images to make him burst into tears of laughter. Coloring each funny illustration increases your excitement, giving him an unforgettable Xmas night.

You cannot skip this cutting board if your breadwinner is a MasterChef at home. This item will enhance his holiday cooking experience and bring your family laughter.

The board is made of quality wood and engraved with a hilarious quote to create humor for the present. He can use this one to chop ingredients or as a tray to display his dishes aesthetically.

Are you wondering if nothing is extra out of the box? Absolutely have! The custom face socks will surely keep your supper man giggling day to day this holiday season.

The accessory is ideally customized to his face, giving him a great surprise. His silly facial expression will elicit chuckles in your family and tarnish his serious image.

Right now, get this Shrek pooping toothpaste topper and put this in his tube to surprise your beloved man.

This creative idea will conclude his day with a smile and kick off his good mood every morning. During Christmas, the topper fuels him with positive energy to have unforgettable memories.

Take care of people around you, and you will find that making a smile isn’t as tough as you imagine. For your loved one, we have this funny notepad to add joy to his daily working day.

The witty supply features hilarious illustrations to record his boring working routine, especially when the holiday is approaching. Whenever he takes a note, your gift will recharge him with a peal of laughter and remind him to work attentively.

Your husband is a Grumpy, but that's exactly what makes him charming, right? Therefore, wrap this portrait t-shirt to add a dash of humor to his wardrobe this Christmas.

The shirt captures the essence of everyone's favorite lovably irritable character in the classic movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The gift will add delightful grumpiness to his fashion style, raising a sense of pride in himself.

The holiday is a nice occasion for people to gather and exchange gifts. So, don’t waste this great chance. Grab this underwear now to prank your man.

The boxer short is hilariously printed with Christmas dog faces, infusing humor into this present. Besides, the good fabric will promote comfortable wearing. This style will occupy his heart and leave him a funny Christmas.

There are many funny gifts for your man outside. But for a grilling lover, which is the best gift for him? The apron's belly is an answer you are seeking.

When your husband puts this apron on, we ensure everybody will burst into tears of laughter. That will liven up the Christmas gathering’s atmosphere and encourage people to talk openly.

Cheer up for Christmas with the coffee mug would be a different experience for your loved man. The drink holder is attractive with a funny design which is well printed to stay long. You can give your husband this gift on Christmas Eve so that he can use it to toast up for the festive moment now!

It's time to look back a year has come. No matter how long he has been through, this time is worth cherishing, right? Let’s give him these custom face socks to conclude his year happily.

The socks offer many different colors, and you can customize his or animal’s face on them. The truly special present will warm up his feet as well as his heart to have a cozy Christmas.

You know how to stop him from nonsense talking on the upcoming Christmas. It is the talkie toy, a creative idea to call him out.

The toy can light up, flash, and create different humorous sounds to keep him from talking about something silly. Every time he opens his mouth, you can press this one. That would be a good way to make him irritated, right?

The winter holiday is waving with cold breezes outside. But don’t let them freeze your man’s heart instead, heat it up with this keychain.

The stainless steel item is etched with a heartfelt quote to provoke the love in him. Your husband or boyfriend will love the keychain a lot and smile happily as he looks at it.

The novelty toilet timer reminds him to hurry up when his legs fall asleep in the bathroom. The sand timer runs around 5 minutes to force him to get off the pot quickly. Now grab this funny Xmas gift to joke with him and create waves of laughter among your family members!

Are you laughing at these funny Christmas gifts for men? If yes, we think your man will when seeing one of these hilarious gifts! Christmas is a time to relax and focus on the people around you, so don’t hesitate to do something that delights and cheers them. Your man will have a markable holiday as you pick up an item and set up a detailed plan to joke with him. Now why have to wait more to grab a gift and make his day packed with laughter with your creative ideas?

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