How to View your Payouts on Shopify

Updated: September 22, 2023


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Shopify payment is the method recommended to apply for an online shop on Shopify because of its easy-to-use and convenient characteristic. Moreover, using this kind of payment, you can check for the payout information (like payout balance, payout schedule,etc.) directly in the Shopify admin but cannot if you use services of third-party. If you have already chosen Shopify payment as your payment provider, you can keep reading to know how to view your payouts on Shopify.

How to view payouts on Shopify

Step 1: Select Payment providers

You have to sign-in to your Shopify account first and press on the Settings which is placed at the left end of the screen. After that, choose Payment providers in the first column of the settings list.

view payouts 1

Step 2: Click on View payouts

Payment providers consists of two main parts, Accept payments and Payment authorization. Go to Shopify payment under the Accept payments section then press on View payouts.

view payouts 2

You can find all information about your payout on the Payouts page, including your previous and next payout. The estimated date you receive the payment will also appear in this page if you have scheduled your payouts. Moreover, the page shows you the funds reserves if it exists and the balance for next payout.

To view payouts on iPhone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Choose Settings From the admin display, choose Store at the right end then tap on Settings

  • Step 2: Press on Payments Select Payments under the Store settings section

  • Step 3: Tap View payouts Click on the View payouts button in the Shopify payments

To view payouts on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: Choose Settings Open the app on your phone, tap on the house icon at the bottom bar which means Store and head to Settings

    view payouts 3
  • Step 2: Press on Payments Look for Payments staying at the second place in the options list of Store settings

    view payouts 4
  • Step 3: Tap View payouts Press on View payouts under the Shopify payments section You can see all of your payouts in the All payout list, which is divided into two types, Scheduled and Paid. The sales that you have made but have not been sent to your bank account yet are marked as Scheduled. Meanwhile, the Paid payouts are the ones have already sent to your bank account. There is a note that when the money is deposited in your bank account, it will show Earthport PLC Shopify instead of Shopify only if you are in United Kingdom or Ireland. Beside that, you can check the detailed information for any payout that you want.

View a specific payout

You can choose one of the two ways to show the detail of a payout. You can press on the date of the payout in the All payout section or click on the amount of the payout in the payout schedule. It will move on another page that including two more parts, Overview and Transactions. The Overview allows you to know total amount of the payout while the Transactions provides details for each transaction of the payout.


In conclusion, I have provided you the step-by-step guideline to view your payouts and also some additional information about payout that may be useful for you. The process is quite simple with around three steps that I hope you can find it easy to follow and practice.

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