How to gain the most performance from your Jekyll site in Shopify

Are you looking for a productive search platform working on your Jekyll site? Then here we introduce to you Algolia, an advanced search platform which could build, personalize and optimize search and also find out experiences for your users. Algolia Search is able to support multiple platforms and devices with its performant APIs and easy-to-use documentation. More than five thousand businesses are employing this tool to power their search already.

For your information, you can use Algolia for free in case your site has not over 10,000 searches per month.

However, if you are wondering how to gain the most performance from your Jekyll site, this instructional writing will be a great help for your site.

How to gain the most performance from your Jekyll site


Step 1: Register to Algolia

Please sign up for an account on Algolia


Step 2: Carefully read the introduction tutorial.

Please pay your attention to the tutorial because it could raise your awareness of how to tune your search later.

Step 3: Create a new index for your Jekyll site

Step 4: Go to API Keys to take note of your Admin API Key and Application ID

Step 5: In your Gemfile, add algoliasearch-jekyll to the jekyll_plugins group:

 source ''

 gem 'jekyll', '3.3.1'

 group :jekyll_plugins do
   gem 'algoliasearch-jekyll'

Step 6: Let bundle install run

Step 7: Add your index name and Algolia Application ID to _config.yml:

  application_id: 'your_application_id'
  index_name: 'your_index_name'

Step 8: Set the write key in a file called _algolia_api_key or as an environment variable ALGOLIA_API_KEY

In case you use the file method, please ensure that it is not checked into a public repository because everyone could add their content to your search. You can prefix the command if you choose the environment method.

For instance:

 ALGOLIA_API_KEY='YOUR KEY' bundle exec jekyll algolia push


You are able to use the push command to generate an index and push it to Alogolia.

bundle exec jekyll algolia push

You can use the JavaScript library to perform searches once the data is on Alogolia.



We hope that this tutorial did help you find out the way to run the best out of your business!

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