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35 Best Funny Cat Shirts That Every Cat Lovers Will Love

Are you looking to add some feline fun to your wardrobe? Check out our fun collection of funny cat shirts! We have curated a range of perfect designs that make you smile. With clever puns, witty phrases, and funny illustrations, these shirts showcase our beloved feline friends' naughty and quirky nature. Whether you're a cat lover or like to have a good laugh, our funny cat shirts are the ideal choice.

Each T-shirt boasts clever wordplay, delightful artwork, and witty expressions that perfectly encapsulate cats' playful and eccentric essence. From pun-tastic slogans that tickle your funny bone to comical cat cartoons that melt your heart, every design is meticulously crafted to brighten your day and showcase your love for cats in a lighthearted and enjoyable way.

By wearing our funny cat shirts, you'll express your admiration for these adorable creatures and spread joy to those around you. These shirts are conversation starters, mood lifters, and instant smile inducers. So why wait? Explore our collection today and choose the purr-fect shirt that speaks to your sense of humor and love for cats. Embrace the fun and celebrate the quirky charm of our feline companions with our funny cat shirts!

A shirt featuring a cat pattern with the words "Ew, people" and a funny-faced cat illustration is a suitable choice for cat lovers or simply those with a sense of humor. This shirt is also a great gift option for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or as a group shirt.


✔️ Available machine washing

✔️ Classic fit for women and men

✔️ Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Discover the joy of our cheerful cat-themed t-shirts featuring four uniquely designed and incredibly funny cat faces.

These shirts are perfect for treating yourself or gifting to your loved ones. Each face has its own charming personality, adding an extra dose of cuteness to your wardrobe.


✔️ Machine wash is available without color fading

✔️ Music t-shirt for cat lover

✔️ Retro cat themed gift

Make a lasting impression with this vibrant cat shirt featuring a surprised and hilariously expressive feline face. The comical expression of the submerged cat is sure to catch the attention of anyone who crosses your path. Spread the joy and laughter wherever you go by wearing this funny cat shirt.


✔️ Hilarious sarcasm cat love gift T-shirt to cat lovers

✔️ Funny cats design

✔️ Perfect paws cat meme face humor

Experience the extraordinary with our one-of-a-kind funny cat shirt featuring a dinosaur shooting fire. This design is guaranteed to make a bold and unforgettable statement. When a child receives this shirt as a gift, their happiness and enjoyment are bound to be unmatched.


✔️ Creative design

✔️ Kind of like cats with laser eyes sure to be a hit with your child

✔️ Funny custom artwork of cat riding a dinosaur great for kids or adults

The funny cat shirt "Fluff You, You Fluffin' Fluff" is designed specifically for women. This playful shirt features a charming cat image accompanied by a bold and humorous phrase.

What makes it even more special is that the color of the text and the cat image will change depending on the shirt color you choose, highlighting the pattern and overall design.


✔️ Women's sizes are narrower than the waist

✔️ Bring a cool and breathable wearing experience

✔️ Materials: stretchy and light fabric

Make a statement with cat shirt that leaves a lasting impression, featuring the hilarious phrase "I Hug My Cat So I Don't Punch People In The Throat." The cat pattern on the shirt exudes a defiant spirit, reflecting the independent and mischievous nature of cats.


✔️ Cat lovers are sure to love this short sleeve tee shirt

✔️ These are shirts with funny graphics, and cat theme

✔️ Personality Cat shirt

This cat shirt is the ideal choice for those who adore cats and enjoy a touch of humor. The playful phrase is sure to resonate with fellow cat enthusiasts, and the stylish cat pattern with glasses adds a trendy and fashionable touch.


✔️ Funny cat shirt for all ages

✔️ Cat gifts for cat lovers who want a funny shirt

✔️ Vintage retro cat t-shirt

You will be impress by our intriguing cat shirt, featuring a creative pattern with floating cats in UFOs. This design is visually stimulating, as each cat has a unique shape, adding an extra layer of interest and intrigue to the shirt. The whimsical concept of cats in UFOs creates a playful and imaginative vibe, perfect for cat lovers who appreciate a touch of quirkiness. Pros:

✔️ Cat UFO shirt

✔️ Vivid and colorful

✔️ Alien lover cat shirt

This unique shirt features an adorable cat with a bewildered face, adding a touch of charm and personality. The standout feature of this shirt is the pattern on the back, which enhances its uniqueness and makes it a perfect choice for girls who adore their four-legged companions.


✔️ 100% cotton for a cool wearing experience

✔️ Screenprinted graphics on back with front left pocket log

✔️ Unisex sizes to choose from

This funny shirt has a cat holding a knife with blood and the word 'what' printed below. This unique design is bound to pique curiosity and ignite conversations. The cat's facial expression adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the shirt, drawing attention to its captivating aesthetic.


