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Viral Launch Reviews: A good Market Research Tool

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Let’s first get the truth straight before we get started on this Viral Launch examination.

Today, there is a legitimate explanation of why the name and fame go to the Amazon Marketplace. That is why you may have found that it is incredibly expansive if you’ve managed to investigate Amazon thoroughly. Just to put a figure on it, on Amazon, there are currently around 120 million items. Besides, the number of shoppers extends beyond hundreds of millions per month.

According to FeedVisor, a 2019 report surveying more than 2,000 US-based customers found that 89 percent of them are more likely to buy their products from Amazon than any other buying sites. That implies that the website is the core of eCommerce right now. On Amazon, there are over 2.5 million retailers currently selling their goods (according to Marketplace Pulse)

So, you can imagine the amount of competitiveness you have to face here, particularly if you’re a novice.

However, among these 2.5 million retailers there, only a fraction of them dominate the Amazon marketplace. About 25,000 dealers collectively grossed over $1 million in revenue. Well, you might argue that they deliver the best product lines. But once again, we all know that their success all boils down to their marketing strategy and how they handle their subsequent distribution methods, most notably.

Now that is exactly where resources such as Viral Launch kicks in.

Viral Launch is said to have helped a variety of sellers turn their possibilities into enormous profits.

However, could the argument be just a publicity trick when you thought better about it? Or when it comes to delivering reliable Amazon marketplace intelligence, Viral Launch is efficient?

Let’s find out

What is Viral Launch?

As you can see above, Viral Launch provides a full set of strategies for Amazon sellers, including

  • A product analysis feature that evaluates innovations to see the future market and competition for them, helping you to make wise choices on which products to take on.
  • Competitor tracking that notifies you when your rival’s listings change in rank, enabling you to study from their movements and quickly be fully conscious of what fits
  • A keyword analysis tool for fresh ideas and directions to attain organic (or paid) traffic from new perspectives
  • A well-designed, immersive listing optimizer that offers information into what modifications can enhance conversions and boost sales.
  • A search engine optimization tool that allows you to compare multiple product images and written copies against one another to help you determine which changes work better.
  • A product launch platform for operating together with the Amazon algorithm and launching with the best possible rating
  • A PPC management suite to optimize your Return on investment and cut the fat off your campaigns,
  • A keyword rank monitoring tool to keep a record of the ranks of your listings and to gain some insight into which changes contribute to better ranks

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How Viral Launch works?

How Viral Launch works?
How Viral Launch works?

Although the US market is typically the main target in terms of selling Amazon FBA, it appears that Viral Launch goes beyond this particular marketplace. It includes a total of 8 Amazon markets, including the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

This suggests that you can progress using Viral Launch for a product or deep brand insight if you’re selling in any of these markets.

The thing is, while Viral Launch stretches so far, in a single Amazon marketplace, not all the resources can be used. Competitor insights, for instance, is only open to sellers from Amazon US.

So, before you start using, you need to confirm all the functionality you could use in your marketplace special edition.

Viral Launch is a diverse platform that is divided into different forms. If you are a novice, you might want to start with its Chrome extension, which is the easiest and lightest of the two. You only need to download the Chrome Web Store tool, integrate it with your browser on Google Chrome, and it’s done!

You should be able to perform a comprehensive market analysis on Amazon with the Viral Launch Chrome Extension. Its purpose here is to produce intelligence on the market figures, monthly income, monthly market, statistical patterns, etc. of different goods.

When you visit the Amazon marketplace, you will find the most lucrative items. And as you continue searching Amazon, the Chrome Extension typically offers valuable insights. Also, the design itself is well-designed to deliver quick revenue forecasts and business analytics effortlessly.

Even beginners can use this version of Viral Launch with easy. Every single feature is easy, and you can bet that learning the protocols takes absolutely no time.

However, you need to take into consideration this. The amount of simplicity indicates that you are not given all the tools. The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is practically designed for brief business intelligence, and that’s all. So, in short, if you want more than that, you’ll have no choice but to turn to the other option beyond that.

It is the central web-based Viral Launch dashboard that you are looking for. You will find that this edition is sufficiently robust after you register an account, with all the fantastic resources that the company has developed so far,

However, viral Launch will not hand all the functions over to you. The number of functions hinges on the package you subscribe to. So, if you want it all, for Viral Launch’s Kinetic plan, you have to spend around $166 a month.

Unfortunately, weak device accessibility is the only concern with all these added capabilities. Although the web-based version of Viral Launch is surprisingly straightforward, beginners could use some time to get the gist of it.

However, on the positive side, at least Viral Launch has done a decent job organizing the choices for the dashboard and menu. The dashboard itself shows two columns; one side shows the side of the tech tools, while the other side includes a list of the additional items you might need. Then, all tools and facilities come with simple tutorials to ease the onboarding process.

