How to Set Title and Description for Your Shopify Store

People often use search engines to look for a product they want and if your store appears in the top of the search results, it will get more chance that the searchers will click on your page. Therefore, you should fill in your content the keywords that your potential customers will use to find your products. To improve your rank on the search engine, you can add keywords to four main places, which are page title, meta description, ALT tags, and a page’s body content. In this writing, I will focus on the first two places or in another way, I will show you how to set a title and description for your online store on Shopify.

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3 Steps to set a title and description for your online store

Step 1: Choose Preferences

Log-in to your account on Shopify website and head to Online store. It will move to the first section in the settings list of Online store which is Themes. Find the Preferences at the end of the list and press on it.

set a title and description for your online store

Step 2: Add the title and meta description

You will see the Title and meta description section on the top of your Preferences page. In this part, there are two boxes which are Homepage title and Homepage meta description. Before filling in the information, let’s learn about what is the title and meta description.

Page title

The title appears as a link in the search results and it will be compared to the page content to check the consistency between them. Based on the matching level, the search engine will rank your page that you can optimize it in some ways:

  • Apply an exclusive, descriptive title
  • Near the start of the title, put your most crucial keywords for each product, collection, webpage, or blog post
  • Use a title that less than or equal to 70 characters because it will be shortened if the title is too long
  • Ensure the readability of your title

Meta description

The content that you will see after the title tag in the search engine is the meta description. You can set up this description for some parts on Shopify, including of webpages, product pages, collection pages, and blog posts. If your introduction is good, it can attract more customers to click on our store link then make sure that each of your pages has a unique meta description. Moreover, the content should be clear, easy-to-understand and is written in plain, direct language.

These details will help to define the way your store shows up on search engines that it will strongly affect your reputation and sales revenue. Therefore, consider it carefully and fill in the boxes.

set a title and description for your online store

Step 3: Select Save

Once you adjust anything in the Preferences page, the system will remind you of Unsaved changes at the top of the page. Hence, remember to click Save to record all changes and finish the process.

set a title and description for your online store


In brief, I have given you the guideline to set a title and description for your online store on Shopify. By following this post, you can improve your page rank in the search results that more customers will come to your store. Hence, I hope that you find it interesting and helpful to spend time reading this writing.

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