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Ella Shopify Theme review: Elevating Online Stores with Smart Solutions

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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Are you on the hunt for a Shopify theme that can take your online store to the next level? Theming is an important part of any website that helps attract customers and then sell more. Ella Shopify Theme which is a famous theme designed by Themeforest gains attraction from multiple business owners due to its various layouts, styles at an affordable price. In today’s post, we will bring about an in-depth review of this theme to explain why the Ella Shopify theme is an excellent choice for online stores.

Now, let’s dig into it!

About Ella Shopify theme

About Ella Shopify theme

As you know, Halotheme is the Power Elite Author of the marketplace that provides multiple themes at reasonable prices and high-quality features. Its themes specialize in BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento with many themes, plugins, modules, etc.

Ella Shopify is one of the most high-rated themes from Themeforest. The theme was designed in 2014 and updated regularly by dedicated developers. The Shopify Ella theme is in the top 3 weekly best-selling eCommerce themes in the marketplace.

The theme owns multiple layouts, styles as well as advanced features so that users can freely create their beautiful sites. Having UI/UX and Mobile Optimized layout, Ella is responsive and suitable for any device. Also, Ella is famous for being compatible with many popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and so on, and is adaptable with the bootstrap 4.x framework.

Since the launching time, Ella theme gets more than 22 homepage and skin layouts, over 9 unique shopping pages, 12 layout options product pages, and multiples headers and footers. More than 17000 business owners have used the theme and most of them are satisfied with the benefits and outcomes that Ella brings about.

Why you should choose Ella Shopify theme for your online business

Why you should choose Ella Shopify theme for your online business

When coming to a theme, store owners can have options of free themes from the Shopify Theme Store or paid themes from Shopify Premium or other marketplaces. However, free themes bring about fewer customization features, which is only suitable for small businesses. At the same time, themes from Shopify Premium are too expensive for some merchants. That’s why you should choose a theme from marketplaces like Themeforest or MOJO that provide you with affordable themes with multiple advanced features.

Among those Shopify themes from marketplaces, Ella Shopify Theme seems to be one of the best choices for any business. That is because Ella is featured with many helpful functions to meet any demands from you. What’s more, the theme is easy to use. Designing an eye-catching website with the Shopify Ella theme takes you only some minutes.

Easy to use, beautiful designs, great color palettes, page responsiveness, multiple amazing features. This is why you should choose the Ella Shopify theme for your online business.

In-depth Ella Shopify theme review

Highlight functions

Child theme

Child theme

The child theme is also known as Demo sites. These are sites pre-made by Ella. What is noticeable is that these sites are well-designed and various for all types of businesses. The Shopify Ella theme gets a dedicated development team that designs these 15 layouts. When making use of them, you can also adjust the images as well as documents to meet your demands more. Or if you don’t want to make any changes, these sites can be used right away.

These layouts are:

  • Tea & Coffee
  • Swimwear Store
  • Glasses store
  • Jewellery and Accessories store
  • Sports Apparel Store
  • Beauty and Health
  • Electronics Store
  • Cars and Auto Parts store
  • Watch Store
  • Bag store, and much more

All these layouts are offered for free at Ella’s regular price. Relying on child themes is a popular choice for many businesses thanks to its ease of use and convenience.


This is one of the most highlight features of the Ella Shopify theme that offers users a variety of layout options or features.

You have the chance to freely custom your site to suit your demands, such as editing styles for List collections, Category page, Blog page, Header and Footer, Product page, and more.

Flexible cart and checkout features

Flexible cart and checkout features

The cart features are what business owners should focus on since they directly affect the shopping experience and decision to make a purchase of their customers. To improve this experience and increase brand engagement, you should have a flexible cart. Luckily, the Ella Shopify theme allows you to do so. To be more specific, you can customize the following factors:

  • Drop-down cart: You are enabled to display a drop-down cart of the page so customers can see it after selecting the bag icon of their wish lists.
  • Customers can also customize their carts so they will feel more pleasant when shopping.
  • Popup AJAX cart: Customers don’t need to navigate to the cart page to check what they are getting since this feature allows them to see it right away after adding an item to their carts.
  • Upsell option: This helps increase sales without finding and installing other Shopify apps.

