How to Enable Order Notes in Shopify in 5 Simple Steps

Online merchants often want to catch the customer’s attention with their notification about products available using a message on the cart page. Shopify store owners maybe have some options to update their product information such as Excluding tax & shipping. There is a free and useful way to send the special instructions in cart attributes to the visitors that is enabling order notes.

The Order notes which are available in Shopify theme so the Shopify store owners can easily customize the information about specific products. In addition, the product delivery also can be included in this record customization in the cart page. in an order. Line item properties are specified directly on the product page. Besides, the search tool also so helpful for the store owners to navigate other tools.

Moreover, the users can translate their messages into different languages by the Edit Language functionality. This makes the notes will be easily approached for international customers. The order notes also enable displaying not only on the slide-out drawer cart but also on the cart page.

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To activate this amazing tool, the Shopify store owners can refer to this following process in How to enable order notes in Shopify. This tutorial has five steps that the new Shopify users can easily follow and apply to their own shops. Furthermore, with this guiding article, they also have more knowledge about order orders.

How to enable order notes in Shopify

Step 1: Go to Settings

At the Shopify admin dashboard, admins can click to Online Store and then Themes.

Step 2: Customize the theme

At this step, the users can choose the theme that they want to edit to tap Customize.

Step 3: Go to Theme settings

The Shopify store owners can search for the cart settings in two ways. The first one is in the Theme settings tab, another is the Sections tab. After that, they choose to Theme settings to track the available theme’s cart settings.

In case the Shopify shops that have not installed with any cart section in Theme settings, the shop owners can continue by clicking Sections. And after accessing the cart settings, the users can choose to navigate to the cart page in the theme preview by clicking on the icon of header cart.

Step 4: Enable order notes

In the cart settings, it is necessary for the store owners to activate the order notes by tapping Enable order notes.

Step 5: Save changes

To finish all steps and save the changes, admins tap Save.

To enable order notes in Shopify on iPhone/Android (Click here)

Step 1: Tap Store
At the first step, the store owners assess the Shopify app and then enter Store.

Step 2:Choose Tax
After that, click to Sales channels section, scroll down to tap Online Store

Step 3: Go to Manage themes
Then the users continue by clicking to Manage themes.

Step 4: Customize the theme
After opening Manage themes sections, the store owners choose the theme that they want to edit and click Customize this theme.

Step 5: Access the cart settings
There are two places that admins can find the cart settings are the Theme settings tab or Sections tab.
To check whether the theme’s cart settings are available or not, the users can click Theme settings.

In case, stores have not yet installed with a cart section in Theme settings, the users continue by clicking Sections. And then the store owners can navigate to the cart page by choosing the header cart icon in the theme preview.

Step 6: Check Enable order notes
In the theme’s cart settings area, the users check Enable order notes.

Step 7: Save changes
Click Save to finish all the steps and save the changes.


The order notes in the Shopify will be a helpful tool for the users to leave their comments in the cart page, which allows the store owners to increase the customer’s satisfaction as well as the sales. Besides, the information about the order delivery is easily added to the notes. This article How to enable order notes in Shopify will give the store owners the simple procedure to activate the order notes. Moreover, the store owners can refer another guiding article about order notes in the cart page such as how to modify order notes label.

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