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30 DIY Teacher Christmas Gifts To Show Your Appreciation In 2024

As we approach the holiday season in 2024, it’s that time of the year when we reflect on the wonderful teachers who’ve made a difference in our lives and those of our children. What better way to show our appreciation than by crafting some truly special DIY teacher Christmas gifts

In this collection, I’ve gathered 33 heartwarming ideas that will let your favorite educators know just how much they mean to you. Whether you’re aiming for a simple yet heartfelt gesture or a more elaborate handmade creation, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. You can make these gifts together with the kids during the Christmas season, not only bringing the Christmas spirit to the whole family but also creating meaningful presents to express your gratitude to teachers.

If you’re feeling like you don’t have a lot of time to make a special gift yourself, don’t worry! We’ve got another collection of Christmas gifts to buy for teachers. Here, we’ve gathered some meaningful presents at different price ranges from trusted stores on Amazon and Etsy. So, if you’re busy (or not too crafty 🙂), you can still find a great gift idea for the occasion.

30 Easy DIY Teacher Christmas Gifts To Try At Home 

In this collection, we’ve drawn inspiration from a wealth of creative ideas shared by users on Pinterest and the talented artisans at websites like theyellowbirdhouse and weareteachers. Not only are they skilled at crafting beautiful and meaningful works of art for the holiday season, but they also cleverly incorporate personalized touches into their creations, making each gift truly special for every teacher. 

At Loveable, we’ve handpicked what we believe to be the most beautiful ideas to share with everyone, along with some of our own unique twists. With these carefully curated ideas, we hope you’ll have a joyful Christmas season filled with DIY family fun!

1. Personalized Tote Bag

Personalized Tote Bag

I absolutely love the straightforward stitched design on this bag! You can even customize it further by stitching the teacher’s name instead of using a Cricut machine, just like it’s shown here. All you’ll need is an affordable blank canvas tote bag and a handful of thread colors to craft this personalized Christmas gift for your teacher!

2. Make a Thank You Card for Your Teacher 

Make a Thank You Card for Your Teacher 

In the world of gift-giving, sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that carry the most meaning. A heartfelt thank-you card is one such gesture, and when it’s adorned with an adorable apple design made from tissue paper, it becomes a delightful gift, especially for your child to create for their beloved teacher. To craft this charming card, you’ll need just a few basic materials: green cardstock paper, red tissue paper, glue, and foam letters. 

Check out the tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun

3. Paint A Mug for Teacher 

Paint A Mug for Teacher 

It’s a simple yet heartfelt Christmas present for the teacher because you can customize it with a special message like “Thanks for a great year! Merry Christmas!” I’ve actually tried this project myself, and it’s a winner. All you need is a plain white ceramic mug and some acrylic paint pens made for porcelain. I’ve put together complete instructions on how to make your own painted ceramic mug, so you can create a unique and thoughtful gift that your teacher will cherish.

4. Live Succulent Made Of Rulers 

Live Succulent Made Of Rulers

I find this idea super adorable, and it’s a breeze for teachers to bring a touch of greenery into their classrooms! You can easily get a budget-friendly bundle of wooden rulers from this source. But if you’re feeling a bit more crafty, take a look at this post with instructions on making DIY felt succulents as an alternative option. 

5. Homemade Reindeer Gift Wrap (With Gift Tag)

Homemade Reindeer Gift Wrap (With Gift Tag)

You should try DIY the Terrycloth Reindeer with Tag featured on! It’s such a charming idea to wrap up a special bar of soap, and you can even use the cute poem they provide on the website. They’ve got step-by-step instructions to guide you through creating this adorable reindeer all by yourself. It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your holiday gifts, and you will love to try it!

DIY Christmas Cookie Tote

You will be interested in this lovely DIY Christmas gift for any teacher who enjoys sweet treats just like I do! There’s something genuinely heartwarming about receiving a nicely wrapped batch of cookies, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. To make these charming gifts, all you’ll need are some cookies (you can bake them yourself or buy them from a bakery), a chalkboard printable, gable boxes, basket filler, alphabet chalkboard ribbon, and Elmer’s X-Treme Glue Stick. 

Check out the tutorial at hobbycraft

7. Homemade Concrete Coasters

Homemade Concrete Coasters

DIY colorful concrete coasters that double as charming and practical Christmas gifts for teachers. They’re not only durable but also totally customizable, adding that extra touch of thoughtfulness. I’ve tried this project myself, and it’s such a rewarding craft! With this gift, you’ll need a fine particle cement mix, water, a plate, a spoon, a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and a plastic lid. With these simple materials, you can create a set of unique and vibrant concrete coasters that your teacher will adore.

