15 Best Shopify Newsletter Pop-up Apps (Free & Paid)

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15 Best Shopify Newsletter Pop-up Apps (Free & Paid)

Shopify pop-up apps can have a wide range of features to support your company. Email data can also be submitted, coupon codes offered, or essential information given through e-mail subscribers consumers would like to know. There are so many features that all are able to integrate into one pop-up.

Shopify has shown that sending newsletter emails can improve customer loyalty and retention for shop owners. However, any Shopify store owner can decrease his bounce rates, create email lists, maximize social media followers or even reveal the latest promo sales by using the pop-up newsletter.

There is a wide range of free and paid apps to Shopify shop owners in the Shopify App Store, which allow newsletter pop-ups to be generated. Let’s find out more about them in this blog.

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Why use a newsletter pop-up on your Shopify store

In general, newsletter pop-ups are on-screen connections that display some action calls (CTA) and allow website owners to draw more user subscriptions. The introduction of a pop-up subscription helps you draw your attention to any significant event in contrast with a conventional footprints attachment, increasing your willingness to turn email subscribers into loyal clients.

Additionally, other advantages of using pop-ups include:

Support segmentation and targeted marketing

Several pop-up newsletter applications allow you to target a particular community of users with specific messages and offers. Divide the people in your audience into separate lists depending on lead demographic, interests, size, place, and so on. These customized e-mails ensure that users of your website receive sufficient details as needed. The CTOR (Click-to-Open Rate) can also be adjusted for each reading segment to boost the desired performance.

Decrease bounce rate

Through your pop-ups newsletter, you can easily gain attention from your website users. You can persuade them to browse your product pages with an attractive deal available via email subscription, which will turn them into loyal customers.

Raise brand awareness

You can quickly create brand awareness by sending emails consistently. You should nevertheless stop bombing citizens with too many e-letters. It is advised that you create a situation in which you anticipate a message. This allows you to retain trust and belief in guests or clients.

Facilitate reporting metrics

The reporting information helps you know more about visitors’ actions and desires and optimizes potential campsites with this information. Measure the commercial success using scientific instruments. Valuable approaches such as distribution, opening, click-to-sourcing, retention tools for subscriptions can be used to obtain useful insight.

Save costs

You can use email marketing for advertising your website at a cost-effective rate. Your business can quickly save on other expenses, and there is no advertisement rate, media room costs, and printing fees.

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Some tactics to implement your newsletter pop-ups effectively

When your business does not take the time to implement an e-mail marketing plan, it is more likely that the target demographic is lost and money is thrown on the table. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to create a good email marketing campaign. The method needs various variables to be taken into account; it is no exception to develop an up-to-date and comprehensive email list.

Now that you have been aware of the major advantages of the newsletters’ pop-ups, it’s time to discover how to create a successful pop-up newsletter to match the marketing targets with customer loyalty.

Choose the right timing

It can be irritating if subscription pop-ups are not disrupted, so an investigation and identification of the optimum time are needed to decrease the disruption. The right time to view an email pop-up typically depends on the business model. Other businesses reveal the subscription pop-ups after visitors have been engaged in a certain category or product.

Actually, the timing is neither accurate nor incorrect; it is your responsibility to test multiple approaches to determine what works best for the business to attract new users, improve sales, and more. In comparison, using the personalized way of getting to the right people at the right time can boost higher chances of success.

Request the right information

It’s recommended that you make it brief and easy when determining how many personal details you can require about your website users. Users will not waste longer than a few seconds filling out the questionnaire and don’t want to disrupt the interactions of users on their pages.

Think deeply regarding precisely what details the visitor needs by taking into account the sort of business you promote, the product or service characteristics you have, and the email list’s segmentation.

Test your pop-ups

It can be impossible to quantify the outcomes reached to figure out what works best for the company and customer without testing and review of all information, such as timing, contents, targeted public segments, etc.

Demonstrate the benefits explicitly

If visitors to the website cannot grasp what a subscription means, there will be a substantial increase in the probability of saving the pop-ups. The pop-up text is a key you must understand. The users of the website clearly may opt not to provide their contact information without explicit pop-up material.

