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13 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Easter As A Christian

Easter is a special time for Christians around the world. It’s not just about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies; it’s a deeply meaningful celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. This event is the cornerstone of our belief, bringing hope and renewal. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to celebrate Easter as a Christian. We’ll focus on ways that show our faith and help us feel closer to the amazing story of Easter. Whether you’re new to celebrating Easter or looking for fresh ideas to bring more meaning to this season, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into celebrating Easter as a Christian and make it a time of joy, reflection, and connection with our faith. Check out best Easter gift for adult.

Should Christians Celebrate Easter?

Should Christians Celebrate Easter

Should Christians celebrate Easter? This is a question that digs into both history and what people believe. Easter is a big deal for Christians worldwide because it remembers when Jesus Christ came back to life.

Historically, Christians have been celebrating Easter since the very early days, making it one of the oldest traditions in Christianity. Celebrating Easter is linked to the Bible, which tells us that Jesus returned to life, a key part of being a Christian. The Bible even says in 1 Corinthians 15:14 that if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, then the Christian faith doesn’t make sense.

However, the way people celebrate Easter has changed a lot over time. Some Christians stick to the religious parts, like going to church and thinking deeply about what Jesus’s resurrection means. Others mix in fun cultural traditions like Easter eggs and bunnies, which are about new life but aren’t mentioned in the Bible. 

Some Christians and certain church groups aren’t sure about celebrating Easter because of where the name comes from and because of the mix of non-Christian traditions. They might remember Jesus’s resurrection in a way that they feel fits better with their beliefs.

Ultimately, no matter how to celebrate Easter for each Christian, it mostly depends on what their church says, their beliefs, and what’s usual in their culture. The main thing is remembering Jesus’s resurrection, which is super important in Christianity.

13 Easter Celebration Ideas for Christians in 2024 

Baptisms And Confirmations

Baptisms And Confirmations

Easter is a big time for baptisms and confirmations in many Christian churches. It’s all about starting fresh and stepping into a new life with Christ. During Easter, we celebrate Jesus coming back to life, and that’s why it’s a perfect time for these ceremonies. Getting baptized or confirmed is like telling everyone you’re ready to follow Jesus and change your life. It’s a big moment for the person it’s happening to and everyone watching.

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Decorating House with Symbols of New Life

Decorating with symbols of new life is a beautiful way to celebrate Easter as a Christian. It’s about filling our homes/churches with vibrant flowers, butterflies, and eggs, symbolizing the new life with Jesus’ resurrection. It doesn’t stop there; this tradition is the promise of new beginnings and hope Easter brings. 

Seeing these symbols around us can help us reflect on the deeper meaning of the season; just like Jesus rose from the dead, these symbols remind us of the new life we have in Him. 

Go To The Church And Serve There

Go To The Church And Serve There

Easter Sunday is a big day for going to church, even for folks who don’t usually show up any other Sunday. On this day, you’ll find the church’s kids’ programs packed with little ones but not enough helpers. If your church has more than one service, think about going to one with your family and helping out at another. 

The Sundays after Easter often see more people coming to church because they feel welcome on Easter. Keep an eye out for new families and lend a hand, show them where to find the classrooms, bathrooms, or the best way to the main church area.

The Easter Vigil

Going to the Easter Vigil is a special part of Easter for me. It happens on the night before Easter Sunday. We all meet outside the church when it’s getting dark, where they light this big candle called the Paschal candle. This candle is important because it represents Jesus as the light in the darkness. We all get little candles, too, light them from the big one, and slowly walk into the church. 

It’s pretty amazing to see the church go from dark to filled with light, just from our candles. We listen to Bible stories during the service that remind us of God’s love and how Jesus came back to life. The best part is sharing bread and wine, making me feel close to Jesus and everyone there.

Easter Sunrise Service 

Easter Sunrise Service 

Get everyone together before the sun starts coming up and chat with the kids about how it’s still dark outside. When you start to see the sun’s first light, tell them how light always finds a way through the dark. It’s like when Jesus came back to life and beat the darkness. 

Let each family member have a role in this early morning service. Someone could share a short message about Easter; others might read from the Bible, sing songs, or even make a special handout for the sunrise service. You can set up special seats for everyone, too.

Easter Egg Hunt 

Easter egg hunts are super fun with all the candy and sometimes even money hidden inside. But have you considered making it a bit different by putting little reminders of the Easter story inside the eggs? 

You could write down parts of what happened during Holy Week and cut them up to hide in the eggs. If you’ve got little ones, adding pictures could make it easier for them. After finding all the eggs, everyone can try to put the story back in order and read it together.

How about hiding Bible verses inside, especially ones you’ve learned together? Or you could write Jesus’s names and put them in the eggs. Another cool idea is to fill the eggs with puzzle pieces that, when put together, show a scene from the Easter story. 

