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35 Best Birthday Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boy Will Open Their Wide Eyes

Unlike small kids, an 8-year-old boy is now ready to level up to more advanced activities and toys. Many boys at the age of 8 seem to be keen on playing interesting sports or participating in other hobbies or clubs, coupled with handling challengingly complicated projects. So, if you intend to find a perfect present for kids at that age, it might be a bit tough because they will not be fond of cute toys anymore.

8-year-olds now enjoy items that are not only challenging but also fun, not only cool but also easy-to-use, and not only creative but also boyish. To be more specific, a boy who is into wacky board games and entertaining card games tends to inspire many hours of playing imagination in his backyard. On the other hand, a more inquisitive kid loves STEM toys, including building kits.

To help you save time and effort on seeking perfect gifts for a boy at this age, we have come up with a list of the best birthday gifts for 8-year-old boys, from age-appropriate games, sports and outdoor equipment, musical instruments, art supplies, or science kits.


The joy of children is simple and you do not need to complicate the process of finding gifts for your dear baby's 8th birthday. This led light will help convey your wishes and love.

The soft and non-glare light from this item is helpful for children to fall asleep more easily. Without fancy decorations, the light will directly highlight the 3D illusion engraved on the transparent acrylic sheet. It's the recipient's name and image of a baby elephant.


✔️ Bear the best meaning

✔️ Fascinating 3D illusion

✔️ Express the recipient's name creatively

Let's celebrate the 8th birthday of the little angel you love. If you still haven't found the right gift, this art piece will surely satisfy you.

With the idea of a funny little elephant's image, the seller provided a gift bearing the recipient's impression and loveliness. They will not stop looking at this item hanging on the door or in their bedroom. For an 8-year-old, this is the property in their name.


✔️ Adorable beauty

✔️ Safe to display indoors

✔️ Personalize the recipient's name

If you are a father who is not good at expressing affection, this wall art will be a great choice to help you convey fatherly love to your 12-year-old boy on his birthday.

Personalized with two numbers, it tells your son that he holds a unique place in your heart. Who doesn't want to get love from dad? He will be very happy to receive the gift and his father's affection for him.

Imagine the curiosity and excitement that will fill the recipient's heart as they unravel the Star Map Birthday Gift.

The high-quality canvas poster ensures durability, while the varied size options allow for versatile display. It's a gift that adds a touch of elegance and celestial charm to any living space.


✔️ Unique and sentimental gift that celebrates their special day

✔️ High-quality canvas or poster design for a visually striking display

✔️ Evokes wonder and fascination with the celestial wonders of the night sky

Are you finding a memorable and unique 5 year old birthday present? If yes, this Graduation Class Customized Photo Clip Frame will be a great choice, and it will also surpass any expectations.

This is a 9×12 inches frame that holds 4 x 6 photos. You can choose to insert one, three, or five photos into your frame by choosing different sizes.


✔️ Customized with photo(s) and text of name, school, class, etc

✔️ A special gift to welcome a new age

✔️ Delivered with care and best conditions

Children reach new growth with curiosity about the world when they are 8 years old. Help nourish the soul and health of the child you love with this meaningful birthday gift.

This is a must have item in your child's bedroom. Light is a sensitive issue for babies and a soft light source will help them sleep better. The lamp features a personalized acrylic plate with the child's name, which creates an imprint that belongs only to the child.


✔️ Good light source for sleep

✔️ Fascinating 3D illusions

✔️ Stand out with personalized name

Does your little boy love colorful and funny things? If yes, take this amazing Baby Driving Personalized Ornament and make him thrilled now!

This is a 3.5×3.5 inches ornament made with a personalized face and a name on the car. The main colors are red and yellow, and you can make it more outstanding by choosing a blue or pink shirt. Everything is beautiful with precise printing details and vibrant colors.


✔️ A customized gift that is made only for kids

✔️ Well-made with adorable design

✔️ Suitable for all car with a recommended size

Our Personalized Keychain makes a wonderful birthday gift that your loved one will treasure always.

This stylish keyring, made of stainless steel and personalized with their name and picture, is the ideal item to take with them wherever they go. It adds something extra unique to any living area with its multipurpose home décor design.