Note that long pop-up text is not necessary. Your job is to determine your e-mail newsletters’ content and determine how long the e-letters are to be delivered.

15 best Shopify newsletter pop-up apps to consider

AVADA Email Marketing by AVADA Commerce

AVADA Email Marketing is the easiest and most suitable option for any Shopify company that seeks to convert its customers and create a long-lasting customer relationship between many email marketing apps. AVADA E-mail Marketing is designed to maximize Abandoned Carts, newsletters, promotions and tracks the visitors easily.

AVADA Email Marketing is readily used by even non-technically involved individuals with a user-friendly interface. The software supports email templates that are known to work properly and ready to use instantly for someone who has no ideas on programming.

You can also conveniently access your contacts from your Shopify store with automated data syncs. Segmenting and targeting those segments of your e-mail newsletter will help you produce the best possible outcomes.

Highlight features

  • Newsletter pop-up, Add-to-cart pop-up, Spin to Win
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Cross-sell, Upsell emails
  • SMS Automation and SMS newsletters
  • Workflow Split
  • Email editor with ready templates
  • Reports and analytics
  • Auto-sync customer data

Pricing plans

AVADA Email Marketing offers a free and paid plan with a free trial for 14 days.

FREE plan

  • 15,000 emails/month
  • 1,000 contacts
  • Newsletter
  • Forms: pop-ups, Spin to win
  • Basic Automation Flows
  • Limited Reports

Pro Plan - $9/month

  • Unlimited emails/month
  • 1,000+ contacts
  • Advanced features
  • Advanced Automations
  • Advanced Reports
  • Branding Removable
  • Email & Chat Support

Pop-up / Email Pop-up and Sign up by Powr.io

Pop-up created by POWr.io is another important newsletter tool for Shopify. You can use pop-ups to build pop-ups for your Shopify eCommerce store as the name suggests. Also, to users who register for your newsletter, you can customize welcome emails.

There are several different messages that can be generated for your Shopify store, including flash sales messages, input collection, or potential marketing email addresses. You can show the pop-up any time anyone is at the top or bottom of the page and fix it so that the user can still view it. If you like or want it to appear during your escape attempt, you may also add a delay.

Also, this Shopify pop-up newsletter app is mobile-based, therefore compatible with all mobile devices. You can immediately control 50 POWr applications such as Countdown Timer, Social Feed, Form Creator, Multi Slider, FAQ, and more by subscribing to the Business Pricing Plan.

Highlight features

  • Responsive pop-up designs
  • pop-up notifications and discount
  • pop-up display when page loading
  • Custom triggers and customized welcome email newsletters
  • Various integrations with popular social media platforms
  • Access to 50+ POWr apps

Pricing plans

FREE plan

  • 3 Elements
  • Email Collection + Dashboard

Starter Plan - $3.99/month

  • Remove POWR Branding
  • 4 Elements
  • Entrance Animations

Pro Plan - $10.99/month

  • All Starter Plan features included
  • 6 Elements
  • Display After a Delay/on Exit/on Click
  • Send Automated Welcome Emails
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Custom CSS + JS

Business Plan - $79.99/month

  • All Pro Plan features included
  • 50 Elements
  • Business Upgrade for all 50 POWr Apps

Pop-Up Window by Lifter Apps

The Pop-Up Window is another Shopify pop-up app for newsletters. As its name suggests, this software lets you create various types of newsletters that pop up without any difficulty. Use the emails you have produced to inform guests of your exclusive events, opportunities for discounts or bonuses.

Furthermore, you can configure your pop-ups according to your preference of pop-ups. You may then customize the pop-up look, sizes, frequency, text, and design of the sign-in form. Another fascinating aspect of the Pop-Up Window is its nice and responsive mobile devices. This means that the pop-ups can be viewed without distortion on various mobile devices.

Highlight features

  • Fully customizable
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Email Signup form attached
  • Adjust Pop-Up Window Delay
  • Automated integration with MailChimp and Klaviyo
  • Coupon codes for new subscribers

Pricing plans

Pop-Up Window offers 3 pricing plans with a 7-day free trial period available for each.

