Liquid downcase: How to Convert to Downcase in Shopify

To be an important part of Shopify store’s website contribution, Liquid template files is the unit of serving administrator. Moreover, Liquid- a free source project on GitHub is considered as the main factor to build up Shopify themes which provide the assistance for the unique purpose in six types including assets, config, layout, locales, sections and snippets. For instance, online sellers can use collection.liquid to display different types of products, or the product.liquid to display an item detailly. Besides, the Shopify themes includes settings_schema.json, which allows the Shopify store owners to customize their appearances as well as to boost the sales effectively.

For the structure of the Liquid file, it combines tags, objects, and filters for loading a huge amount of content. Moreover, the variation of this Liquid file has main features such as Objects, Tags and Filters. From this backbone, Shopify shops can easily build up their content professionally. And the Filters which are simple tools to modify the output of numbers, strings, variables, and objects in Shopify. All of them will be situated in an output tag {{ }} in which is denoted by a |.

In the strings type, the online merchants are able to manipulate outputs and variables for the kind of data. With the String filters tool, they can convert these strings into downcase texts which are more proper product descriptions to their stores. There are multiple methods for online sellers to do that. For example, looking for Theme Developer or an expert in customizations; moreover, they can come to the forums community to ask for help. Besides, it is possible for the Shopify store owners to change it by themselves by changing their Theme’s codes.

In the last article about Liquid Camelcase: How to Convert String to CamelCase and Liquid capitalize: Lower case first character, we provide the simple process to capitalize the characters in a different position with the code changes. For this following guides Liquid downcase: How to Convert to Downcase, the Shopify store owners can learn how to lowercase these letters with basic steps.

Liquid downcase: How to Convert to Downcase in Shopify

Step 1: Input


{{ "Parker Moore" | downcase }}

Step 2: Output


parker moore

Another example the title is “apple” which is already in lower case. If you run the command:

{{ "apple" | downcase }}

The output is not change, still in downcase:



It is our honor if the Shopify store owners can find the solutions in downcase through this above article Liquid downcase: How to Convert to Downcase in Shopify. Moreover, there are many chains of guiding blogs about Liquid that the Shopify online sellers can read more such as:

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