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20 Funny Mother’s Day Poems that’ll Make Her Smile and Happy

How can you express the deep bond and love you share with your mom in just a few words? A Mother’s Day poem can be a simple yet powerful way to convey your feelings to her. While many poems tend to be sentimental, they don’t always have to be serious. Hilarious Mother’s Day poems can also be lighthearted, funny, or silly (similar to a Mother’s Day meme).

Mom poems can serve as a starting point for personalization or eloquently express complex emotions that are hard to articulate on your own. Here, discover the finest funny Mother’s Day poems to celebrate the amazing person you call Mom. Now, let’s plan some fantastic activities to make her day even more special!

Funny Mother’s Day Poems for Card Messages

Funny Mothers Day Poems for Card Messages

Funny Mother’s Day poems for card messages offer a delightful twist, blending humor with affection to bring a smile to your mom’s face. Imagine her surprise and joy as she reads a witty verse expressing love and gratitude in a light-hearted and playful manner. These poems add a touch of laughter to the celebration while honoring the special bond you share.

1. Hard To Find – Unknown

Mum, you brighten up my day

I think you are so funny

Even when you eat my lunch

And lose my pocket money

A mum like you is hard to find

You’re always drinking rum

I love you more than anything

Happy Mother’s day, dear Mum

2. Syrupy Sunshine – Unknown

From thine kitchen, scents divine,

Pancakes flipped, syrupy wine.

Though burnt offerings oft did appear,

Twas thy love that made them dear.

3. You’re da Bomb! – Anon

It’s mother’s day,

So thank you Mom

You ought to know

That you’re da’ bomb!

4. I’ll Go Someday – Unknown

Mum, I know you do the dishes

And I know you cook the food.

I know you scrub down all the floors

Even when you’re in a bad mood.

And every night you walk the dog

While I’m watching all my shows.

On Thursdays you take out the trash

And every spring you wash the windows.

Mum, I know you’re sad I’ll go someday

And leave you all alone,

But right now I’m only 35

So what other place could I call home?

5. Who Loves Us? – Paul Curtis

Who loves us without condition?

Who loves us in their admonition?

Who loves us despite the dirt?

Who do we go to when we’re hurt?

Who shares in all our joys?

Who buys us the best toys?

Who keeps us warm and fed?

Who would prefer a puppy instead?

Who cheers us up when we’re glum?

Who else but your mum

6. You Look Perfect – Unknown

I know you like everything to be perfect,

All straight and tidy.

But you look perfect to me at 3am,

When our baby is crying and you’re singing sweet nothings to her.

Your hair is a mess,

You have spit-up on your chest,

But everything fades away.

You’re the best mum out there,

You’re doing great!

Happy first Mother’s Day, my love!

7. Love is Forever –  Unknown

Sometimes you’re silly and sometimes you’re weird,

Occasionally I feel embarrassed and want you disappeared.

Sometimes you annoy me and I yell and shout,

And every now and then you make me pout.

Often I say things to you which I don’t mean,

And I might even act like a crazy drama queen.

But no matter what happens or how I may act,

My love and appreciation for you is an eternal fact!

8. Daisies and Frogs  – Unknown

Through fields of daisies, we would prance,

In search of frogs, a merry dance.

Thy laughter echoed, bright and free,

A melody of joy for me.

Knights’ Tales and Dragon Scales

In tales of knights and dragons bold,

Thy voice spun yarns with stories told.

Though fearsome beasts didst make me pale,

They embrace didst never fail.”

Funny Mother’s Day Poems from Husband

Funny Mothers Day Poems from Husband

The love and appreciation of a husband through poems is the best thing he can share with his wife. A funny Mother’s Day poem from a husband adds a delightful twist, combining humor with heartfelt sentiments. As she reads the playful lines penned by her spouse, her heart fills with joy and surprise, making the day even more memorable and special.

1. To My Loving Wife – Unknown

My dearest wife, thou art so fair

With gentle heart and loving care

Thou birthed our babes, now fully grown

Because of thee, we have a home

I recall when we first met

My heart was captured in thy net

With humor and wit, we did connect

Our love, it did project

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried through joy and strife

Thou art the light that lights my life

So on this day, I celebrate you

And pen this poem to say I love you

No diamond nor pearl could capture my gratitude

For sticking with me through fatherhood

Please accept this simple rhyming ode

From your loving husband down the road

2. To My Wife on Mother’s Day – Unknown

My sweetest love, my darling wife

The caring mother of our life

How oft I marvel at your grace

As you nourish our babes with embrace

The little teeth you once brushed

Are now wise minds you have trust

To guide and shape with a gentle hand

With patience only mums understand”

“We’ve been through our share of joy and sorrow

But stick together through each morrow

Because you light our happy way

Not just today, but every day

Please know I honor you this day

And in my humble way I say

I love you now, and evermore

My sweetest love whom I adore”

3. An Ode to Motherhood – Unknown

My darling wife, I pen this ode for you

For all you do and all we’ve been through

From late night feedings to school time cheer

You give our kids your all, my dear

With patience and grace, you guide and teach

Far more than I could ever preach

You help them grow both far and wide

With wisdom and faith you cannot hide

I know sometimes being a mum is not easy

But you handle each day with such poise and unease

I admire your strength, I’m in awe of your care

There’s no one who could ever compare

4. Thanks – Michael A. Faust

I know it’s been a hard task,

the things we ask of you.