Basic Plan - $5.95/month

  • Capture Subscribers
  • Export Subscribers to CSV File
  • Mobile Friendly

Pro Plan - $9.95/month

  • All Basic features plus
  • Automatic MailChimp and Klaviyo Integration
  • Give Coupon to New Subscribers
  • Modify Styling of Signup Form

Ultimate Plan - $12.95/month

  • All Basic and Pro features plus
  • Add Two Additional Signup Form Fields

Pop-Ups & Bars by WisePops

WisePops is a lightweight Shopify pop-up program for Shopify pop-up, pop-ups, exit pop-ups, window abandonment carts, etc. WisePops is a flexible Shopify pop-up application.

You can create effective pop-ups from any of your pop-up models with its drag-and-drop feature to maximize your conversion rate and ROI. WisePops helps you create mobile pop-ups that conform to various devices and screen dimensions perfectly.

Often you can use the exclusive WisePops feature to reveal a preview before the main pop-up is shown. Furthermore, WisePops helps you to create pop-ups for those visitors, regardless of the location. It also offers many analytical tools to track the efficiency of your shop and boost your newsletter promotions.

Highlight features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Easily-customizable prebuilt pop-up templates
  • Personalized targeting
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Expert support
  • Integrations with various email marketing providers

Pricing plans

WisePops offers 3 premium pricing plans with a free 14-day trial available for each.

50K Plan - $29/month

  • Basic features and 50,000 page views/month

100k Plan - $49/month

  • Basic features and 100,000 page views/month

250K Plan - $99/month

  • Pro features and 500,000 page views

Promotion Pop Up by Secomapp

Promotion Pop Up is a free pop-up Shopify software that offers premium functionality for consumers. You can generate pop-ups for newsletters that display sales on your homepage, cart, and other web pages according to your preferences with a Promotion pop-up. There are several forms of pop-ups, such as newsletters, videos, discounts, countdowns, and pop-up items that this software supports. You will use its awesome features to push more traffic into your shop and gain more leads.

Also, through its simple integration with main channels, the software supports email marketing services and also integrates with other Secomapp Shopify applications such as Product Label, Free Gifts, Store Pickup, and more.

Highlight features

  • Support various types of pop-ups, including newsletters
  • Showing offers from anywhere on the website
  • Advanced integrations with other Secomapp Shopify apps

Pricing plans

Promotion pop-up is completely free to install.

Privy - Pop-Ups, Email, and SMS

Privy is one of Shopify’s best pop-up email marketing applications. It is strong and has many flexible features that can help you develop instantly. You can use the software for designing, setting limits, and showing pop-ups to capture email marketing information and participate in other activities. Privy can also be used to deliver emails such as newsletters, abandoned mail messages, and information about the follow-up deal. Both emails and pop-ups can be tailored to the branding of the brand.

You can run A/B split experiments to figure out what best transforms your crowd, much as with several applications on this list. But Privy is different from this automatic thing, so you do less. The software is available for 50 e-mail commercial services from some of the most commonly used providers such as MailChimp and Klaviyo.

Highlight features

  • Powerful campaign design templates: Pop-ups, Spin-to-win wheels, Banners, Overlays, etc.
  • Campaign triggers based on time, exit intent, visit frequency, etc.
  • Automated email marketing
  • A/B split test with real-time results measurement
  • Various pop-up settings to increase the target capabilities
  • Sync with 50+ email marketing providers

Pricing plans

Privy is available for Shopify owners based on 4 pricing plans with a free 15-day trial for the premium packages.


  • Unlimited pop-ups, flyouts, etc.
  • Dozens of targeting rules
  • Sync with ESPs & Shopify Discounts
  • A/B testing
  • Privy branding
  • Up to 5000 page views

Privy Convert Plan - $20/month

  • Unlimited pop-ups, flyouts, etc.
  • Dozens of targeting rules
  • Sync with ESPs and Shopify Discounts
  • A/B testing
  • Cross-sell
  • Remove Privy logo

Privy Email - $13/month

  • Newsletters
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Coupon reminder emails + welcome series
  • Purchase follow up + customer win-back emails
  • Shopify integration

Privy Starter Plan - $30/month

  • All features included in the Privy Convert and Privy Email plans
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Unlimited pop-ups, flyouts, and all other display types

Smart pop-up by Eggflow

This easy pop-up app by Eggflow might not seem like a lot, but it can help you to build your business with the right tactic. Four types of pop-ups can be developed: lead flow, voucher display, pop-up call-to-action, and floats.