✔️ Show your friend that he is special to you

✔️ Help him feel more confident

✔️ Keep a man feeling brave and strong

This Best Upload Photo Wooden Plaque has received rave reviews from customers and is sure to bring big smiles when it comes to gift-giving time.

The Best Upload Photo Wooden Plaque boasts a convenient and user-friendly design. Simply upload your desired photo, and our state-of-the-art technology will flawlessly transfer it onto the wooden surface.


✔️ Personalized details

✔️ Mark his special day

✔️ Sold at a reasonable price

This stunning piece of artistry is meticulously crafted to create a beautiful and customized metal sign that is sure to captivate.

Handcrafted with precision and care, this personalized metal sign showcases a custom monogram or name, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Its rugged yet refined look effortlessly adds character to any room, making it a perfect addition to your home or office decor.


✔️ Bringing joy and delight to everyone

✔️ Enchants the senses and captures attention

✔️ Elevates any living space

Children reach a new developmental milestone at age 8 when their curiosity about the world around them is unending. This incredible 8th birthday present can be used to decorate your child's bedroom.

The receiver is immediately struck by the heart-shaped acrylic sheet customized with the child's name. Powered by energy-efficient LEDs, this light not only looks stunning but also lasts for countless memorable moments.


✔️ Personalize with recipient's name

✔️ Impressive 3D optical illusions

✔️ Safe light for children

A special gift bag for a boy. The Face Photo Family Christmas Bag For Boy is the perfect Birthday Gift for the boy who is a fan of the photos taken by the family.

This Custom Christmas Delivery Bag is a beautiful gift bag made from a material with high durability and will last for a long time.


✔️ Give him love and care from the bottom of your heart

✔️ Lovely blessing when turning a new age

✔️ Make his day full of laughs and excitement

On your son's 8th birthday, it's challenging to find a gift he'll love. Most boys enjoy playing football, so this photo Collage For Football Lovers On The 8th Birthday will be an optimal choice.

The Football Photo Collage is a powerhouse of memories, bringing together your favorite snapshots into one visually stunning masterpiece. The high-quality printing ensures that every image is vivid, crisp, and bursting with the energy of the game.


✔️ Covered by superior copperplate painting

✔️ Made of environmentally-friendly fiber wood

✔️ Durable and vivid color

The unicorn night light is a great 8th birthday gift. Night light for the magical unicorn in your life - just turn it on and watch the magical unicorn beam rainbow-colored beams of light across your floor to illuminate your way.

This ethereal unicorn, with its flowing mane and twinkling horn, becomes a symbol of strength, grace, and the purest form of love. It's a reminder to your child that they are extraordinary and capable of achieving anything they set their heart on.


✔️ Stylish and attractive design

✔️ Improve kids’ night sleep

✔️ Enhance kids’ sleep environment

For those who like to travel, the travel notebook makes a great gift for children. This book is a perfect traveling journal for kids and grownups alike!

You can fill it with travel information and memories and share it with them after the trip is over. Show your support for this young boy’s birthday with a personalized notebook. With his name printed across the front, it is a great keepsake gift to remember his birthday and let him know how much he means to you.


✔️ Can feature the boy's name or initials

✔️ Promotes a love for writing and learning

✔️ Versatile for school, hobbies, or personal projects

This is a perfect puzzle for kids 8 years old and older. Children will love to play with it.

It has many shapes, beautiful 3D pictures, and bright colors. It is easy to assemble with the instructions provided. . He will find it very easy to handle and it looks real. It has a transparent cube with a special sticker, so it is easy to open and close.


✔️ Promotes problem-solving and spatial skills

✔️ Engaging and educational toy for young minds

✔️ Encourages patience and persistence

What a great birthday present! The personalized tumbler will give any kid a blast from the past when he turns 8 years old.

It’s easy to find the perfect gift for the kids in your life, and with a customized gift they’ll always remember. Simply pick the color and name of their tumbler and get your order shipped today.

✔️ Easy-to-use and spill-resistant

✔️ Practical and reusable gift

✔️ Customized patterns

A perfect birthday gift for any 8-year-old boy, the Custom Toddler Hat will help keep him cool this summer.

It features a wide brim, adjustable back strap, and adjustable buckle. It's made of 100% cotton and can be easily machine washed. The hat is a perfect choice for your son’s special day, the head cover is made from a soft, breathable material, comfortable, and durable. This hat is a must-have accessory for every active toddler.


