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Leo theme by Leo-theme

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Leo theme

Highlight features

  • Provide 100% responsive design for all mobile and PC versions
  • Pick your own theme skins with several provided schemes
  • Able to display mega menu & canvas menu
  • Create beautiful slideshows with more than 100 animations
  • Provide a wide range of layout options

Leo Milk Store Shopify Theme, which is designed by the Leo-theme team, is a well-fitted theme for various stores such as Milk Store, Fruits Store, Cake Store, Tea Shop, Vegetable Store, Drink Shop, and way more. In details, Leo Milk Store provides you with a huge amount of eye-catching effects and fully responsive designs. As a highlight, this theme features a beautiful slideshow that can automatically play with various images together with the title, description, and many others. Furthermore, you are able to set flick photos of hot products to be displayed near the end of the page to help customers make choices more easily. Get Leo Milk Store now to manage your store better!