How to enable the recommended products section in Shopify

In the previous instruction, you knew about the method to modify the theme code. However, if you want to add or remove some items, how would you do? In order to answer this question, this tutorial will give you steps to enable the recommended products section.

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The theme code allows you to add more items in a collection to suggest customers. Enabling the recommended product section helps you to activate the function of product recommendation. To show the product, you need to enable it in the theme code.

The attention of the tutorial

Before you follow the tutorial, you should clarify which theme you are using, whether it is sectioned or non-sectioned theme. The sectioned theme is a new theme allowing you to create and arrange the layout of your e-store’s websites while the non-sectioned theme is an older one published before October 2016 without Section directory. Therefore, to check which theme you are using, you go to Edit code page, if files exist in Section directory, it means that sectioned theme is being utilized or vice versa.

In addition, a sectioned theme will show two tabs at the top of editor titled Sections and General Settings while a non-sectioned theme has only one column in theme editor consisting of tools or functions like general, colors and fonts, headers, footers, collection pages and so one.

This is an advanced tutorial and require knowledge about web design languages namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid. Therefore, if you encounter any difficulties, you should hire a technology expert to help you. Besides, you should know which theme you are using in order to follow the right process.

These steps are applied to both desktop and iPhone/Android.

Step 1: Access the Theme editor and click on the Theme preview to go to a product page.

Step 2: Click Related products in theme editor panel to view the settings.

Step 3: Open the Show related products checkbox.

Step 4: Click Save.

Repeat the same procedure mentioned in sectioned theme.


In conclusion, we hope that the tutorial will help you customize items or products that you want to show on your product page. The instruction assists you in managing your marketing campaign and boosting your website administration. Follow these steps and you are able to activate the recommended products.

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