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BigCommerce B2B Pricing Plan Review & Compared

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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Are you working as a B2B business? If the answer is yes, luckily you have come to the right place!

Most online stores nowadays are B2C models instead of B2B; therefore, not every eCommerce solution will be the best when it comes to B2B. But BigCommerce is going to solve your problems. This article is going to explain why BigCommerce is the perfect answer for your B2B business, including their B2B features and, more importantly, introducing you to their newly-released BigCommerce B2B pricing plans. Keep reading to find out more!

Why should you use BigCommerce as a B2B company?

BigCommerce B2B features

Despite the fact that the BigCommerce B2B pricing plan has only been established for over 2 years, they have already attracted a plethora of customers. Here are the reasons why:

  • Authorised sales team: Speed up deals focuses on providing the tools sales representatives need to quickly generate and manage quotations and discounts, as well as allow them to log in, shop, and complete transactions on behalf of their clients.
  • Better customer service: Ensure each of their clients sees precisely what they need to see on a mobile-friendly and adaptable site, by creating unique account hierarchies and pricing lists. The final goal of the BigCommerce B2B pricing plan is to bring back the best experience for you and your consumers.
  • Simplify the buying process: Sensory overload creates new consumers and makes existing customers’ lives simpler. Customers are offered advanced payment alternatives, such as shared shopping lists, and the ability to purchase items several times.
  • More spectacular features: Typically, a BigCommerce pricing plan has already been updated with many diverse tools to enhance the brand’s performance in the marketplace. However, there are even more of them available in the B2B editions. In this way, online merchants can improve their shopping experience by using automated customer service, price segmentation, punch out, and connect with key ERP, OMS, and CRM systems.

Available BigCommerce B2B pricing plans

At the moment, BigCommerce is providing up to 4 different pricing plans with useful come-along B2B features. The functionality of each one depends on the size and the needs of a specific customer:

BigCommerce pricing plans

The great thing about developing your website on BigCommerce is that no transaction fees are charged. But, conversely, the pricing plan you choose might be used to strict your yearly online sales.

In 2019, BigCommerce recently decided to extend a brand new pricing plan called BigCommerce B2B edition. This plan is specifically aimed at B2B customers with more targeted features compared to the previous versions. Their specifications will be discussed further in the next sections.

Standard and Plus BigCommerce B2B pricing plans review

Manage your B2B business with BigCommerce

BigCommerce Standard and Plus pricing plans are the most profitable if you are managing a small volume of orders. Following is the list of B2B features you might find in these two pricing plans:

  • Multiple Storefronts: if you are aiming at customers from across the globe, it is important to set up multiple stores using different languages and locations. This allows you to provide them with better customer-oriented content rather than using one for all. Plus, this is one of BigCommerce’s most user-friendly setting up features.
  • Multiple Currencies: display and transactional currency will be kept separated from each other along with the auto-convert feature to choose default and add new currency.
  • Wish list: your consumers can create their own wishlist to have a better comparison before making a purchase. And the number of wishlists for each website is limitless.
  • Related product recommendations: based on similarities among products or descriptions, the system will let you choose out five comparable goods for your customers. To this extent, these recommendations would be a great way to draw their attention.
  • Call for price: you can quickly conceal your product pricing in the settings or set a call for pricing. Multi-tier pricing: Evaluate the costs of different tiers and then establish pricing for each product level.
  • Sales channels: eBay, Amazon, Instagram, Square - these are only a few out of the possible sales channels your store can be integrated with through BigCommerce

Pro and Enterprise BigCommerce B2B pricing plans review

BigCommerce B2B features in pro and enterprise plans

These two BigCommerce pricing plans would be a better fit for B2B businesses as they are developed with additional special capabilities to increase the conversion rate as well as shorten the payment procedure for B2B customers.

  • Real-time Shipping Quotes: with the help of ShipperHQ, e-tailers may set the calculating tool for real-time shipping costs and other sophisticated controls. Moreover, customizing delivery alternatives based on product shipping zones is possible with these features. Apart from that is the chance to work with both local and international shipping providers, including FedEX, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail, etc.
  • Product filter search bar: this is especially important for B2B business, your wholesale clients will have the ability to search goods by using filters. If you wish to adjust the fields in the searching bars, you might need an Enterprise pricing plan.
  • B2B Tier Pricing: you can start selling at the wholesale price tier and apply discounts, replace reduction rates combined with activate B2B price tiers for a selected group of clients
  • Bulk Pricing: instead of pricing each product individually, you can assign the price for multiple tiers at once. It is also simple to set bulk pricing and determine the discount value in the table view, which helps keep customers coming back to the store.

BigCommerce B2B pricing plans review

BigCommerce B2B pricing

As we have mentioned previously, BigCommerce has developed a brand new pricing plan targeted directly to B2B businesses. Hence, the features appearing in this edition are more B2B-oriented compared to the four traditional versions. If you are a B2B online store, you may be interested in the following list of functionalities:

  • B2B-friendly shipping system: Leverage BigCommerce native connection with ShipperHQ, the most effective shipping rate rules engine, to save expenses for your B2B clients.
  • Enhance customer experience tools: Provide an intuitive, best-in-class B2B customer experience by providing one-click designed features for instant quotation creation, user permissions, and purchasing for an exceptional customer experience.
  • Automatically syncing data with third-parties: Data synced with any 3rd-party product in your ecosystem now comprises 90% of the BigCommerce platform and processes around 400 API requests every second.
  • Advanced search and punch out: Faceted search was developed on top of Elasticsearch, with fields like CustomFields support added to accommodate more sophisticated searching. PunchOut2Go and Nextopia are two of our business partners.
  • Secured solutions: To ensure your B2B eCommerce solution’s security, they use a complex, multi-layered strategy. For this reason, BigCommerce has built-in HTTPS and PCI compliance as standard, with several choices accessible for free and premium SSLs readily available.

The price for BigCommerce B2B pricing plans is not much different from the Enterprise plan because it varies depending on your business’s size and needs.

Final thoughts

We hope that all of your wonders related to BigCommerce B2B pricing plans have been answered in our articles today. It is recommended that you should ask for a demo of BigCommerce B2B pricing plan before making final decisions. By doing this, you can have a better understanding of how the system works and decide whether it fits your needs.

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