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21 Valentine’s Day Traditions That’ll Make You Surprise

Sure! Valentine’s Day is a great day to express your love to your significant other or someone you love. Timeless Valentine’s Day traditions, such as handmade gifts and holiday dances, have been around for a long time and are everywhere around the world. These traditions focus on creating memorable moments with your loved ones, making them ideal for craft enthusiasts and families with young children.

So, if you want more Valentine’s Day facts, then here are 21 Valentine’s Day customs that will surprise you. Everything is here to help you have sublime moments in love, from simple, easy-to-do things to unique traditions. Don’t hesitate to discover these wonderful things with Loveable!

Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions

1. Gifting a Puzzle Purse

Gifting a Puzzle Purse

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, people in England and the United States liked to give puzzle purses as Valentine’s gifts. A puzzle purse is like a folded-up paper with different parts of a message or verses written on it.

The trick is that you need to unfold it in a specific order to read the message correctly. They even used to number the folds so the person receiving it knew how to open it. Each unfold would reveal a part of the message; sometimes, there was a little surprise or gift in the middle. It was a fun and creative way to share affection!

Learn to make this adorable floral puzzle purse in this tutorial!

2. Writing Love Poetry

Writing Love Poetry

On Valentine’s Day, what else are romantic things to do? Alongside a card you make or write by hand, you can also create a lovely poem for someone special! 

Back in 1415, Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote what’s believed to be the oldest Valentine, and it was a poem. Your message can be bold, sentimental, or cute – the choice is yours. No matter what, the recipient will surely be delighted with whatever heartfelt message you share.

3. Making Handwritten Cards

Making Handwritten Cards

In the old days, before big companies like Hallmark made lots of cards, people would send special Valentines to each other. These weren’t like the cards you see in stores today – they were personalized with hand-written messages. 

The Huffington Post says that up until 1847, most holiday cards were handwritten. Even though it’s easier to buy a card that’s already made, getting a unique love letter from your special someone is something special and can’t be beaten.

4. Celebrating Black Love Day on the 13th of February

Celebrating Black Love Day on the 13th of February

Black Love Day was popularized in 1993 after being inspired by the depiction of the assassination of Malcolm X in a film by Ayo Handy-Kendi. She wanted to create a holiday focused on promoting peace and preventing violence.

She chose February 13 to distinguish the celebration from holidays rooted in European culture. Black Love Day is a time to reflect on the central role of love, including romantic love, in the history of the black community. People celebrate Black Love Day by expressing love and appreciation within the Black community. Supporting black-owned businesses is also a common practice during this celebration.

5. Making Pressed Flowers

Making Pressed Flowers

Even though it’s not a well-known activity in the United States, couples in Denmark have a charming tradition for Valentine’s Day. They exchange white-pressed flowers known as snowdrops. The interesting thing is that these dried flowers last longer than fresh ones. This means couples can keep them for years, symbolizing their infinite love mutually. How romantic is that?

6. Giving Reusable Chocolate Boxes

Giving Reusable Chocolate Boxes

A tradition that we don’t see much nowadays is giving fancy chocolate boxes. Richard Cadbury, from the famous British chocolate family, is said to be the first to make a heart-shaped holiday box, as per He wanted people to enjoy the chocolates and the pretty box, maybe even using it for things like love letters. 

Those old Victorian Cadbury boxes are still around and are seen as valuable keepsakes. Who knows, maybe one day, the box you make at home could become a collectible, too!

7. Holiday Dancing

Holiday Dancing

Instead of splurging on an expensive dinner, many couples chose to host affordable Valentine’s Day gatherings at private homes in the United States in the 1990s.

Holiday dancing was born to make the fun more interesting, including single and double dances. This dance gradually became popular and has become a Valentine’s tradition to this day.

8. Trading Funny Cards

Trading Funny Cards

Like the Victorians did, if you’re going to give your partner or lover a card that’s made for a lot of people, why not make it hilarious? Jayne Burgess, who is in charge of the Special Collections at Manchester Metropolitan University, says that the Victorians were very funny. 

Not take things too seriously, and they played cards to make each other laugh. You can make your loved one laugh by adding fun to your card.

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

9. A Party For Everyone – Estonia

A Party For Everyone - Estonia

In Estonia, February 14 is Friendship Day, which is also called Sobrapaev. This is a great party for everyone, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Everyone celebrates love, not just lovers. Family and friends also give each other gifts and gather to have a fun time together.

10. For A Week Of Sweetness – Argentina 

 For A Week Of Sweetness - Argentina 

In Argentina, people don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. The truth is that many people in this country still wonder, “What is Valentine’s Day?” instead, they have a “sweet week” in July. During this time, couples share kisses and exchange chocolates and other sweets. Originally a commercial idea, it became a tradition similar to Valentine’s Day. It’s a unique and fascinating way to celebrate love, don’t you think?

