How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

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Updated: January 31, 2021


How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?
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After completing and running, the website is considered an asset and a representative of the company on the Internet. Therefore, the maintenance of the website to ensure the quality of the operation is imperative. However, many individuals often think that they can maintain and improve the website on their own. In fact, website maintenance requires a lot of techniques and expertise.

Along with the development of the information technology (IT) industry, many service companies were born to help businesses design their website as well as maintain them. Therefore, many businesses have adapted to new features and trends to provide customers with the choicest service, through third parties. An increasing variety of customers’ websites are updated monthly, weekly, even daily. Our today’s article will provide you some helpful information about website maintenance by analyzing options in securing this online service.

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What is website maintenance?


A website is a product with a long usage life, from a few years to decades. Website is created by designing, programming with millions of lines of code installed unitedly. Therefore, if the website has an error during use, the company needs to upgrade or repair it. To put it simply, website maintenance ensures the website works fast and stable 24/7, with data on the web being updated with the latest business activities.

What does website maintenance include?

Many companies offer website maintenance services, which includes the following responsibilities:

  • Checking the entire website: to get an overview of the website’s current state, then provide solutions (if there are any errors).
  • Checking and editing website’s content: ensure images, spelling errors, layouts of the website are correct and related to each other.
  • Reviewing the website’s performance: should be checked regularly to figure out the most effective tags for the results of the website on search engines.
  • Checking and enhancing the fundamental tools: online chat, hotline, pagination, payment process, etc.
  • Organizing and rearranging the website so that the categories are set out logically to help customers find information more efficiently.
  • Backing up data: to keep web data safe when something goes wrong with the service provider. A website should have the automatic backup feature to save time and effort for businesses, if not, the backup task should be done regularly with a frequency of once a week or more.
  • Checking the website compatibility on different devices: Compatibility level needs to be checked every 06 months to ensure that whether on a mobile phone, laptop, or PC, your website is adjusted to suit the interface of that device.

The above tasks are the most necessary actions in website maintenance. However, the list does not include all the work of website maintenance. Depending on the purpose of the company, you may be able to perform other tasks related to website maintenance such as web advertising, web design, updating website content, etc. If possible, your business should develop a more extensive website maintenance plan with each month or quarter, or hire maintenance services from other companies.

Why is website maintenance important?

When do we need website maintenance?

Like technology or electronic equipment, websites will come to a period of the expiration date. When it is under guarantee, the website will also be warranted and upgraded to suit the company’s situation. In addition to regular updates, the website, when receiving a large number of visitors, is also likely to have errors and problems. That is why people often estimate a certain time for website maintenance.

And if you are still worried and want your website to always be in the best working condition, we recommend you to upgrade and maintain the following focal time frames:

  • After about 1-2 years since you own your website: Especially for the types of websites with loads of interaction such as e-commerce sites, news, and sales site. This process should follow every 06 months - 1 year.
  • The website shows signs of being old, out of date, some of the work is ineffective or takes too much time to respond.
  • Poor website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization): One thing you need to remember is that the major search engines like Google will do the refurbishment of search algorithms constantly, and without the timely upgrade, your website will not be able to be on the top rank of searching results.
  • The website interface is no longer easy to use for users, unattractive, using old design technologies compared to eye-catching tools and interfaces at present.
The website's appearance when being upgraded or maintained usually displays like this
The website's appearance when being upgraded or maintained usually displays like this

So Why should we value website maintenance?

Information technology always changes rapidly every day, so users’ trend is also continually evolving every hour. The construction of the website is to serve the needs of customers. Therefore, they must always follow the tastes of customers to ensure they fully meet their requirements. The work of upgrading them belongs to the software and graphics base to make the operation and website administration more manageable and bring better experiences to users. On the contrary, the conservative enterprise refuses to respond, promptly changing new technologies will make customers bored and ignore your service immediately.

First impression matters

A website with an aesthetic appearance is always highly appreciated and delivers valid work results. Does an outdated website with poor quality images, poor content, is highly aesthetically pleasing? The answer is an absolute no. That is not to mention the practice of old applications that lead to problems during operation. That is the reason that you should immediately upgrade your company website. Your website only has a few seconds to impress visitors, so the design and manipulation must be carefully prepared.

Saving expenditure for more serious problems:

Many people think that website maintenance is costly and time-consuming. However, it’s a defense for your own business from greater risks. Website maintenance is like regular check-ups, it helps you predict and acknowledge the health situation. If there is any error, it will be fixed immediately, to prevent a system attack or to help reduce the cost spent on crisis recovery.