You should know you’re very special

for all the things you do.

I’m thankful for a wife like you;

no one could take your place.

A heart like yours for those in need

is a thing one can’t replace.

So thanks again for being there

and for all the things you do.

No man could be so lucky

to have a love like you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Let my eyes be massaged by your beauty.

Let my heart be warmed by your smile.

Let my ears always hear that you love me.

Let my lips kiss yours for a while.

Let my arms hold you close when you’re sad.

Let my hugs make you warm when you’re cold.

Let my love last as long as forever.

That way we will never grow old.

Let me promise you’ll never be lonely.

Let me promise to always be true,

Please let me by happy for the rest of my life,

When I ask you, please say, “I do.”

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Funny Mother’s Day Poems from Daughter and Son

Funny Mothers Day Poems from Daughter and Son

If you are a respectful child and want to give your mother a little surprise on this special day, these poems are the perfect choice. The sweet love between a mother and child is shown in these funny poems, which also make her smile. In a lighthearted way, you can imagine how surprised and happy she is as she reads these funny words.

1. Please and Thanks – Unknown

You taught me how to wash my face

And how to use the potty.

You made me eat up all my greens

And wiped my nose when snotty.

You taught me to say Please and Thanks,

Because politeness is the way,

So ‘Please’ can I borrow some money?


Just kidding. Happy Mother’s Day!

2. You Love My Art –Holly Giffers

Dear Mum…

I love that you loved all my “art”,

You told me it was beautiful,

You told me it was smart,

You loved my pottery and painting,

And my popsicle stick bridge,

But don’t you think it’s long enough ago now,

To take it off the fridge?

3. If I Could Choose – Denise Rodgers

If I could choose a mother,

I’d choose a mom who’s fun,

Who likes to take me shopping

And won’t stop till we’re done.

I’d choose a mom who listens

When I have things to say,

Who when she sees I’m troubled

Will make the time to stay.

It’s not about baked cookies

(though those are good, it’s true!)

If I could pick and choose a mom,

You know that I’d choose you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

4. Nobel Prize for Mothers – Anon

Mom you are a shining star

Though the world doesn’t know your name.

You have no fancy title

Like Baroness or Dame.

Mom you really are a star,

My mother, mentor and friend.

A Nobel Prize for motherhood,

Is what I’d recommend!

And if I won the lottery

I’d share my win with you

I’d take you Mom on a spending spree

Each day the whole year through!

You may not be famous,

As your face is known to few.

But Mom I think you are wonderful

And I’m so proud of you!

5. Ode to Mother’s Day – Unknown

Dearest mother, thou art so fine

Like a sweet red wine

Thy smile makes my heart glow

Thy wisdom helps me grow

Thou hast seen me laugh and cry

And held me when I did sigh

Cared for me when I was ill

With soothing touch and care so real

I cherish memories of days gone past

Of joyful times that did not last

Thou art always there for me

A comforting hand, I do see

No words could capture what you mean

You’re the perfect mother queen

So I penned this ode just for you

To say I love you, through and through

6. Oh Mother Dear – Unknown

Oh mother dear, thou art so sweet

Thy love for me cannot be beat

Thou cared for me when I was but a wee babe

And now I’m grown, your wisdom I still crave

I recall when I was just a little lass

And made a mess that came to pass

Thou cleaned it up without a fuss

With gentle hands, so kind and just

I’m lucky to have a mum like you

Who sees me through and through

You’ve laughed with me, and cried with me too

Stuck together, me and you

No gift could show my gratitude

For everything you’ve seen me through

So I penned this little ode to you

With love and thanks, your daughter true

7. Your wisdom lights my way – Unknown

Even to this very day

With laughter, joy and tight hugs

You remind me I’m loved

So I penned this little ode to you

To say I love you, through and through

You’ve made me who I am

My confidante, guiding lamb

8. All Shapes and Forms – Unknown

Mums come in all shapes and forms,

The nutty ones, the loud ones, the embarrassing ones,

But my mom defies the norms,

She’s pretty much all of the above.

She means well, this I know,

She’s taught me so much,

But she really is afraid of snow,

And it’s really kinda nuts.

But nonetheless, she’s my mother,

I love her and her loud mouth.

So now it’s my time to smother,

And kiss her on her special day!

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Final Words To Say,

Mothers are everything to us, and these 20 fun Mother’s Day poems that Loveable has suggested for you are sure to make her feel special and recognized for her sacrifices for her family.

When reading these humorous verses, mothers will feel touched by the love and concern behind the cheerful words. So, don’t wait any longer and choose the perfect poetry option to impress her! Wishing all the best for your mom and even you!

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