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15 Ecommerce Unique Selling Proposition Examples That Done Right!

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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In business, competition is one of the most critical factors for companies to grow. Therefore, creating highlights of their products is something that any company must do. For a long time, businessmen have emphasized the role of “difference” in business and consider it a competitive advantage. That’s what your competitors don’t have and is why customers can only buy from you. A business that differentiates itself from other competitors in the industry is a huge advantage for success.

That difference is called USP - Unique selling proposition. It plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers. USP is compared as a guide to help identify long-term business strategies and optimize companies’ and businesses’ profits.

However, not all businesses have correctly identified the unique selling proposition for their products. Therefore, in this article, I will present Fifteen typical unique selling proposition examples for you to study and learn from other companies’ experience.

What is a unique selling proposition?

A unique selling proposition, also known as USP, is an advantage or a point that makes your business different and better. It makes your business stand out when compared to other businesses in the same market.

The intent of creating a USP enables businesses to focus on their marketing strategy and plan corporate marketing and marketing activities such as messaging, branding, copywriting, advertising, and other marketing decisions. USP helps potential customers position your brand fastest by clearly identifying what makes you different from your competitors.

The purpose of USP is to promote your strengths, so you should build it based on what makes your brand or product of special value to customers. Being unique is not necessarily a strong USP. You have to understand some aspects that your target audience is interested in; otherwise, previous campaigns’ results to attract potential customers are almost ineffective.

An attractive USP must include the following elements:

  • Clearly and consistently: You should offer clear superior advantages to compete with competitors rather than a generic stance as our products are of good quality.

  • Focus on what your customers value: No matter how unique your product is, if it’s not something your customers care about, it won’t be of value.

  • Don’t just be a slogan: Although a tagline is the most common way to communicate your USP, you can also embody it in other business strategies.

It is not necessary that what you sell must be unique in the market, but the message you choose to sell that product must be unique.

However, you should remember that specific marketing methods that provide promotions such as discounts, free shipping, 24/7 customer support service, or a strong return policy are not considered as a USP. Although these methods may work in sales, they can be copied from rival companies.

A unique selling proposition is a manifesto for your business to show the difference between your product and brand and competitors. A USP is a title that you set for the product and the consistent content that your small business can include in the products, brands, experiences you provide, and any further activities contacting other customers.

Why do you need a unique selling proposition?

Why do you need a unique selling proposition?
Why do you need a unique selling proposition?

Many customers have a hard time deciding which products to buy in the same industry. Is that choice worth their time, money, and faith? Making this decision can be a long and difficult process for inexperienced customers to know what separates one competitor from the other.

That is why you need a unique selling proposition. USP will assist them in making choices by making your sales proposition clear, different, and memorable to see exactly what your business is offering that other competitors can not do.

To gain a foothold in a crowded market today, your business has a notable and impressive feature that will be very helpful. A USP can clearly be an effective tool to help you shape and focus on marketing goals and establish brand success for the product. USP will convey your product’s unique benefits to consumers and is an integral part of the company’s branding strategy. It will help the marketing campaign become memorable and create a positive impression in the eyes of consumers.

You know what makes your product and business different from your competitors, but if you don’t communicate to your potential customers through all marketing methods, there’s no difference. That is why businesses need to identify USP - that is, identify their unique features right from the first step.

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15 best examples of powerful unique selling propositions in e-commerce

Theoretically, USP seems a bit confusing. So let’s analyze it through specific examples of e-commerce and see what we can learn from those examples.

1. Vasanti


Cosmetics brands that bring high efficiency to users are no longer rare, but Vasanti makes a difference from the promise of inclusive beauty. Understanding South Asian women’s frustration for not finding a concealer that is suitable for their skin tone, Vasanti offers a full range of high-end products suitable for all skin colors from lightest to darkest. Most importantly, Vasanti’s difference is not only covering skin tones, but all Vasanti products are non-toxic and not tested on animals. That means customers don’t have to worry too much about health, beauty, and ethics. And, with a two-day delivery strategy, customers are delivered hands-on to experience the latest products.

