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42 Best Christmas Gifts for 7 Month Old that'll Put A Smile On Their Faces

Can you believe it's almost Christmas again? It's that magical time of year when everything sparkles with joy and love. And if you have a 7-month-old bundle of giggles and coos in your life, get ready to witness the pure wonder and excitement in their eyes as they experience their very first Christmas! But wait, are you feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find the perfect gifts for your tiny adventurer? Well, worry not, because we're here to help you make this holiday season absolutely unforgettable for your little wonder!

The joy of gift-giving! We all want to see our little ones light up with delight and curiosity. So, let me share with you a secret – it's not just about the gift; it's about the love and thought you put into it. In this article, we've carefully handpicked a selection of 7 month old Christmas gifts that are sure to create precious moments of laughter and discovery for your 7-month-old. From soft and snuggly companions to toys that make them giggle with glee, we've got you covered.

Join us on this adventure of finding the perfect Christmas gifts for 7-month-olds. Let's make this holiday season one to remember, as we see the world anew through our baby's eyes. Together, let's cherish every precious moment of laughter, love, and wonder. Are you as excited as I am to make this Christmas unforgettable for our little wonders? Let's dive in and celebrate this joyful season with all the warmth and love our hearts can hold!

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Have a holiday season filled with wonder and joy by embracing the magical allure of the Custom Christmas Delivery Face Bag.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it measures a generous 16 inches in height and 14 inches in width, providing ample space for all your precious presents. The durable and high-quality material ensures longevity, so you can relish in the delight of this cherished keepsake for years to come.


✔️ A thoughtful way to send a smile to your loved ones

✔️ Perfect for carrying around baby photos and small items

✔️ Keep all the best moments of your little ones

Bring happiness and warmth for your baby in special day with this Baby Month Milestone Blanket.

This cute blanket is made from a soft microfiber material which is made of high quality and durable. This cute blanket is perfect for baby boys and girls. The baby blanket will protect the baby from cold weather and ensure the baby’s safety when they sleep.


✔️ Keeps babies warm and cozy

✔️ Bright colors make a baby smile

✔️ Give the gift of a hug and help baby grow

You will remember the first Christmas your 7-month-old child spent with you for years. Even if all your little one has to remember about the holiday are the pictures you took, they will always hold a special place in his or her parents' hearts. This Custom Face Photo Christmas Stocking is a lovely gift that conveys your unending love. Check it out now!


✔️ Make your shopping easy as pie

✔️ Custom name and image

✔️ Extra strength and durability

If your family recently expanded with a new baby, you're probably looking for a few items to add a little extra magic to your child's first Christmas. This Lovely New Born Baby Wooden Plaque is sure to help you make even more special holiday memories with your baby.

The soft textures, bright colors, and engaging shapes provide endless opportunities for playful discovery and growth. Made with baby-safe materials, this plaque is perfect for little hands to explore, ensuring that their journey of discovery is safe and enjoyable.


✔️ Customized details

✔️ Made from nontoxic, odor-free material

✔️ Ensure an everlasting image

For a thoughtful gift for kids for the holidays, buy this personalized wooden Christmas ornament featuring an adorable rainbow.

This wooden ornament is beautifully made from premium redwood and hand painted. Simply fill in your child's name and choose the year you want. This beautiful ornament is a perfect gift for any kid who loves the rainbow and Christmas.


✔️ Add amazing holiday cheer to kids’ nursery

✔️ Come with a cute and colorful rainbow design

✔️ Easy to entertain kids

Welcoming a new life into the world is a momentous occasion, and every precious milestone of a baby's growth is a reason to celebrate. The Baby Shower Growth Tracker Blanket is more than just an adorable keepsake.

These soft, breathable, anti-allergy, machine washable, machine dryable, and eco-friendly baby blankets are perfect for newborns, babies, or toddlers. The blanket is a great gift for little angles to mark each milestone. Made from soft cotton, this beautiful blanket has a butterfly theme to match the soft colors.


✔️ Feature a simple yet great look

✔️ Keep babies cozy and warm

✔️ Help babies happy to see the beautiful patterns

If you are planning to buy gifts for a baby in the next few months, this canvas poster will make a cute gift.

This design is a combination of vintage images of babies and fun cartoon images. This delightful baby canvas comes in an easy-to-use tube with a special window where the baby’s photo will be placed.