✔️ Unique design

✔️ Materials: cotton, polyester texture

✔️ You can choose the color of the shirt and the color of the pattern

This shirt has the words "Ew, People." alongside a captivating motif of four cats. Each cat boasts a unique facial expression and attitude, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the shirt.

From sassy to mischievous, each feline personality is beautifully captured, making the shirt even more fascinating.


✔️ Cat illustration makes a great design for cat owners with cute sense of humor

✔️ A cute gift for any occasions

✔️ Both men and women can wear

This unique shirt features a sitting cat with a menacing face. This design playfully captures the cat's aloof and independent nature while adding an extra appeal to the shirt. The words "Please Don't Disturb, I've Been Annoying Enough" carries a humorous message from the cat to everyone around.


✔️ Materials: Cotton, Spun, Polyester for a comfort wearing experience

✔️ Different shirt colors to pick

✔️ Unisex graphic shirts

This shirt is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity with a unique twist. The standout feature of this shirt is the cute cat heartbeat pattern, adding a touch of charm and playfulness. The subtle design showcases your love for feline companions in a gentle and elegant way.


✔️ Creative design

✔️ Cat Heartbeat Shirt is a perfect gift for cat lovers

✔️ Lovely funny cute kitten in the frequency of your heart beat

Like a fun and unique t-shirt design, this shirt combines elements like a cat and an avocado that can create a playful and eye-catching image. T-shirts like these can be a fun way to express your personal taste and style.


✔️ Unique design between avocado and cat

✔️ Perfect gift for cat and vegetables lovers

✔️ Cute for youth

This intriguing shirt features a captivating scene of a cat submerged in water, gazing intently upward at a mouse. The suspense lies in whether the cat will successfully capture its elusive prey. It's an engaging depiction that sparks curiosity and captures the viewer's attention.


✔️ The best copyrighted "Paws Cat and Mouse" design

✔️ Perfect cute cat lover gift for birthdays or christmas

✔️ Visual stimulation

Are you a cat lover? If you're searching for a standout piece, your quest ends here! Behold the hilarious Hissing Booth Cat Shirt—a must-have for those who want to make a statement. This trendy Black Cat Shirt is designed to showcase your undeniable affection for feline friends.


✔️ Materials: cotton, polyester

✔️ The purrr-fect gift for any cat enthusiasts

✔️ Shirts are a relaxed fit for women

This shirt is funny because the cat is very happy enjoying a cup of coffee. The combination is simply purr-fect! Accompanied by the words 'I like cats and coffee,' this design is tailor-made for those who adore both of these delightful pleasures.


✔️ Cotton blended fabric material

✔️ Designed vintage tees for women, suitable for any seasons and occasions

✔️ This comfy graphic tee is casual and versatile

With its big, round eyes and sleek black fur, the cat appears to have weathered challenging times, yet it boldly reassures everyone with the resounding message, 'It's Fine, I'm Fine, Everything is Fine.' This design serves as a powerful reminder that despite life's hardships, we can find strength and resilience within ourselves.


✔️ Soft and cool wearing this shirt

✔️ Funny and cute design

✔️ Words of encouragement

The image of a cat with a bewildered face is the highlight of this interesting shirt. The top of the cat is the spaceship. It's an attention-grabbing combination that merges the adorable charm of a perplexed feline with the imaginative allure of space exploration.


✔️ Feel cool whenever wearing this shirt

✔️ Funny cat meme shirt

✔️ Funny cat selfie present for cat lovers

This shirt is tailor-made for men. With its bold proclamation of "Cat Daddy," it's the perfect choice for fathers or husbands. Adding to its charm is the image of a cat sporting super cool glasses, elevating the wearer's style to new heights.


✔️ 100% preshrunk cotton

✔️ Makes a great gift for any cool cat loving man

✔️ Using eco-friendly, high quality ink that embeds into the fabric

Whether you're a devoted cat lover or seeking a delightful gift for your loved ones, this funny cat shirt is the perfect choice. With its unique blend of cat prints and engaging text, this shirt is bound to bring joy and smiles to anyone who wears it or receives it as a cherished gift.


✔️ 100% super-soft ringspun cotton

✔️ Hand print creates a soft, smooth print that lasts for years

✔️ Adult unisex t shirts that look great on men and women

You will amaze everyone with the captivating textures and vibrant colors of this delightful shirt. A playful ensemble of cats sporting various expressions guarantees that you will effortlessly shine amidst the masses.


✔️ High quality polyester and spandex material will keep you cool in summer

✔️ Galaxy cat pattern makes your life unique

✔️ Easy to impress everyone when wearing

The cute cat shirt shows a cat standing gracefully on two legs, accompanied by an adorable reflective expression. Whether it's a personal gift or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, this shirt is sure to bring joy and glamor to anyone who wears it.


