Weebly vs Wix Comparison: Decide Which Service is Better?

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Updated: January 01, 2021


Weebly vs Wix Comparison: Decide Which Service is Better?

Wix and Weebly are two renowned leaders of the contemporary web design field. Both systems are great to the development of high-end and feature-filled websites. They are also easy to use and convenient for beginners and web design gurus that they have become synonyms for DIY website development.

Regardless of their niche popularity, website builders vary in complexity, ease of discovery, convenience, integrated functionality, services offered, and pricing policies. This is what often makes users think about choosing the right web building tool. To determine which platform works best for your web design needs, review and analyze each system in detail below.

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What is Wix & Who is it for?

What is Wix?

What is Wix?
What is Wix?

Wix currently holds the best position and most popular website builder in the world. Established in Israel in 2006, the company has become globally well known and now has offices in Germany, Brazil, India, Canada, the USA, Ireland, Ukraine, and Lithuania. The website builder follows a freemium business model, allowing upgrading from a free plan to one of the paid subscriptions to gain access to advanced web design features.

Website builder works great for developing all types of websites, but it is mainly focused on creating blogs, promotional websites, landing pages, and business projects. Also, it can start small and medium web stores with the system and have many features and functions.

Wix offers various customizable templates along with a convenient drag-and-drop editor that allows people to give them their designs without any coding skills. This makes website builders the right choice for beginners and power users to create exciting projects with high performance.

Who is it for?

Wix is a great choice for entrepreneurs willing to start, manage, and promote business websites, regardless of their expertise area. This is of particular interest to projects that require an innovative approach. This system mainly works well for representatives of creative professions who want to live with their projects and start making money by selling their works (handmade, sound, videos, images, etc.).

It also offers many web design opportunities to owners of restaurants, cafes, hotels, travel agencies, and other similar businesses. For these business categories, the website builder offers a wide selection of add-ons and extensions that provide the required level of functionality (ordering and booking, room tables, food and booking, etc.). Wix also stands out from the crowd thanks to its powerful integrated Ascend platform - an all-in-one business service that offers 20 tools for professional business promotion and management.

Overall, Wix is a professional website builder that would be a perfect choice for creators, musicians, actors, photographers, models, and designers. This system will also be interesting to business owners because of the simplicity and convenience of creating a website. Prices, charts, forms, banners, access to website subscriptions - all of these features help create an efficient business website.

What is Weebly & Who is it for?

What is Weebly?

What is Weebly?
What is Weebly?

Weebly is an all-in-one website builder that allows subscribers to get started on visually engaging and quality projects. Like Wix, it was founded in 2006 to gain recognition worldwide quickly. This platform can launch a portfolio, blog, and business website. However, its major majors are currently going down in e-commerce project development. In 2018, the system gained a strong focus on web store design after it was acquired by the world e-commerce giant - Square.

The website builder comes with a handy drag and drops editor; contributing to the web design process is intuitive and straightforward. The editor is well organized, while the system’s control panel is easy to browse and is logically structured.

Everything can be done with just a few clicks here, from changing your account password to publishing-ready projects. The system allows us to customize pre-designed responsive templates to create a personalized website design. Weebly works great for entrepreneurs, creators, and owners of web stores who want to popularize their business on an international level. The system doesn’t require any coding level, but it can also edit HTML/CSS code if needed.

Who is it for?

Weebly is especially for individuals or companies who prefer a personalized URL structure and the freedom to change patterns or modify elements. It’s also good for business websites, but its main area of expertise goes into the development of blogging and e-commerce projects.

However, it is possible to start small business websites with the system, using its integrated powerful feature set. The platform allows the use of Weebly Promotion tools to contribute to advanced email marketing options. The tool automatically generates messages and enables you to send newsletters to registered site members to keep them informed about your business news and updates.

Besides, Weebly allows integration of online forms into your business website, videos, and images, track project stats and integrate with IFTTT platform to create events and automatic action, etc. Finally, the website builder allows you to choose and use a number of handy applications available in its App Center (PinPoll, LiveChat, Call Box) and so on.

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Weebly vs Wix comparison: Who’s the winner?

As above, Wix and Weebly are quality web design platforms that cater to web design professionals and first-timers’ needs. Both systems have a well-structured and intuitive dashboard divided into two areas, the Control Panel and the Editor. This makes it easy to manage multiple websites from one account efficiently.

However, when going into a detailed assessment, which system is the winner - Wix or Weebly? Let’s figure it out through each criterion.