✔️ Protects their head from the sun's rays

✔️ Can feature their favorite colors or patterns

✔️ Offers a comfortable and snug fit

The CUKU Flying Toy Ball is a perfect birthday gift for the 8-year-old boy. This flying toy ball can be controlled by remote control or manual turning.

The toy ball can fly up to many ft and be used as a toy to entertain a little child or a grown-up child. It's designed to be safe for your child and comes with instructions for use and supervision.


✔️ Easy to control and operate

✔️ Enhances hand-eye coordination and motor skills

✔️ Colorful LED lights for a captivating visual experience

Your kid will learn about our planet in style with this Earth science kit. Great gift for kids or adults alike.

This gift set includes a full-color, double-page foldout map showing the different types of landforms and ecosystems around the world. There’s even a foldout field guide to help kids identify plants and animals.


✔️ Ignites curiosity about the Earth and its processes

✔️ Educational and hands-on learning experience

✔️ Encourages scientific exploration and experimentation

This is a beautiful wooden doll house set designed for kids. It will inspire them to build a world of wonder where they can explore, experience, and learn.

All of these can be done within the safe confines of this beautiful wooden doll house. It comes with furniture, windows, doors, roof, stairs, and more. There are also accessories to help your child build a complete house. There are so many things your kid can do inside this wooden house.


✔️ Wide variety of dinosaur species

✔️ Stimulates cognitive development and problem-solving skills

✔️ Appeals to dinosaur-loving nature

Let your child explore imaginative world! Your boy can make his own Dino now.

This set includes two different-colored Dino Bones and an Instruction Book. Build the first Dino yourself by stacking the pieces together and connecting the head, arms, legs, tail, and body. When you're done, give your finished Dino to your son. Then, turn the page to see how to build the second Dino, and do it all over again!


✔️ Ignites imagination and creativity

✔️ Provides hours of engaging play

✔️ Builds fine motor skills and dexterity

Here is stunning gift for your child! This Ultimate Skip Ball will be a great way for your child to learn how to balance a ball.

With 2 packs of balls, this water bouncer set includes one big, one small water ball with handles, and two extra sponges. Water-filled balls are so much fun and great for indoor and outdoor parties! With these bouncing balls, you will be able to enjoy hours of play with your kids without getting dirty, messy, or wet.


✔️ Exciting and engaging outdoor activity

✔️ Fun challenge for boys of all ages

✔️ Enhances balance and motor skills

Get ready to take your skills to the next level with these LED light gloves that will help your 8-year-old boys excel at sports, play instruments, and do a little dancing.

The LED light glove is the world's first and only LED light glove, which uses LED lights to illuminate every finger, thumb, and palm. The LED light glove comes with 2 AAA batteries, and there's no switch to activate or deactivate the light, so your kid will have fun wearing it all day long. Don't forget to put some music into the speakers to enjoy the best night's music.


✔️ Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit

✔️ Lightweight and easy to use for kids

✔️ Dazzling visual spectacle for birthday events

Upgraded Huge Bow and Arrow is the ultimate bow and arrow for boys who are ready to take on their enemies.

This huge bow and arrow are made with real wood and can easily hold up to a 30-pound bow. You will need three pieces of wood to assemble the bow and arrow. The handle can be extended by sliding the arrow through it.


✔️ Offers a thrilling and competitive archery experience

✔️ Promotes teamwork and friendly competition with friends

✔️ Encourages outdoor exploration

Give this remote-control car a drive around the house or park him in your garage, and he’ll be off, racing around at full throttle to show everyone what he’s made of.

He features a durable steel frame and a soft plush body with rollers and rubber tires. Plus, with two easy-to-adjust settings for speed and steering, he’s ready to take on the competition.


✔️ Durable and built to withstand rough play

✔️ Easy to control and maneuver

✔️ Sparks imagination and creativity

The VTech creator cam is a fun way to create your own movies and stories. This smart cam records in HD and takes photos per second.

It lets kids do all the things they enjoy doing like drawing and coloring, creating music and animations, and even narrating stories using special voice recordings. There’s more! Kids can also take selfies, snap photos with the included camera, share their creations on social media, and even access educational apps. Just connect to the internet, set up an account for your child, and start recording.