Check out the tutorial at DIY

8. Cupcake Gift Jar 

Cupcake Gift Jar 

I’ve got a fantastic project to share that’s not only easy on the pocket but also incredibly versatile! The cupcake gift jar, which serves as both a Christmas candy jar and a nifty storage solution for your teacher’s desk, is perfect for things like paper clips, thumbtacks, and erasers. You can find all the details and grab a free printable gift tag over Lil Luna. 

9. DIY Chocolate Spoon 

DIY Chocolate Spoon 

Delicious hot chocolate spoons make a great Christmas gift, especially for your favorite teacher during the holiday season. I might have to make some extras because they look too yummy to give them all away! You can also grab a cute holiday mug at the Dollar Store to package them in, and your teacher can enjoy sipping on their special hot chocolate all throughout the Christmas break. 

Check out the tutorial at thenerdwife

10. Homemade Lemon Salt Scrubs

Homemade Lemon Salt Scrubs

I really enjoy making salt scrubs, and I can’t get enough of it. This Lemon Salt Scrub from TheBeautyDepartmentis a wonderful one to try making at home. It’s simple to put together and feels fantastic, especially in the chilly winter months. I’m confident that your child’s teacher will appreciate the pampering experience this salt scrub can offer.

Check out the tutorial at TheBeautyDepartment

11. Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit 

Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit 

With the DIY Chocolate Kit, your child’s teacher and her family will always have hot chocolate ready to enjoy. When making it, don’t let the kids sneak a few marshmallows :)))! Feel free to get creative and decorate your little snowmen however you like, but if you need some inspiration, check out the website for some fantastic ideas. I absolutely adore these snowmen!

Check out the tutorial at  EmpressOfDirt

12. Wall Art For Teacher 

Wall Art For Teacher 

You can make a special mixed-media canvas for the classroom wall, or even give it as a unique gift to a teacher to hang at home. Don’t forget to include your heartfelt words of appreciation on the wall art for those educators who’ve dedicated themselves to teaching. This budget-friendly gift idea is truly one-of-a-kind, and any teacher is bound to cherish it. 

Check out the tutorial at Simplify Create Inspire

13. DIY Thank You Gift Card

DIY Thank You Gift Card

This fun Gift Card Bouquet is a fantastic Christmas gift idea for the teacher that can be done by the whole class! It’s something the whole class can create together. Each student can design a special thank-you card and attach it to the shared gift box. Not only will it beautify the classroom, but it’s sure to touch the hearts of the teachers. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to assemble! 

Check out the tutorial at  Glitter On A Dime

14. Diy Dry-Erase To-Do List For Teacher 

diy teacher christmas gifts

A DIY dry-erase to-do list is a perfect Christmas gift for teachers who enjoy staying organized. It’s compact, reusable, and comes with a hanging feature and a dry-erase marker. Creative Green Living has put together a tutorial for crafting this project and a template to help you cut out all the necessary pieces. You can make it in festive Christmas colors and add bells and stars for extra charm. 

Check out the tutorial at Creative Green Living

15. Crafted Pen Holder 

Crafted Pen Holder 

Crafting a personalized DIY pencil holder is a practical and thoughtful Christmas gift that will bring a charming touch to your teacher’s desk, helping them organize their pens and pencils. You can easily make this project using everyday materials like tin cans, wine corks, and paint. It’s a simple yet meaningful gift idea.

Check out the tutorial at  DIY

16. Personalized Diploma For Teacher

Personalized Diploma For Teacher

Giving your teacher a personalized diploma for Christmas might seem like a common idea, but it’s a heartfelt way to show your gratitude. You can mention their great teaching or how they supported you during tough times. Whatever you write, it will be a special and touching gift. If you’re not sure how to create a diploma, you can find free templates on Adobe to help you get started.

Download the free template on Adobe 

17. DIY Apple Caramel for Teacher 

DIY Apple Caramel for Teacher 

These DIY caramel apple kits make a wonderful Christmas gift to pleasantly surprise your teacher and show your appreciation. Each kit includes a vibrant red apple and a jar filled with homemade caramel sauce, which are both classic Christmas ingredients. It’s also considered a popular holiday dessert option.

Check out the tutorial at  The Wilson World

18. DIY Lunch Bag 

DIY Lunch Bag 

These DIY lunch sacks are a thoughtful Christmas gift that will be handy for teachers all year round. These sacks are crafted from fabric, making it easy for them to carry their lunches. You can pick out a fabric that matches the teacher’s style and personalize it accordingly. Alternatively, you can use a festive Christmas theme and create lunch sacks in red, white, and green colors.

Check out the tutorial at Silo & Sage

19. Diy Glass Magnets

Diy Glass Magnets

This is another simple teacher appreciation gift idea for you. It’s my favorite among the ones I’ve shared lately because it’s easy to make, adorable, and useful. This gift is something teachers can use throughout the year, and you can make it even more special by choosing a scrapbook paper that holds meaning for the teacher.

