Product Images

  • Add Product Image

    Someone said that: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed, nowadays, people are constantly attracted by visual stimuli, online and offline just in a few seconds. Using text can hardly gain readers’ attention because only 16% of them read a page word-for-word. While images let them capture the content in a blink of an eye. Thanks to the products’ header images, your customers can get to know your brand identity, the features, and style of your products as soon as they access your web store. Your customers can view the product they want from a lot of angles and distances, thus they can make the right decisions. Therefore, by adding product images on Shopify, you will benefit from this.

  • Use Shopify Image Editor

    As photos are a must-have element for your products to help your customers visualize what they are going to purchase the best. When you are selling products online on Shopify, and you have probably already discovered the Image Editor tool while uploading images to your Product pages.