✔️ Don’t fade, crack, or peel

✔️ Look adorable in any wall décor

✔️ Come with the beautiful background design

Need a gift that exudes sheer cuteness and uniqueness for a baby's birthday or full-month celebration? Choose this Custom Name Fleece Blanket.

Made with luxurious softness and easy-care fabric, the custom-name fleece blanket is a great way to show the world how you feel about your little one. A blanket personalized with your child’s name will always keep them warm. You can pick up your fleece blanket today for your baby.


✔️ Bring about softness

✔️ Generous size guarantees maximum coverage

✔️ Highly customizable for a significant gift

Dive into a world of sensory delight with these handmade cloth books designed for little ones. The crinkle feature and squeaker sound engage their developing senses, while the textured animal tails provide tactile stimulation. The vibrant colors capture their attention, creating a magical reading experience.

Crafted from washable, non-toxic, and skin-friendly materials, these BPA-free polyester books are safe for infants. The soft fabric makes them easy for little hands to hold, ensuring hours of entertainment.


✔️ Engaging Sensory Experience

✔️ Safe and Durable Construction

✔️ Vibrant Colors and Textures

This game is designed to provide a stimulating and educational experience for 7-month-old babies. Crafted from 100% Harmless ABS Plastic, the blocks are non-toxic and odorless, ensuring safety for your little one.

The elastic strings on the cube and cylinder allow easy attachment of the soft and chewable shapes, fostering tactile exploration. As they play, they'll develop their cognitive skills, dexterity, and shape recognition. This interactive game brings joy and learning together in a delightful way.


✔️ Promotes Shape and Color Recognition

✔️ Safe and Non-Toxic Materials

✔️ Engaging and Interactive Play

Everything you need to make your first DIY baby remembrance is included in this Baby Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit Set. Kit contents: 1 set of alphabet stamps, 1 set of satin ribbons, 2 sets of twine rope, 2 sets of lovely Christmas organza gift bags, 1 set of contemporary display easels, 2 packs of air-dry clay, 2 sets of adorable round and heart-shaped shaping frames, 2 working mats, 1 rolling pin, 1 set of alphabet stamps, 1 glaze finish paint with paintbrush.

As you see your child grow, you'll want to be sure to always have a copy of their handprint and footprint to look back on.


✔️ Easy-to-Follow Instructions

✔️ Personalize with Alphabet Stamps

✔️ Includes Display Easels and Gift Bags

The passage of time can be frozen with the help of a precious baby milestone chalkboard sign. This 17x23" black board is constructed of wood and is completely reusable and adaptable to your needs. You can use the beautiful font provided by YouAlphabetcha to showcase a plethora of personalised information about your newborn. The store will print and ship your order when you send them the name, design, and colour scheme. There's nothing quite like sharing a child's firsts with them.


✔️ Customizable and Reusable

✔️ Handmade with Care

✔️ Beautiful Typography Design

Complete with a traffic light and a signal lever that produces funny noises, as well as a gear shift that can be pushed and pulled to introduce polar opposites.

Your little one can pretend to be the driver while still in their pram or car seat. The cute dog character can be moved back and forth by practising their turns and switching gears.


✔️ Enhances Motor Skills and Imagination

✔️ Introduces Opposites and Animals

✔️ Suitable for On-the-Go Fun

Engaging toddlers in activities like these is great for their sensory growth since they enjoy putting things together. The log and the mushrooms are both constructed from sturdy wood, so they will last for quite some time. Your child's gripping and shape-matching abilities will grow as they use it in play. Your child's motor skills will benefit from and enjoy this toy's brightly coloured mushroom caps, which are very easy to handle.


✔️ Durable Solid Wood Construction

✔️ Engaging and Interactive Play

✔️ Enhances Grasping

Learning Walker is a piece of adaptable technology that facilitates your baby's movement from the crawling to the walking stage. With a barnyard full of supportive friends, your child's first steps will be filled with laughter and joy. Your youngster will be entertained for hours by the toy's many features, including a telephone handset, five piano keys, three colourful rollers, three light-up shape sorters, three light-up buttons, and spinning gears.


✔️ Interactive and Engaging Features

✔️ Promotes Learning and Concept Exploration

✔️ Cheerful Barnyard Buddies for Added Fun

This Personalised Peeking Ornament is the perfect present for your child because it shows they are a part of something special. To personalise your ornament, simply select the number of names you'd like to include and a short phrase. Polyresin construction ensures that this gorgeous ornament will last for many Christmases to come. This personalised peeking ornament will be the talk of the holiday party.


