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How to Set up Multiple Flat Rate Shipping in WooCommerce

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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Setting up the delivery rates is one of the vital errands on a Web-based business store. You might need to set up a delivery technique prior to making diverse transportation strategies and rates. WooCommerce is a famous delivery stage that offers fundamental transportation highlights. As a matter of course, it allows you to set up free delivery, the neighborhood gets, and level rate dispatching under each transportation zone.

This article will show you How to Set up Multiple Flat Rate Shipping in WooCommerce to upgrade your online store.

Reasons to set up multiple Flat Rate shipping in WooCommerce

Online shops, for the most part, need to convey different delivery-related guidelines to work finely.

For instance, a similar Web-based business might have to have an explicit delivery guideline for one of its areas and another for its item classifications.

Additionally, it is conceivable that an entrepreneur needs to apply a diverse level rate delivering expenses for the various areas that it serves.

Such situations are exceptionally normal. The majority of the WooCommerce stores need to have numerous level rate delivering techniques. In any case, it is preposterous to expect to add them to your shop through the overall provisions of WordPress WooCommerce.

You need a superior augmentation, specific for broadening various level rate delivering strategies to your store according to your prerequisites.

To stay in the opposition, it is basic for each business, particularly, for organizations with numerous branches, conveyance areas, items, classifications, or different boundaries that require various level rate transporting strategies’ execution.

Types of flat rate shipping methods in WooCommerce

The following is the rundown of various boundaries for which you can – alone or by and large – set up level rate dispatching techniques:

1. Areas based transportation technique

One postal district or more, one nation or more, one state or more – you can make as numerous area-related level rate delivering rules as you need when you have the high-level rate dispatching module close by. Not simply that, you can likewise apply various level rate rules for different postal divisions, states or potentially nations without a moment’s delay.

For Online business venders’ facilitation, the module additionally permits the production of custom delivery zones. Utilizing this element, you can bunch the regularly utilized areas with a similar charge and apply leads on the double at whatever point it must be applied for your made custom zone.

2. For Items according to their properties

Have distinctive level delivery charge related standards for various items, or for various classifications? No concerns. Utilize this module and do that. You can make multiple level rate transporting techniques for variable items, items, classifications, labels, and SKUs.

3. For various traits

You can apply various strategies identified with delivery charges according to the properties like tone or size of various things.

4. For Clients according to their properties

Need distinctive transportation rates for retailer purchasers and discount purchasers or, then again, ready to give a specific purchaser a major rebate of transportation expense as a result of the volume of a new buy made by that client?

It is all conceivable to utilize the high-level rate dispatching module for WooCommerce. Using this Internet business-related augmentation for your shop, you can make numerous level rate rules for clients as well as client jobs.

5. For Truck according to its connected boundaries

Truck subtotal (before markdown/after rebate), truck amount, truck weight in kg, coupon applied to the truck, and transportation class are the explicit truck boundaries, for which various level rate delivering rules can be made.

6. For Checkout activity

The module lets retailers add various level rate transporting strategies for various installment techniques.

7. Table Rate Delivery Strategies

For different boundaries out of the ones recorded above, you might need to set a specific delivery charge for a particular reach. Likewise, you might need to set up various transportation rates for different reaches. With the high-level rate dispatching module, it is anything but an intense errand. You can utilize its high-level strategies to make table rate delivering techniques.

How to set up multiple Flat Rate shipping in WooCommerce

Step 1: Set up shipping methods manually

In view of your requirements, you might need to set a level rate dispatching charge per thing, delivering class, or request. To begin, visit the transportation settings page in WooCommerce > Settings > Delivery > Level Rate. Then, at that point:

  • Empower the transportation strategy
  • Name the transportation strategy (this is the thing that clients will see toward the front)
  • Set your cost

Set up shipping methods manually

-Flat Rate Per Item: In the event that you might want to charge a level rate for everything, select Estimation Type > Per Thing – charge-transporting for everything exclusively.

Set up shipping methods manually

**Flat Rate Per Shipping Class: If you might want to charge a level rate for every delivery class, select Estimation Type > Per Class – charge dispatching for each transportation class in a request. Then, at that point, you can characterize the level rates per delivering class.

