12 Best Account Funds Plugins for WooCommerce Store

Updated: March 01, 2023


A WooCommerce Wallet is a multipurpose wallet that may be used to buy Store Credits, purchase things with Store Credits, and so on. Woo Commerce Wallet lets your customers contribute money to their account and use that money on future transactions. This facilitates a faster checkout process by removing the need for users to submit credit card or payment information while completing a purchase. Wallet Funds also informs site administrators about potential future sales in their WooCommerce store.

This article will show you 12 Best account funds plugins for WooCommerce Store to have some references to upgrade your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of account funds plugins for WooCommerce Store

  • Experience a quick checkout
  • During discount campaigns, sales increase.
  • Cart abandonment is reduced.
  • Allowance for customers to plan ahead of time for their purchases.
  • Future revenue predictions

The way to use account funds plugins

- Adding Money to Your Wallet

  • The customer inputs the desired amount to be added to their Wallet balance.
  • A product will be added to their cart after they reach the payment page. The price specified by the customer will be used as the product’s pricing.
  • The customer must conclude the transaction by paying for it.
  • The wallet balance will be updated with the newly added Funds once the payment is completed.

- Using the Funds in Your Wallet

  • The customer adds various items to their shopping cart and proceeds to the payment page.
  • The various payment methods will be listed on the checkout page. A Wallet Payment Gateway will be presented alongside it.
  • The order total will be debited from the user’s available wallet balance if the user puts the order via the Wallet payment gateway.

- A WooCommerce Store Credit’s Workflow

  • The Site Admin can manually credit their customers’ accounts with store credits.
  • Customers can utilize their store credit to receive a discount on future purchases.
  • The store credit is valid till it runs out.

12 Best account funds plugins for WooCommerce Store

1. WooCommerce Wallet

WooCommerce Wallet

Because of the author’s frequent updates, WooCommerce Wallet plugin is at the top of the list. WooCommerce Wallet is also designed to work with WooCommerce 5.5.2 and earlier versions. You may show/hide Transactions and the Make a Deposit page from the My Account page using this plugin. Fees for refunds, withdrawals, and transfers might be calculated flat or a percentage.


  • Requests for withdrawals and export transactions
  • For any product or variation, a cashback amount can be established.
  • Partial payments are permitted: The available money will be deducted from the cart total, and the remaining balance will be paid using a different payment option.
  • Translation files (.po,.pot, and.mo) are included.

Price: $59

2. TeraWallet


TeraWallet is one of the most popular free WooCommerce wallet extensions. Because of its efficacy and ease, the plugin presently has over 30,000 users and hundreds of user evaluations. TeraWallet is unique in that it was created with users in mind. It has a simple interface that is simple to use for both experienced and inexperienced web entrepreneurs.

Another amazing feature of the plugin is that it allows clients to add e-money to their virtual wallets in order to make purchases on your website. You get to choose which payment gateway your clients can use to deposit funds. The plugin also works with all of the most popular WordPress themes and plugins. If you are a regular WordPress user, you won’t have any problems with compatibility.


  • Allow clients to add virtual money to their e-wallets using their preferred payment method.
  • Allow money to be transferred between accounts.
  • Customers and administrators can use the plugin to produce transaction history.
  • It accepts part-payments.

Price: Free

3. WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin for WordPress is a full WooCommerce wallet plugin. The plugin allows you to integrate a powerful wallet into your store, allowing consumers to load money and make payments on the move. The plugin makes adding credits to wallets and making payments a breeze. Your store’s wallet system functions as an online payment gateway, making it simple for customers to purchase and make payments.

When a consumer pays with Direct Bank Transfer or Check Payments, the money is only placed in the wallet when the admin approves it. When a consumer makes a payment with their wallet, they will receive an automatic email. Customer wallet account administration is simple with the plugin; you can easily change the amount in a customer’s wallet. You can also limit the amount that can be added to the wallet by setting a maximum and minimum amount.


  • Allow funds to be transferred to other e-wallets that have been registered.
  • Account management is simple.
  • Customers receive immediate email notifications for wallet transactions.
  • Customers can top up their e-wallets with money.
  • Discount rules and cashback terms can be added by administrators.
  • Customers have the option of paying with their favorite wallet.