This is a great example of USP in a highly saturated industry like the cosmetic industry.

2. The North Face

The North Face
The North Face

For those who are active, like exploring with activities such as climbing, or exploring the North Pole, they often prefer to use durable and reliable products. But instead of just telling customers that our products are durable and can withstand harsh weather, The North Face has a unique initiative that they promise if their products do not last lifetime customers will be refunded.

The North Face’s lifetime warranty guarantees that customers can repair or replace it if their item is defective. But their commitment to products that last a lifetime does not simply stop in repairing or replacing them. Any unrepairable customer product sent to a North Face store, will be donated, recycled, or reused to ensure that their lifetime guarantee truly means a lifetime.

This USP is a prominent example when you want to increase consumer confidence, provide a reasonable explanation for a price higher than the average level, and attract anyone who desires to protect the planet from fast fashion.

3. Chassis


The retailer of men’s care products Chassis has shown the importance of USP, even if your product is unique from the beginning. Chassis’s USP emphasizes on improving the quality of life.

This USP is mainly integrated with Chassis’s male personal care products that help solve common male problems but are rarely discussed, such as cracking, sweating, and bad breath in sensitive areas. Not only that, but all Chassis products are also manufactured with high-quality materials, and 10% of the profits will be donated by the company to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children. In particular, Chassis also offers Shopify in 2 days delivery so customers can use the product as soon as possible, and this also gives them a 2-digit growth rate.

4. DeathWish Coffee

DeathWish Coffee
DeathWish Coffee

The coffee industry has always been one of the most fiercely competitive industries. To survive in this industry, you need not only the strongest, most delicious coffee.

DeathWish Coffee has made itself a foothold in this difficult market by promising the world’s strongest coffee or customers who will get a refund. Their coffee is advertised as a combination of strong beans and perfect roasting process. This powerful statement printed on the packaging of DeathWish, mentioned on all social media, is mentioned in the ads.

This USP has proved to be useful because it attracts a specific segment of the coffee-drinking industry, where it only needs one cup of black ice coffee without sugar.

5. TushBaby


Carrier brands for babies often choose their USP for safety and good quality. This makes their USP not so unique. TushBaby is different. The carrier brand for babies promises to be the best product for the baby and you.

Smartly designed with ergonomic storage bags, styrofoam seats, and safety lock, TushBaby is said to be safe and comfortable for both parents and children. USP is also strongly strengthened on social media and on TushBabyor’s Shopify website, as well as in their shipping and return policies.

6. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club

Their USP often focuses on blade features such as maneuverability for traditional razor brands, a combination of several blades. Dollar Shave Club chose a different direction. They redefined their USP not only in products but also in attracting customers’ attention to affordable costs for razor blades and on-site delivery.

USP may sound simple, but it is reinforced by using humorous, simple ads that are important for consumers to wonder why razor blades are so expensive. Dollar Shave Club does not consider itself to be the company with the sharpest and best razor blades. They make a difference by taking care of their customers’ needs.

7. Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather
Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather’s famous catchphrase and one of the most noticeable things about visiting their website is, “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.”

This quote is Saddleback Leather’s USP that helps them convey the unique value of their saddle products to customers: the product is so well produced that it will outlast its owner. Besides, they also mention directly the warranty for 100 years. This underlines their assurances that products will last a lifetime.

For everyday products with a high price, that product’s longevity is undoubtedly a unique selling point, especially when many competitors focus on locating their products. They are like icons, a fashion trend that will likely be replaced in the coming years.

When their cheaper products began to appear on the market, Saddleback Leather created an intelligent game by creating commercials and promotional videos to show and reinforce their craftsmanship quality. This way of advertising makes customers have more confidence that when buying their products, although the price is low, the quality is still guaranteed.