✔️ Customizable and Personalized

✔️ Made from Durable Polyresin

✔️ Meaningful Gift for Loved Ones

The Taco Tuesday Gift Set includes three toys that will engage and entertain your 7-month-old baby. The toy taco features a variety of textures for exploration and teething, while the avocado rattles with rollerball pits and the lemon and lime clackers offer additional sensory stimulation. This gift set is designed to delight your baby and encourage their sensory development.


✔️ Variety of Textures for Exploration

✔️ Engaging Avocado Rattles and Clacker Toys

✔️ Promotes Sensory Stimulation

Baby's first Christmas deserves to be commemorated with these beautiful blue clay booties. You can add his name, birth date, weight, and height with a marker or pen of your own. Each of the blue resin booties is 2.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in height and is tied together with a white satin ribbon. Each pair of shoes comes with a special hang tag commemorating the year 2022. This is the perfect present if you're looking for something personal.


✔️ Cherish the Memories

✔️ Personalize with Your Baby's Details

✔️ Handcrafted Ceramic Booties

For a baby's first Christmas, nothing beats a set of wooden circles. For the baby's first year of monthly photos, each set includes 13 markers with "Hello World," the months 1 through 11, and 1 year engraved on them. All of the baby's milestones and celebrations are represented by these darkly carved wooden circles. These handmade trackers can be used in place of stickers and are both functional and decorative when not in use.


✔️ Commemorate Every Month

✔️ Beautifully Carved Wooden Discs

✔️ Unique Alternative to Stickers

Wonderful for baby pictures of boys and girls alike, these organic milestone blocks are inscribed in a modern calligraphy style. The blocks are made of real wood and have been sealed, stained, and/or painted for a uniform appearance. The words and numbers have been skillfully printed onto the blocks for longevity. These timeless and versatile wooden age blocks can be used from the time a baby is 4 months old all the way up until they turn 14 years old, making them a great investment.


✔️ Organic Wooden Blocks

✔️ Contemporary Handwriting Style

✔️ Durable Construction

This Dino car toy is made of non-toxic ABS, has polished, burr-free edges, and no small components to prevent choking dangers. Your baby will want to pursue and crawl after it. Ideal for teaching babies how to control their major muscles, which are required for walking, running, jumping, and maintaining body balance while playing.

It is the perfect size for a baby's small hands to practise clutching and is small enough to fit in your bag when you're out and about.


✔️ Non-Toxic and Baby-Friendly Design

✔️ Engaging and Vibrant Colors

✔️ Perfect Size for Baby's Grasping Skills

After your child receives this Plush Stacking Toys Set, he or she will enjoy having teeny little Bob the Builder wandering around the house. Because PP cotton is gentler than plastic, the set will not harm infants or young children. These are built with 6 bright colours and various sizes of rings, including a teether ring, a crinkle ring, a windmill rattle, and a beeping duck. Give your child a gift that will bring them endless smiles!


✔️ Gentle and Safe Material

✔️ Vibrant Colors and Different-sized Rings

✔️ Variety of Engaging Features

✔️ Stimulates Senses and Motor Skills

If you're looking for a Christmas gift that can be worn on a regular basis, you should definitely consider this Long-Sleeve Bodysuit. For added comfort and cosiness, the suit is made of 100% cotton. It also has a snap enclosure, which makes changing garments a breeze. There are many cute designs and patterns to select from, so take your time and find the one that best matches your kid!


✔️ Made with 100% Cotton for Comfort

✔️ Long Sleeves for Added Warmth

✔️ Wide Selection of Cute Designs

Everything you need to make magnificent, long-lasting handprint, footprint, or paw print keepsake ornaments to put on your Christmas tree or display on your fireplace. This kit includes air-dry clay, a roller, a cutting ring, a straw punch, three ribbons, a bonus custom stencil kit, two display stands, detailed instructions, and a wonderful gift box!

This non-toxic air drying clay is only for easy DIY delight. Enjoy a gorgeous, strong memory that will not shatter and is yours to keep forever!


