How to schedule your payouts on Shopify


When you use Shopify payment as your payment method, you cannot only track for the balance of the payout but also can set the day that you will get paid.

By default, it is set to be paid daily as soon as your funds are available to be paid out. In case you want to fix the time you receive payment, you can set it to be weekly or monthly based on your taste. After adjusting the schedule, the time you actually receive payments and the time shown in your Shopify account may be different because of the transfer process. The difference is just a few days that it is still a useful option for users. In this article, I will introduce to you how to schedule your payouts on Shopify.

How to schedule payouts on Shopify

Step 1: Go to Payment providers

Head to the Settings and Payment providers respectively after log-in to your Shopify account.

schedule payouts 1

Step 2: Click on Edit in Shopify payment

In the Accept payments, look for Shopify payment. After that, press on Edit.

Step 3: Choose Edit in Payout schedule

Click on the Edit button under the Payout schedule section

Step 4: Set day for payout schedule

Enter the day you want to set for the payout schedule.

Step 5: Select Save

Choose Save to end the action. This is an important step because if you forget, nothing will change and you have to repeat the process again.

To schedule payouts on iPhone

Step 1: Select Settings

Get access to the app, in the bottom bar of the screen display, choose Store then go to Settings

Step 2: Choose Payments

Tap on the second settings of the Store settings, which means Payments

Step 3: Tap Edit in Shopify payment

Under the Shopify payment section, choose Edit

Step 4: Press Edit

You may be confused after reading the title of the step but this one is different from step 3. In the options list, select Edit in the Payout schedule.

Step 5: Add the day

Set the day you want the payout to be happened. For example, you want to receive payout on 15th every month then fill it in the space.

Step 6: Saving

If you have completed all the above steps, press Save to record all changes.

To schedule payouts on Android

Step 1: Select Settings

Sign-in your account on Shopify app then select Store and Settings respectively

schedule payouts 2

Step 2: Choose Payments

There are three main parts in Settings, which are App settings, Store settings and About. Choose Payments in the list of Store settings.

schedule payouts 3

Step 3: Tap Edit in Shopify payment

Tap Edit in the Shopify payment section.

Step 4: Press Edit

Find Payout schedule in the settings list and press Edit

Step 5: Add the day

Add your schedule payout into the blank.

Step 6: Saving

After completing all the above steps, remember to press Save to finish.

There is a note that if the scheduled payout is on weekend or holiday, it will be paid on the next working day. If the payouts scheduled on the end of the months which falls around 29th and 31st, for months that have less than 29th or 31st days, the payout will be paid on the last day of the month.

Besides, there are cases that payout can be failed because of some raising problems. For example, if an error appears in your bank account, the payout cannot be made then the system will send you an email and a notification on Shopify admin page to inform you about the issue. On the payout page, a message about the reason for the failure of the payout and the solution to address it also. After solving the problem, press on Retry payout and things will come in normal order.


In short, I have given you the direction together with illustration images to schedule your payouts on Shopify. Hope that this writing is helpful to you.