What’s more, it’s even more convenient when it comes to the checkout stage due to the one-click checkout option and the active checkout button. You can find that the Shopify Ella theme takes care of customers’ shopping experience from the visiting to the checking out.



When using the Ella Shopify theme, you will approach the mega menu which is a large menu with all necessary features. Therefore, you don’t need to install any other Shopify apps that cause slow loading speed and waste of time or money.

Impressive homepage

The homepage may decide the first impression of your Shopify store’s customers and whether they will visit the second time or not. The homepage will display the quality and professionalism of its business. With the Ella theme, you will be provided with over 15 homepage layouts that are impressive and suitable for different business types. The similarity of these page layouts is the functional complexity and ease of use.

With some minutes and some simple clicks, you can pick one from these 15 page layouts and custom your own by editing and adding CTAs, About Us section, FAQs, Social channels, featured collections, featured items, or quick view & quick shop tools. This feature brings not only about a positive feeling of your Shopify store but also a perfect opportunity to sell more and more.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness

If you plan to grow your business more and, of course, you do, you need to be concerned about your site’s flexibility and responsiveness since different customers with different devices will come to your Shopify store.

Fortunately, the Ella Shopify theme is getting well with this when the theme is fully responsive. There are multiple setting options for customers to use or add elements separately on the desktop version and mobile version.

Besides, you will be provided with a mobile margin adjustment option in many sections. For example, you can choose a separate layout for the mobile header. According to reviews from customers of the Shopify Ella theme, they are satisfied with this feature since they can give their customers flexibility as well as easily convince them to buy more.

Powerful sidebar filtering

With this useful tool, you can save time and set up your sidebar filtering by tags made when you add products. What’s more, you are enabled to add featured products, images, or blocks to improve the quality of your sidebar.

In this way, your site will be not only eye-catching but also easy to follow. Visitors to your site will be highly impressed when they can quickly find the items they want via colors, sizes, brands.

Size chart feature

The size chart options are built in the Ella Shopify theme. You don’t need to find and install any expensive size chart apps to insert your size charts anymore. Also, you have options whether to let them be displayed on all product pages or just some products.

Product countdown feature

Like other built-in features, you don’t need to find any Shopify countdown app since you already have it using the Shopify Ella theme. This feature is perfect for you to create a flash sales event or sale campaign.

Product custom tab feature

In terms of selling online, you will need to inform your customers fully about each product. Therefore, with the product tab feature, you are enabled to add detailed product descriptions that include a huge amount of needed data of products. Additionally, if you want to sort out your content on the product page, you can insert tab elements for product descriptions to increase the reliability of products. For example, you can add “Product information”, “Shipping”, “Payment methods”, “Customer reviews”, and more.

Other features list

All the above features are not enough. The Ella Shopify theme also offers various powerful features, which include:

  • Lazy-loading image
  • Real-time filters
  • Grid and List view support
  • Multi-languages support
  • Multiple currencies
  • Automatic image resize
  • Video slider
  • Instagram Gallery
  • Product quick view and hover view
  • Quick shop option
  • Customer review option
  • and more.


With an affordable price and multiple features from basic to advanced, the Ella theme for Shopify can meet all demands of customers with different styles, branding orientation, etc. However, customers of the Ella Shopify theme can most suitably are:

  • Those who need to customize their sites much
  • Those who cannot pay for premium Shopify themes but need more than free basic features
  • Those who don’t want to waste time finding and installing more Shopify apps to their online stores
  • Those who want to be as creative in their designs as possible
  • Those who need a multi-feature theme to support their demands.

Performance and loading speed

Performance & loading speed

The performance of a theme decides how fast it is to open and use. A good performance score can help much in providing great shopping experiences for customers. Luckily, the page speed of the Ella Shopify theme is fast. According to GTMetrix, the Ella theme for Shopify gets very high-performance scores. The fully loaded time of page details is 3.3s. However, the YSlow speed is Average.