Wix vs Weebly: Ease of use

Wix comes with a clean and user-friendly interface and an abundance of design customization tools that allow editing both standard and mobile versions of the website. The system’s control panel is also attractive, convenient, and ergonomic. Wix is unique because it follows the Viking’s absolute positioning model. This is a model that implies the availability of specific block positions for each element on the page. Hence, once you start the customization process, you cannot convert between the selected samples. That’s why chooses the design an important step.

In addition to setting up, adding, and modifying web page elements, you can also edit each widget/block after you adjust its position. What you can do here is replace the existing blocks with widgets in any order of preference, change the style and background image, size, content layout, frames, and so on. The integration of images, videos, and other multimedia files is also allowed here.

If you want, you can protect your website by using a password or hiding them, providing access to the user category you originally selected or providing links to the website. There’s also a simple but conveniently made option when adding site co-author: with just a few clicks, you can add site editors who will be allowed to make changes secondary, but they won’t be able to spoil anything, even if they want to.

It is also very convenient for editing text in Wix. Articles can be formatted using the system editor. In particular, you can add an element to it, such as diagrams, charts, lists or images, etc. Alternatively, you can take advantage of another website editing option called Wix ADI. It allows you to create websites automatically based on the original data you provide. This is a second choice for those who do not understand anything about website building and consider choosing an overly complex template. To use the tool successfully, you need to provide your business name, geographic location, appropriate location, and select the required functionality (online store, blog).

Another system highlight is Wix’s Corvid. This is a powerful tool used to quickly and easily create different types of complex web applications. Regardless of explicit name implications, coding knowledge is not a must to use this feature. We do not deal with text editors and compilers here, but with interfaces that allow the organization of logical connections that lead to the completion of various actions and collection of them in one application. work for your website. In other words, we talk about the builder of web applications.

Wix's Corvid
Wix's Corvid

Almost anyone can use the website builder’s feature set. No special skills are required here, except for patience and a little taste. Wix is equipped with lots of useful information and has an extremely rich knowledge base. In particular, it includes VIP support to bring incredible performance. Therefore, use Wix customer support if you have any questions or need help.

Weebly provides you with everything you need to develop your website. It has a ton of options and powerful flexibility. The panel structure is reasonable and simple. Attractive design. All options are grouped into five horizontal menu sections, namely Online Design.

The Weebly feature set is complete. There is almost nothing you can add here. Everything is based on drag and drop functionality. In this respect, the system does a very good job - it’s convenient, powerful, and attractive. Unlike the Wix with its network absolute positioning approach, Weebly implements the Box Box model, which is more restrictive but still allows users to change patterns on any stage of the playback process and website development.

With Weebly, you can add multiple contributors to your website (Account Admin, Author, Dashboard only). The following two categories are only available to Pro users.

Website builders partner with IFTTT to help you automate many of your website-related actions. You can choose a ready recipe or create yourself to automate a custom action. To give your website outstanding design and full personalization, Weebly allows you to make use of its advanced features. These include an HTML5-based Image Editor, Built-in Form Builder, App Center, Video Archive, Weebly solution for premium education, and more.

To guide you through the entire website development process, Weebly offers several types of support options. Users get direct access to charming phones and email support and ticketing features along with a self-explanatory dashboard containing helpful notifications and reminders. If you have any problems, visit the Weebly Help Center first. This is where you can find answers if you have any problems or questions. Furthermore, you can find it easier to encounter Weebly on social media as it is quite active. In emergency, you can contact them via Twitter or Facebook.

Altogether, the Wix and Weebly offer an impressive set of features, and it’s hard to compare them because both seem to offer more than enough to build a decent website. Wix, however, stands out from the crowd due to its initial focus on the needs and skills of its users. The website builder is easier to use, while its functionality goes well beyond the average. This involves choosing website editing features, a rich selection of built-in apps/widgets, site management, and advertising tools. The same thing is about the platform’s customer support, which is done in different ways here.

Wix vs Weebly: Design and flexibility

Wix is definitely remarkable due to its amazing sample collection. For some respects, the website builder currently doesn’t have any competition here. The Wix design impresses everyone by their quantity (their number exceeds 550 themes) and their quality and versatility. All are mobile-ready and fully customizable.

Wix templates
Wix templates

To ensure maximum ease of use, the system developers divided them into categories based on the niches they cover. It is also possible to choose from popular and new patterns, also divided into separate categories. For system subscribers, who cannot find a suitable design from those provided by the platform, have an opportunity to choose a blank template and design a completely personalized website from the beginning.

