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Social Proof for Shopify
Shopify Social Proof
Social Proof for Shopify Background
Shopify Social Proof Background

Why Proofo is a must-have app for every store?

You did invest a lot of money to build your websites and perfect your SEO, but you gained very few sales comparing to the good traffic. Have you ever tried to figure out the issue behind that?

81% of global customers rank brand trust as their top buying consideration. So the trust issue may be the answer to your situation. We have many ways to inspire trust from visitors. Showcasing dynamic customer interactions in your shops is the easiest way to go.

By notifying real customer purchases and add-to-cart actions, Proofo helps to build more trust and safety from shoppers for your stores.

Make customers feel urgent when they find that their preferred items have been purchased by many others (Fear of missing out). Therefore, they will make the purchase decisions quickly.

Sales notifications at stores draw a picture of a busy business where the orders of customers are happening frequently.

When you can gain trust, create FOMO and prove that your stores are a good business to go with, conversions are definitely higher as a consequence.

Proofo Highlight Features

Various campaigns of notification popups

With Proofo, the viewers on your site are able to be notified about numerous events:
  • Purchase Notice (who have made purchased recently)
  • Add-to-cart Notice (how many customers have added a certain item into their carts)
  • Sign up Notice (who have registered account on your store)
  • Custom Notice (import and customize your own notifications)
Various campaigns of notification popups

Smart Time Schedule

Adjust the time options to show notice popups as your wish:
  • Display duration: How long each popup show
  • Delay time: Time-delayed before showing first notification
  • Gap time: Time interval between two popups
  • Maximum popup number: Limit popup number can be shown
Smart Time Schedule

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Advanced targeting

Target your popup showing to different objects:
  • Geo-targeting: Display popup to visitors from different countries
  • Page targeting: Hide/ Show to certain pages
  • Position targeting: Hide/ Show at a certain position on a page (on desktop or mobile)
  • Product targeting: Show all popups related to the product which a customer is viewing
Advanced targeting

Customizable design and layout

Beautify your store site with lively notice popups as you wish easily.
  • Ready-to-use layouts with various styles
  • Customizable messages of sales pop
  • Support multiple variables
  • Customizable elements: Color, Font Type, Border, Animation Effects
Customizable design and layout

Support multiple platforms

Proofo is available on multiple platforms: Shopify, Magento, Others. The integration and setting up process is simple in three steps only for all platforms.

Select your website platform!
Support multiple platforms

Proofo More Features

Report Dashboard

Reports on the number of popup clicks, page views, click-through rate and impressions.

Auto or Manual Sync

Automatically or manually synchronize to update order data and popup list

Static map

Show map of customers notified in popups instead of the product image

Time ago

Show/ Hide the counted amount of time for each activity

Device responsive

Proofo is fully responsive on multiple devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Sound/ Animation

Add sound or animation effect to the popup

Display strategies

Select the strategy to display popup: Replay playlist, Continue after page reload, Based on product view

Custom CSS

Freely design everything with custom CSS

Proofo - Social Proof
Proofo - Social Proof
Proofo - Social Proof

Proofo Full Features

General Settings
  • Support Add-to-cart Notice, Purchase Notice, Sign up Notice
  • Allow importing or customize your own popup format
  • Allow displaying all kind of notifications by date
  • Customize heading text and content text of each popup using variables
  • Enable static maps for Purchase or Custom Notice
  • Select language for “time ago” term
  • Provide various basic and seasonal themes for popups
Design Settings
  • 4 types of layout are available
  • Color configuration options: background, heading, text, time
  • Numerous text fonts are supported
  • Configure popup border and image border
  • Allow box-shadow
  • Able to highlight the heading: underline, overline, line-through
  • Show/Hide close button
  • Set up hover for product name
Display Settings
  • Choose display position of popup on store
  • Hide/Show counted time for activities in popup
  • Shorten product name if it is too long on popup
  • Specify display duration of each pop
  • Specify delay time before first popup showing
  • Decide gap time between two popup
  • Limit popup numbers can be shown
  • Choose mobile position for notice pop
  • Appear and Disappear animation of popup
  • Allow sound effect
  • Choose wanted display strategies: replay/continue after loading page or based product-viewing
Trigger and Advanced Settings
  • Include/Exclude certain pages to show popup
  • Include/Exclude notice popup on specific countries
  • Make any change you want on notice popup by custom CSS
Other features
  • Track the social proof performance via KPIs: clicks, page views, impressions, CTR
  • Support visual chats of clicks and impressions in specific periods
  • Manage popup list of four popup types
  • Manual sync order data if auto-sync failed

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