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What Is A Platonic Friendship | The Benefits & Drawbacks of having it

Relationships can take many different forms, from friendship to romance. There are other kinds of love that a person can experience, which are just as essential, despite the fact that many people think that love is just something that can be felt in a romantic relationship.

You can love and connect with your friends, family, and coworkers, among other individuals. These ties are centered on a platonic bond, which is just as significant as any other sort of bond.

Platonic relationships can be quite challenging. You can find yourself in a jealous, difficult relationship, which is the worst-case scenario. Yet, platonic interactions, at their absolute best, can greatly improve your quality of life. So what is a platonic friendship, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of having it? Let’s find out this interesting kind of relationship in this article.

What Is A Platonic Friendship In Life?

You can have a platonic friendship with everyone including your close buddy, a coworker or even a next-door neighbor because the word “platonic” refers to the absence of romance. Two persons who are close friends but do not have a romantic or sexual relationship are said to be in a platonic relationship. Hence, a deep friendship between two people who aren’t dating or having sex is called a platonic friendship. It’s not physical attraction, it’s not unrequited love, and it’s not sexual activity. It’s a relationship built on emotional, spiritual, or extracurricular ties. There are no hidden agendas or long-term plans to leave the “friend-zone.”

It is no longer platonic if the friendship extends beyond being “just friends.” If two people are platonic friends, there may be sexual tension between them. One or both of them may have more passionate feelings of love and attraction, but they may not have taken any action just yet. Although a platonic friendship might be extremely deep and significant, it is not a true friendship with benefits.

Relationships can occasionally develop out of platonic friendships, but this also happens occasionally. Platonic friendships can exist between members of the same sex or members of different sexes, but when there is a chance for a more sexual relationship, people frequently feel the need to state that they are “strictly platonic.”

What Is A Platonic Friendship In Life?

The Benefits Of A Platonic Relationship

Have a dependable relationship with reliable person 

Having a close friend who is of the other sex and having a platonic friendship are both completely non-sexual relationships. Another way to think about it is that having a platonic buddy is like having a true friend, relationship adviser, wingman, and someone who completely gets your odd behaviors all rolled into one. So, one of the key reasons we should value platonic friendships above all else is due to their sincere, authentic nature. Keep your focus on your close platonic pal if you have it if there is pressure from society. 

It’s true that men and women view the world from very different viewpoints due to the profound differences in their thinking, but having a platonic buddy balances these differences. Without any sex involved, a platonic friendship can improve your quality of life, challenge your viewpoint, and make you feel loved and supported.

Mutually get support and inspiration 

Who can you call when you’ve had a difficult day at work, need assistance moving a large piece of furniture, or require transportation to the emergency room? Platonic friends are those who will be there every time you feel that your life is too hard. As true friends, they will probably provide you with the extra encouragement you need to face your worries and attempt something new. Moreover, they can mentally help you as a person who gives you compliments and be a shoulder for you to cry on. 

Moreover, your platonic friend can be a source of inspiration whenever you find your life so tedious and meaningless. Being close with heterosexual friends who are outstandingly excellent in their careers or positive in their spiritual life can help you find the true motivation to live on earth. Therefore, they are the ones who inspire you so that you may have greater faith in your life and learn how to overcome its difficult passages.

Mutually get support and inspiration 

Get away from toxic relationship habits

In some cases, a friend will be more honest with you than a lover, specifically if the connection is new. A friend will be faster to point out your unpleasant or odd behavior. Ask an open, close friend their view on why they believe your relationships are failing if you observe that they are. And don’t take offense to their reply! A real friend will always support you, give you advice, and provide information you might not otherwise receive.

Expand social relationships and opportunities

Having a best friend who is the other sex gives you a chance to meet peers who are the other sex as well. Your new buddies will be their single friends, and who knows, maybe you’ll come across the ideal one for yourself there and end up dating one of your best friend’s single friends. You can share a mutual buddy that’s both your best friend’s and your partner’s friend, which will enrich your platonic connection even further. 

One of the main advantages of cultivating a platonic connection is that it makes the world more tolerable. Your network of support expands as you form more close relationships. Even at your most self-centered, you can easily access more resources the more people you know. Therefore, do not hesitate to find a platonic friend if you really want to expand your social relationships and opportunities in the finest ways!

Expand social relationships and opportunities

Help improve communication skills

Any kind of relationship requires good communication, and the more platonic interactions you have, the more proficient you will be at learning to express your emotions. You can benefit in other areas of your life by trying to have these difficult conversations and overcoming obstacles in your friendships.