Good Friday Service 

Good Friday Service 

Good Friday is when we remember Jesus dying on the cross. It might sound like a sad day, but it’s a big deal for us. The service on this day is quiet and serious, making us think about all Jesus went through. We hear about how he was put on the cross and take some time to think about what He sacrificed for us. It’s a moment that makes us feel thankful and inspires us to be better at loving others, just like He did. 

Make Easter Gift Baskets for Kids 

Make Easter Gift Baskets for Kids 

Like hanging stockings for our kids at Christmas, you can also give them Easter baskets. But instead of tossing in candy, toys, or little things that don’t mean much, why not choose items that can help bring their hearts closer to God? For example, you could include a brand new Bible, some devotional books, storybook Bibles like “The Jesus Storybook ” and “The Picture Story Bible”, or Bible storybooks. A gratitude journal or a cross necklace could also be thoughtful additions. 

Instead of giving the kids their Easter baskets first thing in the morning, you can give them later or the day before. This way, we can all focus on what Easter is really about—the resurrection of Christ, without distractions.

Plant Tree 

Plant Tree 

Easter is all about new beginnings and life springing up, so what better way to celebrate than by giving back to nature? Think about planting a tree in your yard and watching it grow over the years. Pay attention to its roots; it’s amazing to see how strong they get before the tree starts to grow. It’s like a lesson from the outdoors, showing us that everything in nature is balanced because God controls everything.

With all this new life, we can join by starting a garden or planting trees to make our neighborhoods look nicer.

Maundy Thursday Tradition

Holy Thursday, known as Maundy Thursday, is when we remember Jesus’s last meal with His friends, the disciples. This is when Jesus shared bread and wine with them, starting what we now know as Communion, and He told them to keep doing it to remember His sacrifice. That night, He also washed their feet, showing a powerful example of humility and caring for others. 

Nowadays, many churches have a special service on this day where people take Communion and sometimes even wash each other’s feet, just like Jesus did. It’s a meaningful tradition that reminds us of Jesus’s love and teachings. And if you’re a Christian, it’s a day you wouldn’t want to miss

Learn Bible Verses Together!

Learn Bible Verses Together

Kids remember so much—it’s like their brains are sponges! When they’re little, it’s the best time to start helping them remember verses from the Bible. Usually, we use a book called My ABC Bible Verse for daily readings and pick a verse to learn each week. But around Easter and Christmas, I switch it up and choose verses that fit the holiday season.

Try repeating these verses or Easter quotes aloud together, repeating them, and even putting them up around your house. You can also have your kids write them down or make some art with the verses. It’s a fun and meaningful way to learn.

Prepare An Easter Meal And Enjoy it With Family and Friends 

Easter Sunday is about sitting down to a big meal with your family and friends. Every family has their favorite Easter foods, whether special breads, tasty meats, or lots of eggs and spring veggies. Making and eating these foods is an Easter tradition that brings everyone closer, creating special moments and memories. It’s a warm, happy time that shows what Easter is all about.

An Extended Sabbath

An Extended Sabbath

The idea of taking a Sabbath each week can be tough, and it feels even harder the week before Easter. Imagine spending 24 hours just thinking about what Jesus went through—his death and coming back to life. Doing this can make Easter Sunday feel even more special when you join others for the service. Spend some time focusing on the parts of the Bible that talk about the time before Peter and John found out Jesus wasn’t in the tomb anymore. It might even help to look at a commentary to understand these events better.

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Celebrate Easter As A Christian FAQs

What’s the difference between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

Good Friday is the day we remember Jesus being crucified and dying on the cross. It’s a solemn day when Jesus suffered and died for our sins. On the other hand, Easter Sunday is when we celebrate Jesus returning to life. So, Good Friday is about remembering the sacrifice, and Easter Sunday is about celebrating victory over death.

Do I need to go to church to celebrate Easter?

Attending church is a big Easter part for many Christians because it’s to come together with others who altogether celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. But celebrating Easter isn’t just about going to church. So, if you can’t attend church, celebrate Easter personally by reading the Bible or praying – that’s okay.

Can I still enjoy Easter eggs and bunnies?

Absolutely! Easter eggs and bunnies have become fun traditions for lots of people, including Christians, during Easter. They’re seen as symbols of new life and joy. Even though they don’t directly come from the Bible, enjoying these traditions is fine. It’s all about balancing fun traditions with remembering the true meaning of Easter.

How can I make Easter meaningful for my kids?

Teaching your kids about the real reason for Easter is a great start. Read them the Easter story from the Bible, make crafts that help explain what Jesus did, or even attend special church services together. Mixing these meaningful activities with fun stuff like egg hunts and Easter baskets can help them see the joy and depth of Easter.

Final Words From Loveable 

As we finish looking at 15 special ways for Christians to celebrate Easter, we see that Easter isn’t just a single day. It’s a whole period for thinking deeply, celebrating with joy, and remembering what’s at the heart of our beliefs: Jesus Christ coming back to life. Whether you go to church, spend some quiet time praying, read the Bible, or hang out with family and friends, each of these ways helps us get closer to the big message of Easter.

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