Improve the relationship between customers and business

By improving and upgrading the website regularly with many useful features will give users the best experience. This is also a solid foundation that helps to attract more people with a longer visit time on your website. That will be a firm basis for building each strong customer-business relationship. Customers will feel satisfied when surfing your website, and at the same time more compassionate to the company’s services. They think that the company is very considerate and minds about the customer experience. During the usage of your site, they can leave their comments and feelings about the website, thereby helping the company achieve its goals. By thoughtfully developing your website, customers’ satisfaction will significantly grow

Website maintenance helps build a security wall for your company

Maybe you don’t know this? Regular website upgrades and maintenance also provide a great benefit to the company in terms of security. Any company also upholds the security of the website so that its database, also customer information, are not slipped out of the hands of competitors. In the US, companies pay about $ 15.4 million a year for cyber attacks. Personal information of customers will be stolen to usurp property. Thus, your website is no longer a safe place to purchase. Do website maintenance regularly for the company’s ultimate benefit, not anyone else’s.

What does the website maintenance cost cover?

As mentioned above, there are certain responsibilities of website maintenance. And we are going to list for you some of the main cost analysis relating to sustaining a website:


If your website has information that needs to be kept confidential, you should consider the SSL certification. SSL Certificate supports websites to improve security, ensuring that web data (including article content, images, and even user information) is better protected. Not only that, but SSL certificates also have a positive impact on SEO, helping Google highly appreciate the website more.

If your business uses a hosting website, sometimes you can get the certificate for free. But generally, you have to pay $100 - 1500 per year to activate the SSL certificate.

Website Hosting

When you decide to create a website, you need to find out the hosting company to give you a web hosting space on the server. Your web host will contain all your files, documents, and databases. Regardless of someone typing the domain name in the address bar of the browser, hosting will transfer all the necessary files from the server to that browser.

You need to choose the hosting price options that best suit your needs. In fact, web hosting is like renting a house, you pay in a regular cycle to keep the server running continuously.

You have loads of options when considering hosting prices:

  • Sharing server: Your website will be shared with many other websites through a shared host. This is the most economical option with prices ranging from $ 20 to $ 120 per year
  • Professional website builders: including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc with reasonable prices between $ 70 to $ 170 per year
  • VPS Hosting: VPS (Virtual Private Server) though still share a server for others but provides you a dedicated server space, which costs your business $ 230 to $ 600 per year
  • Dedicated hosting service: you have all rights to access your own server. This is also the most expensive options, ranging from $ 1200 to $ 2400 per year

Domain name registration

When creating your website, choosing a domain name is like defining a realm of administrative control within the Internet. A domain name has two main parts. For example, the domain name consists of the website’s name (Twitter) and the domain name extension (.com).

An example of a domain name
An example of a domain name

The cost to maintain an exclusive domain name for your website can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. Normally, it costs about 0,5-2 $ per month and 10-20 $ per year. The cost can vary a bit depending on where you buy the domain name. This spend is not too expensive, and it helps you keep the domain name license without being bought by anyone.


Example: You hire a computer engineer and he/she will be responsible for automatically updating the plugins on your Wix website, ensuring it matches with the newest version of Wix. Additionally, that person is in charge of making changes to your post formatting and redesign your website.

You pay for professional maintenance tools or services to keep your website up to date. This includes updating your plugins, themes, designs, and CMS in general.

Typically, services will break down as follows:

  • Design updates: $ 1000 - 1700 per month
  • Usual updates: $ 100 - 200 per month

Besides, here’s a breakdown of the website maintenance fee from WebFX if you want to have a reference:

How much does website maintenance cost?

There are many types of websites on the internet today, it could be a personal blog, a club, a school, or, even more, a business organization. Depending on the purpose of each organization, the website can be designed as simple or complex. However, we divided it into two main types of websites, which are blogs - websites that specialize in providing information, and business websites. The biggest difference between the two is the payment. Because of the access to the personal information of customers, the business website is often encrypted for safety and security than the blog/personal website.

Blog website: $5 - 100 per month

Basically, this kind of website is mostly personally owned. These sites often have small images, few contents, and the number of visitors is almost not overwhelmed. Therefore, the website is small, with simple functions, does not require many operations when accessed, so the maintenance price will also be the lowest among websites.

For a blog website that gets a lot of traffic and runs with a higher frequency, the price is generally higher. Although this type of website does not use many complex algorithms to process, it must still be strong enough to ensure that the website does not delay when many visitors share and browse at the same time.

E-commerce websites: $ 150 to $ 1,500+ per month

These sites are created for businesses that sell large volumes online. With such a website, performance and design are optimized specifically for visitor engagement. They typically have top-level website servers and advanced website security, including an HTTPS (secure) domain to prevent cyber attacks and secure transactions.

We also research the cost of website maintenance services from WebFX. Here is a list of maintenance cost divided by website categories:


We have just introduced you to the basics of website maintenance and the costs relating to this aspect. Hopefully, the article will help you or your business in the creation and performance of the website, to reach out to the audience and customers more effectively. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below!

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