✔️ Offers a range of built-in special effects

✔️ Allows for editing and adding fun graphics

✔️ Captures memories and experiences

Stop thinking of gifts for you child! Make a fun addition to his desk or table, this V-Opitos Rocket Launch Toys will be a hit!

With a unique design, each rocket is handcrafted from high-grade plastic and contains a rechargeable battery. It’s a great way to get the little ones interested in science and technology. Kids will enjoy playing with it and building their own rockets.


✔️ Inspires curiosity and scientific curiosity

✔️ Fosters a love for science and engineering

✔️ Exciting and interactive rocket

It's not rocket science, but it's still fun. In fact, it's so much fun, you might want to keep a few around. Just because you're a space cadet doesn't mean you have to miss out on some awesome adventures in orbit!

Whether you're building a model rocket or a multi-stage rocket, this simple launcher will make launching a breeze. All you do is load a round of BBs into the base and pull back the handle!


✔️ Stimulates creativity in designing and decorating rockets

✔️ Teaches the principles of physics and trajectory

✔️ Play and level up friendship

Whether your son wants to go fishing or just kick around the soccer ball, this watch is perfect for him!

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and scratch resistant, it's tough enough to take on anything the outdoors may throw his way and a fun keepsake for years to come. He can even wear it at the beach or around town and everyone will think he's super-cool! Get him this watch while supplies last, and keep him safe from water, sun, and more with the sport watch waterproof!


✔️ Teaches time management and responsibility

✔️ Helps develop time-telling skills

✔️ Suitable for sports and everyday wear

Give your child a fun night light that he can keep forever in this GlowCity Glow in the Dark Basketball.

Its soft glow illuminates the dark as it rolls across the court, providing hours of entertainment on the basketball court and around the house. They use state-of-the-art technology to create products that are safe, healthy, and sustainable.


✔️ Glowing effect lights

✔️ Promotes active and healthy lifestyle for boys

✔️ Easy to charge and glows brightly in the dark

The LEGO Gadgets is a perfect birthday gift for the 8-year-old boy. He will like the set because it is more than a toy, it is a tool that can help him to learn and enjoy the world around him.

Watch as their eyes light up with excitement as they build, create, and explore. It's time to build your own droid and turn him into the greatest cyborg machine on the planet! This set includes the base model and different Minifigures.


✔️ Effective time-using

✔️ Forming logical thinking

✔️ Sturdy and safe plastics

Bring happiness on your boy's birthday! Get your little guy ready for a fidget-free life with the shifting box.

This award-winning cube fidget toy is great for getting your hands off of him because it features 36 rare earth magnets, but what really sets it apart is its ability to change shape! Kids will be able to use the box for hours on end without the need for anything more than a finger to get their hands on it.


✔️ Innovative and mind-bending shape-shifting puzzle

✔️ Provides endless hours of entertainment and fun

✔️ Promotes creativity and critical thinking skills

A must-have book for any 8-year-old boy, with some fantastic jokes, jokes about the weather, and the history of jokes! It's perfect for all occasions - parties, holidays, birthdays, or just as a present!

It's written for 8-year-old boys, but I'm sure there's lots of information in it for older kids too. Inside the pages of the Awesome Jokes Books, you'll discover a treasure trove of witty one-liners, hilarious anecdotes, and clever puns. Clear and vivid imagine won't let you down.


✔️ Entertaining and laughter-filled gift

✔️ Helps develop a sense of humor

✔️ Broaden knowledge about jokes

Perfect for a kid of all ages, the compact high shockproof binoculars are a perfect birthday gift for 8-year-olds.

A sturdy rubber housing protects the binoculars' lenses from shocks. The compact design makes storage easy. And with 10x magnification, kids can see a whole lot. They come with an easy-to-use focusing knob and an adjustable focus wheel. These binoculars are ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of binoculars, perfect for taking on long trips.


✔️ Perfect for nature hikes and birdwatching

✔️ Adjustable focus for clear and detailed viewing

✔️ Compact and lightweight

Welcome to the magical world of werewolves and wizards! The magic has begun, and wizards and werewolves are running amok.

Your little one will have to use your wits and skills to solve the mysteries, find magical items, and fight evil forces while on a journey through various castles. The Magical Hide And Seek Game is not just a game, it's a shared journey that strengthens bonds and creates lifelong memories.