Price: $59

4. User Wallet Credit System

User Wallet Credit System

The User Wallet Credit System plugin is another useful tool for WooCommerce store owners that want to integrate a wallet system into their websites. Customers can also use your site to deposit funds into their virtual wallets in order to purchase products or services. To allow consumers to create e-wallets on your WooCommerce store, simply install and activate the plugin.

The beauty of the plugin is how simple it is to use. Customers can easily buy things and pay for them on your online store using their virtual money owing to the user-friendly dashboard. Admins can control their users’ e-wallet balances from the backend with the plugin. Customers can also use the powerful widget feature to check their e-wallet account balance. Furthermore, the plugin allows store owners to customize the buttons and messages that appear on their WooCommerce store.


  • Installation and configuration are simple.
  • Option for partial payment is accepted.
  • Add funds to all users at the same time.
  • For all new accounts, set up auto-loading funds.
  • Customize the buttons and messages that appear.
  • Money can be transferred from one user to another.

Price: $49

5. YITH WooCommerce Accounts Funds

YITH WooCommerce Accounts Funds

YITH WooCommerce Accounts Funds is a powerful wallet plugin for WooCommerce that is simple to use. The plugin allows you to integrate a robust wallet into your store, allowing customers to purchase credits and then use them to purchase products or services.

Installation and configuration of the plugin is simple and uncomplicated. You can include a robust wallet module that allows users to add money to their wallets and make payments with those amounts. Customers can conveniently manage their wallets. With this plugin, you may determine the minimum and maximum amounts that a consumer can add to their wallet.


  • Funds that have been deposited can be reimbursed.
  • For pre-set settings, a rapid load button appears.
  • Widgets are used to display the wallet on the sidebar.
  • To contribute funds, select the appropriate payment methods.
  • Users can add money to their own accounts with ease.
  • Admins can give clients a discount if they pay using their wallet.

Price: $79.99

6. WooCommerce Accounts Funds

WooCommerce Accounts Funds

WooCommerce Accounts Funds is a feature-rich WooCommerce wallet plugin with a lot of flexibility. Allowing customers to deposit and contribute monies to the wallet helps you establish a loyal client base.

The WooCommerce Accounts Cash plugin allows you to build a configurable wallet system for your business and ensures that customers spend their funds only on your store, resulting in recurring sales. The plugin generates detailed reports to help you keep track of your statistics and discount money usage. The reports truly display how many deposits your store’s users have made over a given period of time.


  • The wallet can be used to pay for new orders.
  • Reports that go into great detail about the deposits that have been made
  • Funds deposited in the wallet can be reimbursed.
  • If account funds are insufficient, mixed payments are permitted.
  • Limit the amount of money in your wallet to a minimum and maximum.
  • Customers’ finances can be checked and edited.

Price: $79

7. Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

The Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet plugin is a powerful and feature-rich WooCommerce wallet. The plugin allows you to create a wallet in your WooCommerce store that can be used to buy store credits, buy things using store credits, and more. The plugin allows your clients to load money into their wallets and use that money to make future transactions.

The wallet technology speeds up the checkout process by removing the need for users to enter payment information while making purchases. This plugin also gives you precise information on your WooCommerce store’s wallet system, including how many sales and how much revenue it generates. It also permits partial payments, which means that if a user’s wallet funds are depleted, they can use other payment methods.


  • Allow customers to pay using their wallets.
  • Shortcodes can be used to display the wallet anywhere.
  • To request/transfer monies to another user, go to the “Request/Transfer Funds” section
  • User wallets can be edited and changed.
  • Allow customers to pay in part with their wallet balance.
  • Customers can use their available balance to withdraw funds to PayPal.

Price: $49

8. WooWallet: WooCommerce Wallet System

WooWallet: WooCommerce Wallet System

The most extensive WooCommerce wallet plugin is WooWallet: WooCommerce Wallet System. A robust wallet module with a credit, cashback, and refund mechanism is included in the plugin. It allows you to integrate a complete wallet system into your store, allowing consumers to add credits and make purchases using the credit in their wallets.

WooWallet is an online payment gateway that allows users to purchase things from a business using the funds in their wallet. When clients use their wallet funds to make a transaction, you can offer them discounts and cashback. When a customer’s wallet balance is insufficient, the plugin allows them to make partial payments with different payment options. The plugin includes enticing cashback alternatives, making buying more enjoyable for your clients.


