12 Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins for Better Business

Updated: March 01, 2023


In the age of booming eCommerce, Product Blocks seem to be the key to outstanding web pages, facilitating Better Business. Are you getting bored with conventional page layout concepts like grids, tables, or even simply lines of texts? Are you looking for a more modern and attractive way to arrange your website to stand out from the competitors? If the answer is yes, then today’s blog post is for you.

By the end of this blog, you’ll be able to find out the preferable Product Blocks addons by reading comprehensive information about 12 Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins for Better Business. For each name on this list, we’ll provide you with a brief introduction, key features, pricing options and also our recommendations on the most suitable users, all of which will give you an overall view of WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins.

Let’s dig in!

Why should you use a WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugin

As there are a huge number of WooCommerce Blocks addons in the market whose capabilities vary from one to another, you should be well aware of your detailed business target when choosing the most suitable plugin in advance.

Though the benefits of a WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugin are diverse depending on the type of stores you own, below are the most noticeable advantages you may gain by having a Gutenberg Addon. The 3 following benefits are seen as necessary for almost all types of online stores.

Let’s check out!

  • SEO advantages to rank higher on Google: It’s a fact that when using a WooCommerce Gutenberg plugin, your site will be lighter and quicker because you won’t need to use a page builder plugin, which means you will have better website performance. And since Google will use this statistic into its algorithm for calculating your search engine result page ranking, your site will gain SEO advantages over competitors’ and rank higher on Google, which, in the long run, attracts more visitors to your site and boost traffic.

  • Simplifying the process of Customizing and Creating outstanding content: Gutenberg has gone a long way in a relatively short period of time. Because of this trend and the real effectiveness of Gutenberg, many developers and designers have provided plugins that provide additional functionality to users. Their purpose is to simplify the process of Customizing and Creating outstanding content for you so that you can both keep up with the competitors and stay unique with your own style.

  • No WordPress compatibility issues: It’s obvious, right? WordPress includes Gutenberg. This means you won’t have to learn another page builder interface, and you won’t have to worry about WordPress compatibility difficulties.

12 Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins for Better Business

Now as you know what we’re going to take you through as well as what you’re looking for in a WooCommerce Gutenberg addon, here comes the best part of the article - all about 12 Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins for Better Business.

1. WooCommerce Blocks

For WooCommerce users, WooCommerce Blocks is a must-have plugin. It is one of the most popular Gutenberg plugins, with over 400k active installs. This plugin simplifies the process of showcasing items on any page or post as needed. The Automattic team, the company behind WordPress and WooCommerce, produced this plugin. It provides you with a variety of product block groupings such as most popular product block, top-rated product block, newest product block, and others.

WooCommerce Blocks


  • This plugin allows you to add a wide range of blocks to your default Gutenberg editor, such as Featured Product Block, Hand-Picked Products Block, Top Rated Products Block,…
  • It also helps you categorize Products by Category Block/ Tag Block / Attribute Block.
  • It facilitates creating Product Categories List Block.
  • You may also display product reviews, sort goods by categories and qualities, and personalize the cart and checkout page.


WooCommerce Blocks is a Free plugin that you can easily download from the WordPress website.

2. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a free collection of 18+ new Gutenberg blocks, including several that aren’t available in other plugins on this list. You can rank anything on many categories and then add one total rating in the box.. The Material Filter block is another one-of-a-kind block that allows users to filter out certain content by clicking on a filter at the top (no page reload required). Ultimate Blocks also contains its own block management plugin, allowing you to enable/disable blocks from the plugin, keeping things lightweight.

Ultimate Blocks


  • Some blocks that this plugin currently supports are Testimonial block, Click to tweet block, Styled Box/ List block, Review block, Content Filter, and so on.
  • The schema-enabled Review block is one of a kind, as it allows you to add a review box with structured data to help you receive rich snippets in Google Search.
  • You also get a separate Star Rating block to use on its own.


Ultimate Blocks deserves all of the high ratings from users for its multifunctionality, come-in-handy features without costing you anything as well as any requirements.

3. ProductX

ProductX is one of the most effective WooCommerce blocking plugins on the market. It allows you to quickly add several new blocks to the content of your website. Every block is also graphically changeable, allowing you to modify the look of your material quickly. Using this plugin, you can add and change product listings, product grids, shop pages, product showcases, and product carousels. It also integrates with Google Fonts and provides several possibilities for modifying your text.



  • It has 8 modifiable blocks.
  • You may include a product listing, a product carousel, a store page, a product display, and so on.
  • A product inquiry page can also be added and edited.
  • Google Fonts are supported.
  • It helps you load more content and navigate using AJAX.
  • It supports animation, custom CSS, and various other features.