Ella Shopify theme is a bit cheaper than others in the marketplace, providing the same number of features. The theme costs $89 with 6 months of free Ella theme support.

With this price, you can approach:

  • 16+ child themes for different stores
  • 7+ layouts for category pages
  • 17+ homepage layout
  • 10+ layout for product pages
  • Up to 5 collection page layouts
  • 6 blog page layouts
  • Custom pages

Besides, the Shopify Ella theme provides users with frequent updates for free.

Also, you can apply for an Extended License which costs $2800 with 12 months of support.

In general, the price of the Ella Shopify theme is more affordable when it goes along with multiple useful features. However, the only problem is the support service which lasts only from 6 to 12 months. If you want to have extended support time, you have to pay an additional $24. Then, the total price turns into about $100.

Meanwhile, the Shopify Premium themes are a bit more expensive but it offers full-time support without a time limit. Therefore, for those who want more benefits in the long run, it’s also a factor to consider.

Installation process

You may think installing and using the Shopify Ella theme requires technical skills, right? In fact, installing this theme is super easy. You just need to follow some basic steps below:

  • Go to the main dashboard of Themeforest, find the Ella Shopify theme, and download the package to your computer with the zip. file
  • Extract the file you have just downloaded
  • Find the file named ella-x.x.x-sections-ready.zip in the folder Ella Sections Ready X.X.X
  • Upload ella-x.x.x-sections-ready.zip file to your Shopify store.

If you want to install the child theme, simply go to the corresponding theme folder. If you want to make use of the Ella RTL version, find the file named ella-x.x.x-sections-ready-rtl.zip in the folder Ella Sections Ready X.X.X RTL. Similarly, upload this file to your Shopify store.

Customer support

Ella Shopify theme gets three ways to offer supports which are:

  • Ella Shopify Theme Documentation: All things you need to know about the functionality of the theme are included here. The documentation of the Ella theme is good and easy for users to search and find solutions for their problems.
  • Support files in the Ella Shopify Theme download package
  • Email support

The Ella theme gets some complaints about the lack of chat support and slow email responses when it comes to Ella theme support. This is also one of the only drawbacks when using the theme. However, as we find nowadays, the support teams are really active and supportive. It is improving the quality to avoid any trouble with their support.


Besides a few negative comments about the Ella Shopify theme’s support service, almost all customers who have used the theme give it positive ratings and reviews. 90% of more than 17000 users gave a five-star rating for this theme due to its responsiveness and multi-purpose features. Our score for the Ella theme is 4.7/5, which is a pretty high score.

Ella Shopify theme’s pros and cons

Ella Shopify theme's pros and cons

Ella Shopify theme’s pros Ella Shopify theme’s cons
Easy to use and get started with Short support time at only 6 months
Multiple features built-in, no need to install more apps To get a more advanced modification, users need to rely on a third-party page builder app.
Simple to edit the theme settings and customize the template Confusing backend interface.
Affordable price at only $79 Duplicate sections makes the theme settings overwhelmed.
Flexible gallery The lengthy editor.
High-quality design Sometimes get bug issues.
Great hover effect No chat support. The email response speed is sometimes slow.
Responsive designs for mobile devices.  
Detailed support documentation as well as support files in the Ella Shopify theme package.  
Lazy loading  
Ability to get custom pages like FAQ, Landing pages, About Us, and more.  

Final thought

As you can see, with only $79, you will get multiple helpful features from the Ella Shopify theme. The theme is multi-purpose, well-designed, mobile-responsive, and easy to use. Most importantly, it provides you with many functions, from basic to advanced. Although there are some issues with bugs, interface settings, or customer support, the Ella Theme is still worth your money. There are no themes having all advantages without any drawbacks. With this affordable price, we highly recommend you should give this theme a try.

Hopefully, this post has given you enough information about the Ella Theme for Shopify so that you can make up your mind about whether to choose it for your online store or not. If you find this post interesting, remember to share it with your friends and visit us for more. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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