If you begin dating someone you don’t know all that well, there may be many divergent interests and misunderstandings. Therefore, you might be able to communicate more honestly and learn about one another’s weaknesses. Without worrying about criticism or being misunderstood, you’ll feel more at ease sharing novel concepts and your point of view. Therefore, once you have got a chance to talk to your real friend, you will feel free to express everything and do not have to worry about how they think. At the end of the day, your communication skills will become sharper, and you will know how to talk in the right way.

Have new interests and activities

As girls and boys do have diverse interests, platonic friendships are the ideal solution in this situation. A buddy of the opposite sex can expose you to hobbies and pastimes you’ve never tried before, whether it’s because you never thought of it, you haven’t had the chance, or there isn’t someone prepared to attempt it with you. Engaging in similar activities with friends of the same gender can occasionally grow monotonous with time, in which case your platonic friend is the ideal cure. 

There are countless opportunities for platonic experiences, so you’ll never get bored. Moreover, having a platonic buddy means being free from gender-based limitations. Purely male or female pastimes or pursuits have no place in the platonic universe. You will not be afraid of that are appropriate for a particular gender because everything will become universal. Spending time with them will also make you feel carefree and in touch with your actual self.

Have new interests and activities

Have a deeper insight into opposite sex

Having a platonic friend might help you understand how they behave and what to expect. It is more challenging to defend sexism when you have a healthy platonic connection with someone than it would be if you were dating them. The opposite sex becomes a lot more regularly when you get to know them on a platonic level. You become familiar with them as distinct individuals with a range of deep and nuanced desires.

You will always need to develop and uphold relationships with people of the other sex, whether it is at work, at school, or in a more intimate or official role. When sex is not involved, knowing how to have a deeper insight into the opposite sex is a crucial thing. You will benefit from this in both your professional and general life.

Learn about boundaries

All friendships revolve around respect. This indicates that even if you do not share their opinions, you accept their decision if they want to keep things platonic. Establishing boundaries and upholding them are crucial components of adult thinking and the foundation of a strong platonic partnership. It indicates that even though you both understand that what you have could develop into something more, you are both still willing to maintain the boundaries since you value and respect your platonic relationship a great deal.

Communication is essential for any significant change in your platonic connection. Ask the correct inquiries and pay attention if you believe that things are moving in the direction of friends with benefits or a relationship. Talk to a friend about their boundaries before taking any bold actions. When you still continue your healthy friendship, you will look back on that moment and be glad you took a break and asked those questions.

The potential drawbacks of a platonic relationship 

Feelings of love can develop 

A platonic relationship may progress into a romantic one over time. This might occur because you grew to like this individual more and more as you got to know them. Spending a lot of time with one person can cause feelings to surface, even if you had previously believed that this wouldn’t happen. The essential thing is to control your emotions and communicate them to your friend. By being upfront and honest about how you both feel, you may avoid embarrassing situations in your friendship and maintain your mutual sense of comfort.

After all, a platonic friendship is one in which there is no sexual attraction or desire. You can no longer describe a friendship as platonic once sexual feelings start to surface, regardless of whether they progress to a sexual relationship.

Feelings of love can develop 

Be misunderstood as dating

When you two are so close in your platonic relationship, you can be accidentally misunderstood as dating. Others may mistakenly think that you are dating someone all the time due to societal expectations and other forces. This mindset may also develop if you are stepping outside of what is acceptable in other connections. Even if you are not romantically linked to this individual, you might flirt more with them.

Therefore, you should be aware of the chance that other people will perceive you as a legitimate pair whenever you find yourself in a platonic friendship. Do not waste too much time worrying over what other people think of your pleasant platonic friendship because they mean nothing to you. Hence, all you need to do is concentrate on having fun and strengthening your platonic relationship with your friend.

Sexual attraction can occur 

Sexual attraction in a platonic friendship is a topic that should be addressed with care and sensitivity to ensure that both parties feel comfortable and respected. It is crucial to have conversations openly and honestly with your friend about your feelings and to respect their boundaries and wishes. Difficult as it may be, it is an efficient tool to know what the other gender expect from you in order to prevent misunderstandings from causing damage to the friendship.

Establishing clear boundaries within the friendship is also helpful in avoiding any confusion or hurt feelings. This can mean refraining from physical touch or intimate conversations that might be misconstrued and being mindful of how your friend might perceive your actions. Boundaries should be discussed and agreed upon by both parties and should be revisited periodically to ensure that they are still appropriate and comfortable. In conclusion, while sexual attraction in a platonic friendship can be challenging, it is not necessarily a death sentence for the relationship.