ProductX’s free version is available on WordPress website. However, if you want to take advantage of the amazing features of the premium version, you will have to choose one of the following pricing options:

  • PERSONAL: $49 For 1 Site
  • PROFESSIONAL: $79 For 5 Sites
  • UNLIMITED: $99 For Unlimited Sites

4. Stackable

Stackable makes use of a tool that allows you to create several types of blocks. There are many different types of blocks to pick from, including image boxes, call to actions, video popups, post blocks, and container blocks. Stackable includes a number of modules that you may use on your website. It now offers 22 distinct modules to allow you to rapidly add different functions to your pages. When you add any of the modules to your post, that particular block will be positioned on the right side.



  • It allows you to get 35 adaptable custom blocks that give a solid foundation for any website without requiring a single line of coding.
  • It has a Design Library that includes UI Kits, Block Designs, and Separators to help you get started with your design process.
  • It uses a variety of familiar basic and sophisticated design tools to take your Gutenberg page-making experience to the next level.
  • You can construct more complex websites using Stackable’s built-in dynamic content features.


Like ProductX, Stackable’s free version is available on WordPress website. However, if you want to take advantage of the amazing features of the premium version, you will have to choose one of the following pricing options:

  • PERSONAL (Single Site): $49 annually
  • BUSINESS (Three Sites): $99 annually
  • AGENCY (Unlimited Sites): $149 annually
  • AGENCY LIFETIME (Unlimited Sites): $499 once

5. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Brainstorm Force creates Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, which provides a visually appealing approach to change your blocks as needed. Brainstorm Force’s Gutenberg blocks setup allows you to combine your blocks with WooCommerce, LifterLMS, LearnDash, and a variety of other tools. You may alternatively create the content using one of the numerous themes or templates available for your WordPress site. The ultimate addition, one of the most popular Gutenberg plugins, will ensure that you have everything at your fingertips. With this plugin, you may create not just posts for your site, but also a whole blog. It includes all of the components needed to build a fully functional website.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg


  • It includes over 25 new editing blocks, including layout and content blocks.
  • The plugin includes an Advanced Columns block with greater column flexibility, as well as form dividers.
  • There’s also a Section block that allows you to put together multiple blocks.
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg also includes a variety of blocks to let you show your most current blog articles in a variety of layouts.
  • Content Timeline, Form Stylers, Buttons, Table of Contents, and Price List/Restaurant Menu are some more significant blocks.


Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is free, which means you can directly download it from the WordPress website.

6. Storefront Blocks for WooCommerce

Storefront Blocks is a premium Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks plugin from PootlePress that allows you to build attractive product pages in any of your WordPress articles and pages. This plugin is most effective when used with the free Storefront WooCommerce theme and other popular WooCommerce themes. You may make your own Shop pages, Category pages, Home pages, and so on. It allows you to modify the font size, family, color, and position of the product label, grid spacing, and button color.

Storefront Blocks


  • Storefront Blocks allows you to construct your most critical WooCommerce Pages and display your Products with the Gutenberg Block Editor.
  • You have complete control over the design of your WooCommerce Shop Page using Storefront Blocks.
  • It includes premium WooCommerce Blocks, making it simple to develop professionally looking eCommerce websites.
  • You may design fully customizable Category Pages using Storefront Blocks.


Storefront Blocks is a plugin that exceptionally provides you with a large number of pricing options that can be described as below:

  • Storefront blocks (14-day free trials available)
    • Paid annually:
      • 1 site: $49 / year
      • 5 sites: $75 / year
      • 25 sites: $99 / year
      • Unlimited sites: $199 / year
    • Paid once for life-time:
      • 1 site: $199 once
      • 5 sites: $265 once
      • 25 sites: $595 once
      • Unlimited sites: $795 once
  • Ecommerce bundle: $125 / year

7. Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Product Blocks for WooCommerce is a one-of-a-kind Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks plugin that allows you to easily construct stunning product displays, grids, lookbooks, and carousels for your WooCommerce store. You may use this WooCommerce product block plugin to build gorgeous content pages and landing pages for your website, leaving a lasting impression on your consumers. Following installation, this plugin will add new blocks to the usual Gutenberg editor, including a carousel, lookbook, product slider, product list, and many others.

Product Blocks for WooCommerce


  • Product Categories Grid block provides three types of grids for displaying product categories.
  • You may slide goods vertically using the Vertical Product Slider block.
  • Product Launch Products with product photos are displayed in the Lookbook block.
  • Scattered Product List block displays products in a randomly distributed way in list view.
  • Carousel block provides you with a respectable product carousel that you can drag around.


Product Blocks for WooCommerce is completely free on the WordPress website.

8. Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is developed by StudioPress, the creators of the well-known Genesis Framework. It includes rock-solid, well-thought-out features that try to bring more of a page-building experience to the block editor, as you’d expect from anything holding the Genesis brand. Genesis Blocks integrates with a design to handle your WordPress site’s text, photos, and other data. You may utilize such blocks as the accordion, share icons, drop cap, and author profile blocks using Genesis Blocks. These blocks are designed mostly for presentation and organizing, although they are necessary alternatives. You may use the Genesis Blocksplugin to customize all of these options for your purposes and to make your content more visually attractive.

Genesis Blocks


  • Genesis Blocks’ free edition adds 15 additional blocks to the editor.
  • Prebuilt and custom content sections, as well as whole page layouts, allow you to create and use material easily.
  • The layout selector and additional content blocks simplify getting the most out of the block-based editor.
  • With modifying rights, you may share your own personalized library of templates while ensuring they stay on-brand.


Genesis Blocks’s free version is available on WordPress website. However, you can take advantage of the amazing features of the Genesis Blocks Pro which cost you $360 annually, coming with 60-day money back guarantee.

9. Otter Blocks and Template Library

Otter is a flexible set of page building blocks and templates for the WordPress block editor. The ever-expanding collection of page building blocks includes all of the pieces required to construct a WordPress site. Combine the blocks with Otter to create attractive pages and posts with ease of design. Otter improves WordPress site creation using a lightweight technique that has no influence on site speed. Otter allows you to fully realize the possibilities of the new WordPress age.

Otter Blocks and Template Library


  • Otter has a comprehensive menu that allows you to create blocks in a variety of ways, but the greatest blocks are those that interface with other applications.
  • Otter employs a block that connects to Google Maps.
  • You may also use blocks that support analytics groups or other tools dedicated to content sharing.
  • There’s also a plugin card design that generates useful usage for your benefit.


You don’t have to pay anything to own Otter Blocks and Template Library as it’s free and available on the WordPress website.

10. PublishPress Blocks

The PublishPress Blocks plugin, without a doubt one of the greatest Gutenberg Blocks plugins on this list, comes with a variety of various block configurations to pick from. The plugin is basic and straightforward to use. You may install it for free and choose which modules to utilize on your site. The plugin allows you to customize blocks in order to provide appropriate default settings based on what you want for your site. The PublishPress Blocks plugin allows you to create several profiles. Its layout assures that your data will run smoothly and easily. Users of the PublishPress Blocks plugin may rapidly add any of the blocks from the list of possibilities, and when you hover over the block, you receive extensive options to personalize it.

PublishPress Blocks


  • Specific blocks, including blocks from other block plugins, can be enabled or disabled from appearing in the editor.
  • You may also establish several profiles and provide them access to certain blocks.
  • Other minor enhancements include custom CSS styles for paragraph blocks and the ability to set the size of the Gutenberg editor.
  • Aside from those additional capabilities, you also gain access to over 27 new blocks.


PublishPress Blocks’s free version is available on WordPress website. However, if you want to take advantage of the amazing features of the pro version, you will have to choose one of the following pricing options:

  • One Site – $49.00
  • Five Sites – $99.00
  • Unlimited Sites – $199.00

11. Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks might be a decent alternative to Elementor if you’re seeking a simple and speedier solution. You may create a totally bespoke design for your website with the Kadence Blocks and the default WordPress Gutenberg editor, which is more than simply a block plugin. While a simple WordPress blog does not require any custom design, you will require a customization option if you want to make your website stand out and show your material professionally. While website builders offer a wide range of design options, they increase its time for a site to load. A plugin like Kadence Blocks will provide incredible design options while keeping loading time in mind.

Kadence Blocks


  • You will have total control over the style and responsiveness of your site, and you will be able to monitor and update it as needed.
  • You will have total typeface and color control, allowing you to build a truly unique design.
  • The plugin includes a selection of ready-to-use Gutenberg-created website template designs that you may use for your site.
  • If you are not utilizing a template and are editing it from scratch, you may select the layout and begin from there.
  • You may adjust the spacing and overlays, as well as the color options for your blocks.


Kadence Blocks’s free version is available on WordPress website.

12. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg enables you to construct stunning websites using the new WordPress Editor: Gutenberg. Every block was designed with performance in mind. Furthermore, all of the Gutenberg blocks supplied are RTL-ready. Because the plugin is modular, you may disable the blocks you won’t need to improve website speed. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is also translation-ready, allowing you to convert it to your own language.

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg


  • No coding is required to add playable videos to your page.
  • With a Dual Heading Block, you may create eye-catching headers.
  • Google Maps may be added and customized straight within Gutenberg.
  • You can use creative animation to display your own facts and data.


Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is free on the WordPress website and on its own website.

To Sum Up

Gutenberg is becoming a trend in the eCommerce area. If you don’t want to be behind the times, it’s recommended you should equip your WooCommerce Store with a Gutenberg addon.

Because of the increasing demand for information about WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins due to their diversity in the market, we’re here to provide you a list of 12 Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins for Better Business, from which you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

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