8. Pipcorn


Compared to having to go to the cinema to buy popcorn, you can probably buy the popcorn at a local small store, so the mini popcorn on itself is USP.

However, Pipcorn does a better job of using its brand identity to create its unique market position. They focus on what makes their products an optimal choice for health-conscious or vegan consumers.

Phrases like all-natural, whole grains, honey and small, are used a lot on the packaging of the products and their advertisements. They also highlighted other health benefits of the product, such as gluten-free, genetically engineered, and antioxidant free. Pipcorn also specifically guides customers on how to eat healthy snacks instead of just listing the differences that their customers will be interested in.

By positioning their products towards consumers’ health, they created a USP that helped them attract new customers and helped them retail their popcorn as a premium product.

9. M&M


This is a typical example of how a quirky USP can attract customer interest. Who would have thought of creating USP based on the fact that your chocolate candies won’t melt when you hold it in your hand? M&M is the only brand that has done that. This USP shows a valuable lesson that as long as an advantage makes sense to potential customers, it will work. In this case, the fact that the M&M candy cover is made to keep the inside of the chocolate from leaking out and dirty your hands is a definite advantage for customers, especially babies. So the slogan “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands” is very popular for parents who don’t want to wash their hands every few minutes because they’re all chocolate.

10. Muse


Why do you need USP even if your products are truly unique? Muse will be the answer for you. Muse is the world’s first consumer tool that can provide real-time feedback on your brain activity when you meditate.

They are a leader in this area, and there are almost no direct competitors. However, this does not mean that they do not have any competition. Muse’s biggest competitor is the actual state of the user: meditation does not pay. Therefore, USP has emphasized on strengthening practice exercises to bring the highest effectiveness of meditation.

The message that they deliver throughout the marketing content is that they want to create an environment suitable for meditation practitioners in general and meditation practitioners supported by their products. This is a smart strategy when they know how to accept social standards to position themselves as a truly different solution.

11. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch
Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a fashion company that relies on crowdfunding to develop new products. Although some customers may still be afraid of brands created by crowdfunding, Taylor Stitch knows how to turn it into a brand’s outstanding USP.

Taylor Stitch has been very successful in turning crowdfunding into a competitive advantage. They show why crowdfunding for new products gives advantages to self-funded business models or traditional investors. Customers can save 20% by pre-ordering those products. In addition, Taylor Stitch also claims that their products are very environmentally friendly.

These are the main elements of this brand’s crowdfunding that stand out and convert them into value for customers. A business that helps you save money and is also environmentally friendly is difficult to refuse, right? Positioning this unique business model has turned a potentially risky pre-order process into an attractive marketing corner.

12. Tattly Tattoos

Tattly Tattoos
Tattly Tattoos

A lot of temporary tattoo products are for kids and have a rather monotonous and sometimes silly design. Tattly Tattoos approaches this market in another way: providing beautiful artistic tattoos to people of all ages.

These temporary tattoos are as beautiful as permanent tattoos, allowing customers to express themselves without worrying about whether the tattoo will last forever on the body or the high cost of having a tattoo. tattoo permanently. Tattly Tattoos doesn’t have many direct competitors selling bold designs and made from safe materials. This makes it easy for them to develop their USP, but they still need to stand out from their more familiar partners’ products.

By focusing on the art element, the slogan they bring to customers is Fake tattoos by true artists. Moreover, the artists who create their designs are part of what they sell. Their profile will be uploaded to the Tattly Tattoos website in a section dedicated to Artists and their works. This shows the company’s respect for artists and helps customers choose their favorite artists’ products.

13. Third Love

Third Love
Third Love

Women’s underwear Women are one of the billion-dollar industries in the world, so the level of competition in this industry is also extremely harsh. The difficult problem for a lingerie company like Third Love is to find ways to ensure they can compete with the old brands.

Third Love has made their USP: “We have the right fit” an integral part of their brand. It’s not just a slogan in every message, every ad that they send to customers, Third Love even created an app Fit Finder test that allows first-time customers to find products that really suit them.