The only limitation we mentioned is the fact that the system doesn’t allow you to change templates during project customization. So take your time to make a smart choice. Fortunately, the system has a preview option to allow you to see the exact theme you will choose.

In addition to the standard design editing options, Wix lets you work on your project’s mobile version. However, edits you make in the desktop version of the website will be reflected in mobile mode. Edits you make in the desktop version of the website, however, will be reflected in mobile mode. This is very handy and convenient for beginners and professionals alike.

Weebly models come with a professional look too, though, are fewer than those offered by Wix. All designs are responsive, and 100% customizable. They are grouped based on their style and color. You can choose the color scheme to satisfy a certain pattern. There are 5-10 variations available here, and their selection is shown in the preview from the start so you can make the right choice.

Weebly templates
Weebly templates

The templates are really flexible and cause respect for web designers who work on their development. You won’t meet such quality too often. Their structure and design differ, all miniatures are filled with quality demo content. The work of the system web developer is really impressive. Contrary to Wix, the initial sample selection isn’t final here. You can change it at any time during the web design process. In this respect, Weebly ranked high. Likewise, it is possible to edit your website’s HTML/CSS code to give it a completely personalized touch, if you have programming skills.

When it comes to the design side, Wix and Weebly both offer quality, free, and customizable templates suitable for mobile and desktop browsers. However, Wix certainly is the winner here because it has a wider selection of themes along with the Artificial Design Intelligence tool that allows for easy and quick template customization.

Wix vs Weebly: Pricing

Wix Pricing is suitable for all users because the system has flexible plans to meet all needs and budgets. Having a completely free plan here is never-ending and lets you see how your website development tasks work. The free plan is an ideal option to increase your coding and web design skills. Once you decide to launch a website with lots of features, you will be asked to choose one of the paid subscriptions. See what packages the system offers and what packages they include.

Wix standard package

Wix standard package
Wix standard package
  • Combo ($10 month) - free domain connection, free hosting, no banner ads;
  • Unlimited ($14 month) - Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage capacity;
  • Pro ($19/month) - 2 hours of video storage space, Google Analytics built-in and statistics collection tools;
  • VIP ($27/month) - top priority support, professional logo, etc.

Business plan/e-commerce

Business plan/e-commerce
Business plan/e-commerce
  • Basic Business ($23/month) - awareness of online payments;
  • Unlimited Business ($27/month) - Integrated e-commerce platform, special entrepreneur apps, business development tools;
  • Business VIP ($49/month) - unlimited video storage space, unlimited bandwidth, complete Wix Suite;
  • Enterprise ($500/month) - End-to-end business solution providing the highest functionality and the maximum number of tools.

Wix also stands out from the crowd thanks to the special offers, discounts, and bonuses the system offers on a regular basis. They help increase customer loyalty and withstand tough competition. Also, every new subscriber has a chance to get his/her investment back on the subscription within 14 days, if there is anything he/she is not satisfied with.

Weebly Pricing is also quite flexible and transparent. Like Wix, website builders have a free, never-expiring plan that is suitable for platform intentional testing. Take a look at the list and overview of plans you can choose from:

Weebly Pricing
Weebly Pricing
  • Basic ($8/month) - Unlimited disk space, no system ads, the opportunity to connect your own domain name, built-in drag and drop editor, SSL security, and site statistics advanced web;
  • Professional ($12/month) - unlimited number of members, no transaction fees, subscription features, unlimited number of products, the opportunity to accept payments on individual fields, the ability to sell digital products;
  • Business ($25/month) - meant for e-commerce projects, abandoned cart notifications, gift certificates, real-time shipping rates, and more.

Whichever registration you’re going to use, Weebly will let you connect a domain name for as little as $ 19. It will also provide access to Google Ads with a $100 bonus, live chat, email support, and forum community membership.

Wix and Weebly are spacious, versatile, and affordable price options. Both systems offer an opportunity to test their functionality with free packages. They also provide access to a number of paid subscription groups for standards and e-commerce projects. They differ in terms, tools, and services included. The Wix packages, however, are cheaper than the ones offered by Weebly, while their functionality is above average.

Wix vs Weebly: SEO

Wix is an SEO-friendly website builder that allows optimizing a ready-made website for search engines in the best possible way. It uses an advanced SEO Wiz tool that allows you to set SEO parameters directly in the Management section. For this purpose, the system provides instructions and step-by-step instructions, which control all nuances of the process.