✔️ Create Lasting Memories

✔️ Non-toxic Air-dry Clay

✔️ Bonus Custom Stencil Kit

This rolling toy ball improves infant mobility. The design's bright colours and built-in bells will attract your youngster to chase and crawl. Perfect for teaching babies how to control their major muscles, which are required for walking, climbing, and other activities.

The baby crawling toys are made of high-quality thick PVA materials, have a smooth surface, are non-toxic, and are BPA-free. They are long-lasting and an excellent choice for your baby's development. A truly excellent Christmas present.


✔️ Bright Colors and Built-in Bells for Engagement

✔️ Made of Top-notch Thick PVA Materials

✔️ Non-toxic and BPA-free for Safety

With the NARRIO spinning toys, you get everything you need for a fun-filled day! A toddler is more likely to be interested in three different animal-shaped suction cup spinner toys with jingle bells. Come observe the whirling toys; they'll be completely unconcerned. The toddler's anxiety will be lessened by the vibrantly blowing wind leaves, which will also make them happy and help them fall asleep faster. Without a doubt, one of the best toys for your baby.


✔️ Promotes Engagement and Playfulness

✔️ Helps Reduce Toddler's Anxiety

✔️ Encourages Peaceful Sleep

This adorable plush Teddy bear first ring rattle provides warmth and enjoyment for babies. This rattle will certainly become a favourite of the baby. At 5.5", this soft rattle is the perfect size for any early toddler. You may be guaranteed that it will be treasured for many years because it was produced by Bearington Baby, a business known for its great quality and beautiful textiles. Don't wait any longer to get this for your child!


✔️ Soft and Cuddly Texture

✔️ Perfect Size for Little Hands (5.5")

✔️ Made by Bearington Baby

You can get the holiday season started right with the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer kit, which includes a plush Rudolph rattle, teether activity book, and stuffed Rudolph. You can assist your baby learn and start story time with a soft fabric book that includes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with this lovely on-the-go book that allows the baby to play while you read a story together. There's also a mirror, a clip for attaching to a pram or car seat and two textured teethers in the soft book.


✔️ Fun and Festive Features

✔️ Plush Rudolph Rattle with Jingle Sound

✔️ Engaging and Interactive Playtime

Don't be afraid to acquire this set of Christmas Outfit as a gift for your child in order to help them enjoy their first magical Christmas! This bright and adorable ensemble includes a headband, a body suit, a hat and a pair of striped trousers, all in red.

Everything is composed of a nice cotton blend, so your baby will be as comfortable as possible while celebrating Christmas with everyone!


✔️ Vibrant and Cute Christmas-themed Set

✔️ Soft and Comfortable Cotton Blend Fabric

✔️ Complete Ensemble for a Festive Look

This child's xylophone can be played in a variety of ways. When the hammering sends the balls tinkling over, the kids can play a solo on the keyboard and xylophone, or they can fetch them. It helps with dexterity, hand-eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, and cause and effect. It will surely be durable and suitable for youngsters because it employs water-based paint and non-toxic finishes. Unquestionably necessary for all 7-month-olds.


✔️ Colorful Balls for Added Fun and Movement

✔️ Water-Based Paint and Non-Toxic Finishes

✔️ Sturdy Construction

Lifting the large, strong flaps reveals distinctive seasonal delights like as decorations, candy canes, and Christmas delicacies. Allow every child you care about to enjoy the vibrant colours, gorgeous artwork, and lift-the-flap activities of this book.

It's a Christmas book in which you "assist" infants in finding their gifts. Each two-page spread includes a lift-the-flap, and the flaps are large enough for young hands to manage. This Christmas treat is sure to satisfy the little ones!


✔️ Bright Colors and Adorable Artwork

✔️ Interactive Lift-the-Flap Activities

✔️ Engaging Storyline and Seasonal Surprises

Still looking for a strategy to make your Christmas event more colourful and festive? If so, make sure to get your adorable toddler this set of Christmas pyjamas to wear! Heather colours are a blend of 48% polyester and 52% cotton, while these butter-soft tees are 100% cotton. The cosiest matching family shirts to keep everyone warm and comfy, suitable for use as matching Christmas pyjamas for everyone on Holy Night.


✔️ Festive and Lively Design

✔️ Soft and Comfortable Fabric

✔️ Matching Family Shirts

The glossy ceramic snowflake frame displays a picture of your child to celebrate your child's first Christmas while also complementing your holiday décor. Simply add your favourite holiday shot in the frame, and the clear front will beautifully highlight your little elf's image. As a baby shower or holiday gift, it would be warmly appreciated by all of the new and expecting parents, grandparents, and other loved ones in your life!