The distinction between the bubble and the call to action floating is that the latter shows the visitors’ floating screen at the bottom while pop-ups appear in the middle. You can split each pop-up to see what helps you to convert the best. You can also connect to some of the largest email marketing platforms available with the Smart pop-up.

Highlight features

  • Four types of different pop-ups available
  • Adjustment to the pop-up look to match the branding
  • Smart pop-up A/B split testing
  • Integration with key email marketing platforms

Pricing plans


  • Unlimited number of pop-ups
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Display 1 pop-up at a time
  • Integration with Sendy, Mailchimp, Hubspot

Professional Plan - $9/month

  • Display an unlimited number of pop-ups at a time.
  • Content A/B Testing
  • Integration contact with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Sendy
  • Remove Eggflow label

Extra Plan - $29/month

  • Get Premium for all Eggflow Apps
  • Smart pop-up
  • Instant Buy
  • Shop Secure
  • Instant Traffic
  • Instant Giveaway
  • Instant Upsell

Spin Wheel Email & SMS Pop-ups by WooHoo

Spin Wheel Email allows guests to play pop-ups including choosing a gift, card dance, coupon wheel, and coupon reel. If a user plays a game, his email address must be entered.

Many triggers are available to set up the pop-up. This may include real exit intent, location time, and other items. You may also have great images and a countdown timer on the pop-ups to get your pop-ups to look great. You can also increase conversion by offering unique discounts that can only be used for a specific duration and automatically generated by the visitor. Any connected emails can be added to the mailing list as this application is connected to MailChimp, and several emails

Highlight features

  • Smart triggers
  • Automatic unique coupons
  • Real-time pop-up analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Automated integration with key email marketing platforms

Pricing plans

WooHoo offers 4 different pricing plans, with a 14-day free trial available for all premium/paid plans.

Starter Plan - $7.99/month

  • 1,000 Pop-ups Impressions
  • Automatic Unique Coupons
  • Design Customization
  • Exit Intent
  • Analytics

Advanced Plan - $14.99/month

  • 5,000 Pop-ups Impressions
  • Automatic Unique Coupons
  • Design Customization
  • Exit Intent
  • Analytics
  • ESP’s Integrations

Pro Plan - $29.99/month

  • 30,000 Pop-ups Impressions
  • Automatic Unique Coupons
  • Design Customization
  • Exit Intent
  • Analytics
  • ESP’s Integrations

Developers Plan - Free

  • Unlimited free plan for development/test stores only
  • You’ll be charged only when you’ll upgrade the store to a regular plan

Email Capture Pop Up & Coupon by Zotabox

Easy Pop-up is another Zotabox-developed pop-up program for Shopify. Easy pop-up helps consumers to create pop-up newsletters for their online shops, as the name implies.

In addition, the Easy pop-up software also generates several forms of personalizable pop-ups, such as pop-up counts, exit-intent pop-ups, custom HTML pop-ups, and pop-up videos.

However, it is adaptable and viewable on different mobile devices without any difficulty with Easy pop-up’s mobile usability. This is not going to bog down the website, unlike some other pop-up apps. Asynchronously loads the pop-up, which is optimal for speed.

