Liquid modulo: Get the Remainder of Divide Operator in Shopify

Such a flexible and safe language, Liquid is used in many website and applications. However, in Shopify, online sellers will use the latest version of Liquid so that it is easy for the admins to contribute their professional store’s websites with beautiful products images. Liquid is known as one of the most useful tools in this Shopify market, moreover, it is totally free. Therefore, thank the valuable asset as Liquid, the online merchants can create a beautiful and professional website without investing so much of money.

Because of the popularity of E-commerce in the world, it is necessary for the merchants to make competitive advantages by mastering these important functionalities in Shopify. With a significant number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters, Liquid allows the users to load all the types of data in the shops. Therefore, it becomes more and more popular in other applications and websites.

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About modulo filters {#about-modulo-filters}

Liquid applications as a filter are the tool to change or customize the Shopify stores based on the owner’s purposes. Math filters is one of the most effective functions of a Liquid filter. As one of the math filters, the modulo filters allows the users to divide their expected data by a number.

In the last tutorial Liquid Times: Multiplies Number, we introduced the Shopify store owners to multiply a number with other numbers. In this article Liquid modulo: Get the Remainder of Divide Operator in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify users can abuse it to maximize the stores’ effectiveness as well as shopping experiences for the customers.

Get the Remainder of Divide Operator in Shopify

Step 1: Input


{{ 12 | modulo:5 }}

Step 2: Output

In this case, the output is also rounded into the nearest integer.




In a competitive marketplace as Shopify, the Shopify store owners should maximize the customer’s shopping experiences by the math filters. This article Liquid modulo: Get the Remainder of Divide Operator in Shopify allows online sellers to know more about this type of filters as well as divide their numbers data by others.

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