How to Insert a "Buy This" Link to a Blog Post in Shopify

Updated: April 11, 2021


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You are owning blogs not only to provide your own content but also to indirectly introduce your product. Therefore, you would like to add a button that can lead your customers to your product page. The tutorial will give you the instruction to insert a “Buy this” link to a blog post.

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A cart permalink is a link that directly leads customers to the first page of the checkout screen with the product display so that buyers can add that item to their shopping carts. If you want to insert the “Buy this” link to your blog, you will you the cart permalink. For example, a cart permalink looks like:,70881382:1

“Buy this” link certainly allows purchasers to the product page or a landing page so that they can take a request or go to further steps to buy an item.

Attention: this tutorial is an advanced level and requires knowledge of website languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Liquid. If you encounter any difficulties, you should hire a Shopify expert to help you.

How to insert a “Buy this” link to a blog post on desktop

Step 1:

You access Shopify admin, click Online Store and go to Blog posts.

Step 2:

Open a new blog post or access the current blog post.

how to enable order notes in shopify

Step 3:

Click on the HTML button under the Content header in the Rich Text Editor.

content header

Step 4:

Add your link and this will turn to:

    <p><a href="">Buy this item</a></p>

Step 5: Remember to Save and test the change in your store.


In conclusion, the tutorial aims to help online stores build better content marketing by inserting a “Buy this” link to blog posts. The link will lead buyers to the product page that are able to trigger them to put more items in their cart. Let’s us know any difficulties while using the Shopify platform, we will collect and produce more tutorials for developers to help you deal with these troubles.

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