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Bigcommerce Filtered Navigation Tutorial: Customize Product Filtering

Last updated: February 01, 2024
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Look at the photo below and answer the question: What are they?

Product filters

Obviously, all of us can immediately find out the answer: Product filters!

Bingo, you are right!

Product filters play an integral part in any eCommerce store since it helps customers to narrow down the search result and select the suitable product rapidly. Consequently, all the eStore must be equipped with these features to improve the shopping experience and compete with other stores in this competitive market.

Luckily, product filtering is a built-in feature on BigCommerce, and users can exploit it simply.

So, what exactly is product filtering? How to use it? And what do we need to remember when using product filtering? All will be clarified in this post!

What is product filtering?

Product filtering is a feature that enables users to group products according to multiple criteria like price, colors, reviews, and more. It is a helpful tool for customers to decrease their time searching for the products they want. In many cases, product filtering is also known as faceted search.

Types of product filtering on BigCommerce

Name Feature
Category Filter product by its category, sub-category (only for brand and search pages)
Brand Filter product by its brand
Price Filter product by its price
Rating Filter product by its review rating on BigCommerce
Others Filter product by free shipping, featured products, or products in stock
Product options Filter product by its options
Custom fields Filter by custom fields on products (only for enterprise store)

How to enable & customize product filtering on BigCommerce?

Step 1: Open Product Filtering

Open your BigCommerce control panel and select Product.

Open product

Then, scroll down and click on Product Filtering.

Ope product filtering

Step 2: Select product filters

You will see a list of product filters there; scroll down and select the filter you want to apply for your store by clicking on the checkbox below Visible in Storefront?

Enable product filtering on BigCommerce

Step 3: Customize product filters

By clicking on the symbol in the column of Settings, you are able to customize the product filters.

Choose settings

A small box will appear on the screen including Display name, Sort, Show, Display Product count, and Collapsed by default and users are allowed to make changes to all sections except for Display name.

Edit the settings

In Sort, you are given three options which are: Alphabetically By option value order By item count

With Show, the quantity of filter option values will be displayed on the storefront, and when the number exceeds 15, More… will be shown instead of a specific number.

Also, this platform enables users to change the filter order just by dragging and dropping it to the place they want.

After all, click on Save.

How to disable product filtering on BigCommerce?

In order to remove the filter from your storefront, what you are required to do is to disable it by changing the to X symbol in the Visible in Storefront? column.

Disable BigCommerce product filtering

Notes when using product filtering on BigCommerce

Notes for BigCommerce users

  • SKU is a compulsory element for variants to be able to be displayed in an option-based filter
  • Product filtering can only be used on Pro or Enterprise stores.
  • All the store are able to add custom filters when adding products, but it only works with Enterprise stores
  • Product filters are only visible on category, brand, and search pages
  • People can only see that product filter if there are products with the attributes

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it can be seen that product filtering is an essential part of any eCommerce store, and its status has become more and more crucial than ever, especially in a store with thousands of products. Hence, there is no reason for BigCommerce users not to exploit this feature for their store. By following the three steps above, anyone can activate product filtering and edit them to suit their demands in minutes. Also, don’t forget to read the notes carefully in advance.

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