Highlight features

  • Effective, visually appealing selections of pop-ups
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if sales not increase
  • Flexible, powerful display rules
  • Integration with 20+ email services providers

Pricing plans

Starter Plan - $12.99/month

  • Add email capture & countdown timer
  • Exit Intent
  • 5 unique pop-ups per site
  • 5,000 website visits per month
  • 30-day money-back guaranteed

Express Plan - $29.99/month

  • All features in Starter Plan
  • 5 pop-ups per website
  • 25,000 website visits per month
  • Advanced display rules

Platinum Plan - $79.99/month

  • All features in Express Plan
  • 10 pop-ups per website
  • 150,000 website visits per month
  • Advanced display rules

MailMunch - Email pop-up

MailMunch - Email pop-up is a major tool for administrators to provide a substantial marketing approach by widening the mailing list with exit plans and coupon deals. Trusted by more than 400,000 firms, MailMunch is one of the biggest Shopify pop-up apps to convert visitors. To turn traffic to prospective clients, the first move is to gather and maintain your contacts via thesubscription pop-up. The email range is entirely adjustable for pop-ups, bars, banners, and embedded forms.

You can also make MailChimp, Constant Touch, and several more mail messages for your subscribers to be synchronized. Moreover, the administrators can choose which campaign to view according to their exit intentions, scroll, cart decrease, type, tab, and store. You can run marketing promotions via pop-ups, such as coupon cards, offers, and figure out what kind of pop-up can achieve the highest conversion rate.

Highlight features

  • Highly customizable design that fits any frames
  • Various campaign displays
  • Analytics available to find out the highest converting campaigns
  • Integration with various email service providers

Pricing plans


  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Forms & pop-ups
  • Landing Pages

Essential Plan - $14.99/month

  • All Free plan features included
  • Email Notifications
  • Basic Analytics
  • Custom Domains

Pro Plan - $24.99/month

  • All Essential Plan features included
  • Advanced analytics
  • Premium Templates
  • Content Gate

UpSell pop-up - Sales pop-up by SpurIT

UpSell pop-up lets you turn your guests with pop-ups running coupon deals and much more. In fact, it is really helpful for your first visitors to be turned into loyal clients. When a customer first enters the shop, he gets a special deal in a pop-up window.

You can also transform the abandoned visitors with exit-intent pop-ups. You will be able to accept and interact with your newsletter visitors in order to improve retention and increase revenue in the future. In addition, a special pop-up voucher, discount Pop up, free gift, upsell, or leaving pop-up will also increase the retention rate.

Highlight features

  • 10 pre-made templates
  • Targeted and personalized pop-ups
  • Easy to design with no advanced skills required
  • Various pop-up practices including newsletter
  • 24/7 support

Pricing plans

UpSell pop-up by SpurIT is completely FREE to install.

Pixelpop pop-ups and Banners

Pixelpop pop-ups are a perfect way for consumers to access their favorite items, collections, and blog posts. You will have a pop-up that guides you to any website or product that shows behaviors.

You can use the pop-up software to build a mailing list to help you create more subscribers. The famous mail list management applications like Mailchimp and Constant Contact can be linked with your website.

There are typically seven kinds of pop-ups. You can also select from four common pop-up types, such as cards and full screens. You can edit it with a full-screen editor with options for live preview.

Highlight features

  • 7 types of pop-ups including email signup/newsletter
  • 4 pop-up shapes
  • Full-screen editor with live preview
  • Smart timing and delays
  • Advanced targeting
  • Advanced pop-up management and tracking
  • Easy to install

Pricing plans

Basic Plan - FREE

  • 500 monthly pop-up views

Starter Plan - $12/month

  • 10,000 monthly pop-up views
  • Premium features like exit-intent delays, device targeting, custom images, display frequency controls, and more

Growth Plan - $24/month

  • 50,000 monthly pop-up views
  • Premium features like exit-intent delays, device targeting, custom images, display frequency controls, and more

Pro Plan - $48/month

  • 300,000 monthly pop-up views
  • Premium features like exit-intent delays, device targeting, custom images, display frequency controls, and more

Justuno Pop-Ups & Conversion

Justuno is a special Shopify pop-up application for newsletter display that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Justuno uses billions of data points, smart lead capture, personal Online messaging, and other smart steps to promote the promotion of conversions as part of its AI software.

Justuno lets you allow the newsletter to pop up once you hit a certain ‘carts point’ or a certain behavioral level for your customer or visitor. Justuno offers you the possibility of developing optimized pop-ups such as newsletters, cart-and-check-out services, banners, tabs, full-screen takeovers, and countdown pop-ups that follow Google’s best practices for SEOs. Through its analytics tool, you can calculate your site’s success rate, your marketing campaigns’ performance, and the current efficiency of your business.