What’s more, they also offer a half-size mode and a one-time trial guarantee before you buy. While other brands provide customers with size charts to help shoppers choose, Third Love enables you to choose by prioritizing relevance based on your individual needs. This has satisfied the anxiety of women when buying bras.

14. Beardbrand


Today, there are many cosmetic companies producing products for men. However, the only solution they had to deal with was delivering new versions quickly and cheaply, addressing the symptoms instead of solving the root cause of skin problems for customers. Beardbrand’s USP immediately makes a difference.

Beardbrand’s goal is to create products that work with your body’s natural chemistry, instead of disguising or modifying it. They emphasize that they do not have artificial, dry, harsh products and instead use natural oils that work with customers’ body chemicals. This means that they only sell products that comply with this standard and counter the widespread cosmetic problem in their industry.

Brands that are confident about their solution to customer problems often choose to play a villain role in their industry to create a breakthrough. This is a fairly smart positioning strategy.

15. Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza

The famous pizza brand Domino’s Pizza has a long slogan. It is: “You get hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less; otherwise, you will get it for free.” This slogan is too long for customers to remember it in their minds. However, it is still a great USP because it demonstrates the obvious assurance of Domino’s Pizza. These special terms are set out for Domino’s Pizza to assure customers of Pizza’s quality and delivery quality.

This USP has helped to increase its pizza order sales rapidly. Sadly, however, Domino’s no longer uses this slogan and provides this agreement as it leads to a series of car accidents when drivers drive deliveries.

Unique selling proposition: best practices and tips

Unique selling proposition: best practices and tips
Unique selling proposition: best practices and tips

Having looked at fifteen examples of strong USPs from other businesses above, you might be wondering how you can have a unique USP for your company. Here are tips and practices for you to plan, refine, and create a unique selling proposition.

Although playing a vital role, not all USP bring success to businesses. Therefore, to create a compelling USP and be clear about what USP is, you need to consider a series of issues below.

Research the best business

To get an idea of a good USP, research the market leaders in making a difference for yourself. Even if those companies are not necessarily your competitors or in your industry, it is important that you analyze what makes a USP successful.

Think about benefits, not features

When you are developing a marketing message, focus on what your product or service will benefit the customer, not just its specific features. The same thing applies when you are looking for USP.

4P Research (Product - Price - Placement - Promotional Methods)

Products, prices, location (or distribution channels), and advertising are the four components that make up 4P in marketing, and each of these factors can form your USP. Do you offer your product or service in a different way?

Emphasize emotional factors

Creating a USP is not a scientific and logical story. Like all other sales and marketing tactics, a good USP must be rooted in emotions. To determine your USP, you should understand why customers buy the products you sell. Are they trying to impress their boss? Are they trying to attract someone? Do they believe that the products you sell will make their family happier? Are they passionate about something? All of these emotions can be part of your USP.

Find out why customers buy your product

You can conduct customer surveys and surveys to find out why your customers like your product, not your competitors. You can also talk to your customers and gather more detailed information, and encourage your sales staff to do the same. Always listen and pay attention to social media to see how people are talking about your business. By understanding your customers’ opinions and information, you will see that market trends can generate ideas for USP.

Study your opponent carefully

To create a USP that makes your business stand out, you should know your competitors’ USP. Check out their media messages, marketing, advertising, even visit their premises or visit the website to see which USP they are promoting. By studying your competitors and their marketing strategies, you’ll know what to do to make your USP stand out or be completely different.

Final words

Identifying your USP is not just for startups; it must be an ongoing process in business. Your USP may have to change as the market changes, and when you launch new products and services. Do regular USP research to ensure that you and the entire staff agree on the USP of your business. Only then can you communicate your USP to potential customers through marketing, sales, and advertising tactics.

Hopefully, with the Examples of unique selling propositions that I have shared above, you have partly understood and guided USP for your company.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.