✔️ Interactive and enchanting play experience

✔️ Sparks imagination and creativity in boys

✔️ Engages kids in a fun and magical adventure

Your little boy is a fan of the sport, isn't he? A great birthday present for young fans of the sport: Magnetic Dart Board!

This dartboard is made from high-quality, thick cardboard and is double-sided, making it ideal for learning the art of darts and practicing perfect throwing. With 12 wooden stick balls, this dartboard offers plenty of targets for players to aim at. It comes with a handy carrying case to keep it safe when traveling.


✔️ Safe and kid-friendly dart game

✔️ Easy to set up and portable

✔️ No sharp darts, reducing the risk of accidents

What's better than a dart board to help you keep the peace? How about a set of 12 magnetic darts?!

Great for little hands and ages 5 and up, the Magnetic Darts are simple to use. Simply load the darts into the board, plug in the battery, then let the kid go to town, shooting at nothing but his imagination. Kids will love these little shots, and your home will stay clean.


✔️ Improves accuracy and precision skills

✔️ Double-sided design offers versatility and variety

✔️ Compact and portable for easy setup anywhere

A perfect birthday gift for your young sportsman with this rechargeable soccer ball! This soccer ball is perfect for indoor play, as well as outdoor soccer.

With the rechargeable battery, this soccer ball can last up many hours of play. A soft foam grip handle makes it easy for kids to hold. A mesh cover provides comfort for hands and arms.


✔️ Combines soccer and air hockey for added fun

✔️ Safe and durable toy for active boys

✔️ Can be played solo or with friends and family

Give the gift of joy with the remote-control boat waterproof RC monster truck car. He'll love having his very own RC stunt car, and he'll be thrilled to drive this one-of-a-kind RC boat

It's on a remote-control vehicle course with a remote-control transmitter. The car is equipped with a safety device and is water-resistant, easy to control, simple and reliable, and can work in water and other wet environments.


✔️ Easy-to-use remote control for young kids

✔️ Encourages active and engaging play

✔️ Perfect for off-road and rugged terrains

The YEEBAY punching bag is the best thing that will ever happen to your son on his 8th birthday.

It is perfect for when he hits puberty, to protect him from the painful and embarrassing practice of boxing and MMA. Or maybe it’s just a fun, creative gift that he can use to keep his hand skills sharp? He can’t resist punching the heck out of this thing.


✔️ Durable and built to withstand energetic punches

✔️ Provides a safe outlet for active play

✔️ Boosts confidence and self-esteem

✔️ Adjustable height to accommodate growing kids

With Solar Robot Space Toys explore the mysterious world! This solar space robot toy is a perfect birthday gift for the 8-year-old boy.

It is a battery-operated solar paneled robot that glides across the table in space. The kit comes with many parts that can be used separately to assemble the solar-powered flying robot. Each kit is designed to teach a child about the Sun, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, and many other astronomical objects in the sky.


✔️ Educational and engaging STEM toy

✔️ Sparks curiosity about solar energy and robotics

✔️ Encourages problem-solving and critical thinking skills

The 13-in-1 STEM Solar robot kit toy is a great choice for the 8-year-old boy birthday. Kids can use the included parts to build and program their own robots.

With interchangeable parts and different motor combinations, kids can quickly assemble the robot and create their own solar-powered character. In addition, you can attach different accessories including light and propeller to make it even more interesting. This is a great science project for children and a great birthday gift for boys.


✔️ Offers 13 different robot models

✔️ Powered by solar energy for eco-friendly fun

✔️ Encourages hands-on learning and experimentation

We love the idea of keeping little ones safe while out and about by waterproofing their camera, so we gave it the GKTZ seal of approval.

This waterproof camera is made for your kids, so they can take beautiful pictures at the beach or go on adventures with mom and dad. This is the perfect addition to their holiday and birthday presents.


✔️ Easy to use with kid-friendly controls

✔️ Records precious memories and experiences

✔️ Inspires a love for nature and marine life

Get your little boy the birthday he truly deserves with a brand-new Nerf blaster and an arsenal of foam balls.