Highlight features

  • SMS capture
  • Capture Email and text in the same pop-up
  • Different pop-up display areas on your site
  • Advanced targeting rules
  • A/B testing
  • One-click integration

Pricing plans


  • All standard features available for up to 5,000 monthly visitor sessions
  • Unlimited traffic during your 14-day risk-free trial

Pro Plan 1 - $29/month

  • All features available up to 10,000 monthly visitor sessions

Pro Plan 2 - $49/month

  • All features available up to 25,000 monthly visitor sessions

Pro Plan 3 - $99/month

  • All features are available for up to 50,000 monthly visitor sessions.

Pop-Ups, emails, lead coupon by Storeya

Storeya created the Lead Coupon pop-up application that had excellent functionality that would considerably increase sales. First of all, this software helps shop owners to entice customers suddenly with a special pop-up deal. In addition, shop owners may extend their mailing list by using the pop-up link to obtain additional followers/subscribers on social media.

On the other hand, consumers can review recent promotions and approach the audience to illustrate their discounts. Lead Coupon pop-up is also incredibly simple to set up without needing coding skills and easy to use with our well-designed theme to create a friendly app.

Highlight features

  • Pre-defined pop-up promotions
  • Customizable pop-up themes
  • Multiple campaigns management
  • Advanced targeting rules
  • Translating the pop-ups into any languages
  • Easy to use with no coding skills required
  • Integration with key email marketing platforms

Pricing plans

Economy Plan - $9.99/month

  • Up to 1,000 monthly visitors
  • Targeting rules
  • Integrates with email service providers
  • A/B testing
  • Manage multiple campaigns

First-Class Plan - $24.99/month

  • Up to 15,000 monthly visitors
  • All Economy Plan features included

Private Jet Plan - $69.99/month

  • More than 15,000 monthly visitors
  • All First-Class Plan features included

Email pop-up Wheel Game Pop-ups by Smartflowlabs

Tada is the Shopify program that gives the website the power to improve its client base. Tada provides immersive pop-ups that allow your guests to play their email address with a small game. Gamification is a strong instrument of e-commerce, as the link between the dealer and the future buyers is enhanced. It combines with popular email marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

You can view your email data in real-time with a dashboard to analyze customers, sales, click rate, and many more. The Shopify app provides sleek full-screen pop-ups as well as gamified pop-ups. They guarantee that the guests wouldn’t lose out on what you have to sell. The pop-ups are totally customizable to ensure they represent your brand images.

Highlight features

  • Various types of gamified pop-ups (e.g. spin the wheel, pick a lucky box, etc.)
  • 100% customizable designs
  • Data analytics suite
  • Email validation
  • Small pop-ups
  • Integration with key email service providers

Pricing plans

  • Tada offers 3 premium pricing plans with a 7-day free trial for each package.

Starter Plan - $9.99/month

  • Includes 5,000 impressions/month
  • Shopify Email, Mailchimp & Klaviyo
  • Exit-intent (Mobile & Desktop)
  • Countdown timer
  • Custom Colors
  • Small Pop Up

Premium Plan - $19.99/month

  • Includes 10,000 impressions/month
  • All previous Plans features included
  • 24 Hours Email Sync
  • Silver Support

Business Plan - $29.99/month

  • Includes 30,000 impressions/month
  • All previous Plans features and
  • Limited offer progress bar
  • 8 hours Email Sync
  • Gold Support

Developers Plan - FREE

  • Includes unlimited impressions/month for Developers Only
  • Development/Test Stores only

Final words

Newsletter pop-ups are a vital marketing tactic to boost sales, lead generation, and shop owners’ conversion rates. However, it would help if you understand your consumers’ needs and actions before introducing newsletters on your web.

Fortunately, you should be able to meet your Shopify expected goals by integrating efficient email marketing services with your favorite Shopify pop-up newsletter apps. We hope that our suggested list of 15 Shopify newsletter pop-up apps will be an excellent reference for your decision-making to optimize your conversion rate.

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