All things are taken into account; a simple Amazon seller would usually require a day or two. And if they have done it, it is effortless to go forward

Viral Launch main features reviews

1. Viral Launch Product Research

Viral Launch Product Research
Viral Launch Product Research

To help you discover existing product ideas and apply your filters to narrow them down, the product analysis app will scan for millions of Amazon product lines.

All this data comes from the integration between Viral Launch and Amazon for your information. It includes complete information on the number of ratings, number of sales, etc., making it easier for each product to measure the market and future sales and make informed decisions about whether to launch or not.

It’s usually very well-designed and easy to use and also sends you warnings when a commodity is actively upward trending or when you are planning to enter the market with high competitiveness. All these product discovery capabilities are provided through a single interface. Viral Launch comes with a minimal layout and a very basic configuration, making it easy for anyone to compare different product variables.

Results can also be filtered depending on several parallel variables. Viral Launch helps you decide what you consider to be the main conditions for qualifying products. You may concentrate on selected types, brands, product lists, etc.

The data is very reliable from what we can see, and because it is also so easy to use, the product testing method gets good recommendations from other users.

Some of the details on profit margins and profits, though, is a little misleading, so make sure to look a little deeper into them and manually figure a few out.

Your Amazon performance relies heavily on the kind of product you want to deliver. Even if you have the best marketing campaigns, but you are trying to sell products of deficient demand, nothing can promise fantastic success. So, in short, we could agree that the most critical method overall is product discovery.

2. Viral Launch Competitor Tracking Tool

Viral Launch Competitor Tracking Tool
Viral Launch Competitor Tracking Tool

The Competitor Tracking tool does just what you would imagine - it keeps a record of your competitor listings’ ranking, keeping you informed when they go up and down.

We all know that a drop in a rival’s rank is a potential new door for you, especially if you are offering homogeneous products.

When it comes to tracking the rivals’ success levels, Viral Launch does quite an excellent work. Accordingly, you can count on it to inform you as soon as the search rankings change in favor of your rivals or against them.

You can also add the warnings to your listings, being automatically informed of when they change rank and knowing which contributes to growth from your marketing activities and which does not.

Besides that, you may also use this function to eavesdrop on the plans of your rivals. For example, if you want to discover their keywords, Viral Launch would dive deeper to expose not just their ranking keywords but also the accompanying high-volume keywords, underused keywords, best-performing keywords, as well as any keywords that might have been left out by your rivals.

All of them are useful insights that assist you in making the best-educated decisions for your adjustments.

Well, for instance, by merely stealing the top-performing keywords of your rivals, you might take a fast route to success. Then, on the other hand, insights into the missed keywords of your opponents could help you find valuable opportunities for keywords. One sure way to defeat your enemies in their own game is to capitalize on those terms.

Other tips relevant to competitiveness, such as the preferred PPC bids, keyword alerts, and more, are also suggested by Viral Launch.

3. Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool
Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Needless to say, keywords - with both organic and endorsed results - are the bread and butter of sellers on Amazon. Proper keyword analysis will make a difference in sales up to thousands of dollars.

The keyword analysis dashboard of Viral Launch has a lot of automation tools, helping you to press a button and receive a personalized list of preferred keywords by the thousands immediately.

The tool depends on an extensive database packed with volumes of search data from Amazon. In essence, Viral Launch searches it using an AI system and then carries out a thorough study of the search patterns to assess different keywords’ possible impacts.

And because online search patterns usually shift minute after minute, Viral Launch taps into Amazon multiple times a week to refresh its keyword info.

Viral Launch’s AI algorithm detects search volume criteria, plus the corresponding number of listings for each suggested keyword, to give you precise indications. Then, depending on their respective machine ratings, you can assess the relative opportunities, which can be somewhere between 0 and 1,000.

It turns out that the keyword analysis method is able to delve deep into PPC keywords, aside from organic terms. You can take advantage of this to decide the keywords your rivals have been using on their advertisements, as well as their associated ad bid costs funded.

Viral Launch also helps you see a set of relevant keywords that your rivals rank for, a powerful asset. And when it gets combined with the rank tracker, you can rest assured that your enemy does not earn revenue or traffic from elsewhere without you in the know about it.

Viral Launch is a perfect way to discover new product concepts through variants on the keyword you are currently targeting. Furthermore, Viral Launch helps you to filter lists of keywords depending on the chosen criteria. Otherwise, you may also opt to import or easily copy the words to your clipboard with a CSV format.

Even though Keyword Research Tool is not a big highlight to make Viral Launch stand out of the crowd, it is well-designed, offers quick and reliable results, and will undoubtedly be a vital part of the overall kit.

4. Viral Launch Listing Optimization.

A core aspect of any right Amazon SEO approach is listing optimization, and Viral Launch aims to make it simpler by providing the following features:

  • Keywords research
  • A copywriting app that manages and checks off an interactive list of keywords tests spelling and more, ensuring that nothing major is missing.
  • Recommendations for keywords that are relevant, but you have yet to include.

