Importing and Exporting Products

  • Import CSV Files into Google Sheets

    In the previous post, I have discussed with you the definition of CSV files and some important points about using these files on Shopify. So I suppose that you have already had a necessary background which is enough to understand the CSV files’ definition as well as their characteristic. Now we will turn to a higher stage in the process of mastering CSV file which is learning the method to import a CSV file into your Google Sheets.

  • Import Multiple Product Images in CSV File

    If you want to import multiple product images from your CSV file, you can upload it to your Shopify admin page. Because we are learning the way to import products to the store with a CSV file, there will have some things that you might need to understand.

  • Export Products

    As a store owner, if you are in need of creating a backup for your goods, shifting the existing products to a new store, editing your products in a large quantity by using a spreadsheet such as Google Sheet or you are a new seller of Shopify and you want to start selling products. You can read this post on how to export your products on Shopify.

  • Filter and Export Products List

    In the case, you have a long product list which you only want to change some of your goods but not all of them, how can you do it? You can add a filter to shorten the list in your CSV file which which makes things easier for you rather than dealing with your entire list.

  • Import Products With a CSV File

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to import products with a CSV file on Shopify. But before reading the main part of this guide, make sure that you know what exactly a CSV file is. Here is a brief about defining it. If you’ve known, skip that one and read the rest of the writing.

  • Common Import Issues

    There comes a time for you as the owner of the Shopify shop, you have problems uploading your product CSV file. You can read this writing about some common issues people have when importing on Shopify listed below and find solutions for those.

  • Import Products After Making Changes to CSV File

    Sometimes, you’d like to make changes to your CSV file so that it can be much better and suitable for your online shop. To do this, you have to export the file first and after you’ve edited, you wonder how could you import products after making changes to your CSV file. Here are some easy steps which just take you some minutes to complete.