Pros And Cons Of Password Stores On Shopify

Niara Duncan


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Pros And Cons Of Password Stores On Shopify

Shopify is the dominant platform with all the eCommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. If you are curious about what a password store on Shopify is exactly and the advantages and disadvantages of using one, then please read the following article carefully. Now, let’s dig deeper into the details, shall we?

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What is a password store on Shopify?

Through activating the password page, you can limit user access to your online store. The password page is an online store landing page, which includes password protection. You can generate a password and give it to customers that want to access your store.

Search engines locate only your store’s password page. Other pages are protected, like the product pages, and search engines do not show these pages in search results.

Pros of password stores on Shopify

Before going straight into the password page’s details, you should answer why that page is important to you and by what means you can benefit from it. Indeed, it begins with the user experience for your potential customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness
Increase Brand Awareness

In Shopify, a password page is more than just a placeholder page with filler content; it is a tool that enables you create an early audience before initiating. This is an integral part of starting a store. You can use this pre-launch time to create buzz around your brand, generate interest in what you are going to sell, and prove your products with your audience. To do that, good communication is crucial.

To create a focal point for your attempts in building a pre-launch audience, you should customize the Shopify password page. You can notice the same sorts of results other brands experience; however, a way to capture audience information from the beginning is required. The default password page in Shopify is not gonna work it out for you.

So, the first benefit that a password page brings to your business is a growth of brand awareness before the big opening.

Generate Leads

Generate Leads
Generate Leads

The Shopify password page could become a valuable tool for creating leads. You can gather the customers’ email addresses, phone, name, or any other in this case. It is a net that captures all potential customers, so you’ll be able to develop a marketable list while also evaluating user interest. Simply connect with Mailchimp, GetResponse, Mad Mimi, or other services, you can automatically sync the data from the password page and your email automation marketing system.

Improve your site’s performance

Improve your site's performance
Improve your site's performance

Just visualize the inauguration of your Shopify store that can trigger the interest of lots of potential customers. When launching eCommerce stores, products, and brands, some high-performing brands have taken advantage of this approach. For example, before went live, more than 20,000 customers asking to use the product. Or Harry’s-a famous brand for men’s grooming got almost 100,000 emails thanks to the password page.

Also, when your page is online, it will be indexed by Google bot. Thus, you can get one more funnel for your customers to find your Shopify store and access it easily. So when you build the password page, don’t forget to write a genuine page title, description, and user-friendly URL.

Cons of password stores on Shopify

Enabling your store password for a long period may hurt your SEO. If it is only a matter of hours or perhaps a day when performing some maintenance, it will be fine. However, when you enable your store password for over 24 hours, you may run the risk of your store’s pages removed by Google from the search results.

Hurt traffic, and redirects, and the original page

After you enabled the password, Shopify will block all traffic and redirects it to the password page. If Google spots this redirect, they will take for granted that the original page is expired. They will not eliminate the original page immediately; however, they will schedule their next check-in to see what will happen.

Wreck your SEO efforts

Wreck your SEO efforts
Wreck your SEO efforts

If you enable the store password on for more than 30 days or longer, Google will think that the redirects are perpetual, and they will begin to exclude your search results. Thus, you may lose all of your SEO efforts, including search results, ranking, and Rich Results.

When the password and redirect are disabled, you can recover everything; however, you will have to begin from scratch. Based on the level of damage exposed, it may be a matter of months or years. Hence, you should use the store password only if you can be certain that you will disable it on time.

A Possibility for Incorrect Results

Another disadvantage is based on how you structure your landing page.

If the password page enables people to subscribe for emails or a related action without any fee, then this “validation” is perceived to be doubtful or too good to be true. An exception is when you offer your product for free, which may never happen.

As there is a striking difference between those who state that they will purchase and those that will purchase. To validate the number of customers who are willing to pay for your products and obtain the most precise result, you should structure the page to validate how many people are willing to pay.

If you validate the right metrics, then you will get the most accurate results. For example, until they click “buy”, you can show a message announcing that the product is coming soon. It will look more real.

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To sum up, having a password store on the Shopify platform is like a double-edged sword. It can bring you tremendous success, but it can also wreck your SEO work. You should enable your store password within a day; it will be best for your performance.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below. We are glad to help you out. If you find this post useful, you can share this with your friends.

Niara Duncan
About Author: Niara Duncan
Niara is a content writer at Avada Commerce, a passionate girl whose desire is to sharpen her marketing skills. She is keen on reading novels, writing blogs, and listening to music in her leisure time. Her favorite quote is: Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.
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