Check out the tutorial at makoodle

20. Peppermint Shower Streamers

Peppermint Shower Streamers

Teachers have demanding jobs and deserve some relaxation during the holiday season. Gifting them some peppermint shower steamers can bring relaxation to their Christmas. You can easily find the ingredients on Amazon or Etsy. After making them, consider packaging them with a special gift and a DIY card to make them even more thoughtful.

Check out the tutorial at thestressfreechristmas

21. Wooden Apple Ornament

Wooden Apple Ornament

With this idea, you can create a fantastic apple ornament using only a wooden disc, red and white paint, green felt, and some twine. Start by painting the disc red. Then, use white paint (or other color that you like) to write a special message on it. Attach a felt leaf and a piece of twine. After that, hang it on the Christmas tree for your teacher to see. Don’t forget to thread the twine through a small hole in the wooden disc. You and the kids can also personalize it with any message and drawings you like.

Check out the detailed tutorial at homemadeheather

22. Rolo Pencil For Teacher 

Rolo Pencil For Teacher 

Want to turn a regular pack of Rolos into cute pencils? You only need a pack of Rolos, some printer paper, and a Hershey’s Kiss. Just print the printable on regular paper, wrap it around the Rollos, stick the Kiss on the end with some glue, and you’re good to go!

Check out the tutorial and the printable at skiptomylou

23. Personalized Tumbler for Teacher 

Personalized Tumbler for Teacher 

How about transforming an acrylic tumbler into a thoughtful present? All you need are some vinyl letters and a pack of gel ink pens. Put your teacher’s initials on the tumbler, fill it with gel pens, and then attach a printable bookmark to the straw. It’s a sweet and useful gift idea for teachers on Christmas in 2024. 

Check out the tutorial at  karacreates

24. Last Minutes Christmas Gift for Teacher

Last Minutes Christmas Gift for Teacher

If you’re running out of time and need a fast teacher gift, this printable has got you covered. Because it’s so simple—it’s just a ready-made sticky notepad that you can personalize with the first page. It says, “Thank you for ‘sticking’ with me and helping me learn,” and you can easily attach it to a pack of sticky notes. It’s a gift your teacher will definitely use in the classroom!

Check out thehappyscraps for the printable message  

25. Cute Chocolate Teacher Gift Idea

Cute Chocolate Teacher Gift Idea

Teaching can be tough sometimes. After a long day, a delicious chocolate bar can really hit the spot. That’s why teachers will love this “In case of emergency, break glass” gift.

Check out the tutorial at inspirationformoms

26. Punch Needle Coasters

Punch Needle Coasters

For those teachers who are passionate about their morning coffee, here’s a fun idea. Brighten up your teacher’s desk with these colorful and simple-to-create punch needle coasters. You can personalize your punch needle projects by making your own templates using Cricut.

Check out the tutorial at hobbycraft

27. Diy Chalkboard Vases 

Diy Chalkboard Vases 

You’ll only need a handful of basic items to create these special chalkboard vases. Grab some large mason jars, glass-adhering primer, chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, decorative ribbon, baker’s twine, and a hot glue gun. Put them all together, and you’ve got the ideal gift.

Check out the tutorial at blueistyleblog

28. DIY Personalized Clipboard for Teacher 

DIY Personalized Clipboard for Teacher

What’s one thing that most teachers always need? It helps them organize papers and work more smoothly through piles of documents. That’s right, with this DIY project, you can definitely give your teacher something they’ll use every day. Personalized with a cute message, this item will earn you extra points with your teacher this Christmas.

Check out the tutorial at funlovingfamilies

29. DIY Photo Gift Card Holder

DIY Photo Gift Card Holder

We’re aware that teachers often have to purchase their own supplies. That’s why a gift card to a bookstore or an office supply store is a great choice. Alternatively, you can pamper them with a massage or pedicure at a nearby spa. Whichever you choose, this photo gift card holder will transform a “plain” gift card into a unique DIY teacher gift.

Check out the tutorial at  itsalwaysautumn

30. Personalized Resin Coaster

Personalized Resin Coaster

You’ve got to give this personalized resin coaster project a shot! Customize the resin color to match the recipient’s taste and pour it onto the ceramic coaster blank. Let it set, then add your hand-lettered name or phrase – it couldn’t be easier!

Check out the tutorial at hobbycraft

Final Words From Loveable

These DIY Christmas gifts for teachers are fantastic ways to show gratitude to the incredible educators who have a lasting impact on our lives. These handmade tokens of gratitude express our admiration for their hard work and dedication, making the season brighter for educators.

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