10 Inspiring StoryBrand Website Examples For You To Apply

Updated: January 04, 2021


10 Inspiring StoryBrand Website Examples For You To Apply

Every movie has a script to let actors know what they are going to do and say in a particular scene. So is BrandScript, when its duty is about guiding customers instead of guiding actors. Especially in these uncertain times, those businesses that have clarified their message and built a sales funnel are much more likely to survive.

This time, I will show you some important elements included in a StoryBrand website and some examples to make a website “StoryBranded”. I hope this 10 Inspiring StoryBrand Website Examples For You To Apply article today will provide you a useful guide with tips and ideas for you and your own website design.

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What is a StoryBrand website?

Are you wondering: “What is a StoryBrand website?”? There was a StoryBrand produced by Donald Miller has been a game-changer for the way businesses approach their marketing, which has been a catalyst for a wide range of companies to restructure their websites. Plus, there was a key in marketing that if you want your business to be successful, then the key lies in your business’s ability to identify the message.

That’s why the StoryBrand website was invented and plays a vital role in eradicating the confusion and clarifying who your business is, what it provides, and how your business can help prospective customers achieve success. It’s a fact that when a prospective customer feel positive that you can wonderfully solve their problem, then it will help to convert them into customers. On the StoryBrand website, the message needs to be provided in the clearest way, also with a clear call to action button to grow your business.

What are included in a StoryBrand website?

To define what is included in a StoryBrand website, I have to admit that there is no one “official” way to create a StoryBrand website. Below are some common practices that were taken into account to build factors in a StoryBrand website.

1. The Brandscript

BrandScript is something you must develop in a StoryBrand website. Few people try to skip this step to start reworking their site based on their knowledge, but this is unproductive. First, the problem lies in the fact that half of a compelling marketing copy is about deciding what not to mention. If you don’t pay your time on clarifying and cutting down your messaging, it will likely become a mess. Brandsscript is here to get your brand a favor and arrange your BrandScript in order.

2. The Front Page

A Front Page for your website
A Front Page for your website

Yes, the front page is another thing you must have for your StoryBrand website because it is your sales. Even if you have given back your customers or other people that utilize your site, your front page is still for the prospects. The purpose here is to turn the browsers into buyers; this is why most people think of a website’s front page first when they think about a StroyBrands website.

A “long scroll” page is the most common layout for a StoryBrand website as it can provide a series of horizontal blocked sections. The reason here lies in the fact that a good website design is often viewed by more than 50% of your visitors on their smartphone, at the same time, scrolling through content is much easier than clicking on the links to navigate to the locations that contain what you’re searching for.

3. Wireframe

It is an elementary outline of your front page to define a wireframe, which will illustrate your page sections’ order, along with the copy of headlines, body text, bullet points, etc., being filled in, but with fundamental design elements. A wireframe can be drawn on a notebook, or by a program such as Adobe, or even Powerpoint to reorder your sections.

A Wireframe for your website
A Wireframe for your website

People often misunderstand that your website design sections’ sections need to follow the same order as your BrandScript. However, there are no strict rules to define the order that you should organize your content. Overall, below are some common types of sections that will sync up from your BrandScript:

  • Hero Image Section: This section is the first thing your visitors will see when they just click on your website. This section should include your Headline, Subheadline, and Call to action button.
  • About Us: In your website design, this section is usually placed to show your content from your Guide section. The purpose here is not about telling your customers who your company is, including your history, structure, bio. However, it is also about explaining how your experience and your expertise make your customer understand how you can solve their problems.
  • Authority Signifiers: This is another Guide section when your page will display the logo of companies, partners that you’ve worked with, or this could be a testimonial from a client to show your prestige.
  • Value Stack: This section is usually about three or four quick-hit value theories that normally come from the Success section in your BrandScript. Icons are often ben shown in this section.
  • 3-Step Plans: Look at the Plan section of your BrandScript, this is ideal for you to have less than three or four steps to recount the process of how a person should start to corporate with your business or some stages you usually have to work with your client to solve their matters.
  • Agreement Plan: Yes, this is one more Plan section, but it is where you should lay your promise to the customer, or maybe a philosophy in the way you do your business so that you can serve customers with the best result.
  • Other BrandScript elements: There are some other factors that you can not forget, such as The Character, Problem, Failure pieces & Call to Action included your BrandScript. However, these are not usually defined with an isolated section; meanwhile, it is usually sprinkled through the format of other sections like headlines, bullet points, call-outs, for example.