  • It functions similarly to a payment gateway.
  • It comes with a versatile refund module.
  • Partial payment alternatives are supported.
  • There are a variety of cashback possibilities available.
  • Customer wallet management that is robust

Price: Free

9. Wallet System for WooCommerce & WordPress

Wallet System for WooCommerce & WordPress

Wallet System for WooCommerce & WordPress is a powerful WooCommerce and WordPress wallet plugin. Your consumers will be able to make online payments using a robust wallet system thanks to the plugin. In their wallet, customers may effortlessly add credit, move money, and examine transaction data.

Customers can add money to their wallets, which can later be used to buy products or services on your WooCommerce site. The wallet balance can be readily increased at any time and from any location using a variety of payment processors. Customers can easily transfer funds from their wallet to other customer accounts using the plugin. The plugin includes real-time updates, which means that all amounts exchanged between the admin and the customers happen in real time.


  • Include a strong wallet system.
  • Payments with OTP authentication are supported.
  • Create rules for cashback and discounts.
  • Customers and administrators should receive real-time updates.
  • Customers should be able to choose from a variety of cashback offerings.
  • Set up OTP authentication via email or text message.

Price: $59

10. WooCommerce Wallet Management

WooCommerce Wallet Management

On our list, WooCommerce Wallet Management plugin is another dependable and feature-rich WooCommerce wallet plugin. Your clients can add money to their wallets using the WooCommerce Wallet Management plugin. Customers may quickly purchase products or services on your WooCommerce store once they’ve finished adding funds/credits. The wallet module of the plugin operates in the same way as any other payment method, and it even has various payment choices for adding money to the wallet.

The WooCommerce Wallet Management plugin facilitates wallet maintenance by allowing you to view the wallet’s transaction history. Once you have installed and configured the plugin, customers won’t have to enter any payment information while making purchases. They only need to add credits to the wallet before they can start making payments. Using this plugin, you can provide your clients cashback if they pay with wallet funds/credits. You can also easily change any customer’s wallet amount.


  • Wallet-specific page
  • Customers might benefit from a cashback program.
  • Display the entire transaction history.
  • Partial payments are encouraged.
  • Notify users of wallet transactions through email.
  • Allow funds/credits to be transferred from one user to another.

Price: $22

11. WooCommerce Wallet & Cashback Plugin

WooCommerce Wallet & Cashback Plugin

WooCommerce Wallet & Cashback Plugin is a plugin that allows you to integrate a strong wallet system into your WooCommerce store. Customers can deposit funds/credits to their wallet and make purchases on your WooCommerce store when you install and set up it. The plugin has simple configuration settings, such as the ability to view the wallet payment method title, description, and more.

Customers can use the plugin to add money to their wallet using a variety of payment methods, as well as view their transaction history. It provides a variety of settings that allow you to give consumers cashback and discounts when they use wallet funds to make a transaction. You can also specify the maximum amount of eligibility required to claim or redeem the cashback or discount offer. You can also choose whether the cashback is flat or percentage-based from the settings.


  • Installation and configuration are simple.
  • It is simple to add credits/funds to your wallet.
  • Allow you to pay with your wallet in part or in full.
  • Different cashback and discount rules can be set.
  • The order amount can be refunded in the wallet.
  • Cashback and payment refunds are available through wallets.
  • Cashback options can be fixed or depending on a percentage.

Price: $49

12. Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce

Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce

Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce plugin is a fantastic wallet. It allows you to strengthen client ties by allowing customers to deposit funds for purchases on your site into their wallet accounts. This ensures that clients spend the dollars exclusively on your store, resulting in recurring revenue.

Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce plugin provides detailed information. Customers will learn about the types of discount funds that are used, as well as other pertinent statistics, and also see how much money has been deposited into each customer’s account over a certain period of time.


  • Customers can deposit funds into their accounts up to specified restrictions that you set.
  • The funds can be applied to future orders in your shop.
  • Shop owners can use account funds to give their customers additional incentives and discounts.
  • Detailed reports help maintain track of statistics and the rate at which account funds are being used.

Price: $49


Account funds in WooCommerce are a system that allows your clients to add money to their account wallets. That money can be put towards other purchases in the future. Customers don’t have to manually enter credit card or other payment information when using these account money, which speeds up the checkout process. The WooCommerce account money plugin can be used to implement this feature. Many WooCommerce store owners are always looking for new strategies to enhance client loyalty and repeat purchases. This approach can assist you in achieving both of those objectives.

We hope you find this post about 12 Best account funds plugins for WooCommerce Store fundamental!

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