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Virtual Shopify Philippines Meetup

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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There’s never been a more exciting time to be in eCommerce. Whether you are a newcomer or an already developed brand, there are always challenges and opportunities to overcome and explore the fullest potential of your business.

If you are incredibly thrilled to find a way that helps to build the best selling website, the best sales tactics, and understand customer’s shopping journey, Virtual Shopify Philippines Meetup is what you should not miss! Together with three well-known Philippines businesses, AVADA is so glad to announce that 1st Philippines Virtual Meetup will be one of our biggest forums for every entrepreneur to join and share untold secrets to power your online store.

The presenters have promised to share actionable strategies that you can apply to your business today, and we personally can’t wait to see what they bring!

Are you excited to join us for the Virtual Meetup? Now, follow me, and let’s see what is all about this event.

Virtual Shopify Philippines Meetup, who is this for?

The meetup is for every entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about business and look for useful tactics to grow their brand exponentially. No matter who you are in the eCommerce field, Shopify Philippines meetup is all warmly open to you. This workshop is specially designed for Shopify merchants, who are actively building a growing Shopify community and bringing good values to worldwide customers.

What do you get from joining this event?

You may wonder what you can get from this event? The answer is incredible takeaways, which you can immediately apply to develop your online business as fast as you want.

Ten impossible store features built for a Shopify merchant

This is extremely helpful for startup businesses. Advice from our experts will help you choose the best features for your store without waiting time on the workaround.

Useful mindsets and tactics for entrepreneurs striving to break into e-commerce

It is not easy to enter the market when you do not have enough resources. We believe that the practical mindsets and hard-won experience shared by our thoughtful speakers will help you get more insight into the fields.

How you can launch quickly and continuously refine your e-commerce strategy, and keep growing as an entrepreneur

There are many factors contributing to the success of a business. We will sum up the proven tactics to guide you through launching your store quickly and keeping it grow sustainably.

The psychology behind online purchase decisions

Do you know what makes customers choose you instead of your competitors? What drives them to make more orders in a short time? We will provide you with the real inside of the psychology behind the purchasing decision of online buyers.

The great line up - who are they?

Now, it’s time to meet our experts who we will be listening to in this workshop.

Kah Hing, CEO & Co-Founder of Meekco.Asia

He is a Serial Entrepreneur / Facebook Cross Border Business Expansion Partner / 5 years and a Shopify Certified Expert / Speaker

Digital retail onboarding, conversion marketer, helps brands & retailers like Bonia, Airasia Foundation, Nestle, Jusco, and MPHOnline running digital campaigns and eCommerce transformation launches. Currently helping international eCommerce clients onboarding into South East Asia

Mark Yao, CTO of Lucerne Group of Companies

Mark spent over four years as a software engineer at Silicon Valley tech unicorns. As Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Lucerne Group of Companies, he’s helped launch four different Shopify e-commerce sites for fashion, eyewear, and jewelry retail stores while continually finding ways to provide a better customer experience.

Through this meetup, Mark hopes to get to know the e-commerce community better.

Summer Nguyen, Marketing Manager of Mageplaza and AVADA

Summer has four years of experience in marketing in the education and technology fields. Now she is working as Marketing Manager of Mageplaza and AVADA. As a SaaS provider, AVADA commits to develop and deliver SaaS apps, which are not only ensured by high-quality coding standards but are also optimized in user experience. Looking at the business of over 20,000 merchants using AVADA services, we have more motivation to keep up with the good work and provide more useful apps for the communities.

Host- Nerissa Chaux, Co-Founder & CEO of Filta

Nerissa co-founded Filta, a BPO that helps Shopify & ShopifyPlus digital & eCommerce businesses compete in the ever-changing global market by assisting them in building and managing global teams, though offshoring and outsourcing to the Philippines, local recruitment and remote workforce consulting. Specializing in Development, Creative, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Customer Support. Nerissa loves 90’s Pop & RnB, reading and is obsessing about her next travel adventure (hopefully in 2021) to Coron.

How can you register Virtual Shopify Philippines Meetup?

It is super easy to join us at Virtual Shopify Philippines Meetup. Please register from the link below: https://septemberphilippinesshopify.splashthat.com

Just relax at home, get the best advice from our expert, and have chances to share and learn more from Shopify fellow.

Want to get your friends involved? We encourage you to share the link with your friends, families, and colleagues.

Thank you so much for your great interest. We are excited to see you at the upcoming event!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.