Besides, the website builder grants access to the App Market with lots of add-ons and add-ons so that it is possible to track website statistics and promote project effectiveness across the web. These include pop-ups, social media and marketing tools, email delivery widgets, online consultation buttons, and callback buttons, and more. Users can also manually adjust special SEO parameters, including page meta tag (title, description, etc.), title tag, Alt tag, anchor link, navigation tool, website verification, and Google Analytics, and more. This also contributes to the effective SEO boost of Wix websites.

Weebly is also great when it comes to SEO. The website builder provides a standard set of tools for search engine efficiency optimization of the projects launched with it. It is possible to specify a unique URL for each website, set title, keyword, and description. This helps to increase the position of websites in search engines for better indexing. The system also allows you to set up and edit permalinks, embed header and footer codes in required pages, hide pages from search engines, set up redirects, and more. All of these actions and others can be accomplished in the respective SEO section of the website.

Both Wix and Weebly rank high when it comes to SEO optimization of the websites created with them. The system allows us to set up key SEO parameters, make modifications when required, and control site statistics in general. However, Wix grants access to its advanced SEO Wiz engine that simplifies the process of setting search engine optimization parameters even for users who have little or no knowledge of it.

Comparison conclusion: Who is the winner?

When it comes to DIY website development, Wix and Weebly are the platforms that users often choose. Website builders rank highly for design customization options, eCommerce and blogging features, pricing, and customer support solutions. However, each system uses a unique approach to the website creation process that gives it a specific appeal.

Wix seems more interesting and beneficial than Weebly based on the following parameters: functionality, sample quality, convenience, cost. Weebly is positioned as a website builder used to create blogs and small online stores. It really doesn’t work well for other types of websites, considering the high cost and availability of its strong competitor, Wix. However, the result looks more interesting when developed with Wix. We talk about user projects not theoretical editing features.

Both systems have attractive interfaces. They are almost similar to this parameter. The rest of the features, Weebly doesn’t have anything to go against the Wix, especially because Weebly costs more than Wix. With the plans Wix offers, you can pay about 50% less with a discount. In this term, Weebly is certainly the weaker to compete - its price is fixed, and there are no expected discounts. Overall, Weebly is more interesting to my fans, while Wix is still the market leader, and I’m more inclined to answer Wix as the winner.

Weebly vs Wix: Which is the best for eCommerce?

Wix reveals many opportunities to develop a web store. It comes with a built-in e-commerce engine made possible through the Wix Store widget connection. It provides many options and tools for effective window presentation products, synthesis of product tags, and galleries as well as setting up special webshop parameters.

The website builder also offers stock add-ons available in its rich App Market that contribute to better optimization of online sales. These include integration with popular markets, social networks, etc. The system allows the creation of certificates of discounts/gifts, bonuses, and special offers to increase customer loyalty. In addition to selling physical products, Wix also enables the sale of digital goods, such as photo, video and audio files, and whatnot.

Has a powerful integration of CRM Systems, advanced analytics tools and services, customer interaction tools, email networking features, and other means to effectively manage and promote your web store. Other highlights of Wix E-Commerce are as follows: import/export CSV products, multiple payment options, tax/shipping alternatives, professional web store management tools, power optimization Mobile, e-commerce templates optimized for viewing on mobile devices, and more. These features make Wix a good choice for launching small to midsize web stores, but they are still not enough for large hypermarkets with advanced functionality.

Weebly is a website builder that proves to have a strong e-commerce focus. As a result, it works very well for the growth of all types of web stores, from small projects, and to feature-packed international hypermarkets. Weebly used to have a long-standing partnership with Square, which eventually led to a merger of the two companies in 2018. Weebly & Square has a common goal: to help world-famous entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors through the construction of professional websites and strong support for offline projects.

The website builder now stands out from the crowd thanks to its powerful eCommerce tools, full of eCommerce features/tools, and business-specific. These include built-in shopping carts, secure shipping/payment options, the opportunity to upload, sell, and manage thousands of products, convenient search filter options, social media integration, optimization mobile chemistry, etc.

Talking about eCommerce functionality, Wix and Weebly have a lot to offer. Both website builders grant access to various web store building tools and features, and both have separate pricing options for eCommerce websites. However, the Wix functionality allows for creating small to medium online stores, while Weebly also works great for developing large e-commerce projects. Therefore, the final choice should be based on your e-commerce web design needs, requirements, and budget.

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Now that you know what Wix and Weebly website builders can bring to your dream website, you can choose the best one for your unique personal or business requirements. Take the time to visit individual builders and take advantage of them.

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