Lessen girls’/boys’ nights out 

Inviting your close friend of the other sex to an exclusive girls’ or boys’ night just doesn’t work, therefore having a platonic friendship means being conscious that your girls’ or boys’ nights may become far less regular. Hence, you will either have to choose between the two or spend more time alone with your platonic best buddy.

It is odd to invite them on evenings that are particularly designated for girls’ or guys’ only events even though your other friends may appreciate and cherish your platonic friend as if they were their own. Also, the other members of your friendship group can take offense if you decide not to go to those occasions solely because you don’t want your closest buddy to feel left out or lonely. Because of this, all you have to do is be clear about it and constantly make amends or compromises.

Lessen girls’/boys’ nights out 

Create jealousy

Jealousy can manifest in many different ways in platonic friendships. For example, a friend may become jealous if their platonic friend spends more time with someone else, or if they start a romantic relationship with someone else. They may feel like they are being replaced or that their friend values their friendship less than they used to.

Jealousy can also arise if one friend perceives that the other is receiving more attention or support. For example, if one friend is going through a difficult time and the other friend is offering them more emotional support, the friend who is not receiving as much support may become jealous.

It is important to remember that jealousy in platonic friendships is normal, but it can be damaging if left unchecked. To avoid damaging the friendship, it is important to communicate openly and honestly about feelings of jealousy. If one friend is feeling jealous, they should express their feelings to the other friend in a non-accusatory way. Similarly, the other friend should be receptive to these feelings and work to address them.

Asked to introduce your platonic friend to your single friends

You must be aware of this if you detest acting as a go-between or find yourself in a scenario where your best buddy develops romantic feelings for your other friend, perhaps ruining any chance of remaining friends. The most embarrassing scenario, for instance, would be if your platonic friend started dating your closest friend.

Because you know there’s a potential they’ll wind up being more than just friends, it can be challenging to introduce your closest buddy to your other single friends. And you’d lose some of your closest friend’s company as well as the opportunity to hang out by yourself. That would entail recommending your best friend to your single buddies as a potential romantic partner when all you want is to relax and simply hang out as friends without the constant worry of a potential relationship hanging over your heads.

Introducing your platonic friend to your single friends can be a great way to expand your social circle and help your friends find love. Just be sure to approach the situation with caution, and to communicate openly and honestly with everyone involved.

Nitpick other relationships

One of the key aspects of platonic friendships is that they require a high level of communication and understanding. But practically, one common issue that can arise in platonic friendships is nitpicking. Nitpicking refers to the act of criticizing or finding fault with small, insignificant details. While nitpicking may seem harmless, it can actually have a negative impact on the relationship.

For example, if one friend constantly nitpicks the other’s behavior or habits, it can make the other person feel insecure or defensive. This may result in animosity and eventually harm your platonic friendship. To avoid this, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship and to communicate openly and honestly with one another.

Overall, platonic friendships are an important and fulfilling aspect of life. By building strong, trusting relationships with others, we can enrich our lives and find a sense of belonging and connection.

Nitpick other relationships

Boundaries should be established if you want to keep a strictly platonic relationship is important

Establishing boundaries is an essential aspect of maintaining a strictly platonic relationship. Even though it is possible for people to have close friendships without any romantic or sexual attraction, it is crucial to communicate and respect each other’s limits to prevent misunderstandings or crossed boundaries.

When it comes to establishing boundaries, it is important to be clear about what is and is not acceptable in the relationship. This means discussing topics such as physical touch, emotional intimacy, and communication. For example, if one person is uncomfortable with hugs or other forms of physical touch, it is important to respect that and refrain from any unwanted contact. Similarly, if one person feels uncomfortable discussing certain topics or sharing personal information, it is important to respect those boundaries and not push for more.

In addition to establishing boundaries, it is also important to maintain open and honest communication. If one person feels that their boundaries are being crossed or if they are developing feelings beyond friendship, it is important to bring that up in a respectful and timely manner. This can help prevent misunderstandings and allow both parties to address any potential issues before they become more significant.

The bottom line

In conclusion, a platonic friendship may sound strange but it is also an important type of relationship that everyone should pay attention to. People nowadays need to know  what is a platonic friendship and what are the benefits and drawbacks of having it? Therefore, we can acknowledge that it is important to value platonic friendships just as much as romantic ones.

It is crucial to nurture and maintain platonic friendships throughout one’s life, as they can bring immense joy and enrichment to one’s existence. Just remember to always respect both your own and the other person’s limits in order to never feel compelled to do something you don’t want to in your platonic friendship.

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