✔️ Classic fit for everyone

✔️ The resemblance is uncanny

✔️ IPerfect gift for you or you friends

The cat's piercing gaze and its unrepentant "I do what I want" attitude are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on people. In addition, the colorful colors that adorn the shirt are extremely eye-catching, adding to the attractiveness and making the cat shirt even more attractive.


✔️ Unique and vivid design

✔️ Materials: Cotton, polyester

✔️ Great present to gift cat lovers

The shirt includes an image of a falling cat along with the adorable text "In the event of emotional breakdown place cat here." Its charm knows no age boundaries, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones or friends, ensuring smiles and warmth all around.


✔️ Funny and unique printing design

✔️ Perfect to wear out or at home

✔️ Available for men women and children of all ages

This cool shirt is a unique combination of cat and technology. The image of a cat sitting on a laptop with the message "Don't Worry I'm From Tech Support" as an affirmation that the cat will help you when in trouble.


✔️ Qualified materials: cotton, polyester

✔️ The unisex t-shirts are true to size

✔️ Taped shoulder-to-shoulder

For those who adore cats, this shirt will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. The image of a cat with large, expressive round eyes will capture your heart. Furthermore, the harmonious color palette accentuates the cat's presence, making it truly stand out in the center.


✔️ Environmentally made cotton gives thicker vintage feel to the shirt

✔️ This is a classic unisex loose fit tee

✔️ Suitable for everyday use

Embodying the essence of the anti-social introvert, this shirt proudly displays the phrase "Ew, People" capturing the sentiment perfectly. The image of the cat at the center, with its eyes cautiously observing, adds an amusing touch, amplifying the shirt's humor and relatability.


✔️ Cool and premium fabric material

✔️ Get this funny "Ew People" vintage retro 60s, 70s, 80s style

✔️ Unique design for introverts

Infused with an air of intrigue, the shirt features a captivating silhouette of a walking cat, casting an enigmatic aura over the entire scene. The inclusion of the word "Chock" at the bottom adds an extra layer of fascination, elevating the shirt's overall appeal and making it even more captivating.


✔️ Featuring the chonkiest chonk of them all in a retro vintage style

✔️ Cute kittens and memes

✔️ Great present to gift to friends or family members

With three distinct cat faces, each exuding a unique attitude, this funny cat shirt effortlessly showcases a delightful range of feline expressions. Adding to its charm, the slogan "Drink up" creates a perfect touch, making it an ideal gift for friends who appreciate humor and enjoy a good time.


✔️ Poly/cotton blend for a breathable wearing

✔️ Perfect for any occasion

✔️ Get ready to have fun with this graphic tee

The focal point of this funny shirt is the image of a contented cat holding a cup of coffee, radiating pure satisfaction. It's the perfect choice for individuals who harbor a deep affection for both cats and coffee, seamlessly combining their two passions into one delightful design.


✔️ Unisex graphic shirt

✔️ Premium quality and soft material shirt

✔️ Heat transfer vinyl printed

Prepare yourself for laughter-inducing moments with this cat shirt featuring intriguing and comical motifs. Witness the mischievous cat's unexpected visit to the city police station, accused of committing a crime.


✔️ Catnip cat lovers clothes will make any cat owner laugh

✔️ Perfect to wear out or at home

✔️ Available for men women and children of all ages

This cat shirt truly leaves a lasting impression with its striking and captivating details. Picture a determined feline, wielding a knife with an expression that exudes an air of defiance, accompanied by the word "What."


✔️ Comfortable cotton material

✔️ A great gift idea for cat lovers

✔️ Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

For those who hold a deep appreciation for cats, this funny cat shirt is an absolute delight. The intricate and exquisite print of the cat showcases remarkable attention to detail, capturing the essence of these beloved animals in a truly lovely manner.


✔️ Soft feel and great fit

✔️ "Old-skool" style of printing creates a durable image

✔️ Adult unisex t-shirts

The shirt becomes a canvas that beautifully portrays the playful and mischievous nature of our feline friends. Adding to the charm, the humorous phrase "Cat Tricks" perfectly encapsulates the amusing antics and behaviors of cats, making it a delightful addition to this one-of-a-kind shirt.


✔️ Made from cotton and polyester materials

✔️ Great for cat breeders

✔️ Hilarious cat memes

Bottom Line

We have carefully reviewed and selected the coolest and funniest cat shirt designs for you. We have given detailed description of these remarkable shirts which have received many compliments from our satisfied customers. Each design has its own charm and is sure to catch your attention. Place your order now to own your favorite cat shirt and enjoy its glamor as soon as possible. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on these amazing creations that bring joy and humor to your wardrobe.

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