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152 Hilarious Halloween Puns 2024 that’ll Make Your Friends and Family Laugh Out Loud

Halloween brings to mind haunted houses, scary movies, and creepy costumes for some. However, others prefer to keep it light on October 31. If you like funny over gory, or simply want to entertain kids, Halloween puns are the perfect choice for you. Luckily, we have a bunch of spook-tacular Halloween puns to offer that will make everyone laugh until they cry.

If you crack these Halloween puns at your Halloween party or while trick-or-treating with friends and family, you’ll have everyone giggling for sure!

152 Best Halloween Puns For All Ages This October

Ghost Halloween Puns

halloween puns
  1. Why are ghosts so lonely? Because they have no-body to love.
  2. Ghosts usually go on vacation in Mali-boo.
  3. Bring your own boos.
  4. What makes a ghost a great cheerleader? They have high spirits.
  5. What happens when you drop a pumpkin? – Squash.
  6. Ghostest with the mostest.
  7. Why do ghosts love elevators? Because it lifts their spirits.
  8. You can find me in the boo-bubble bath.
  9. Ghosts that haunt hotels are called inn specters.
  10. We look fa-boo-lous!
  11. We ghosts just wanna have fun!
  12. We are here for the boos!
  13. Boo-yah!
  14. Which dessert do ghosts like? I-scream.
  15. Ghosts can go shopping at a boo-tique.
  16. I think I have deja-boo.
  17. Romeo and Ghouliet.
  18. What caused the ghost to cross the road? Because it was a poultry-geist.
  19. Boo, Felicia.
  20. It’s time to boooo-gie!
  21. You’ve ghost to be kidding me!
  22. You are so boo-tiful!
  23. You are my ghoul-friend.
  24. If you have got it, haunt it.
  25. It’s the ghostess with the mostest.
  26. It is time to lift your spirits!
  27. Do you know demons are a ghoul’s best friend?
  28. Get into the Halloween spirits!
  29. Where are my ghouls at?
  30. Shake your boo-ty!

Witch Puns

halloween puns
  1. If the broom fits, fly it.
  2. What’s going on, witches?
  3. You say I’m a witch as if it’s a bad thing.
  4. That is witchful thinking.
  5. Keep calm and fly the broom!
  6. Life’s a witch, and then you fly.
  7. Witch you a Happy Happy Halloween!
  8. A witch’s favorite subject in school is spelling.
  9. According to my DNA test, I am 100% that witch.
  10. Feeling witchy.
  11. Excuse me, could you tell me witch way to the pumpkin patch?
  12. Get your broomstick ready, we’re about to make a clean getaway.
  13. You’ve got me under your spell.
  14. Watch out for Resting Witch Face.
  15. Halloween is not the same if I cannot be witch you.
  16. I hope you have a hex-tra special Halloween.
  17. Keep calm and carry a wand.
  18. Witch upon a star.
  19. Here I am, warts and all.
  20. If the broom fits!
  21. Wicked awesome.
  22. Be-witcha in a second!
  23. For you, I can brew everything.
  24. I dress like a witch because that way I can get what I wand.
  25. You look brew-tiful tonight.
  26. Witch and famous.
  27. Witcha up to now?
  28. It’s a brew-tiful day to dress like a witch.

Vampire Halloween Puns

halloween puns
  1. You can easily deceive vampires since they are suckers!
  2. Those who escape a vampire say what? – So long, sucker!
  3. It’s love at first bite.
  4. Fangs for the memories.
  5. All the vampire puns I know are suck.
  6. I am such a pain in the neck.
  7. It is in my blood.
  8. You make me batty.
  9. It sucks to be me.
  10. My blood bank account is active.
  11. I hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween!
  12. It’s time for me to find my necks victim.
  13. Come and join my fang club!
  14. Vampires hate peaches but adore neck-tarines.
  15. Just Count on me.
  16. You are my blood type.

Skeleton Puns

halloween puns

Pumpkin Halloween Puns

halloween puns
  1. She is the pumpkin of my eye.
  2. I am the Pun-kin King of Halloween!
  3. Let’s give ‘em pumpkins to talk about.
  4. If I have to gourd my candy with my life, I will.
  5. I’m having a gourd time.
  6. Oh my gourdness, Halloween has finally come!
  7. I’m way ahead of the carve.
  8. Go big or gourd home!
  9. Carving out some time for Halloween fun.
  10. It stuck a gourd in my head.
  11. This Halloween, let’s pumpkin spice things up.
  12. Pumpkin’ out Halloween puns like there’s no tomorrow.
  13. Make sure you carve out some time for pumpkin carving.
  14. If your jack-o’-lantern is broken, just use a pumpkin patch to fix it!
  15. Squash goals!
  16. The pick of the patch is you.
  17. You look extremely gourd-geous!
  18. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  19. Keep calm and pumpkin on.

Candy Puns

halloween puns
  1. A bag of trick and treats!
  2. Halloween is just around the corner, so I did some exorcise to prepare.
  3. When I say I love this holiday, I am not playing Twix!
  4. This will come in candy.
  5. The Halloween candy is spook-tacular.
  6. Your costume looks real, it is un-candy!
  7. Trick or treat yo’self to some candy!
  8. I can’t Reese-ist a good Halloween pun.
  9. Halloween candy always seems to go to waist no matter how much you eat.
  10. We wish you a happy Halloween full of Snickers and (Almond) Joy.
  11. Halloween candy is delicious, but don’t forget to save room for I-scream.
  12. My candy isn’t for you to gobblin up!
  13. When the Halloween candy comes out, everyone becomes a goblin, no matter what costume they wear!
  14. Halloween puns are so (candy) corny, but I love it!
  15. Witch better have my candy.
  16. Can you tell me who is responsible for the candy corn? The kernel.
  17. I’m starbursting to eat all this candy.
  18. Pop Rocks my world on Halloween night.
  19. You won’t slip through my Butter Fingers.
  20. Twix or treat!
  21. I won’t sugarcoat it: Give me candy.
  22. Trick-or-treating: Do not knock it til you try it.
  23. No candy for me. I’m trying to keep my ghoulish figure.
  24. Would you mind if I had a skittle candy?
  25. Candies that get straight As? Smarties.
  26. Which candy is the most forgetful? Airheads.
  27. Give me some candy before I fly off the handle.

Mixed Halloween Puns

  1. Happy Howl-oween!
  2. Fiends for life.
  3. Haunting my ex!
  4. Too cute to spook, I’m afraid!
  5. Such a Hallow-queen!
  6. This Halloween, we’re just creepin’ it real.
  7. Some folks just have no guts.
  8. Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern and share your candy!
  9. I’m having a bad scare day.
  10. Tricks or it didn’t happen.
  11. Let’s get this party startled!
  12. Halloween has been such a breath of fresh scare for me.
  13. Be scareful how you use it!
  14. This Halloween, live on the fright side.
  15. A scare is born tonight.
  16. Your Halloween puns are eerie-sistible.
  17. Fright for the right to party!
  18. Trust me, I’ve got every trick or treat in the book.

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Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the above Halloween puns are creative and great for cracking jokes. It is a great way to inject some fun and humor into the holiday season. Whether you are looking for something spooky or something more light-hearted, these puns are sure to bring a smile. Have fun!

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