Set up shipping methods manually

-Flat Rate Per Order: In the event that you might want to charge a level rate for every request, select Estimation Type > Per Request – charge-transporting for the whole request in general. Utilizing a for every request level rate transporting choice is an incredible method to urge clients to purchase more items and increment your normal things per request.

Set up shipping methods manually

-Other Flat Rate Shipping Options: Attempting to concoct an alternate delivery valuing structure than the ones recorded previously? WooCommerce will permit you to characterize some extra costs in WooCommerce > Settings > Transportation > Level Rate > Delivery Choices.

Set up shipping methods manually

Step 2: Set up shipping methods using plugin

Shipping methods, made utilizing the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce we are utilizing in this article, are the legitimate principles for adding delivering expenses to your store. You might make decisions that depend on only one boundary, or on numerous boundaries. Progress or table rate dispatching strategies can likewise be applied to your Online business shop through the transportation techniques.

Set up shipping methods using plugin

Utilizing the high-level rate dispatching module, you can make different delivery techniques. Every technique has its own standard, or set of rules.

Shipping Method Configuration: At the point when you tap on the alternative ‘Add shipping method’, another page will open up. On this page, you will have different areas, first being ‘Shipping method Configuration’.

Set up shipping methods using plugin

In the transportation strategy setup structure, you can add the name of transportation technique, the transportation charge material on the truck when the conditions characterized in this technique are relevant, the beginning date, the closure date, assessed conveyance time for the request, the beginning time for every day, finishing time for every day and the tooltip depiction. Additionally, you can pick if the transportation charge is available.

The vast majority of the fields in this part are discretionary, so you simply need to fill those fields that are fundamental for your present prerequisite.

Shipping Method Rules: Delivery technique rules is the part where you will add the conditions for your transportation strategy. If it is not too much trouble, recall that you should add a different arrangement of delivery strategy rules for every one of the transportation strategies you are making.

Set up shipping methods using plugin

By tapping on the ‘+ Add Rule’ button, you can build the number of rules being applied to the chosen transporting strategy. For each transportation strategy rule, select the boundary, administrator, and value(s) to be looked at.

3 Best WooCommerce plugins for Flat rate Shipping

1. Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce

You can set up a limitless arrangement of rules for WooCommerce level rate transporting with the assistance of Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce plugin. It will allow you to make numerous transportation strategies associated with various standards. When clients add items to the truck, the module will show dispatching rates in understanding the guidelines you have set. In addition, the module assists you with setting up free transportation on your store dependent on a few conditions like client area, item, truck subtleties, and so on.


  • Offer a broad scope of choices to assist you with setting up delivery rates on your store.
  • Give explicit principles to the area, clients, items, varieties, and truck.
  • Let clients join various principles to alter delivery techniques in your store.
  • Indicate a span for the strategy just as show assessed conveyance time for that delivery technique.

Price: $99

2. Per Product Shipping

Per Product Shipping

With the assistance of Per Product Shipping plugin, you will actually want to set up delivery rates explicit to items dependent on the area of the client. The module allows you to make an independent transportation strategy or add per item delivering expenses for other delivery techniques. Fundamentally, you will actually want to characterize per line and per thing dispatching costs dependent on items or varieties. In view of the client’s location, expenses can fluctuate.


  • Additional delivery alternatives mean higher deals
  • Oversaw and streamlined your transportation costs
  • A diminishing in shopping basket relinquishment proportion

Price: $79

3. WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

On the off chance that you might want to offer transportation rates dependent on the distance of the conveyance area or the all-out movement time, WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin could help you. It likewise assists you with setting rules dependent on all-out number of things in the truck, item weight and complete truck esteem. This module could be truly helpful to you when you need to charge transportation rates depending on the separation from your area to the client’s area.


  • Café conveying food, stores offering staple conveyance, puts that lease hardware, and so forth would track down this an adept choice. Fundamentally, you can utilize this module at any place you need to get more explicit than a postal division to decide to deliver charges.

Price: $79


Regardless of whether your online shop is small or enormous, in the event that it has an assortment of items or an assortment of areas to serve, you might have to apply various level rate delivering strategies on WooCommerce.For this, never go for a custom-form code piece, the reason being – it will not be a far-reaching arrangement. In the event that you do as such, you should change the code each time another utilization case is accessible in the Web-based business store.

I hope you will find this article about How to Set up Multiple Flat Rate Shipping in WooCommerce fundamental!

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