The moving shooting target is compatible with both Nerf N-Strike as well as hot shot blasters and features two modes for hours of blasting action. Also included are 18 foam balls to keep his friends busy while he shoots the rest of the birthday party away.


✔️ Soft and lightweight for safe play

✔️ Versatile for different game variations and scenarios

✔️ Enhances creativity and strategic thinking skills

The 3-mile-long range handheld walkie-talkies are a perfect birthday gift for the 8-year-old boy. You can talk to him wherever he is. And he will hear you too.

With long range, you can see his face clearly even if he's far away. The speaker on the top has a loud volume so you can hear his voice clearly. Your boy You can take it anywhere with you. You can even talk to people in the next room, across the street, or around the world!


✔️ Builds social skills

✔️ Stimulates curiosity and fosters a love for technology

✔️ Adventurous communication tool

Impact Foam Tip Kids Bow And Arrow is a Faux bow set made from high-quality materials and handmade by experienced artisans.

The Faux Bows are made of high-quality polystyrene impact foam with a plastic handle and a flexible spring steel tip. This bow and arrow is built with a quality foam tip, a sturdy wood shaft, and a metal head with spring-loaded action that makes hitting the target a breeze.


✔️ Improve their hand-eye coordination and concentration skills

✔️ Boosts a child's self-confidence

✔️ Joy and skills of archery

A great birthday gift for a little boy who loves shooting hoops. The spring-loaded dart-style target is attached to the backboard and the shooter's finger simply pulls the target down when it is released.

It can be shot with a BB gun, dart gun, bow, and arrow, or paintball marker. A beautiful Spring Flower shooting game for children, featuring colorful images on a clear vinyl background and an extra-large game mat. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play, this bright colorful toy will have him playing for hours.


✔️ Featuring soft foam darts

✔️ Promoting healthy competition and social interaction

✔️ Ensuring durability and longevity

Give the gift of engineering with the Avishkaar kit for your 8-year-old boy on his birthday! The Avishkaar starter kit comes with everything needed to get started with electronics and coding.

This kit gives kids the ability to take their creations from concept to code to reality, by teaching them how to combine hardware and software in their own unique and creative way. It’s like having a million-dollar supercomputer right in your hands!


✔️ Ignites curiosity and interest in technology

✔️ Introduces basic coding and programming concepts

✔️ Practical learning experience for young minds

If you're searching for a special and personalized gift for your little one's 8th birthday, the Baby Photos Custom Collage for 8 Year Old is the perfect option.

Bask in the generous 12-inch diameter of this wall clock, meticulously designed with high-quality materials and boasting a silent quartz movement. The clear numerical display facilitates effortless timekeeping, while the custom photo collage infuses it with a distinctive and personal allure.


✔️ Colorful visual stimulation for children's imagination

✔️ Easy installation with a simple mounting system

✔️ Educational value with clear numbers for time-telling

Leave a lasting impression on their special day with the enchanting Happy Birthday Gifts 8 Year Old Pillow—a gift that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

This pillow's dimensions of 14" by 14" make it the perfect size to add flair to any room. It's made of high-quality polyester fabric that's both soft and durable, with a hidden zipper for easy cleaning. Weighing only 7 ounces, it's easy to move and store when not in use.


✔️ Durable construction for long-lasting use

✔️ Removable background picture for easy customization

✔️ Premium-quality fabric for a soft and luxurious feel

This 8 awesome since 2015 youth t-shirt is an extra special birthday gift that will surely excite your boy.

The t-shirt combines style and comfort effortlessly, ensuring kids love wearing it. The personalized message adds a personal touch, and its quality guarantees it remains a cherished item. This high-quality tee is designed comfortably so he can wear it all day long, with a fascinating print that highlights his year of birth.


✔️ Cute and fun design

✔️ High-quality material

✔️ Personalized with birth year

✔️ Various colors and sizes to choose from

Bottom Line

Our collection of the best birthday gifts for 8-year-old boys is guaranteed to widen their eyes in excitement and wonder. We have carefully selected a range of gifts that cater to their interests, foster their creativity, and provide endless hours of entertainment. As you embark on the journey of finding the perfect gift, consider their individual preferences, hobbies, and developmental stage. Whether it's a high-tech gadget, a captivating book series, or a sports-related item, our recommendations are designed to captivate their imagination and promote their cognitive and physical development.

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