6 Best Woocommerce Role-based Pricing Plugins

Updated: March 01, 2023


There are many ways to attract more people to register accounts in your WooCommerce store that are applied by merchants. And, one of the ways that are favored by the majority of them is the role-based pricing policy. By using this way, entrepreneurs don’t have to run discounted deals or expensive marketing campaigns, what they need to do is just display the prices based on user roles in their store.

By hiding the price in public, merchants can increase their visitor’s curiosity, encouraging them to register an account later. More than that, this pricing policy can offer merchants many additional benefits. So, what are they? Let’s scroll down to have a look at it!

In addition, this post introduces to you 6 best WooCommerce role-based pricing plugins which enable you to set rules to display different prices to different groups of people in your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of role-based pricing on WooCommerce

  • Sell for both wholesale and retail customers: By offering the prices based on user roles, store owners can attract both retailers and wholesalers and increase sales for your store more effectively. There will be no need to duplicate the pricing section and customers with different roles will see different prices. Create better strategy for store members: With role-based pricing, stores can divide their customers into different groups, making it easier for them to nurture and create promotions to boost sales. Based on customers’ demands, merchants can create and offer each type of user roles suitable deals, so customers will be more likely to be attracted to their campaign and purchase more items.
  • Increase account quantity for store: When setting the role-based pricing, visitors who have not registered will be unable to see the product price. The only way for them to see it is to create an account on your WooCommerce store. Hence, you can increase the numbers of potential customers and make use of data in their profile to increase conversions.

    6 Best Woocommerce Role-based Pricing Plugins

    YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices screenshot

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices is a mighty tool for store owners to set different prices for the same products on their online shop. Based on the role of users on their WooCommerce store, the system will display different prices. Also, this extension empowers users to create rules based on user role, so that the price (both regular prices and sale ones) will be automatically changed with different groups of people. More than that, merchants can disable this role-based pricing feature on specific products on YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices which enables merchants to flexibly modify their store to attract as many customers as possible.

Key features:

  • Change product price based on user role
  • Create and apply the rule to regular and sale price
  • Exclude role-based prices from certain categories and tags
  • Change product price by percentage value or fixed amount
  • Display custom notification for people who are unable to see the price

Price:€ 79,99

Ratings: 4.42/5 stars out of 67 reviews

ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin

ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin screenshot

The second extension in this list is ELEXWooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin, which can show price for visitors depending on the role they play on WooCommerce stores. In addition, users are allowed to hide product prices, deactivate the shopping cart and checkout page, or even offer discounts on certain products or categories with selected user roles. By doing that, store owners will control who can place orders on their store and encourage more visitors to create accounts on their store.

Key features:

  • Remove and replace add to cart button with HTML text
  • Set different prices for different user roles
  • Hide regular price, product price, cart, and checkout page
  • Create/ remove WordPress user roles
  • Set rules for displaying product prices

Price: Free

Ratings: No ratings

MWB Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce

MWB Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce screenshot

Developed by MakeWebBetter, MWB Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce is regarded as a powerful tool for WooCommerce merchants to show prices based on user role. In this extension, customers will be divided into four types of users: wholesaler, retailers, distributors, and customers. By installing it, merchants will be provided the ability to decide whether to show or hide the price (regular and sale) to specific users. More than that, discounts and tax are also hidden for specific people easily with the help of MWB Role Based for WooCommerce, so stores will not only offer users better service but also attract more users and increase the sales.

Key features:

  • Offer four types of user role
  • Display different prices based on user roles
  • Set, change, and remove rules for role-based pricing with no limits
  • Show/ hide tax with specific users
  • Apply coupons to selected user roles

Price: Free

Ratings: 5/5 stars out of 1 review

Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce screenshot

Another plugin that offers the ability to set custom prices based on user role on the virtual store is a popular name among WooCommerce entrepreneurs - Booster for WooCommerce. To use this feature, merchants have to purchase the paid option of Booster for WooCommerce, which includes Basic, Pro, and Elite. In fact, Booster for WooCommerce offers users a variety of features to manage their WooCommerce store. Besides the role-based pricing features, users can customize the add to cart button, enable customers to suggest the prices, set different prices depending on the number of items they purchase, and more.

Key features:

  • Enable customer to offer the price
  • Set different prices based on user role
  • Change price and currency according to customer’s location
  • Set price based on product quantity
  • Customize the add to cart button and price labels Price: From $49

Ratings: 4.6/5 stars out of 413 reviews

Prices By User Role for WooCommerce

Prices By User Role for WooCommerce screenshot

Equipped with Prices By User Role for WooCommerce, merchants will set rules for displaying product prices for different groups of people with ease. According to the merchant’s desire, each type of user role will see different prices for the same item. Additionally, it enables merchants to hide the product price and the add to cart button for non-registered users by a couple of clicks, which helps encourage more people to register to your store. More accounts mean more potential customers, so you will boost your sales more rapidly.

Key features:

  • Display different prices based on user role
  • Hide the add to cart button for selected user roles
  • Offer different discounts, markup for each user role
  • Enable or disable tax based on user role
  • Hide the add to cart button for non registered user

Price: $45

Ratings: 4.37/5 stars out of 159 reviews

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce screenshot

The final one in this list is the plugin named Pricing Deals for WooCommerce. By using this extension, users will be allowed to set rules for displaying prices to different groups of people, such as retailers and wholesalers. Besides the user role, it enables merchants to display wholesale prices based on the product category and other parameters. More than that, people can create multiple promotion deals via Pricing Deals for WooCommerce like Buy One Get One (BOGO), coupon, a percentage discount, package discount, or fixed amount discount, and more.

Key features:

  • Set wholesale prices based on user role
  • Create BOGO deals
  • Set multiple discount types of discounts: percentage, package, a fixed amount
  • Schedule sales time
  • Import product prices in bulk

Price: Free

Ratings: 4.4/ 5 stars out of 175 reviews

Final thoughts

In conclusion, by using the role-based pricing plugin for WooCommerce stores, merchants can expand their market, to reach not only retailers but also wholesalers. With it, instead of displaying more than one price in the pricing sections, the system will automatically show the relevant prices to the role that account plays in your WooCommerce store. Moreover, with it, you can increase the number of accounts in your store by hiding the price in public. From these six plugins above, you can easily select the suitable one for your store, whether you need a paid extension or a free one.

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