Fastor Shopify theme review: The best-rated Shopify theme

Updated: August 03, 2021


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Fastor Shopify theme review: The best-rated Shopify theme
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For a successful e-commerce site, design is considered the most important factor. As a result, sales might either fall flat or convert profitably on your website. Even though you’re keen on getting your new site up and running as quickly as possible, it’s vital to choose the proper eCommerce platform and site theme first. And I understand that making a good choice between many themes is such a difficult job.

But don’t worry because this article will do a great help by giving you information about one of the best themes out there. Fastor - best-rated Shopify theme, has won recognition by over 12000 customers all around the world, hence experienced more than four years with best ratings. Now, let’s discover this awesome theme!

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About Fastor Shopify theme

Being such a flexible theme, Fastor 4.0 has been updated numerous times since its original release. With less complexity, hence it’s faster now, and support has been added (like Shopify sections) for Shopify features. Many other masks are available, like those in the sports demonstration below, including five that were just introduced. Fastor’s creators have now provided updated documentation, which includes tutorials and video tutorials.

Fastor theme

You may download a sample and then edit it to suit your needs. It’s interesting to experiment with different skins, styles, and settings and not know what you want. These choices and features can have a significant influence on loading times, though. There is no way to apply all of Shopify’s features or extra styles because it just takes up space on your hard drive.

In addition to Revolution Slider, Mega-Menu Blog, and Multistore, the template includes several helpful plugins. Moreover, Fastor is built and created utilizing today’s best practice coding methods and is 100 percent responsive, which means that your website will scale elegantly to suit all devices, no matter what device they’re using. For your convenience, Fastor provides you with more than 50 stunning preset layouts. In addition to eCommerce support, Fastor offers a single Admin Panel to manage everything.

Fastor Shopify theme review: The best-rated Shopify theme

Fastor is filled with essential features to help you construct the best Shopify shop for your e-commerce business. They can be used to sell sports equipment, electronics/computers, lingerie, jewelry, other types of fashion apparel and accessories, toys, games, baked goods, cleaning equipment, even martial arts,…

Key functions


Fastor theme general dasboard

  • LTR & RTL Languages – Use whichever language you wish. There’s no difference between ltr and rtl. All languages are supported by our theme.
  • Multistore Support – Admin panel for managing several shops.
  • Bootstrap – Theme was build based on bootstrap 3.
  • Compressor Code – The content of css and js files are placed in a single file, delete spaces, which allows for faster page loading. Changes made when this option is enabled will be visible after an hour.
  • Demo data installer – Install sample data if you want your business to appear precisely like ours.
  • Video documentation – We provide video tutorials with instructions on how to install and configure the theme.
  • SEO Optimized – Works with OpenCart SEO settings.
  • PSD Files – Theme includes PSD files for all skins (v1.0 – 1.3).
  • OpenCart 2.0+ Compatibility – This theme is compatible with OpenCart 2.0 and above, as well as the most recent versions.


  • Sale & New badge – Display a sale and new badge on the product picture, along with personalized text or a percentage discount for sale.
  • Product number per row – For the default module, specify how many goods should be displayed in one row.
  • Product image effect – pick a picture to hover effect.
  • Quick View – Display a sale and new badge on the product picture, along with personalized text or a percentage discount for sale.
  • Display elements on hover – pick a picture to hover effect.
  • Product scroll – Specify which of the default modules should be scrolled.
  • Default view – Select between a list and a grid.
  • Refine search – Disable refines search or selects text alone or text with a picture from the drop-down menu. In refining the search, you can also choose how many subcategories should be displayed per row and adjust the size of the subcategory images.


Fastor theme design

  • Unlimited colors – Set backdrop patterns, or upload your picture to alter the color of each piece in the shop.
  • 600+ Google Fonts – Choose any font you like from the Google Webfonts gallery
  • 67 Pre-made skins – You can use any of the skins available in the theme.
  • Subtle pattern – Choose background pattern from patterns list provided by Subtle patterns.
  • 100+ Colors –In your new store, alter the colors of each piece.
  • Hover effect – Choose from ten different hover effects for banners, each with a live preview in the admin area.
  • Cart icon – Create your cart and hover icons.


