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70+ Lovely Dog Valentine’s Day Puns, Sayings, and Captions for A Pet Lover

Every day with a dog by your side feels like Valentine’s Day. Who else sticks around through bad breath, bad days, and bad moods? On February 14th, let’s show some love to pet-loving friends and family with trendy and fun dog Valentine’s Day puns!

Get ready for adorable jokes, sayings, and captions that’ll bring smiles, whether from your pup to their human or the other way around. If you don’t know how to express affection, let these Valentine’s Day puns fill your cards, notes, and emails!

Hilarious Dog Valentine’s Day Puns

hilarious dog valentines day puns

It’s a well-known fact that dogs bring us joy. They’re loyal, adorable, and brimming with love. This year, why not use these sincere dog Valentine’s Day puns to express your feelings about your furry friends? People may come and go, but the love and support from your dogs are unconditional.

  1. I chew you to be my Valentine, and I Shih Tzu not.
  1. I Labradore you from here to the moon and back.
  1. You are paws-itively fetching and I totally “woof” you!
  1. You must be a hole in my backyard because I really dig you, Valentine.
  1. You are a re-bark-able dog parent.
  1. I love you from the very depths of my puggin’ heart.
  1. Hey mother pupper, you’re the fur-st and best lady in my life!
  1. I ruff you so much, I’m barking it from the wooftops!
  1. You are bone-ified pawtastic, so I’m unleashing my love fur you.
  1. Let’s be Valentines fur-ever and fur-ever.
  1. If they lined up all the chew toys in the world, I’d chews you, Valentine.
  1. Hey every-pawdy, I found some-pawdy to spend my life with.
  1. I’ve been itching to ask you…Will you fleas be my Valentine?
  1. No bones about it. On Valentine’s Day and every day, I’ll always dig you.
  1. I get the zoomies because we’re roomies.
  1. Pugs and kisses and poodles of love!
  1. I’m mutts over you 24/7/365.
  1. Valentine, you are pup-fection!
  1. You had me at woof, my love!

Sweet Dog-Themed Sayings for Valentine’s Day

dog valentines day puns - sweet sayings

Even if you are a grown-up sending puppy Valentine puns to your dog-loving partner, you can still be playful and a bit cheeky. Here are more lovely dog-themed sayings to show your fellow pet parent some affection on the most romantic day of the year.

  1. “Our love was ‘mint’ to be.”
  1. “I am buggy for you.”
  1. “I like you ‘beary’ much!”
  1. “Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, my funny fido!”
  1.  “I’d try any trick to get a Valentine like you.”
  1. “The snuggle is real.”
  1. “Doggone it, I love spending time with my Valentine.”
  1. “I’m just howlin’ for you.”
  1. “Love is a four-legged word.”
  1. “My Valentine this year is adora-bull.”
  1. “A Valentine’s smooch for your favorite pooch.”
  1. “Will you be my human?”
  1. “My Valentine has paws.”
  1. “Woof you be mine?”
  1. “Roses are red, dogs go bark, take the day off and we’ll go to the park.”
  1. “Live, love, woof.”
  1. “My dog is my favorite but I love you too.”
  1. “I really dig spending time with my Valentine.”
  1. “Love is just a tail wag away!”

Cute Valentine’s Day Captions for Your Dog’s Photos

dog valentines day puns - cute captions

Dogs aren’t just great friends; they are also incredibly funny. Whether they are sneaking your snacks or simply goofing around, these hilarious dogs are sure to bring a smile to your face. Let these funny dog captions add some humor to your Instagram snapshots.

  1. “Put your paw in mine.”
  1. “You are pawsitively the best.”
  1. “I make a mess without you.”
  1. “You’re doggone cute.”
  1. “Draw me like one of your French bulldogs.”
  1. “And they called it puppy love.”
  1. “I woof you today and every day.”
  1. “I’m wagging my tail, because I’m happy to see you.”
  1. “I’ll eat snacks and sit on the couch with you.”
  1. “Valentine’s Day would be ruff without you.”
  1. “Hey Valentine, I really dig ya.”
  1. “I fur real love spending time with you.”
  1. “Schedule me a vet appointment, because you just took my breath away.”
  1. “All you need is love… and a dog.”
  1. “Hot dog, you’re the best!”
  1. “If I’m a good boy, will you be mine?”
  1. “Hey Valentine, I love long walks on the beach, too.”
  1. “I’ve got plenty of free wet kisses.”
  1. “It’s a treat to spend Valentine’s Day with you.”

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Valentine’s Day Dog Puns for Greeting Cards

dog valentines day puns for greeting cards

Even if you’re not a big fan of puns, you can’t deny they’re loads of fun, especially for Valentine’s Day. Up until scrolling down here, haven’t you found the perfect pun for your special one? We still have a few more up our sleeves. With flirtatious one-liners, the next dog Valentine puns will catch your loved one’s attention when reading your sweet wish.

  1. You’ve got Akita my heart!
  1. I love you, that’s fur sure!
  1. You’re my paw-fect Valentine.
  1. You Mastiff fallen from heaven.
  1. You rescued my heart!
  1. I’m mutts about you!
  1. I’m a little Pit In love with you.
  1. Hey Corgeous!
  1. Pugs and Kisses!
  1. I woof you with all my bark.
  1. I think you’re Labrador-able!
  1. Loving you is poodles of fun!
  1. I’m just a basset case without you.
  1. I drooly love you!
  1. You’re Pawfect!
  1. Howl I live without you?
  1. We’re a pawfect match!
  1. I Puggin’ love you!

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Bottom Line

With dog Valentine’s Day puns, each bark and wag become love notes. These playful puns not only capture the love our furry friends bring but also spread joy on this special day. No matter how you share the love, these Valentine’s Day puns will make your special person feel all the emotions. Let the laughter and tail wags begin as we celebrate the connection with our furry friends!

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