10 best examples of StoryBrand websites

So now you know what StoryBrand is and what is included in it, but I guess it is still hard for you to find your own way unless there are examples of great StoryBrand websites online for you. Below are 10 examples that I consider to be the best StoryBrand websites using a good framework to clarify their message. I have divided them into categories so that you can find the way for your business and apply.

Service Businesses

In this section, StoryBrand is used for businesses that provide service and use their website to provide messaging.

1. 6th Ave Homes

This is a real estate company that provided their clear slogan right from the Homepage: “REAL ESTATE WITH SOUL”. They also provide information about their services clearly: “WE HELP YOU BUY, SELL, DESIGN, OR RENOVATE IN DFW” so that customers will know how they can help.

6th Ave Homes Home Builder StoryBrand Example
6th Ave Homes Home Builder StoryBrand Example

2. 365 Performance

This company’s services are about Personal Training and Cross-Fit & Group training services with a slogan: “Achieve your goals, Enjoy Training, and Live A Better Life” provided clearly on the Hero Image Section. They also use design elements like headlines, bolded text, call-out boxes, and lists to highlight various items from the Performance, What makes us different, Success & Failure sections.

365 Performance Fitness Trainer StoryBrand Example
365 Performance Fitness Trainer StoryBrand Example

Online Services

For Online Services, these websites also use StoryBrand to create transparency.

3. Fluro

The message was provided very clearly: “The automation platform for growing churches”. Again, this StoryBrand also about clarity as very few links are provided in the navigation bar, creating a good StoryBrand.

 Fluro Online Church Management Software StoryBrand Example
Fluro Online Church Management Software StoryBrand Example

4. Accounting Complete

“GIVING YOU FREEDOM To Be Your Own Boss, Again”. Can you guess what this service is about? It will take about no more than one minute to understand as they describe the team as specialists in bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, and payroll who have experienced problem solvers and reliable team members as well as Process and Technology applied.

Accounting Complete Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Accounting Complete Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

5. Perfect Venue

Perfect Venue Finder is a company with the service of finding suitable venues for your wedding. There’s nothing much in the Homepage but enough Information to help the customer reach their own purpose.

Perfect Venue Online Venue Locator StoryBrand Example
Perfect Venue Online Venue Locator StoryBrand Example

Product-Based Business

Below are two examples of product-based businesses that make use of the StoryBrand framework to sell products online.

6. Drive Audio

Products that this business sells are described clearly right on the first Homepage: WIRELESS HEADPHONES FOR VEHICLE VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS so that customers can know and decide whether this place is for them. For product-based businesses, products must be the center of their StoryBrand. So yes, 4 special features are all outstandingly mentioned including Designed For Vehicles, Premium Quality & Comfort, Works With Devices, And Rechargeable.

 Drive Audio Wireless Headphone Product Based Business StoryBrand Example
Drive Audio Wireless Headphone Product Based Business StoryBrand Example

7. Wilderness Athlete

This business sells products for fat-burning metabolism, muscle building, and mountain fuel. Just like Drive Audio, it has done a nice job in arranging to make its products stand out.

 Wilderness Athlete Product Based Business StoryBrand Example
Wilderness Athlete Product Based Business StoryBrand Example

Physical Location Business

8. Baked In Nashville

Some businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations also use StoryBrand for their own specific purposes. Baked In Nashville for example, it is a bakery that sells Cakes, Cookies, And French Macarons and the messages provided are all about attracting people to visit and buy at its store.

 Baked In Nashville Cakery StoryBrand Website Example
Baked In Nashville Cakery StoryBrand Website Example


9. Dressember

This Dressember organization is a non-profits NGO that is using the StoryBrand messaging to clarify their message: “Our vision is a world WHERE ALL PEOPLE ARE FREE” to receive more giving.

Dressember.org Non-Profit Story Brand Example
Dressember.org Non-Profit Story Brand Example


10. Hill City RVA

One of all three things in the concentration of Churches are usually: Hope, Community, or Purpose. So, Hill City RVA normally puts that message in the hero messaging section and apply that StoryBrand framework to its websites.

HillCityRVA Church StoryBrand Example
HillCityRVA Church StoryBrand Example


So, I guess we are all clear about StoryBrand with 10 examples of the best ones. Just remember to follow the key point while building your own StoryBrand: Nice people, good looking designs, great products, and services, but clear messaging is the foundation of everything. Remember that making successful marketing lies in the ability of a business to clarify its messaging. You will lose when you are confused.

If there is anything that you want to learn about your business or organization’s StoryBrand, don’t be hesitate to leave a comment and ask. Don’t forget to leave comments to let us know how this article can help you. Now, It’s time to start creating the StoryBrand to Grow Your Business!

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