11. Lovers Day – Brazil 

Lovers Day - Brazil 

People in Brazil have a holiday called “Dia dos Namorados,” which translates to “Lovers Day.” People give each other flowers, chocolate, and gifts during this event. There are also music events and dance shows to enjoy. It’s not only for couples; families also enjoy special meals together on this day to give love to all family members.

12. Day Of Winemakers – Bulgaria 

Day Of Winemakers - Bulgaria 

How about Bulgaria? Just like in any other country, they have their way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. On February 14th, Bulgarians celebrate San Trifon Zartan, known as the “day of winemakers.” 

It’s a special day for young and old couples to share their love, often by enjoying a glass of fantastic local wine. So, if you find yourself in Bulgaria on Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the chance to savor the delightful local wine and the warm embrace of love in the air.

13. A Celebration Of Love – Denmark

A Celebration Of Love - Denmark

Although Denmark has only recently started celebrating Valentine’s Day, the country has its special way of celebrating the 14th of February. In Denmark, instead of roses and sweets, people send each other homemade cards with pressed snowdrop flowers on them. It gives the party a unique feel and focuses on meaningful and personal actions.

14. Feasts Of Love – Iraq

Feasts Of Love - Iraq

Iraqi Kurds celebrate Valentine’s Day with a “love feast,” decorating red apples to symbolize the original love story: Adam and Eve.

It differs from the Biblical story in that an apple is believed to bring prosperity and love, not the end of paradise on earth. This is an interesting tradition worth learning about when visiting this beautiful country.

15. Sisters’ Meal Festival – China 

Sisters’ Meal Festival - China 

In Miao, a region in southwest China, they celebrate the “Sisters’ Meal” festival on March 15th. It’s a special time when women dress in beautiful silver accessories and dresses, making it one of the most stunning Valentine’s Day customs globally. During the festival, they cook various dishes with colorful rice, presenting them on silk fabric to young men walking on the roads. 

The destiny of the love between them is determined by objects found in the rice. For instance, two chopsticks symbolize love, while a clove of garlic signifies the love is over before it begins. This unique festival combines beautiful traditions with a touch of mystery and charm.

16. National Chocolate Day – Ghana 

National Chocolate Day - Ghana 

For people in Ghana, February 14 is “National Chocolate Day.” The government of Ghana made this holiday in 2007 to bring more tourists to the country. Ghana makes a lot of cocoa for the world. In Ghana, people celebrate by going to shows, music events, and restaurants with special meals for the day. Today is chock full of fun things and events with a chocolate theme.

17. Festival of Love and Romance – England 

 Festival of Love and Romance - England 

English women used to put five bay leaves on their beds on Valentine’s Day so they could dream about their future lovers. Jack Valentine was like Santa Claus in Norfolk on Valentine’s Day. Because it was Valentine’s Day, kids were looking forward to seeing Jack Valentine, even though they never got to meet him.

18. Epicentre Of Romance – France

Epicentre Of Romance - France

Legend has it that the very first Valentine’s Day card came from France in 1415. Charles, the Duke of Orleans, sent sweet love letters to his wife while he was in prison. Also, a French village named “Valentine” becomes a hub of romance from the 12th to the 14th of February. During this time, the streets are adorned with love cards, roses, and marriage proposals. It’s considered one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day traditions globally.

19. A Common Day For Couples – Italy

A Common Day For Couples - Italy

In the past, Italians celebrated Valentine’s Day as a spring holiday. One custom saw young single couples getting up early to attempt to get a peek at their future spouses. Nowadays, Italians celebrate by giving each other presents and having romantic meals.

20. The Day of San Dwynwen – Wales 

The Day of San Dwynwen - Wales 

In Wales, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a very different way. Wales has its day of love on January 25, which is called the “Day of San Dwynwen.” Many other places celebrate on February 14. People in love give each other hand-made wooden spoons as gifts on this day. In Wales, this custom has been around since the 1600s and is very important to those living there.

21. Love birds – Slovenia

Love birds - Slovenia

Valentine’s Day falls on the first day of spring in Slovenia. On Gregorjevo – a day when flowers bloom and birds sing, ladies are instructed to walk outside and look at the sky. The first bird they observe is said to provide information about their future partner. Interesting to know, right?

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With these 21 Valentine’s Day traditions from Loveable, you certainly have more interesting perspectives on Valentine’s Day traditions from countries worldwide. Don’t forget to follow us for more useful information and make every day the best day of your life.

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