Fastor theme layout

  • Custom layout width – Choose from two pre-defined layout widths or create your own.
  • Spacing between columns – Select a horizontal gap size between columns.
  • Responsive – enable/disable responsive layout for your store.
  • Layout type for each element – For each element, such as the top bar, header, or slideshow, pick between a fixed or full-width layout.

Product page

  • Auto Update price on the product page – Various prices for various hues or other attributes? No problem.
  • Cloud zoom – On the product page, select a zoom style. This theme has three different zoom options: inner cloud zoom, cloud zoom, and default zoom.
  • Product image size – 3 photos small, medium, and large.
  • Additional images position – choose a location to see more product pictures.
  • Product social share – Whether the social sharing module is disabled or enabled is a personal choice.
  • Previous / Next product – You may include a feature in the breadcrumb that allows you to move to the next or previous product with only one click.
  • Radio & Checkbox button style – If you don’t like the default radio or checkbox buttons, you can change them. Change for our personalized buttons.

Ease of use

Fastor is yet a multi-concept Shopify theme that’s eye-catching and stunning. Moreover, It provides such detailed instruction for the customer to quickly follow through the support of a tutorial video and customer support team. Besides, there’s also a wide range of handy points which make it easy for customers to carry. I will name some of these factors.

Fastor theme pop-up

Considering many concepts, Fastor provides well over eighty premade demonstrations for a variety of industries, such as cosmetics and technology. Other categories include food and fashion,… With ease, choosing the right web design for you is a breeze. If you want to alter and enhance the demo of your choosing, you may do that, too.


Price: $56 on Themeforest (plus $15 if you choose to extend support to12 months).

Fastor theme


You can download and install this theme easily with 3 clicks. First, find a reputable website selling theme and search for Fastor. Then you choose the View Demo button to buy it. After completing the payment procedure, you come back to the website and email them for a quote.

Fastor theme

It is as simple as that to set up the Fastor. You can now sit back and relax while the support team of professional websites developers gets to work to make Fastor look perfect on your Fashion website.

Page speed

According to Fastor’s loading speed features, CSS and HTML are automatically compressed on your site. Your Shopify site will load faster as a result, and you won’t need any odd solutions, such as plugins.

For your visitors and your clients, Fastor delivers a super-fast site loading experience. Your site will load as rapidly as possible, thanks to the clean, compressed code contained in the script. The CSS and JavaScript files are combined into a single file with no whitespace, which speeds up your website’s loading.

Page speed

Customer support

As the best-rated theme on Shopify, Fastor also gets praised for its professional customer service with user-friendly connection and fast reply solutions.

If customers need help, support is on top of it within a minute. Hence, they also provide detailed instructions such as screenshots to ensure the customer understands what they are doing.

Customer’s reviews

Customer’s reviews

Customers get pleased for some main reason such as The design is high quality and has done much different ability to customize it without knowledge of code. This is a design for the eCommerce owner, not the developer - such a massive relief.

About the installation, it takes just 30minutes from buying the theme to installing the theme by the author.

Customer’s ratings

Customer’s comment

Brutal. The most important thing, support is really fast. And no word about the template. Great ones :) And easy to config with the videos.

This is the best open cart theme that we’ve ever used. Support services are very fast and professional. Buy it and you will be satisfied! I used many, but this is far superior; congratulations to you. Hopefully to improve the theme!

Fastor Shopify theme’s Pros and Cons

| Pros | Cons | |:—————————————————————————————————–:|:——————————————————————————————————-:| | Google Page provides high speed | The page speed of Google and the page speed of Gtmatrix need to improve, currently at an average score. | | Support team response quickly, provide professional solving skill | Comes with responsive designs, layout builder, and will take time to understand. | | It’s easy for new users to use Fastor text documentation | It is advisable to use almost bug-free, but more light-weighted themes. | | More designs and additional pre-designs are expected to be released soon with unlimited color options | | Buy Fastor Shopify theme


Fastor has many unique features that we cannot cover all in this review post. As previously stated, it’s a versatile theme, which means it can be used for a variety of online dropshipping businesses, if that’s something that interests you. It may also be utilized for a more generic store with layouts that are adaptable to any business. Fastor has you covered in terms of usefulness, speed, and style, no matter what it is.

We hope after all these pieces of information, you will have more choices from your theme gallery. And hope you will enjoy this content. Please stay tuned for our next post! Thank you!

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