The search volumes seem a little inaccurate and sluggish to refresh; it is still of great benefit to using Viral Launch to improve your listings further.

5. Viral Launch PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Optimization

Viral Launch PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Optimization
Viral Launch PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Optimization

This tool is a complete program for PPC optimization that helps you to make good choices based on real-time results.

It entails:

  • Sponsored Product keyword tracking
  • Bids and keywords recommendations depending on the competition
  • Tips and tactics from Google Shopping

If you want to let them handle it fully, Viral Launch provides specialist Amazon PPC maintenance facilities, but it may end up costing you a lot more than the scale of the campaigns.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Optimization has proved to be an excellent way to save time and money by reverse engineering what your rivals have done and then take it much further forward.

Viral Launch pricing

  MI Extension Beginner Pro Brand Builder Kinetic
Analyze Sales Metrics & Trend Data
Automate Requesting Customer Reviews
Find product ideas  
Validate product ideas  
Track top selling products   3 3 100 250
Search for relevant keywords    
Automate your keyword research    
Write your listing’s copy for SEO    
Analyze your ASIN’s listing     50 100 100
Track keyword rankings daily     2,000 5,000 5,000
Track keyword rankings hourly     30 100 100
View more PPC data and insights        
Automate your PPC strategy        

Given how much you can do about it, the Viral Launch packages are pretty decent value.

Viral Launch does give a 14-day free trial with no credit card needed. However, take in mind that it is merely a free play with a couple of the software, compared to a conventional, time-limited free trial of the full package

The cheapest package is the MI Extension, with only $18 a month (billed annually); it is best if you are looking for a way to access accurate sales predictions and historical sales, price, and review data pattern, taking the first step to the market.

The Beginner’s Research Package, while relatively limited, is only $42 per month (billed annually) and allows you to get used to the tool. As its name suggests, it is perfect for Amazon beginners looking for support to launch their first or second product or more experienced sellers who are just looking to provide a short summary of Viral Launch’s resources.

The next two packages (Pro and Brand Builder) are priced at $71 per month and $106 per month, respectively (billed annually). These 2 are, by far, the optimal packages and the ones most of the users will choose.

Getting all of Viral Launch’s main tools at your disposal for only $66 a month is an excellent choice, to be honest. The difference between Pro and Brand Builder Packages is the number of products and keywords. The Pro package provides three products for reverse ASIN tool and 50 products listing evaluation tool. These numbers double if you choose the Brand Builder Package. The number of keywords trackers is 2000 for the former and 5000 for the latter

The Kinetic package is quite a bit more costly. This is mainly for big, existing Amazon firms and Amazon marketing departments and would be needless for most of our readers. But it is a valuable bundle that blends manual resources with automated tools to help improve your Amazon company quickly and sustainably if you are able to purchase it.

All of these subscriptions can also be applied on an annual basis for the cost of 10x the monthly price, meaning you save on two months per year.

Viral Launch pricing - Billed Annually
Viral Launch pricing - Billed Annually

Is Viral Launch worth your money? - Final break down

Pros of Viral Launch

  • Comprehensive keyword insights using the Keyword analysis method.
  • Viral Launch is a full-stack framework incorporating many useful resources.
  • Viral Launch provides a light, simple-to-use chrome extension.
  • There are many supplementary resources you could buy from Viral Launch to get your promotion campaigns run by actual experts
  • The overall system for Viral Launch is well crafted and straightforward.
  • Viral Launch offers a powerful range of tools for a product launch. You can rely on them to find promising prospects.
  • Viral Launch’s customer service staff is very supportive and open.
  • Viral Launch has a pretty good AI system that gathers data for you and helps you analyze it.

Cons of Viral Launch

  • For beginners, the learning process may be intense; the amount of knowledge produced by Viral Launch can be daunting.
  • While Viral Launch has a number of resources to assist you with product development and Launch, there are inadequate tools to help the next sales process.

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Although Viral Launch is basically a suite of software with multiple modules designed independently, the whole device has been configured thoroughly, and it comes with all fully integrated. Therefore, all of the instruments here work hand in hand with mutual aims.

And when you examine them, it’s clear that the most excellent feature overall is product research. This is the one sector that the majority of the information solutions have continued to perfect and significantly outshine through Viral Launch.

Everything is perfect about it. When it comes to product testing and finding new possibilities, both the Chrome Extension and the web-based version are very useful.

But once again, while every single tool here does just what you would hope from it, as you go past the app’s introductory phase, Viral Launch deteriorates slightly. Once you’ve launched your Amazon researching goods, there is not much you can do.

But, all in all, for any aspiring Amazon seller, Viral Launch has proven to be an efficient choice. And if the entire platform seems to be complicated, you could optionally go for the team’s additional resources at Viral Launch.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.