✔️ Elegant Snowflake Design

✔️ Glossy Ceramic Frame

✔️ Thoughtful Gift for New Parents

The 7 month developmental stage indicates the time when a child's baby teeth begin to grow. As a result, this Teething Crochet is the excellent Christmas gift for them! Every baby rattle has a hidden secret that attracts the infant's attention: when the wooden rattle is shaken, the small rings collide and produce a piercing sound.

Your infant can use the surface of the crocheted rattle to relieve teething discomfort. Beautiful gift box set, and the rattle toy's uncomplicated form is ideal for babies!


✔️ Delightful Sound from Wooden Rings

✔️ Soothes Teething Discomfort

✔️ Adorable and Practical Design

If you're looking for something a little more conventional this holiday season, this Santa's Workshop Playset should be at the top of your list. Each of the snowmen, elves, Santa, and reindeer in this collection makes a different noise when squeezed, jingled, or rattled.

These cute Christmas figures may be easily stored in Santa's Workshop, thanks to their convenient carrying handle and Velcro fastener. This is the most original Christmas present I've ever seen given to a baby.


✔️ Variety of Sensory Experiences

✔️ Portable Design with Carrying Handle

✔️ Encourages Imaginative Play

✔️ Festive and Adorable Figurines

On a warm and fuzzy Christmas eve, nothing beats snuggling up with your favourite 7-month-old in a high-quality romper like this Baby Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit will be constructed from high-quality cotton fabrics that are soft, breathable, elastic, and sweat-absorbing to ensure the maximum comfort of infants.

The predominant colour of this long sleeve, round-collared romper is red, and it is printed with the classic Santa Baby Letters pattern. The expanded crotch makes changing the diaper easier for everyone and puts the infant at ease. The baby is so cute and lovely in such vivid hues.


✔️ Soft, Breathable, and High-Quality Cotton Fabrics

✔️ Sweat-Absorbing Properties

✔️ Charming Santa Baby Letters Pattern

These soft rattle toys are an excellent choice for a baby's first present. There is no need to worry about the youngster getting damaged by harsh plastic edges with this rattle toy because it is made of cotton, unlike the typical toys you can purchase in shops. These convenient rattles may be tossed in a diaper bag or attached to a stroller for on-the-go fun.


✔️ Soft and Gentle on Baby's Delicate Skin

✔️ Made of Safe and Durable Cotton Material

✔️ Portable Design for On-The-Go Fun

It is great to usher in their first Christmas with this customized pink Christmas decorations. These charming trinkets are so adorable, safe, and washable, which provide a delightful backdrop for those precious holiday moments while ensuring their first Christmas is truly unforgettable.

Every little one, even those as young as seven months old, deserves a special gift. Let's bring sweetness to the early months of their life with this charming lamp.

You can personalize it by adding your child's name, transforming it into a delightful piece of decor. The materials used are easy to clean, simplifying life for busy parents. The warm and comforting glow of this lamp is especially perfect for bedtime or snug evenings.

Are you happy when you see your baby's smile? Absolutely, right? Then, you should get this suit onesie to make your angel shine.

The onesie is customized with your baby's name and age, creating a unique outfit to cherish the holiday. Importantly, this Christmas gift for your 7-month-old will make sure he/she can crawl comfortably on the ground.

This winter holiday, let's do something to put a smile on your little one's face. How about stuffing your ideal gift into this Santa sack?

This item is beautifully designed with merry patterns to promote that this is a gift bag from Santa. As a Christmas gift for a 7-month-old, you can put toys, clothes, food, and so on in it to please both parents and newborns.

This Christmas, you will come to your loved one's home to celebrate. And you want to have a cute present for their 7-month-old baby. How about the personalized face ornament?

This tree hanging is completely different from others. This one is personalized to impress parent with their baby's delightful moment. Magically, the ornament will spread out the warm holiday spirit and sweeten people's hearts to have a truly merry Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Prepare to make your child's Christmas special this year with the Best Christmas Gifts for 7 Month Old! These beautiful gifts have been hand-picked to provide enjoyment and wonder to your baby's first Christmas season. Each present, from interactive toys to sensory playsets, is intended to engage and entertain. Shop today and give your child a gift that will make them happy!

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